September 27th ,2020 to October 31st ,2020

Congratulations to Jonathan Lockwood, KING of the LADDER

FINAL COPY UPDATED October 28th, 2020

  1. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) Allied Victory
  2. Avi Solomon (Allies-1-5) vs Nicholas Markevich (Axis) Allied Victory*
  3. Andy Gardner (Allies-2.5) vs Tal Seaman (Axis) Allied Victory
  4. Mircea Pauca (Allies-1.5) vs Mike Kaye (Axis) Axis Victory
  5. Dick Jarvenin (Alliea-1.0) vs John Sharp (Axis) Axis Victory
  6. Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) vs Robert Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory
  7. Dennis Nicholson vs Ken Pascoe Pascoe Victory
  8. Bob Hamel (Axis) vs John Pack (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory
  9. Tom Thornsen(Axis) vs Rick Vrost (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory
  10. Dave Davis (Allies-2.5) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) Axis Victory
  11. Daniel Blumintrit (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Jameli (Axis) Allied Victory
  12. Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5) vs Eric Anderson (Axis) Allied Victory
  13. Robert Frisby (Allies-1.0) vs Hilton McManus (Axis). Allied Victory
  14. Mark Bayliss (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory*
  15. Mike Brophy (Axis) vs Greg Smith (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory
  16. Mark Booth (Allies-1.5) vs Dave Elkin (Axis). Axis Victory
  17. Jeffrey Lange vs Greg Wong. Jeffrey wins by Forfeit

Extra Games

Lee Kendter (Axis) vs Greg Smith (Allies-1.5)Axis Victory

Allied Victories 6 Axis Victories 8 Ties

52 Comments to “90”

  1. Ken Pascoe’s Axis beat Dennis Nicholson’s Allies when Dennis conceded on Turn 3.
    On Turn 1, Allies went to Barents with Hood, Repulse, six cruisers, and Ark Royal (Renown failed SR), with balanced forces in NAO, SAO, and NS. Axis sent U-Boats to NAO and all ships but Blucher to Barents. Germans, with insanely good luck, sank everything they shot, including Hood, Repulse, and four cruisers, suffering three ships disabled, two of those with damage. Allies disengaged. Axis +3 POC.
    On Turn 2, Allies sent four battleships, four cruisers, and Ark Royal to Barents, with balanced forces in NAO, SAO, NS. Germans sent Bismarck, Scheer, Lutzow, three cruisers and four U-Boats to NAO while Scharnhorst and Gneisenau repaired and Graf Spee held Baltic. Ark Royal sunk in Barents by LBA. Bismarck disabled by air, and lots of disabling plus some damage in one round. Germans disengaged. Axis +3 POC.
    On Turn 3, Okt Rev sailed, Allies went in force to Barents and NS, with fewer forces in SAO and none in NAO. Germans stayed home except for Bismarck and Tirpitz in Baltic who blew up Okt Rev. U-Boats and three remaining Italian cruisers went to SAO. LBA sank Eugen in port and Formidable in Germany, also damaging Blucher. In another burst of luck, U-Boats disabled Eagle, Resolution, and Valiant in SAO, leaving Revenge vs three cruisers. Revenge and Zara disabled, with Italians ruling SAO. Axis +7 POC and Allies conceded. Thanks Dennis for a great game!

