November 1st, 2020 to December 31st ,2020

Congratulations to Avi Solomon from “down under” to TOP of the LADDER

Final COPY UPDATED December 13th, 2020

1 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies -1.5) vs Avi Solomon (Axis) Axis Victory

2 Andy Gardner vs Mike Kaye Mike Kaye Wins. No report.

3 John Sharp (Axis) vs Robert Drozd (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

4 Ken Pascoe Allies-0.0) vs Bob Hamel (Axis) Axis Victory by 4.0

5 Pete Shelling (Allies-1.5) vs Tom Thornsen (Axis) Axis Victory

6 Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) vs Dan Blumentritt (Axis) Axis Victory

7 Vince Meconi (Allies-2.0) vs Robert Frisby (Axis) Allied Victory

8 Mark Bayliss (Axis) vs Tim Tow (Allies-0.5) Allied Victory

9 Dave Elkin vs Jeffrey Lange

10 Karl Bodenheimer vs David Gubbay (Axis+2.5) Axis Victory*

11 Scott Beall (Axis) vs Tal Seaman (Allies-2.0). Axis Victory

12 Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Dick Jarvenin (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

13 Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) vs John Pack (Axis) Axis Victory

14 Rick Vrost (Allies-1.0) vs Bob Jameli (Axis) Allied Victory

15 Eric Anderson (Allies-1.5) vs Hilton McManus (Axis) Allied Victory

16 Greg Hultgren (Axis) Please provide the bid vs Bruce Monnin (Allies) Allied Victory

17 Mike Ussery (Allies-1.5) vs Lee Kendter (Axis) Axis Victory

18 Mike Brophy (Axis) vs Mark Booth (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory by 1.5!

19 Mike Morrison (Allies-1.0) vs Jacob Anderson (Axis) Allied Victory

Extra Games

Avi Solomon vs Tal Seaman. Tal wins

Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Mircea Pauca (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 1.5

Allied Victories 7 Axis Victories 11 Ties 0

57 Comments to “91”

  1. Mike Kaye defeated Andy Gardner: Andy was Allies for a bid of 2

    Turn 1: Axis to SATL
    • Allies lost 4 BB and Eagle in SATL while the LW sank Hood in Barents
    • Axis losses in SATL: Spee, Blucher, sub; Scharn maxed/disabled; Scheer maxed; Scheer & Hipper failed oiling while Gneisenau made it
    • Axis +3

    Turn 2: Gneisenau joined Eugen, Lutzow & subs in Baltic
    • Scharn gambled and won by failing speed roll to North Sea & based in Germany; other Germans from N.P. to Med
    • Bismarck patrolled empty Barents
    • Gorizia sunk by LBA in Med
    • Axis gained 2 POC to +5

    Turn 3: repaired Scharn /Germany; Scheer/Italy
    • German fleet to Baltic
    • 4 subs to SATL – 1 sunk, 2 disabled
    • No change in POC

    Turn 4: critical turn:
    • Barents: LBA disabled convoy and sank Anson
    • 5 subs to NATL; 2 disabled, others disabled convoy 2B
    • Baltic: Germans sank Marat, which only managed to disable Lutzow
    • LBA sank Zara in Med
    • No change in POC, but convoys now stacked up in US

    Turn 5: Germans challenged Brits in Barents while 7 x U went after convoy in NATL (Baltic empty)
    • NATL: 1 sub sunk, 3 disabled, but remaining 3 disabled the convoy
    • Barents: Brit air hit Gneisenau for 2, LW disabled a 456
    • When all over, Scharnhorst, POW, Repulse, 3 x Brit CA sunk and Vickie ran; Germans still had Gneis (2d) and Lutzow in the area
    • POC before bid to Axis +7; Brits can get max of 7 POC from convoys; Germans will go into T6 with 7 Uboats: Andy surrendered

  2. In an extra-Ladder game, Avi Solomon (Axis) won over Mircea Pauca (Allies, bid 1.5) by 1.5 net points (0 before bid). We have played many times WAS for AREA.

