August 2,2020 to September 30,2020

Congratulations to Jonathan Lockwood, KING of the LADDER

FINAL COPY UPDATED September 19, 2020

1. Richard Beyma (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5). Allied Victory

2. Jim Bodenheimer Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-2.5) Allied Victory

3. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Daniel Blumintrit (Allies-?). Axis Victory

4. Bob Jameli (Allies-1.0) vs Nicholas Markevich (Axis) Axis Victory

5. Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

6. Mike Kaye (Axis) vs Eric Anderson (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

7. Robert Frisby (Allies-1.5) vs Pete Shelling (Axis). Axis Victory

8. Dick Jarvenin (Axis) vs Hilton McManus (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

9. John Sharp (Axis) vs Mark Bayliss (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

10. Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) vs Mike Brophy (Axis) Allied Victory

11. Phil Watkins (Allies-1.5) vs Robert Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory

12. Greg Smith (Axis) vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

13. Ken Pascoe (Axis) vs Greg Hultgren (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

14. Bruce Monnin (Allies-1.0) vs Tim Tow Axis) Axis Victory

15. Dave Elkin (Axis) vs Bob Hamel (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

16. Jeffrey Lange (Allies-2.0) vs John Pack (Axis) Axis Victory

17. Lee Kendter (Axis) vs Tom Thornsen (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

18. Robert Dragan (Allies-2.0) vs Rick Vrost (Axis) Axis Victory

19. Greg Wong (Axis) vs Dave Davis (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

20. Chris Lockwood vs David Gubbay. David wins by forfeit.

Extra Games

Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs David Gubbay (Axis). Axis Victory

Allied Victories 7                Axis Victories   12     Ties

49 Comments to “89”

  1. 89-14 Bruce got the Allies for a bid of 1.0 and took them on a Barents on 1 journey.

    T1 had the German U-boats breaking control of the North Atlantic, but otherwise no casualties.
    T2 had the U-boats again break control of the North Atlantic trading a U-boat for the Royal Sovereign.
    T3 saw the first Battle of the Barents where the Gneisenau was sunk in exchange for the Repulse and 3 British CAs.The British northern fleet was mostly disabled undamaged to Russia. In the Med, the Cao Dulio succumbs.
    T4 saw the second Battle of the Barents where again with the new British BBs being sent mostly back to Russia, but again the German fleet was able to edge out the British sinking the Hood, QE, and then Convoy 1A, Renown and Ark Royal in pursuit in exchange for the Graf Spee.
    T5 saw the Germans retreat to the Barents sinking the Marat, while the subs max damaged Convoy 2B and the Luftwaffe sank the Victorious while the RAF sinks the Gorizia.
    T6 saw the Luftwaffe land a single damage point on the max damaged Convoy 2B to push the POC score to +5 Axis and an Allied concession.

  2. Ken Pascoe’s Axis defeated Greg Hultgren’s Allies (bid 1.0) as Greg conceded on Turn 3. Turn 1, Allies sailed in NAO, SAO, NS, and Barents. Axis attacked SAO with All Germans but Lutzow, plus al Italian cruisers, saving U-Boats for later. That was against Rodney, Nelson, Barham, Cumberland, and Eagle. Axis carried the sea, and then two ships successfully oiled. Axis 3 POC.
    Turn 2, Allies sailed in force in NAO, SAO, NS, leaving one cruiser to guard the Barents. Axis sent U-Boats to NAO to no effect, German ships to Barents winning easily, and Italians stayed in the Med. Axis 3 POC.
    Turn 3, Allies went in force to SAO, NS, and Barents, sailed Marat in the Baltic, and leaving a carrier and the convoy in NAO. The allied plan did not account for Axis control of Barents. As Axis prepared to send fast ships to NAO, Greg noticed his mistake considered the coming POC deficit, and conceded. Thanks to Greg for a great game.

