January 1st, 2021 to January 31st ,2021

Congratulations to Mike Kaye , our new TOP of the LADDER!

FINAL COPY UPDATED February 2nd, 2021.

1 Avi Solomon (Allies-?) vs Mike Kaye (Axis). Axis Victory

2 John Sharp (Axis) vs Bob Hamel (Allies-0.0) Allied Victory

3 Tom Thornsen (Axis) vs Dan Blumentritt (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

4 Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5) vs Tim Tow (Axis) Allied Victory by 2.5!

5 Dave Elkin (Allies -2.0) vs David Gubbay (Axis) Axis Victory

6 Scott Beall (Allies-2.0) vs Mircea Pauca (Axis) TIE! (AXIS ADVANCES)

7 Rick Vrost (Axis) vs Eric Anderson (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

8 Bruce Monnin (Axis) vs Greg Smith (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

9 Lee Kendter (Allies-0.5) vs Mike Morrison (Axis). Allied Victory

10 Nicholas Markavitch (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) Allied Victory by 2.5

11 Robert Drozd (Allies-1.0) vs Ken Pascoe (Axis). Axis Victory by 3

12 Jim Kramer (Allies-2.0) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) Axis Victory

13 Robert Frisby (Axis) vs Mark Bayliss (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

14 Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-2.5) vs Phil Watkins (Axis) Allied Victory

15 Tal Seaman (Allies) vs Dick Jarvenin (Axis-1.5). Allied Victory by 2.5

16 Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) vs Hilton McManus (Axis) Allied Victory

17 Greg Hultgren (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies-2.0). Game not played; Greg Concedes, Mike advances

18 Mike Brophy (Axis) vs Jacob Anderson (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

Extra Games

Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5) vs Rob Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory

Tal Seaman (Allies-?) vs Avi Solomon (Axis). Axis Victory

Allied Victories 9 Axis Victories 8 Ties 1

54 Comments to “92”

  1. I defeated Hilton McManus at the end of turn 7 I was the Allies and bid 2 for them. The score was Allies +10 before thi bid.

  2. Scott Beall (Allies, bid 2.0) fought to a net draw Mircea Pauca (Axis) with a final score of 2 Allied raw so 0 after bid.
    We have played before WAS for AREA.

    T1: A Barents-in-1 with less usual 3 BB in North Atlantic, including the 2×553. I go after that and sink both heavies at loss of Gneisenau and two others damaged. U-boats stay home to grow. Score 2 Axis raw.
    T2: All Germans stay home and repair the damage. Allies gain back 1 PoC, total 1 Axis raw.
    T3: Marat sails and is neutralized by all 5 U (and sinks 1U!). After two failed speed rolls, Barents attracts the German surface fleet. Carnage ensues: 5 British (2BB,2BC,1CA) and 4 German ships (Scharnhorst,Spee,Lutzow,Eugen) sunk! Last British 4CA withdraw together as Tirpitz cannot pursue and 2 German cruisers are not enough. Axis gains 1, total 2 Axis raw.
    T4: German fleet stays home again and Tirpitz repairs (even if Barents were close after one failed speed roll). 6U open NSEA against only 11 ASW, no one is sunk! Convoy 1A unloads to Russia after minor damage from air, so Allies gain 3 PoC. Total 1 Allied raw.
    T5: Germans threaten all 4 areas now, Allies put a strong blockade and not too weak rear with 3 US ships released so far. Germans choose North Atlantic, they sink 2BB,1CV vs Scheer sunk. The full wolfpack of 7U tries to stop Convoy2B (14 ASW escort in Barents), loses 2U and totally misses! Score stays (Axis +3 area control, -3 Convoy2 unloads), total still 1 Allied raw.
    T6: German fleet is way too weak, Bismarck repairs. 7U strike Convoy 3C in North Atlantic (only 9 ASW!) and only inflicts 3 damage, so it sails on! Score stays 1 Allied raw.
    T7: 7U wolfpack keeps pursuing Convoy to Barents (15 ASW), loses 3U and totally misses again, so the key material still unloads! LBA sinks CA Kent. Marat sails in Baltic and is disabled by planes from Graf Zeppelin before the remnant fleet meets it. Allies gain 3 PoC, total 4 Allied raw.
    T8: In a desperate situation, I gamble three-way for a draw. Baltic, only 1U to neutralize Okt. Rev. (67%). SATL, only 4U and 4 Italians vs 4BB,1CA,1CV (74% to unpatrol vs 8 ASW, insignificant for Italians to win). Barents (~45% for slightly inferior German fleet, 54:57 control points). All three succeed (Italians are still massacred) so Axis gains back 2 PoC for a total 2 Allied raw or a net draw after bid.

