War at Sea Round 42 Ended on March 6, 2012

View  the Round 42 matchups  and results by clicking on the round 42 tab at the top.
Round 42 ended on  March 6 20112.

44 Comments to “War at Sea Round 42 Ended on March 6, 2012”

  1. If it’s not too late, I’d like to be added to the ladder. Otherwise, keep me on the email list for the next round. Thanks!
    – Michael Wildner

  2. – count me in

  3. Add me to the ladder.
    Bill Romaniecki

  4. Drop me in please.

    Regards, Jeff

  5. I would like to join, if there is still space.

  6. I would like to be added pls.

  7. I would like to enter the War At Sea ladder as long as I don’t have to come back to this place again.

  8. Lockwood is in for Round 42.

  9. Please sign me up.

  10. Thanks for taking over Tim! I can play in round 42. Now, if I can find my lucky PBEM dice…

  11. I’m afraid those others will do just that, Dick!

  12. Please add Rick Virost for Round 42 of War at Sea PBeM.
    Thanks for the invitation and for taking over the ladder administration.

  13. “Nied” – “I’m in. Remove Pack, Monnin, Nicholson, Hamel, etc…”

    and Nied.

  14. I’m in.

    Remove Pack, Monnin, Nicholson, Hamel, etc…

  15. Please add James McCann for round 42

  16. Tim, thanks for taking over the WaS ladder. The new site looks good. I will play in Round 42.

  17. Charles “the younger” Drozd will be playing this round.

  18. Will play in Rd 42

  19. Mike Kaye is in pool (so to speak) for the next round

  20. Pete Shelling ready to set sail for 42.

  21. Bob Jamelli for 42

  22. Rob Drozd will play this round.

  23. I’m in….

  24. Please sign me up also.

    Bob Hamel

  25. I’m in, although I’m suffering oxygen deprivation from these never before seen lofty heights.

  26. Please count me in too !

  27. Sign me up for Ladder Round 42
    Mike Brophy

  28. Tim, thanks so much for reviving the Ladder. I’m in for this and every subsequent round!

  29. Sign me up so I can clobber my brother in the final round!

  30. I’m in, also.

  31. I’m in

  32. Bruce Monnin is in for round 42.

  33. Michael Ussery is in for round 42

  34. I’m in

  35. Jacobsen is in for round 42. Thanks.

  36. Sign up for the next round of the War at Sea ladder, Rd 42. by posting a comment. Be sure to register with your correct email.

    Note that comments will have to be approved before they are visible, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately.

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