  3. Match #6: Mike Kaye’s Axis defeated Eric Anderson’s Allies (bid 1.5); the Allies sued for peace at the end of turn 3 with the Axis up +7 prior to the bid.
    – turn 1: standard Allied opening with non-standard die rolls: boxcars for SR to Barents — Axis did not have to think very long about his move! — lots of ships went down, with Brits losing Ark, Hood, 6 x CA (one CA was disabled!); Germans lost Spee, Scheer, Blucher
    – Turn 2: Germans trained in the Baltic while Italian CAs and subs went to SATL. Brits failed to kill and subs but denied Axis control, killing one CA and hitting another while losing a BB
    – Turn 3: NATL: three Italian CAs (damaged one made SR) and subs to NATL vs convoy, Eagle, BB; ASW/sub action saw one sub sunk in exchange for Eagle taking the plunge. Rd 1: Brit BB and It CA sunk; final rd: 2 It CA disable convoy
    Barents: German fleet ( 2 x 496, 2 x 357, 225, 127) vs deck, 3 BB, 2 CA: Brits lost 2 BBs, CA and the area; Germans lost CA

    After 3 turns, Germans still strong fleet (Bis, Tirp, Gneis, Scharn, Lut, Eug, Zepp), 2 x IT CA and 6 subs. Brits down 2 CV, 5 BB, 7 CA

  4. Nicholas Markevich (Axis) has defeated Bob Jameli (Allies-1.0) in a hard fought match that ended tied at zero POC (1 POC in favor of the Axis after the bid). Alled ASW sank 10 U-boats during the game, but the Luftwaffe sank one of the convoys and Axis fleets controlled the South Atlantic 3 times to keep the score close. The remaining U-boats chased a Russian ship out of the Baltic Sea on each of the last 2 turns allowing a single German pocket battleship to safely control the area and assure a tie before the bid. We have played AREA-rated matches of WaS before.

  5. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeats Vince Meconi (Allies; bid 2.0) by 6 PoC after bid (4 before bid) at end of all 8 turns. It was the most EXTREME set of luck swings for both of us. We had previously played WaS for AREA.

    T1: Vince starts with the usual Barents-in-1 with 7CA, Repulse fails speed roll, I send the 7 German surface ships. Sunk: 5 Germans!! (1 battlecruiser, all 3 pocket battleships, 1 cruiser) vs 2 British cruisers and some damages. 2 raw POC for Allies. I send a peace feeler, Vince answers we continue or not as I prefer. But he already ordered some Speed Rolls for T2 and…

    T2: 3 Brits miss the speed rolls to Barents! In a supreme “what-the-h%^&-mode” I send all 4 surviving Germans. Battle starts luckily. Luftwaffe disables KGV, Brits lose 2 cruisers in first salvo, the rest withdraw, I pursue. Bismarck fails to sink crippled Repulse but Prinz Eugen alone sinks 2 more cruisers and Ark Royal ! The U-boats keep training in the Baltic. Axis gains back 1 PoC, total 1 Allied raw.

    T3: 4 Brits miss the speed Rolls to Barents!! Germans dominate easily again, sinking 3 Brits but losing 2 Germans (the last battlecruiser and cruiser). Axis gains back 1 PoC, total 0 raw.

    T4: Both Soviets sail now to the Baltic. Okt.Rev. is sunk, Marat disabled to try again. Prinz Eugen only disabled. The full 7U wolf-pack disables Convoy 1A from Barents (only 11 ASW escorts). Score stays 0 raw.

    T5: Another full wolf-pack sinks Convoy 2B in Barents (14 ASW escorts) at the stay-even loss of 2U. Marat sails and gets disabled by a Stuka from Graf Zeppelin. Score stays 0 raw.

    T6: Annus mirabilis!! Norwegian Heinkels sink Convoy1A reaching Barents again, while the full wolf-pack sinks Convoy 3C in North Atlantic (13 ASW), losing 2U. Score stays 0 raw.

    T7: The British repair a few more damaged ships that strictly necessary. Marat is sunk by the 2 heavies, while finally sinking Prinz Eugen who had a blessed career. 6U unpatrol North Atlantic (9 ASW) and sink Courageous too!

