April 13, 2017

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June 2, 2013

More Historical War at SEA

We have a new ” More Historical War at Sea” proposal from Avi Solomon. Playtest volunteers are welcome. Post your comments or experience with this proposal.


Barents and Med are worth 3 POC for Axis control.

Baltic is worth 2 POC for Axis control, 3 POC for Allied control

Game Length increased to 10 turns

OOB and Reinforcement changes listed below

Some ship values have changed.


1. American ships can enter the North and South Atlantic, the North Sea, the USA and England.  At the end of the turn, any US ships at sea can return to the USA.

2. British ships cannot base in Russia. British ships at sea in the Barents at the end of each turn must return to either England or the USA.

3. Convoys now have a specific destination port shown by the letter after its number.  E means England, M means Malta and R means Russia.  The Allies now get 4 POC per Convoy that reaches its destination, reduced by 1 for each damage on it, then the POC value is halved and rounded up if its destination is England. The Malta Convoy starts in England.  If it is disabled in the South Atlantic, it returns to England. If disabled in the Mediterranean Sea, it reaches its destination, Malta.

4. Allied ships in the South Atlantic that are disabled return to England, not the Neutral Port.

5. At the end of the turn, Allied ships at sea in the South Atlantic can return to Malta if the Mediterranean is not Axis controlled.

6. Free French ships appear in England.

7. German ships lose their Special +1 to their attack dice while in the North and South Atlantic.

8. The Axis LBA is placed before the Allied LBA.

9. Italian ships are rolled for and moved before the Allies roll for availability and move.

10. The Axis LBA cannot enter the Mediterranean until Turn 3.

11. Unless the Axis control the Mediterranean Sea for two consecutive turns the Italians surrender at the start of Turn 9. If the Italians surrender, remove all Italian ships from the game.

-AREAS- (Axis POC Value / Allied POC Value)
Barents Sea (3/1):
North Sea (3/1):
North Atlantic Ocean (3/1):
South Atlantic Ocean (3/1):
Mediterranean Sea (3/1):
Baltic Sea (2/3):

+ after the gunnery value indicates the ship receives the attack bonus unless a special rule precludes it.
England (8):
3-0-* Allied Air Strike
0-2-6(2) Furious
0-3-7(3) Ark Royal
0-2-6(2) Courageous
4-4-7 Hood
3+4-6 Renown
3-3-6 Repulse
5-5-3 Nelson
5-5-3 Rodney
4-4-3 Resolution
4-4-3 Revenge
4-4-3 Royal Sovereign
4-4-3 Ramillies
4-4-3 Royal Oak
1-1-7 Berwick
1-1-7 Cumberland
1-1-7 Dorsetshire
1-1-7 Effingham
1-1-7 Exeter
1-1-7 Hawkins
1-1-7 Kent
1-1-7 Norfolk
1-1-7 Suffolk
1-1-7 York

Malta (2):
0-2-6(2) Glorious
4+5-4 Warspite
4-4-4 Barham
4-4-4 Malaya
1-1-7 Devonshire
1-1-7 Shropshire
1-1-7 Sussex
Leningrad (1) (Turns 4-10):
Russia (2) (Turns 4-10):
USA (10):
Germany (8):
3-0-* Axis Airstrike
3+5-7 Scharnhorst
3+5-7 Gneisenau
1+1-7 Admiral Hipper
1+1-7 Blucher
2+3-6 Admiral Scheer
2+3-6 Graf Spee
2+3-6 Lutzow
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
France (3) (Axis Port on Turns 3-9):
Italy (4):

Axis limited to 7 U-boats total
0-4-7(2) Illustrious
1-2-4(1) Eagle
4+5-4 Valiant
1-1-7 Cornwall
1-0-* U-boat

Each turn, Italians roll 4 to 6 for each undamaged ship and must sail
4-6-6 Littorio
4-6-6 Vittorio Veneto
3-3-5 Andrea Doria
3-3-5 Caio Duilo
3-3-5 Conte di Cavour
3-3-5 Guilio Cesare
1-1-7 Bolzano
1-1-7 Fiume
1-1-7 Gorizia
1-1-7 Pola
1-1-7 Trento
1-1-7 Trieste
1-1-7 Zara
0-4-7(2) Formidable
0-4-7(2) Victorious
4+6-6 King George V
4+6-6 Prince of Wales
4+5-4 Queen Elizabeth
1-1-7 London
1-3-3 Convoy 1E
4+6-6 Bismarck
1+1-7 Prinz Eugen
1-0-* U-boat
1-3-3 Convoy 2R

Russian ships enter each turn on 5-6
3-3-3 Marat
3-3-3 Okt Revolutia
1-1-7 Kirov
1-1-7 Maxim Gorky
4+6-6 Tirpitz
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
4+6-6 Duke of York
1-3-3 Convoy 3M

