Med Variant

To encourage a more historical approach to the Mediterrenean, David McCarty has proposed the following variant. If interested in testing this variant with him for non-AREA and non-ladder games, contact him directly, and post your results here below.

War at Sea Med Variant (Revised 7/24/2013)

War at Sea Med Variant

This is an attempt to correct what I think is the major flaw in WAS, which is that the best Allied strategy is to abandon the Mediterranean, which detracts from the game historically and limits the variety of possible strategies for both players. While the standard game is fun to play, it does seem to me to be a bit stereotyped, and all those nice Italian battleships are just decoration.


1)A disabled result against an Italian ship (whether at sea or in port ) requires that it pass a dice roll to sail on the FOLLOWING turn
2) An Italian ship that is damaged or that was disabled on the PREVIOUS turn must roll to sail.  On a modified result of six or greater, it may not sail.  The die is modified by by +1 for each damage point.
3) British carriers in the Med may attack Italian ships in port during the air phase if there are no Italian ships at sea
4) Italian ships that fail the roll to sail may repair that turn
5) Russian ships receive a +1 DRM for the following turn if neither can sail. This is cumulative.
6) American ships all all automatically available on turn 4
7) The Graf Zeppelin is deleted
8) German ships except for U-boats cannot enter the Mediterranean Sea,

Movement and Basing:

1) American ships are not restricted to the North Atlantic; they may enter any sea area except the Baltic. They may base in USA or England.

2) Allied ships disabled in the Med or at sea at the end of the turn may return to Malta, England, or the USA

3) Italian ships may not base in France.


1.Convoy 2B starts in England and moves directly to Malta. If disabled, it returns to England. The Allies may not receive POCs for convoy 2B at any destination other than Malta.

2.All Italian ships MAY enter the South Atlantic IF Malta is Axis controlled. If not, NO Italians (including the cruisers) may go there

3.Malta may be captured by either side by controlling the Med for two consecutive turns. Ships there at the time are moved to any eligible base.If the convoy reaches Malta, it may not be captured on that turn. The Axis must control the Med an additional turn.

POC adjustments:

  1. The side controlling Malta at the end of a turn receives 1 POC in addition to any received for controlling the Med.
  2. The Axis receives 3 POCs for controlling the Med.
  3. The Allies receive 1 POC as per standard rules.
  4. The side controlling Malta receives 1 POC regardless of who controls the Med

3 Comments to “Med Variant”

  1. I like your premise but it seems too complicated of an effort. I feel that the incentive to fight for the Med should be as simple as possible to keep with the spirit of the game (introductory war-game). Something simple like any Convoy can score 4 points if it reached Malta (representing the US/British North African effort). Also allowing all T8 Italians to leave the Med if no surrender roll is made.

  2. Since this is a playtest, there should be no bids and it should not be AREA rated.

  3. David, I am happy to playtest. If you are my opponent, please put in the first bid.

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