    T8: Germans are depleted enough that the British thin all their areas to send a large fleet to the Med, their last chance. Howe fails SR returning from Barents to North Sea, so the 2 heavies and carrier Zeppelin try their luck vs 2 heavies and a light carrier. German airstrike disables Nelson, the British squadrons miss, Germans remain flying the flag. The large British fleet sent to the Med (8BB,1BC,1CA,2CV,LBA) 3BB fail speed rolls and in a slow motion, Lanchesterian battle the Italians (7BB,4CA,LBA) get the upper hand and prevail. This while the split U-boats uncontrol Barents and SATL (3U vs 6 ASW each). Axis gains overall 4 PoC, the final raw score. I gain by 6 PoC.

    Vince opined: “As I said before, if there was ever a game that proves you shouldn’t quit until you’re mathematically eliminated, this was it, but no point in rolling out for the 1 in a million shot that remained.”
    Thanks to Vince for his very considerable fair play to keep playing!

  6. Jim Kramer (allies bid 1.5 POC) has defeated Mike Brophy (axis) in an 8 turn game. As I recently played Mike using Barents in 2 I decided to go with a Barents in 1 deployment this time.

    T1: Allied deployment – NA: Rodney, Nelson, Revenge, Courageous. SA: 4 R-class BB, Kent, Sussex, Exeter, Eagle. NS: 5 4-4-4 BB, Glorious. Barents: Hood, Ark Royal, 5 CA, Repulse and Renown which make speed. Axis deployment – Baltic: Adm Scheer, 3 subs. MED – 4 BB with 2 old BB in port. Barents – LBA. SA – The rest of the German fleet with the 4 Italian CA. Both German speed rolls are successful. In combat allied LBA miss in the MED but Eagle disables Graf Spee. Axis LBA miss in the Barents. SA surface combat, 4 rounds, sees allied fire sink Lutzow, Adm. Hipper, Blucher and Zara and Scharnhorst receives 3 damage. The Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Pola are disabled. The axis wins the area but only sinks Kent and Exeter. All other allied ships were disabled with damage to Royal Oak (3d) and Ramillies (2d). The axis scores 3 POC for the turn.

    T2: Allied deployment – NA Rodney, QE, Repulse, Renown, Norfolk, Courageous. SA – The 5 R-class BB (2 damaged), Suffolk, Sussex, Eagle. NS – Nelson, 4 4-4-4 BB, Glorious, Formidable. Barents – 3 CA, Hood, Ark Royal KGV and POW which make speed. Axis deploy – Barents: LBA. NA: 4 subs. MED – Again 2 old BB stay in port with the remaining Italian ships 4 BB and 3 CA in the MED. The Prinz Eugen guards the Baltic with the rest of the German fleet, Bismarck, Gneisenau, Adm. Scheer, Graf Spee and Scharnhorst (3d) in the NS. Scharnhorst does fail speed and goes to Germany. Combat – Allied NA ASW sink 2 and disable 1, LBA in the MED sinks Fiume. NS CV airstrikes are devastating with Adm. Scheer sunk, Bismarck damaged at 4 and Gneisenau disabled. Axis sub and LBA fire is ineffective, NS allied surface fire sinks Graf Spee and disables Bismarck with 3 more damage points. Axis fire sinks Valiant. POC for the turn is a 3 to 3 push. Game score stays at +3 axis.

    T3: USSR roll sees no ships available. Allied deployment – NA: Convoy 1A, 3 CA, Glorious and Courageous. SA: Nelson, 4 R-class BB (1 damaged), Eagle. NS: Rodney, 4 4-4-4 BB, Formidable, Victorious. Barents: Hood, 3 CA, Ark Royal, KGV, POW, DOY, Repulse and Renown. All 5 ships succeed on speed. Royal Oak repairs in England. Axis deployment – MED: 4 BB and a CA, 2 old BB and a CA stay in port. Baltic: 3 subs, Tirpitz, Gnesenau, Scharnhorst (3d), Prinz Eugen. LBA to the Barents and Bismarck repairs. Combat – Allied LBA in Italy sink a 4-3-5 BB and hit the other for 2. Axis LBA again score no hits. Allies have a 4 to 3 POC advantage this turn so the game score is down to +2 axis. Convoy 1A will move to the Barents.