    T1: my Barents-in-1, Germans stay in Baltic to grow the fleet and wolfpack. RAF sinks Gorizia. Score 1 Allied raw.
    T2: Solid blockade (as all 4 speed rolls to Barents succeed). 4U raid the NATL rear and luckily sink both British carriers without a loss! This will really hurt the ASW balance from now on. Score stays at 1 Allied raw.
    T3: Blockade escalates, Germans still stay home and grow. 5U raid SATL (3BB only) and sink heavy BB Nelson. Stukas also sink Suffolk from Barents. Same 1 Allied raw.
    T4: German fleet sinks Okt.Rev. 7U succeed to open Barents (16 ASW) but now defenses are effective, 4U sunk. Same 1 Allied raw. Convoy 1A unloads in Russia. Allies gain 2p, total 3 Allied raw.

    T5: Allies are really stretched as US readied only one cruiser so far, NATL gets a not too weak escort for Convoy2B, so NSEA and Barents have to go with less, hoping to deter more by the threat of irreplaceable German losses than by true chance to win control. German fleet masses in Barents with enough superiority (106:83 of my control points). British carriers disabling Gneisenau and Graf Zeppelin evens the situation somewhat (77:73 left) so I change the plan to fight normally as for sea control, targeting all enemies (not only the fastest to cover a withdrawal). The battle turns sharply in Germans’ favor, they lose 2 pocket battleships vs British 2BB,2BC,1CA,1CV. In SATL, 5U lightly damage two battleships. Axis gain back 2p, total 1 Allied raw.

    T6: Allies send back all fast ships to Barents, but Anson fails its speed roll so Germans mass against them again (82:71 this time). Germans win again the area, lose Lutzow and carrier Zeppelin vs 1BB,3CA,1CV. Convoy 2B very luckily manages to get back ‘disabled’ to the USA. Axis gain 2p again, total 1 Axis raw.

    T7: Allies thin out every area to the reasonable minimum to reinforce again Barents, including 2x 444 which fail logistics and shelter in Russia. But Germans are distracted by the valiant sortie of Marat and sink it instead, while Bismarck and Blucher occupy fully the repair docks (and Tirpitz still has 5 damage). He111’s from Norway sink Ark Royal but miss Convoy 3C that unloads. 7U mass in NATL (8 ASW only) and two hits on Convoy 2B only do 1 damage each so it keeps sailing on! Allies gain back 3p, total 2 Allied raw.

    T8: 7U and 3 Italians fight in SATL (3BB,1CV) and lose, while Germans try the Barents even with slight inferiority (69:71)… and win! No Germans sunk, only 5 disabled vs 1BB,1CA,1CV and the Convoy is sunk too. Axis gains 2 for a total of 0 before bid, so 1.5 Allied after bid.

    Congratulations to Avi Solomon for his very fast, accurate and gentlemanly play! It was really close, reflecting moderate changes in fortune.

  3. Mircea Pauca (Axis) won over Richard Jarvinen (Allies, bid 1.5) by concession in Turn 7. We have played before WAS for AREA.

    T1: Barents-in-1 opening with strong Barents (8CA,3BC,1CV) so even with one missed speed roll it’s deterrent enough. All 7 German surface ships pounce on weaker North Sea (4BB,1CV). Mutual carnage ensues (British lose 3BB,1CV vs all 3 pocket battleships). Score 2 Axis raw.
    T2: British leave North Atlantic empty (!) so Germans control it. Axis gains 3 POC, total 5 raw.
    T3: Okt. Rev. sails to her doom in the Baltic, only scratching Hipper. 5U succeed to open North Sea vs only 9 ASW at loss of 2U. Fortunate aircraft sink Repulse, also Pola. Same 5 Axis raw.
    T4: Of the 4 open seas, Germans choose weak North Atlantic with only the newly arrived Americans (Washington, 2CA) as Convoy2B stays home behind coastal fortifications. All US ships and 1 German… disabled. Useful remnants of Convoy1A (3 damage from air attack) still unload in Murmansk. Radio valves for Guards Tank Armies! Marat sails valiantly to Baltic and gets sunk by Bismarck after the 5U miss. Allies get back 1p, total 4 Axis raw.
    T5: Strong front of blockade but weak rear, U-boats split and negate control of North and South Atlantic. RAF sinks Fiume. Axis gains 1p, total 5 Axis raw.
    T6: Strong blockade again. NAtl, 7U sink convoy2B with only 8 ASW protection. Same 5 Axis raw.
    T7: Strong blockade yet again. NAtl, 7U sink convoy3C with only 9 ASW protection. Same 5 Axis raw.
    At this point the Axis concedes with no chances left.
    Thanks to Richard for the fair play!