  2. Mike Kaye’s Axis defeated Mircea Pauca’s Allies when Mircea conceded after turn 3. Mircea bid 1.5 for the Allies and made essentially the standard opening. Mike went to SATL with everything except one 225 to Baltic. When the dust settled, Allies lost the area and one BB and had another maxed, Axis lost Spee and oiled Gneisenau (rolled 6s for the two CAs)
    Turn 2: Mircea spread his forces: SATL (CV, 6 BB); NATL (CV, 5 BB); NS (3 CV, 5 BB), Barents 8 CA. Mike took a risk and sent his subs to Barents, Italians to Med and all Germans to North Sea to combine the German fleet. Scharnhorst(d1) and Scheer both made speed rolls. air killed Lutzow, round 1 saw Scheer sunk, Bismarck disabled, and Gneisenau wrecked in exchange for 3 BB sunk and one disabled. Brit BB whiffed in round 2–probably could not acquire its target with the deluge of hits that put it on the bottom. Round 3 saw Courageous & Gloriouss sunk and Formidable maxed/disabled. Axis POC to +6
    Turn 3: Allies feeling pinched for units with North Sea open; Axis tempted to go everywhere but had to choose. Kept Italians in Med/Italy; 5 subs (Allies only got disables so far) to Baltic to deal with the pernicious OR; again made all (3) SRs (Scharn still at d1) in getting all surface forces to NATL vs Convoy, Formidable(d2), Rodney, 2 x 444 while repairing Gneisenau. Round 1 saw Bismarck d6/disabled; Tirpitz D6, Scharn sunk in exchange for 444 disabled and the other two BB sunk. Allies split and ran–3 x CA were there to kill the convoy so ignored the maxed deck; 1st round convoy hit for 2, 2nd round convoy obliterated by 3 hits for 15 damage.
    With POC at Axis +8 prior to bid, Mircea conceded.
    This game evened up our record against each other, as it came immediately on the heels of our tournament match, in which Mircea’s expert gunnery and strong deployments led to a crushing defeat of my Axis forces

  3. The match between Tal and I ended with Tal’s concession on T6.

  4. Match between Greg Wong and Jeff Lange concluded on T4 with a concession by Gregs Allies after loosing both carriers protecting the Barents convoy route. Score at that point was +1 before the 1.5 POC bid.

  5. Lee Kendter(Axis) defeated Greg Smith (Allies-1.5) in an extra game. Lee’s Axis won the South Atlantic for all of the first 3 turns in spite of a blockade in the North Sea keeping reinforcements bottled up. The Allies had some satisfying moments like when two airstrikes blew up both the Sharnhorst and the Gneisenau in the repair docks. That didn’t matter because the smaller ships of the Kreigsmarine in the South Atlantic were unhitable!

  6. Mark Bayliss Axis beat Mike Ussery allies [ bid 1.5 ] in our first game. A tight game till turn 6 with the allies controlling the Barents on first two turns, though loosing Ark Royal to LBA before the German big guns wrestled control back Turn 3.
    The U boats reigned the seas, sinking all three convoys in the North Atlantic with few losses. Un controlling the North Sea on Turn 5 allowed the main fleet sailed to South Atlantic on 6 with Bismarck and Tirpitz making the speed roll.

    Royal Navy always shot well but were undone with capital ship disabled. Big POC gains meant the impossible turn 8 requirement of all areas, Marat was unwilling to sail, the damaged German fleet dealt with the small Royal Navy in SA and the weak flotilla sent to the med was soon despatched, with captain of the Suffolk deciding best to abandon ship when the damage reached 40 hits after finding seven Italian capital ships gunning for her!

    The turn 6 SA surface battle swung the game which had been 1 POC in it till then. Many thanks to Mike for a fun game and my first ladder win!

  7. Daniel Blumentritt (bid 1.5 for Allies) defeats Bob Jamelli (Axis). He went into the Barents on Turn 1 and my airstrikes sunk 2 ships, allowing me to win the battle handily, so he was in a big hole right off the bat. He made some good moves to try and get back in it but even though he took a few BB down with LBA or subs, I didn’t lose any CVs, so I was able to at least make North Sea strong enough to send his u-boats elsewhere.

    He disabled convoys on several occasions but I finally got one through to make my margin nearly unassailable, and then put one into England on Turn 7 which all but locked it up. He had a chance to win on Turn 8 but not much of one, as at least 1 of 3 uboats would have to survive ASW in both North and South Atlantic, and then 2xBB and 2xCA (one of each already having damage and thus no attack bonus) would have had to beat my 6xBB and 2xCV in North Sea. But all I had do was prevent any one of those things from happening to win. As it turns out, all three went my way.

    I am in for the next round.