    T4: US/USSR rolls see Texas and Augusta on and Marat available. Allied deploy – Baltic: Marat. NA: Convoy 2B, 2 US ships, Sussex, Formidable, Victorious, Glorious. SA: Anson, 4 R-class BB, Cumberland. NS: Rodney, Nelson, 4 4-4-4 BB, 2 CA, Courageous, Eagle. Barents: Convoy 1A, Hood, KGV, POW, DOY, Repulse, Renown, 2 CA, Ark Royal. Ramillies repairs in England. Axis deploy – MED: 4 BB and a CA with a repaired BB and a CA in Italy. Barents: LBA. SA: 5 subs. Baltic: Bismarck, Tirpitz, Gneisenau, Graf Zeppelin. Prinz Eugen stays in port with the repairing Scharnhorst. Combat – Allied ASW sink 2 subs and disable another, LBA airstikes in Germany miss. Axis subs sink CA Cumberland. Axis Barents LBA miss the convoy but do sink CA Norfolk. The Graf Zeppelin airstrike misses Marat. Marat is sunk in surface combat but takes Gneisenau with her. Allies land convoy 1A in Russia and 2B in England. This gives the allies a 7 to 3 POC advantage and moves the game score to +2 allies.

    T5; US/USSR rolls see no Soviet available but only Tuscaloosa stays in port for the US. Allied deployment – NA: 5 US, Sussex, Courageous. SA: Anson, 5 R-class BB, Glorious. NS: Rodney, Nelson, 4 4-4-4 BB, Suffolk, Illustrious, Victorious, Eagle. Barents: KGV, POW, DOY, Hood, Repulse, Renown, 2 CA, Ark Royal, Formidable. Howe joins this force passing speed. Axis deploy – MED: 4 BB and a CA with a BB and CA in port. Barents: LBA. NA: 5 subs. Baltic: The 5 German ships left. Combat sees allied ASW sink 2 subs and disable 2. MED LBA puts a point of damage on a 4-3-5 BB. The surviving U-boat sinks Courageous. Axis LBA again cause no damage. This is a 3 to 3 POC push.

    T6: US/USSR rolls add no ships. Allied deploy – NA: Convoy 3C, 5 US ships, Sussex, Glorious, Eagle. SA: Nelson and 5 R-class BB. NS: Rodney, Anson, 4 4-4-4 BB, 2 CA, Illustrious, Victorious. Barents: KGV, POW, DOY, Howe, Hood, Repulse, Renown, Suffolk, Ark Royal, Formidable. Axis deploy – Barents: LBA. NS: 6 subs. Baltic: 5 German ships. MED: 5 BB and a CA. In port a CA and the repairing BB. Combat – Allied LBA miss in the MED. ASW sinks 2 subs and disables 2. Axis subs cripple Illustrious and disable Victorious. Axis LBA sink Formidable and disable Ark Royal and Suffolk. The NS is open. The allies land convoy 3C in England to gain a 4 to 3 POC advantage pushing the score to +3 allies.

    T7: US/USSR rolls have last US ship, Tuscaloosa join the fight. Allied deployment – NA: 6 US, Revenge, Eagle. SA: Rodney, Nelson, 4 R-class BB, 2 CA, Glorious. NS: Anson, 4 4-4-4 BB, 2 CA, Victorious, Illustrious (2d). Barents: KGV, POW, DOY, Howe, Hood, Repulse, Renown, Ark Royal. Axis deploy – Barents: LBA. MED: 6 BB and a CA with a BB and CA in port. Baltic: None. NA: Bismarck, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, Graf Zeppelin and 5 U-boats. Both BB pass speed rolls. Combat: Allied ASW sink 2 subs and disable another. Allied LBA in the MED sinks POLA and damages a 4-3-5 BB for 2. Axis LBA cause no damage and NA sub fire misses. Airstrikes see Eagle miss but Graf Zeppelin disables NY. Round 1 of surface combat sees allied fire damage both Bismarck and Tirpitz with 5 damage. In addition they are disabled along with Scharnhorst. Axis return fire sinks Washington, Texas and Revenge. Round 2 sees Prinz Eugen sunk and in return Eagle is disabled. A third round has Graf Zeppelin sunk without causing any further damage. POC is 3 to 2 allies and the game score advances to +4 allies.