  4. Bruce Monnin (PLEASE correct the spelling of my last name in the standings) has received a concession from Greg Hultgren.

    Greg’s Axis were ahead by 0.5 POC after the bid after turn 2 with the Allied blockade firmly in place and both 3-5-7’s sunk.

  5. Round 91 Match 14 was won by Rick Virost (Allies, bid 1.0) over Bob Jameli (Axis).

    Turn 1 featured a nail-biter battle for the Barents with Allies holding on after losing four cruisers and Renown. Axis losses were also major, with both Scharnhorst and Admiral Scheer sunk. Meanwhile two of the three Turn 1 U-Boats were sunk in the North Atlantic.

    Turn 2 repeated the tense battle for the Barents, with the Allies getting help from their carrier air attacks. Both Bismarck and Gneisenau lost their bonus shots prior to the surface battle, with Gneisenau and Blucher ending up on the ocean floor. But the Axis held on to the Barents with a single cruiser after the remaining Allies warships were disabled.

    Turn 3 saw an Axis raid on the North Atlantic to attack Convoy 1A, but Allies carrier air removed the Tirpitz attack bonus before the surface battle. The three ship raid ended poorly for the Axis, with Tirpitz sunk on its maiden voyage along with Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen.

    Turn 4 had the fighting shifted to the warmer waters of the South Atlantic where five U-boats and the four Italian cruisers took on four Allies battleships and Eagle. Here Allies ASW was the big help, sinking one U-Boat and disabling two more. The battle ended with two Italians sunk and the other two withdrawing to France. However the real Turn 4 Axis success was in the Barents where the LBA disabled Convoy 1A back to the USA. At this point the POC marker was at zero, but +1 Axis with the bid.

    Turn 5 was the back-breaker for the Axis, when their attempt to take the North Sea failed. Two of the six attacking U-Boats were sunk while the remaining four were disabled. Here again the Allies carrier air was also effective, disabling Bismarck and sinking Graf Zeppelin. One of the two remaining pocket battleships was sunk while the last one was disabled. However, Axis did have the last word in the North Sea by sinking both Rodney and Anson with the shots from the two smaller warships. Meanwhile Convoy 2B landed in Russia, bring the POC marker to Allies +5 (+4 with the bid).

    Turn 6 saw the Axis make another strong effort in the Barents, with a full fleet of seven U-Boats and the LBA sending Convoy 1A back to the USA again, this time with two damage tacked on. To avoid further such embarrassment the Allies landed Convoy 3C in England, putting the POC marker to Allies +6 (+5 with the bid.) Bob conceded the Axis side during Turn 7.”

  6. Pete Shelling (Allies-1.5) has conceded to Tom Thornsen (Axis) on turn 7 with the POC marker at Axis +7 and things not going well for the Allies.

    Allied strength in the Mediterranean led the Axis to raid the South Atlantic on turn 1. When the allies returned some ships from the Mediterranean to England a major naval battle ensued in the Mediterranean with the Italians victorious. On turn three the Allies repaired ships and the Axis was able to run the score up to +9 Axis POC.