    A really close, hard-fought campaign with major swings of fate.
    Thanks to Scott for his prompt and fair play!

  3. Vince Meconi’s Allies, bidding 1.5, overcame Tim Tow’s Axis with the game going the full 8 turns. The final margin was 2.5 POC after the bid, and the game was definitely much closer than the score would indicate. The Allies opened with Barents on 1 and the Axis built up their strength for the first 2 turns with U-boats and LBA sinking 1 British BB, 1 U-boat, and an Italian BB and CA. On T3 there was a huge battle in the Barents. The Allies attempted to flee after just one round, but the Axis pursued and when the smoke cleared, the Allies had lost the Ark Royal, 3 BBs, and 5 CAs to the Axis BB, BBL, and CA. Turn 4 looked to be more of the same; a big battle in the Barents saw the Allies flee in 2 groups after just one round. In the one group, a max damaged Allied BB faced the pursuing Tirpitz. The Tirpitz sent the Allied BB to the bottom but in return its lucky pop shot disabled the Tirpitz. This disabling would become signficant shortly. In the other pursuit, the Allies had a carrier, a convoy, a BB, and 2xCA vs. the pursuing Axis Graf Zeppelin, 357, 225, and 2×127. The pursuit lasted 5 rounds and each round the Allies faced the temptation of splitting the carrier off to flee separately (and likely survive). Instead, the carrier stayed with the convoy and in pursuit round 4 it was carrier and convoy vs. 127 and max damaged (-2) Admiral Hipper. The Allies decided to keep the 2 together one more turn and hope for the best. The bonused German CA sank the carrier (the Hipper missed), and the Convoy sank the undamaged CA in return. On round 5 the convoy disabled the Hipper and landed for 3 POC. In addition, becaaue the Tirpitz had been disabled earlier, there were no Axis ships left to control the area.

    Attrition continued for the next 3 turns, but the Allies managed to land max damaged convoy #2 in Russia and convoy #3 in England, setting up climactic turn 8. The Axis needed to gain 5 POC for the win and had several avenues to do so against a very shot up Allied fleet. Winning a 3-POC area and breaking control in 2 others with U-boats was one, and the other, chosen by the Axis player, was to win the Barents and S. Atlantic. The Allies were bracing for defeat, but instead, all Axis LBA and U-boats missed completely — not one hit or disable. The small Allied fleet in the Barents took advantage of that poor Axis gunnery and disabled all German ships in the Barents, guaranteeing Allied control and the win. Definitely one of the better games the writer has enjoyed, especially against one of the top, if not THE top, Axis player around.

  4. Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies (2.5 POC bid) have defeated Nick Markovitch’s Axis in a match which went the full eight turns, with the Allies not able to pull away until the end of Turn 7. The Axis went to the SATL on Turn 1, losing both 3-5-7s in surface combat but still managing to take the area with the support of the U-boats, losing one U-boat wolfpack in the process, and oiling a pocket battleship and cruiser. The Allied Turn 2 setup forced the Axis to send the Blucher and four Italian CAs back to the Med, while the Allies were able to bottle up the remaining German fleet in the Baltic until its last desperation foray on Turn 8. The game then became a contest of Axis LBA and U-boats versus Allied ASW and convoys. The Axis LBA sank Ark Royal, Formidable, and Victorious, while Allied LBA sank three Italian cruisers. Axis U-boats were able to deter Convoys 2B and 3C from going to the Barents, with only Convoy 1A making it through to Murmansk. By the end of the game, the Allies had managed to overcome the early Axis lead of 3 POC before the bid and finish with a cumulative lead of 5 POC (2.5 POC Allied lead after the bid). It was a most challenging and exciting game. We have played before.

  5. My Axis defeated Avi Solomon’s Allies due to extraordinary dice rather than any skill on my part

    Avi bid 1.5 for the Allies. He never controlled the Barents through the four turns of the game. He avoided it on turns 1 and 3, and lost battles there on turns 2 and 4. The reason for his avoidance on turn 3 was the severely unbalanced dice on turn 2 which really swung the whole game

    Turn 1: Allies concentrated in NATL, SATL and North Sea; Brit LBA sank two Italian CAs in the Med
    – raw POC to Axis +2