    T8: The remaining USSR BB comes out. Allied deployment – Baltic; O.R. NA: 4 US and Illustrious (2d). SA: QE, 4 R-class BB, Sussex, Victorious. NS: Rodney, Nelson, Anson, Barham, Malaya, Warspite, Glorious, Eagle. Barents: KGV, POW, DOY, Howe, Hood, Repulse, Renown, 3 CA, Ark Royal. Axis deployment – Baltic: LBA and a sub. NA: 3 subs. NS: Bismark (5d), Tirpitz (5d), Scharnhorst. Mike admitted to long odds for this to work. MED: 5 ships at sea, 3 in port. Combat sees ASW miss in the Baltic but clear the NA. Both LBA are skipped. Allied NS airstrikes see Bismarck sunk. With the NA clear Mike resigned at this point. The T8 POC was agreed to be 4 to 2 allies with the raw game score +6 allies reduced by the bid to +4.5 allies.

    I am quite happy to send convoys to England to gain a POC lead and avoid a lucky Luftwaffe strike if I can. The T7 NA battle could have went badly as I think I should have had another UK heavy there. I was very fortunate to disable all 3 German heavies in the first combat round. I have played Mike twice now in the last couple of months and found both games engaging and tense.

  7. Mark Bayliss and I have finished our WaS match. Mark bid 1.0 for the Allies, which I accepted. Mark’s RN took a beating in the SATL T1, losing four BBs vs one (1) Kriegsmarine CA lost for the Axis. Mark stayed in the game until the U-Boats and airstrikes hit in T7. The Axis LBA and Graf Zeppelin disabled two 456s, got four damage on another 456 and disabled Convoy 3C back to the US. End of T7 cumulative raw POC would have been Axis +6, making it impossible for the Allies to come back to even tie. At that point, Mark graciously conceded.

  8. I took the Allies with a 2 point bid. My opponent (Greg Wong) had some bad luck with the dice early and often and my ASW was killer. He never got a sub shot all game. By turn 5 I had a 6 point lead and Greg put up the white flag.

  9. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 1.5 bid) has defeated Richard Beyma’s Axis to seize the ladder championship crown in a vigorously contested match that went to Turn 4 before the Axis conceded. The Axis successfully challenged the Allies on Turn 1 and 2 in the North Sea and SATL to take a 6.5 POC lead with handicap applied. On Turn 3 the tide began to turn when the Axis unsuccessfully speed rolled the Bismarck to the NATL from France (returning it to France), and also was unsuccessful in speed rolling the Lutzow from the Neutral Port to the NATL, resulting in a loss of 1 POC for the Axis when it failed back to the Neutral Port. The remaining Axis force in the NATL was defeated, resulting in the Fiume being disabled to France to join the Bismarck. The Axis had already taken heavy casualties in both the German fleet and Italian cruisers, made worse by the fact that the Allies controlled the SATL, placing the Bismarck, Fiume, and Lutzow in an untenable position. The Axis lost 2 POC on Turn 3, cutting its lead to 3 POC overall (4.5 POC with handicap applied). On Turn 4, the Allies had 10 ASW in the NATL guarding Convoy 2B, while a strong Allied blockading force protected Convoy 1A, and three Allied carriers (Victorious, Courageous, Glorious) along with Nelson, Rodney, Repulse, Renown, Queen Liz, and Barham held the North Sea. The Axis sent the LBA after Convoy 1A and to two cruisers in the Barents, 5 U-boats after Convoy 2B in the NATL, sacrificed the Lutzow and Fiume by sending them out to do battle with the 5 British battleships there, and sent the remaining 6 German ships (Bismarck, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Adm Scheer, and Graf Zeppelin to challenge the North Sea. Fiume and Lutzow were destroyed in the initial volley in the SATL, 10 Allied ASW sank 4 U-boats and disabled the fifth to secure control of the NATL, Axis LBA disabled the two cruisers but missed Convoy 1A (which then scored 3 POC for the Allies by putting in at Murmansk), and the Allies punished the Germans in the North Sea with 6 airstrikes, hitting the Bismarck, Tirpitz, and Scharnhorst for 2, 6, and 2 points respectively while disabling the Adm Scheer before surface combat. Graf Zepp airstrike disabled the Repulse. In the ensuing surface combat, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, and Gneisenau were sunk, Graf Zepp was disabled, and Bismarck was hit for 4 more points of damage. At this point the Axis resigned, since even if the Axis had managed to make a clean sweep with its five ships return fire and control the North Sea, the Axis would have had only three ships left in the German fleet (at best), no Italian cruisers, and only 3 U-boats available for Turn 5. As it was the Allies were on the verge of gaining 5 POC on Turn 4 to erase the Axis lead entirely and take a 2 POC cumulative lead (.5 POC Allied lead with handicap applied). The Axis concession before returning made this all irrelevant. This game was noteworthy in that there was not only surface combat during all four turns, but the Okt Rev managed to survive Turn 3 combat with the Germans after disabling the Gneisenau, being disabled back to Leningrad with 3 points damage. The heroic crew of the Okt Rev celebrated Turn 4 having their ship repaired while getting wildly drunk and having their way with many women. 🙂 This was a really exciting championship match, and I look forward to defending my crown against Karl Bodenheimer (winner of the Bodenheimer brothers championship) in Round 80.