    Turn 4 saw major actions in both the Barents Sea as the convoy attempted to reach Russia and again in the Mediterranean. The Germans gained a decisive victory in the Barents Sea, sinking the convoy, while the Italians just held control of the Mediterranean. On Turn 5 the Germans repaired ships and patrolled in the Baltic Sea allowing the convoy to reach Russia when the Luftwaffe missed. The Italians took advantage of a failed speed roll by the Anson to engage the British again and once more controlled the zone with a single CA in the zone at the end of the turn.

    On turn 6 the Italians were down to 3 ships so stayed home while the Kriegsmarine contested the North Sea. The dice abandoned the Allies at this critical time and they lost two more BBs and two CVs without scoring a hit on the German ships. On turn 7 the U-Boats in the Mediterranean sank one British BB and the rest of the British navy there was sunk in the first round surface fire. The Kriegsmarine had sortied to contest the last allied convoy to Russia, but Pete conceded when an airstrike from the Luftwaffe eliminated the cruiser.

  7. Dennis’ Allies (Bid 2) have surrendered to my Axis (Game 13) at the end of Turn 6, down by 9 POC, and with two convoys gone.

    Things got off to an ugly start as failed speed rolls allowed the Germans to sink 5 Allied cruisers for no loss on Turn One. The Germans followed up with more Barents losses on Turn Two and a strong raid into the North Atlantic with a four ships oiling (as sub broke control of the South Atlantic). On Turn Four, the Allies marched into the Med in pursuit of three Germans who’d taken refuge in the Med from the Neutral Port on the previous turn. The Allies won handily and secured the Italian surrender.

    The Allies shellacked the Italians on Turn 5 and 6 too – leaving just two Italian ships afloat. But the Germans were able to stop a Barents convoy on the final turn when three 444s failed their speed checks to set up more heavy losses.

  8. Daniel Blumentritt (note spelling please) defeats Jim Bodenheimer in 8 turns. Jim had a pretty tough looking Turn 1 so I decided to charge right into the North Sea mostly to see what would happen. As it turns out, mostly good things for me, since he couldn’t roll a hit to save his life. I suffered 1 CA sunk and 1 BC damaged. He suffered 3 BB and 2 CV sunk. Next turn he had to just let me take the Barents while he got at least a partial block, so I had a pretty big lead.

    He had excellent ASW to maintain the Barents/North Sea blockade for a time, but eventually being down 2 carriers meant he didn’t have the rolls to keep it up, and my u-boats both reopened the North Sea and sunk the Prince of Wales. I nearly sealed up the game the next turn when my surface fleet got the Barents after his airpower completely whiffed, then and my 4 uboat shots disabled both his BB in the South Atlantic and then Glorious also whiffed on my Italians, to leave then with a 3 vs 2 CA edge, but his last cruiser held them off.

    However, I pretty much sewed up the game though on Turn 7 by disabling his convoy so it couldn’t get to Russia. On Turn 8 he still technically had a chance, but he needed to remove all 7 uboats with just 7 shots, and only got 2 of them, so we never fought the final battle in Barents.

  9. Mike Brophy (Axis) vs. Mark Booth (Allies -1.5). Allies win by 1.5 POC. Against a Barents on 1, the Axis took the S. Atlantic on turn 1 and jumped to an early lead. After that, part of the Axis fleet, those disabled to the neutral port during turn 1, sailed to the Med and based in Italy. The key in the game was that the Axis LBA and subs kept missing the Allied convoys, who all put into Russia with nary a scratch. The Axis fleet waited for their opportunity to strike, and those based in Germany came out in force on turn 6, but lights out shooting by the Allies in the Barents kept the blockade in force and the onus on the LBA and subs to come through–but they didn’t.