    Turn 2: KGV failed SR to Barents
    – German fleet met Ark Royal, POW, Hood, Renown, Repulse 5 x CA in Barents; air disabled Bismarck and Hood
    Germans lost Hipper + had two pockets maxed; Brits lost Ark Royal, POW, Renown, 4 x CA
    – Pola, Zara, 4 subs to SATL vs Eagle, BB, 2 x CA
    No damage to Brits; 1 sub sunk, Pola disabled, Zara ran to France
    – Bottom line: heavy Brit losses put Avi behind the power curve for the rest of the game
    – raw POC to Axis +4 (no German ships to Baltic)

    Turn 3: Brits avoided Barents and held Convoy 1A in America
    Germans repaired damage, sent Zara to Med and sent LBA vs Russkies and Uboats to Baltic
    no losses or damage to anyone
    – raw POC to Axis +6

    Turn 4:
    – Baltic empty
    – SATL: 3 x 443 vs 6U + 2 It CA: ASW whiffed; subs sank one BB, hit another for 1
    Zara sunk, Pola ran to France
    – Barents: 1 x 027(2), Hood, 3 x 456, 336, 4 x CA vs German fleet (10 ships)
    Brit air hit Tirpitz for 4; German air disabled KGV and hit Anson for 3, Repulse for 2
    Rd 1: Bismarck & Tirpitz both sunk with 2 hits each; 225 maxed, both 357 disabled (one d4); 225 disabled
    Return fire killed Hood, Repulse, CA and disabled both remaining 456s and a CA
    Round 2 saw Anson and CA sunk in exchange for Spee sunk;
    Round 3 — last Brit shooter (CA) missed and was sunk in return
    – Allies surrendered

  6. Daniel Blumentritt’s Allies defeated Tom Thornsen’s Axis at the end of Turn 7. Our first battle was on the Barents in Turn 3, and it started off with his airpower sinking Prince of Wales (having already sunk Hood on Turn 1) while my airstrikes disabled Tirpitz and Scharnhorst. So the attrition was 2 BB to nothing at this point, but his force had lost more firepower for the upcoming battle. The latter turned out to be decisive, as I lost only 1 more BB during the battle while he lost Gneisenau, Scheer, and Lutzow while Bismarck was crippled.

    From that point on he was playing from behind, although he did manage to flag the Barents on Turn 5 and sink 4 of my BBs to nearly draw even, he only disabled the convoy despite taking 4 standard and 4 bonus shots at it. He fought the Americans on Turn 6 thanks to the hole in the Barents but was narrowly defeated, losing all 3 of his CAs and his CV while I lost Texas and Tuscaloosa while Washington and New York were crippled.

    So on Turn 7 he needed to sink or disable the Convoy in the Barents with the LBA to have a shot on Turn 8, otherwise I would lock up the game by landing 2B in Russia and 3C in England simultaneously. Realistically he needed to break the blockade too, in order to flag one of the big 4 areas on the final turn since he was down to 4 surface ships. We never rolled the ASW since the Luftwaffe missed the Convoy to guarantee an Allied victory.

  7. Reporting the Dave Elkin (Axis) vs David Gubbay (Allies-2.0). Actually was Dave Elkin (Allies-2.0) vs David Gubbay (Axis). The Axis won by +2 after the handicap was deducted from the +4 Axis lead. The Axis rolled some terrible dice. Still Barents changed hands several times and u-boats prevented control. Dave’s assault on both the Barents and Med tended to overstretch the Allied effort while the dice in the Med were more a less a wash with both sides licking wounds. One of the three convoys was stopped but the Axis averted a loss by scoring South Atlantic on Turn 7. The uboats had opened control of the North Sea and the South Atlantic was vulnerable. This time Gneiesenau, Blucher and Pola were able to over come Royal Oak Courageous and Renown giving the Axis a narrow win.

  8. In Match #11, Drozd (Allies bid1.0) vs Pascoe, Ken’s Axis won in the end by 2 POC (3 with the bid). It was a great example how the Axis should never give up. Ken went to South Atlantic on Turn 1 where his losses were light but the remaining 4 ships were forced into the Mediterranean on Turn 2.
    By the end of Turn 4, Scharnhorst, 3×225, Blucher and Hipper were sunk, Gneisenau was in Neutral Port with 2 damage, Bismarck had 7 damage in Germany with Tirpitz, Eugen and GZ. The bright spot for Ken was that Axis LBA disabled Convoy1A to leave him with a 1 POC BA (before adjustment) lead.
    Ken’s luck improved in Turn 5 when LBA sunk Convoy2B maintaing his lead of 1 POC BA.
    Turn 6 had 2 U-Boats out of 7 survive the ASW and sink Convoy1A and score remained the same.
    Convoy3C is disabled in the Barents on Turn 7, but Allies gained 1 POC to make the score 0 BA.
    Turn 8: Allies needed to dispatch 4 U-Boats, get Convoy 3C to England and control 4 sea zones for the victory. 12 ASW let 1 U-Boat survive, but the convoy got through. Tirpitz, Bismarck(3d), and GZ went to Barents to face 3×456, 2×117, PoW(5d), and 2 CVs. Allied air disabled GZ and put 5 damage on Tirpitz while Axis air sunk the crippled PoW and disabled Suffolk. This left Bismarck(3d) and Tirpitz(5d) to face 3×456 and Norfolk. with CVs in the zone, Allies only needed to trade. But in the end Tirpitz with 6 damage remained to claim 2 POC and Axis victory.