US ships come in on the roll of a 6, decrementing by 1 each turn.
0-3-6(4) Ranger
5-5-4 Washington
4-4-3 New York
4-4-3 Texas
3-4-3 Arkansas
1-1-7 Augusta
1-1-7 Tuscaloosa
1-1-7 Wichita
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
4+6-6 Anson
4+6-6 Howe
1-3-3 Convoy 4E
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
TURN 7: OCT 42 TO JAN 43
1-3-3 Convoy 5R
4-6-6 Roma
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat
TURN 9: JUL 43 TO JAN 44
1-1-7 Suffren
4-6-6 Impero
1-0-* U-boat
1-0-* U-boat

1-1-7 Duquesne
1-1-7 Foch
1-0-* U-boat

May 17, 2013

Med Variant

To encourage a more historical approach to the Mediterrenean, David McCarty has proposed the following variant. If interested in testing this variant with him for non-AREA and non-ladder games, contact him directly, and post your results here below.

War at Sea Med Variant (Revised 7/24/2013)

War at Sea Med Variant

This is an attempt to correct what I think is the major flaw in WAS, which is that the best Allied strategy is to abandon the Mediterranean, which detracts from the game historically and limits the variety of possible strategies for both players. While the standard game is fun to play, it does seem to me to be a bit stereotyped, and all those nice Italian battleships are just decoration.


1)A disabled result against an Italian ship (whether at sea or in port ) requires that it pass a dice roll to sail on the FOLLOWING turn
2) An Italian ship that is damaged or that was disabled on the PREVIOUS turn must roll to sail.  On a modified result of six or greater, it may not sail.  The die is modified by by +1 for each damage point.
3) British carriers in the Med may attack Italian ships in port during the air phase if there are no Italian ships at sea
4) Italian ships that fail the roll to sail may repair that turn
5) Russian ships receive a +1 DRM for the following turn if neither can sail. This is cumulative.
6) American ships all all automatically available on turn 4
7) The Graf Zeppelin is deleted
8) German ships except for U-boats cannot enter the Mediterranean Sea,

Movement and Basing:

1) American ships are not restricted to the North Atlantic; they may enter any sea area except the Baltic. They may base in USA or England.

2) Allied ships disabled in the Med or at sea at the end of the turn may return to Malta, England, or the USA

3) Italian ships may not base in France.


1.Convoy 2B starts in England and moves directly to Malta. If disabled, it returns to England. The Allies may not receive POCs for convoy 2B at any destination other than Malta.

2.All Italian ships MAY enter the South Atlantic IF Malta is Axis controlled. If not, NO Italians (including the cruisers) may go there

3.Malta may be captured by either side by controlling the Med for two consecutive turns. Ships there at the time are moved to any eligible base.If the convoy reaches Malta, it may not be captured on that turn. The Axis must control the Med an additional turn.

POC adjustments:

  1. The side controlling Malta at the end of a turn receives 1 POC in addition to any received for controlling the Med.
  2. The Axis receives 3 POCs for controlling the Med.
  3. The Allies receive 1 POC as per standard rules.
  4. The side controlling Malta receives 1 POC regardless of who controls the Med
May 3, 2013

Round 47 starts

Round 47 of the War at Sea PBEM ladder has started and will end by July 31, 2013.

April 7, 2013

Round 47 starts on or after May 1, 2013

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Round will begin on or after May 1, 2013.

January 31, 2013

War at Sea Round 46 has started and will end by April 30, 2013

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January 5, 2013

War at Sea Round 46 Signups Open!

Round 46 of the War at Sea Ladder will begin on or after Feb 1, 2013. To participate, post a comment at this link: https://waratsea.wordpress.com/round-46/

September 22, 2012

War at Sea Round 45 begins!

Round 45 of the War at Sea ladder has started on October 1, 2012. Matchups are listed at : https://waratsea.wordpress.com/round-45/. There are currently 21 matches in progress.

Signups remain open through December 15, 2012.

One important note for newcomers to the ladder is the Tournament adjustment for American entry.

American entry die rolls are given a cumulative +1 modifier for each turn subsequent to turn 4, thus on turn 5 individual American ships permanently enter on a roll of 5-6, on turn 6 American ships individually enter permanently on a roll of 4-6, etc. .

American ships are still limited to the North Atlantic.

July 2, 2012

War at Sea PBEM Round 44 begins!

War at Sea Round 44 of the PBEM ladder has begun and will end on September 30, 2012.

Round 43 ended with 8 Allied wins and 14 Axis Wins in the 22 matches that were played.

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March 28, 2012

War at Sea PBEM round 43 begins

Round 43 of the War at Sea PBEM ladder has started. This round will end  by June 30, 2012.

This is an on-going opportunity to play Avalon Hill’s classic area movement game on the Battle for the North Atlantic in World War 2.

Welcome to new ladder member, John Lindley and returning member, Wayne Melnick.

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