  10. Mike Ussery (Allies-1.5) vs Lee Kendter (Axis). Axis win by concession.

    Turn 1 saw the Germans go to Sao. Both 225 made the SR. I traded 2 Germans for 4 Brits (including a CV). Only a single ship managed to oil up. Barents LBA got a cruiser. I just made the 2.5 to 1 kill ratio that Germany needs. An Italian 435 was sunk in the med.
    Total losses: 5 UK vs 2 Ger + 1 Italy sunk

    Turn 2 saw Germany go to North. ASW was a disaster with 2 subs sunk, and 2 disabled. The Bismarck is disabled before the battle starts. 1 German is lost, and a 357 crippled. 3 British BB are sunk, and 1 damaged. The CV escapes as just two 225 left for control.
    Barents goes well with the LBA sinking the Arc.
    Total losses: 9 UK (2 CV) vs 3 Ger + 1 Italy sunk.

    Turn 3 saw Germany go to Barents, and subs to Baltic. The Duke SR failure is why I went there. Air exchange isn’t that significant as I disabled a single cruiser. I took out 2 cruisers and the Hood only taking damage. A CV and 2 cruisers escape as I don’t have enough speed 7 to pursue.
    The subs go to the Baltic take out the Russian.
    The crippled 357 repaired.
    Total losses: 12 UK (2 CV) + 1 Rus vs 3 Ger + 1 Italy sunk. The kill ratio has now gone way in my favor. In addition 4 speed 7 ships are now gone making Barents hard to hold.

    Turn 4 saw Germany hide in the Baltic while 2 repairs done. Italy and the subs went to Sao. The subs chased the Eagle away. Both 336 are sunk at the cost of 2 Italy cruisers. The Italian threat is way less, but they did their job.
    Total losses: 14 UK (2 CV) + 1 Rus vs 3 Ger + 3 Italy sunk.

    Turn 5 saw the subs to Nao. They were promptly slaughtered and none left to attack the convoy.
    2 more Italians in the Med were sunk.
    The Germans went to the Barents where the convoy was. The UK losses showed here, as the ship count was even. Neither side did great with air. The Bismarck took damage. One 456 was disabled. I took the Barents. 5 British ships died along with the convoy. 2 Germany ships were damaged.
    Total losses: 19 UK (3 cv) 1 Rus vs 3 Ger + 5 Italy sunk.
    With the PoC at 9, and 1 convoy sunk Mike resigned. I agree with his decision. The losses were to lopsided, and 2 convoys isn’t enough to make up the PoC total.

  11. Karl Bodenheimer vs David Gubbay (Axis+2.5) Axis Victory. The Allies went for a Barents 1 and won the area but at significant loss….the Germans got it back the next turn and following turns with not enough fast ships being able to patrol the area. U-boats succeeded in de flagging areas and sinking carriers and and convoys. Basically Karl got a bad run. I’d just finished a game of VITP where the same thing happened..the Gods can be cruel. I’m tinkering with Admirals War the combination of the two games…although it’s pretty hard to figure out what the strategy is with that game…units in VITP are very strong in WAS. Ranger and Wasp are four point bonused carriers in the Atlantic. a couple of rough edges.

  12. Rob Drozd (W0498, Allies -1.0 POC) vs John Sharp (SHARP, Axis +1.0 POC), Axis wins by 1.0 POC. Rob Drozd and I fought our way through eight brutal turns in the Battle for the Atlantic,. Rob’s Allies took an early lead while John’s Kriegsmarine and Regia Marina conserved their forces. Mid-game the Axis ventured north and took the Barents from the Royal Navy Northern Fleet. The Kriegsmarine keep pounding the Barents, and with lucky support from U-Boats and the Luftwaffe, ran the POC up to Axis +4. John maintained the 4 POC lead into T8 when his diminished Kiegsmarine and Luftwaffe could not stop convoys from docking in Russia and England for four POC. Added to the three sea areas controlld by the Allies, that brought the Allies up to seven T8 POC. However, with the Baltic, Med and denying the Allies the South Atlantic, the Axis T8 POC plus the bid resulted in a 1 POC by-the-skin-of-their-teeth Axis win. The Allied ASW was not quite up to snuff, allowing the U-Boats to break the North Sea repeatedly and finally break the South Atlantic, three of four times with only one surviving U-Boat. A great game, Rob!