  8. John Sharp (SHARP) played the Axis vs Dick Jarvinen’s (DJ004) Allies. Dick bid 1.0 POC for the Allies. The game ended in T7 when Axis POC hit the limit, giving John’s Kirgesmarine and Regia Marina domination of the Atlantic and Mediterranean theaters. The crazy dice ruled this game, with Dick’s ASW failing the whole match and gunnery salvoes sometimes deadly, sometimes missing completely. Some early Axis battle wins put Dick in the hole from the start, and the RN’s poor early shooting hurt his recovery efforts. We had fun and rolled some dice!

    Result – John Sharp’s Axis 10 POC win.

    Thank you Dick, for a crazy, fun game.

  9. Robert Frisby’s Allies (bid of 1 POC) defeated Hilton McManus’ Axis by 2 POC after the bid in an eight turn game featuring several costly fleet engagements, heavy U-boat losses, and the sinking of all three convoys by the Luftwaffe. On turn one, the Axis took an early POC lead by seizing control of the North Atlantic, with each side losing three ships. The Allies sank all three U-boats. On turns two and three, the Axis failed to take control of the South Atlantic as losses mounted on both sides. Turn four saw a major fleet engagement in the North Sea, which the Allies won. On turn eight, the Germans sent Bismarck and Tirpitz along with their remaining U-boats to the Barents, but the Allies managed to hold the area. In addition to losing all three convoys, the British lost 3 CVs, all three battle cruisers, seven BBs and a cruiser. The Russians lost the Marat. The Germans lost 12 U-boats, nine of their 11 German ships, all four Italian cruisers, and an Italian BB.

  10. Mike Brophy (Axis) vs Greg Smith (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory
    Axis ships gained control of the S Atlantic on T1, and the u-boats denied Allied control in the N Atlantic. Axis gained 4 POC but lost both 127s and both 225s. With only the two 357s (one with 2 damage) and the Italian cruisers available, the Axis took a second shot at the S Atlantic, but was repulsed; losing 1 POC due to area control. T3 opened with an un-damaged Scharnhorst in the Neutral Port, and 3 Italian cruisers in France. The Axis gave up 1 POC to keep Scharnhorst in the Neutral Port, and used its u-boats to open up the S Atlantic; Axis still up by 2 POC. On T4 the Scharnhorst, the Italian cruisers and the u-boats headed up to the N Atlantic. Scharnhorst was disabled back to Germany, with the loss of two more Italian cruisers. Convoy1A got past the Axis LBA and gained 3 POC for the Allies (now at Allies +1). For T5, the u-boats attemped to open up the North Sea, but 7 u-boats were repulsed by 17 ASW. That pretty much killed any Axis hope of victory, as Convoy2B also got past the Axis LBA. POC now at Allies +5, and u-boats reduced to 2 +3 reinforcing. Germans had 6 healthy ships after eliminating the Russians, but they were not going to be able to sail the Atlantic. With the blockade holding, the u-boats raided the Atlantic, hoping to eliminate Convoy3C. They dealt out 3 damage, but the crippled convoy limped to the Barents. The fleet sailed to the Barents on T6, in a futile effort to win back some POC, and perhaps destroy the convoy. Allies crushed the Germans, and the war was over. Allies gained a decisive victory at +8 POC.

  11. Nicholas Markevich (Axis) and Avi Solomon (Allies, 1.5 POC) have not met before. The Axis had the worse of the luck and resigned on T6 with the score at Allied 6 POC.

  12. Dave described our game well. I learned a lot from Dave in my first ladder game and had a lot of fun. I need to do some more analysis of the strategies and probabilities! Thanks to Greg for organizing.

  13. The Axis pull out a tight victory (Allies Mark Booth and Axis Dave Elkin). It was nip and tuck and the 1.5 bid by Mark proved the difference. The Axis was able to disable Convoys one too many times and late sub attack in the South Atlantic was the big difference on turn 8. Mark played a great game and for a change, the Axis got some decent dice rolls.