  10. In Match#11, Watkins(Allies) vs Drozd(Axis), Drozd won after 4 turns. Phil bid 1.5 POC to play the Allies. A Mediterranean strategy was used, but surface combat was avoided until Turn 4 (U-Boats sank Marat before it could shoot in Turn 3). Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and Admiral Hipper were able to join the inevitable fray in the Med on Turn 4. Supported by 7 U-Boats and the LBA, the Axis finally took control of the Mediterranean, and Axis had a 10 POC lead before the bid adjustment. We had not played before.

  11. Karl Allies (2.5 bid) defeats Jim Axis to win the latest Bodenheimer championship. Going in Karl was 3-0 in rated games. First three turns saw ASW missing and Axis taking NATL and while not taking SATL a couple of turns in a row the Italians inflicted large casualties, while mainly being disabled. Things looked bad for good side.

    But somehow the convoys got through. The last one was hit twice by U-boats, for a total of 2 damage. A final big battle on T8 in the Barents decided it all. Going in it was a fairly even battle but Allies prevailed. Final POC was 2.5 for Allies after bid. Now 4-0 in rated games. Super bragging rights.

  12. We’ve all been burned as the Allies with our speed rolls to the Barents, and that’s the case in my game (Match #16) with Jeff Lange. Jeff took the Allies for a bid of 2. The first turn went nicely for the Allies as the Axis accepted the blockade – but Turn 2 saw two speed rolls to the Barents fail, allowing a big Axis win. Turn Three iced it with three more speed roll failures to the Barents, leaving a weak Allied fleet of cruisers and a carrier exposed to a very strong Axis navy.

    Chalk up one for the Axis on Turn 3.

  13. I’ll pass Rd 89

  14. I’m in for round 89 (I am new)

  15. I am in for this round!

  16. Put me out to sea, Admiral!

  17. I’m in for Round 89

  18. Greg, I am in for Round 89. Hilton

  19. will play

  20. I’m in for Round 89

  21. Please include me in round 89. Sorry for the delay in joining.

  22. I will play in round 89

  23. i am in

  24. Yes, I will play Round 89. Thank you for keeping keeping it organized!

  25. I am in.for Round 89

  26. I am in! For yet another beating…

  27. I’m confused. I see results already for round 89.
    Signing up for either round 89 or 90.

  28. Count me in for Round 89. Thank you again for running this, Greg!

  29. I’ll play round 89. Thanks for running the ladder

  30. I will play in Round 89.

  31. I’m in for round 89

  32. I would like to participate in Round 89. Thanks for running the ladder!

  33. Rick Virost will play in Round 89. Thanks Greg for keeping this War at Sea ladder going.

  34. I will play

  35. I am in for Round 89

  36. I am in for Round 89.

  37. I intend to play in Round 89 too, even if it’s too early now to be really sure of it.

  38. I will sail the seas yet again

  39. Avi will play

  40. Can I sign up for the next 10 rounds at once? If not, just put me down for #89.
    And as always Greg, thanks for herding us cats.

  41. In for Round 89

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