    • John, I have not conceded yet. I am waiting for the dice server to count some pips that came in late. Dice server fraud must be stopped. How many others have “lost” close games because the dice server did not count all the pips?

  13. Vince Meconi’s Allies (2.0) have defeated Robert Frisby’s Axis when the latter resigned at the end of turn 7. The Allies were in the lead by 6 POC after the bid, but the game was much closer than the score. We have not played War At Sea previously.

    The Allies opened with Barents on 1 and the German fleet sailed to the Barents. Though casualties were low (Germans losing 1 ship and the Allies 2), the Allies prevailed. Meanwhile, Axis U-boats broke control in the N. Atlantic; POC at pre-bid zero after 1. Turn 2 had that Groundhog Day feel with the battles occurring in the same areas, with the same results. Light casualties in the Barents but the Allies took the area. U-boats broke control in the N. Atlantic and sank a carrier to boot. POC still zero. Turn 3 saw 3×444 Allied BBs fail their speed rolls to the Barents, but with the Germans needing to repair heavy damage on their capital ships, they were unable to take advantage. This time the Allied ASW removed all U-boats in the N. Atlantic. POC Allies +1 pre-bid after 3. Turn 4 saw more German repair and the Luftwaffe couldn’t stop Convoy 1A in the Barents, but U-boats broke control in the N. Atlantic and sank Convoy 2B. Allies +4 pre-bid after 4. Turns 5 and 6 looked like re-runs of turn 4 so the POC remained unchanged after 6.

    Turn 7 proved to be the decisive turn. Although the Allies maintained the blockade, the Germans still had 9 undamaged ships. The Allies didn’t have enough ships to adequately protect both the Barents and the North Sea from both U-boats and the Axis fleet. The Allies opted to have 14 ASW in the Barents and 18 in the N. Sea. 6 German U-boats sailed into the Barents with the anticipation of breaking control, removing the convoy, and setting up a climactic sea battle on turn 8. Instead, Allied ASW sank all 6 U-boats and threw in 3 superfluous fives on top of that, with only the 14 ASW. When the LBA whiffed on the convoy, it became mathematically impossible for the Axis to prevail.

    The game was notable for the fact that all surface combat occurred in the Barents, yet the Allies never lost the blockade.

  14. In game 91-8, Tim, as the Allies -0.5, defeated Mark’s Axis with the score at +7 Allied at the end of turn 7 after an Axis concession.

    The Axis attempted to break the blockade 4 times in the Barents, succeeding finally on turn 7, but the Allies were able to land all 3 convoys with the last convoy fleeing to Russia just barely ahead of a slowed Bismarck.

    With a full U-boat force on turn 7, the Axis almost took the South Atlantic but the Eagle’s guns took down the last remaining Italian cruiser in the area.

    Thanks for playing Mark.

  15. I will pass on this round

  16. I’ll play if still open

  17. I need to skip Round 91. Thanks!

  18. In for Round 91 — thanks for running the ladder

  19. In for Rd 91

  20. In for round 91. Thanks for running the ladder Greg!

  21. not sure if this went through. I am in.

  22. hoping for a win streak

  23. Count me in for RD91

  24. include me in Round 91

  25. Sign me up

  26. Count me in for round 91.

  27. I’m in for the next round.

  28. I will play.

  29. Count me in for Round 91!

  30. I’m in, thanks!

  31. Trick or Treat? I will take the treat of playing this round.

  32. will play

  33. Greg,
    I will play in Rd 91.

  34. I’m in (as long as my fleet is on the top of the water).

  35. I will play

  36. I’m in

  37. I will be in for Round 91

  38. I’m . in for 91

  39. I am in for round 91.

  40. I’m in for round 91.

  41. In for R91.

  42. Rick Virost will play in Round 91 (December 2020?).

  43. Greg I will skip RD91.

  44. I’m in for the next round

  45. I’m ready for Round 91!

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