  14. Tom Thornton (Axis) defeated Rick Virost (Allies bid 1.5) in Match 9 of Round 90. It was a close game with an ending POC of Allies 1.0 (Axis victory by 0.5 POC after the bid). Allies attempted to save carriers by not sending one to the Barents on Turn 1. The Allies fleet was mauled there by six German ships, and three air strikes, with three cruisers plus Repulse sunk and Hood and Renown both crippled. Turn 2 saw the Barents abandoned by the Allies for an easy Axis two POC. On Turn 3 the rebuilt Hood and the rebuilt Renown along with the three 4-5-6’s went back to the Barents, but two failures on the four speed rolls allowed a weakened Allies fleet to again be crushed. The Allies finally held the Barents on Turn 4, using a combination of cruisers and crippled battleships to outlast the Axis fleet. U-Boats broke Allies control of the Barents on Turn 5 and of the North Sea on Turn 6, but finally many U-Boats were sunk. Unfortunately Convoy 1A was also lost in the Barents. The Axis maintained control of the Baltic and Mediterranean Sea areas for the entire game, with only a few minor Russian efforts easily brushed off. An Axis sortie to the South Atlantic for Turn 7 was trapped there when the Allies turned back the remaining four U-Boats, and Turn 8 led to the destruction of the Axis South Atlantic fleet. But it was too late for the Allies and the match ended in an Axis victory after the bid. Air strikes were a major factor with both Axis 3-5-7’s sunk by boxcar rolls, while Bismarck received a five damage airstrike late in the game.

  15. Dave Davis’ Allies conceded the game during turn 5 with a POC of Axis 9 before a bid of 2.5. Jim’s Axis took advantage of speed roll failure in turn 1 to seize the Barents, going up by 2 POC. Turn 2 saw the Axis again take control of the Barents due to speed roll failure and the POC rose to Axis 5. Losses in cruisers, battleships and carriers made Allied coverage going forward very tough. As a result turn 3 was dramatic with the Axis taking control of both the North Sea and the South Atlantic maxing out at 10 POC. In turn 4 the Axis again took advantage by seizing the North Atlantic. The 1st convoy landed but the overall POC only moved one point to 9 Axis points. Turn 5 began with the loss of another carrier in the North Sea to land-based air at which point Dave’s Allies conceded. The one bright point throughout was the Allied ASW effort which completely neutralized the U boat threat. By turn 5 the Axis had lost 100% of it’s subs. The game would have been much different had the dice not been so one-sided.

  16. So where is the email address for Greg Wong?????

  17. Vince Meconi’s Allies, bidding 1.5, have defeated Eric Anderson’s Axis. The Axis resigned at the end of 4, 8 POC down pre-bid. We have not played previously. Eric was completely hosed by the dice gods from start to finish, but displayed admirable calm in the face of said hosing. When one Allied 336 BC failed its speed roll to the Barents on turn 1, the full German surface fleet set sail. The Ark Royal disabled the Scharnhorst and the Luftwaffe fanned. Round 1 saw the Allies sink 2 Germans and disable a 3rd. In reply the Axis broadside failed to register a single 4, 5, or 6. In fact, if I recall there was only one 3 in there. For those keeping score at home, the odds of 11 bonus shots failing to register any 4s, 5s, or 6s are 1 in 2048. The remaining 2×225 and 1×127 withdrew, but the Allies pursued and sank both pocket BBs. Naturally, the German round 2 produced no hits but did disable a British cruiser. To add insult to injury, Allied LBA sank an Italian cruiser. Things didn’t improve over the next few turns and the last straw occurred with all 7 U-boats sailed into the Barents. Allied ASW sank 5 and scored 3 disables when only 2 were needed. The Axis offered their swords at that point.

  18. Rob’s description of our game is spot on. I stayed in on T5 even though things looked grim. The die shift kept my allies in the game but were usually just 1 roll short of giving me an advantage. The great ASW on T5 and T6 came up 1 sub short of clearing the area. On T8 5 subs were attacked by 9 ASW in the NS with 2 sunk and 1 disabled, short again. Later in the turn in the SA 2 UK BB took 8 shots at an Italian CA. The rolls scored 5 hits and a disabled. Boy could I have used those rolls in the NS ASW. A great and enjoyable game against Rob.

  19. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.5 POC) has successfully defended the ladder championship against Karl Bodenheimer’s Axis. Karl initially successfully challenged the Allied setup in the North Sea, sinking Royal Oak, Royal Sovereign, and Eagle, along with the sinking of the Glorious in the pursuit. The Axis paid a heavy price, however, losing two pocket battleships and a cruiser. The Axis took a 5.5 POC lead with handicap applied. The Axis extended its lead to 8.5 POC with handicap applied on Turn 2 by taking the SATL, losing the Graf Spee in the process and having Bismarck and Gneisenau heavily damaged, the latter with 5 points damage. The Allies began chipping away at the Axis lead starting with Turn 3, as Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, and 3 Italian cruisers fled to the Med, where they would remain for the rest of the game. The Axis lead was 7.5 POC at the end of Turn 3. The lead was sliced further at the end of Turn 4 to 4.5 POC as Convoy 1A put in at Murmansk. On Turn 5, the Axis committed its entire U-boat fleet in the Barents in an effort to stop Convoy 2B, protected by 14 Allied ASW. Allied ASW responded heroically by sinking 6 U-boat wolfpacks and disabling the seventh to control the Barents. Axis LBA failed to stop the convoy, although it did sink the Ark Royal and put 3 damage on the Hood. As a result, the Axis lead was slashed to a slender .5 POC with handicap applied. On Turn 6, the four remaining U-boats went up against 11 ASW in the NATL in an effort to stop Convoy 3C. Allied ASW sank 1 U-boat and disabled 2 more, and the remaining U-boat failed to sink or disable Convoy 3C. Rather than risk Convoy 3C against Axis LBA on Turn 7, the Allies put in at England for 1 POC to take a .5 POC lead with handicap applied at the end of Turn 6. At that point, Karl conceded, as he did not see any way to make up even a .5 POC lead with his remaining forces. I commend Karl for giving me all I could handle in a close, hard fought match where I was compelled to come back from an 8.5 POC deficit in order to win. I look forward to defending the ladder championship in November against the winner of the Solomon-Markevich match!

  20. Pairing #6 Kramer/Drozd Jim bid 1.5 to play Allies. Axis won by 2 POC (3.5 after the bid). After Turn 4, Axis was up 5 POC. The Axis graveyard had 2 Italian CAs, Graf Spee and Blucher. The Allies had lost Hood, 4×456, 2×444, 2×336, 4×117, Ark Royal and Convoy1A. Then, the dice switched sides and Rodney and Malaya were making speed rolls to the Barents. Turn 5 had 11 ASW vs 6 subs sinking 2 and disabling 3, and next turn had 10 ASW vs 7 subs sinking 3 and disabling 3. The Allies dished out a lot of damage as the Axis repaired 8 points of damage twice and Bismarck was carrying 8 damage when it was sunk in the Baltic. However, when the game was on the line, the dice returned to the dark side and a close battle in the North Sea went to the Axis to seal the victory,

  21. If any slots still open, sign me up.

  22. I am out. My dice cannot roll ‘6’s.

  23. I will play in round 90. Thanks for running the ladder Greg!

  24. I will play in the next round

  25. I’ll play in rd 90

  26. i will play

  27. I’m in for round 90

  28. I would like to play in Round 90. Thanks again for running this, Greg!

  29. Also in for Round 90.

  30. Mike Kaye: sorry, didn’t realize when I hit “post” that my call sign would go with the posting rather than my name — I will be glad to play round 90

  31. I will be glad to play round 90; thanks for running the ladder

  32. I would like to play in Round 90. Thanks!

  33. I am in for round 90

  34. Rick Virost will play in Round 90 Starting in late September

  35. Sign me up for round #90

  36. I’m in for next round

  37. I will play in next round

  38. I will play in round 90.

  39. I am in for Round 90.

  40. I will play round 90.

  41. I’m in for 90.

  42. Please put me in for round 90
    please use TSeaman@navigatorsol.com as my contact

  43. I will play in RD 90

  44. In for nine-oh.

  45. i will play

  46. I will play

  47. Avi is in for Rd 90.

  48. I will play as well.

  49. I will play

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