  9. In Match 7 of Round 92, Eric Anderson (Allies) defeated Rick Virost (Axis) with a POC score of +4 Allies (+2 Allies after the bid deduction.)

    Dice as always played a tremendous “roll” in this match. The first 26 rolls (in Turns 1 & 2, including speed, ASW, LBA, etc.) had not a single result of “6” from the Finberg dice roller. Ending this “quiet period” was a tremendous battle on Turn 3 in the Barents, where ten German ships plus the LBA took on thirteen Allies ships in a “mighty sea battle,” resulting in each side losing a small cruiser. Germans inflicted “almost complete” damage on three Allies battleships, but not enough to cripple the warships. (Follow-up LBA attacks in the next few turns did finally sink two of the three unrepaired battleships.)

    In Turn 4 the Italian cruisers attempted to control the South Atlantic with the help of six U-Boats, but the Allies fought off the attack, even using the single air strike from Eagle to sink a cruiser. The one surviving Italian cruiser was able to get home to Italy eventually, where it spent the rest of its days as a target for Allies LBA.

    The Turn 5 full strength U-Boat assault on the North Sea was beaten off, with 18 ASW rolls yielding four sinks and three disables, plus a “spare” disable if any more U-Boats showed up. The German fleet took out its frustration on two hapless Russian battleships in the Baltic, blowing both to many small pieces. But the main damage was done by the two convoys that had now successfully landed in Russia, giving the Allies POC a great boost.

    In Turn 6 the German surface fleet attacked the North Sea, destroying two Allies battleships and disabling three more, but suffering too many of its own disables and damage to remain for a second round of combat. (The carrier airstrikes disabling both Bismarck and Tirpitz were a tremendous boost for the Allies). Meanwhile, the Turn 6 U-Boat attack in the North Atlantic disabled Convoy 3C, sending it back to the USA.

    In Turn 7 the (only six) U-Boat attack finally broke open the North Sea blockade while the surface fleet repaired in Germany. However, in Turn 8 the Allies were able to shift the remaining ships to defend against the possibility that free-running German surface ships might gain enough POC to achieve a draw. So instead the Germans went for a kill in the Barents, knowing that the overall game situation was hopeless. In the cold Arctic waters the LBA disabled Convoy 3C for a second time, while the surface ships sunk five Allies warships and disabled the remainder. A great eight turns of fun alternately for one side or the other at a time when all participants were “house-bound”.

  10. Karl Bodenheimer (Allies bid 2.5) defeat Phil Watkins (Axis) on T3. Allied gunnery and LBA rolled several critical hits in the short duration of the game making further conflict impossible for the Axis to keep up. We have played before and look forward to a less luck tactical game in the future.

  11. Robert Frisby’s Axis defeated Mark Bayliss’ Allies (bid of 1.5 POC) by 8.5 POC after the bid in an eight turn game featuring costly fleet engagements on turns one, two, three, seven, and eight. On turns one and two, great dice allowed the Axis to control the South Atlantic and sink three British ships each turn without any loss to the Axis fleet. This led to a 10 POC lead on turn three. On turn three, the Allies won a major battle in the North Atlantic, sinking four German ships and three Italian cruisers while losing only five British ships. Convoy 1A arrived in Russia but the Luftwaffe sank Convoy 2B and the third convoy made it to England on the last turn (several convoys were disabled, which made it impossible for the third one to reach Russia). The British tried but failed to control the Med on turns seven and eight, as the Axis ships outnumbered the British each turn. Losses were heavy due to the five fleet engagements, with the Germans losing five ships and eight U-boats, the Italians losing all four cruisers and two battleships, the Russians losing both of their ships, and the British losing four carriers, six battleships, three battlecruisers, and five cruisers.

  12. Jim’s report of our game says it all. He took advantage of his opportunities and made the UK fleet pay for each turn of bad luck. For me I could have lived with some of the speed failures if the attrition had been more equal. Thru T5 UK losses were 9 BB/BC, 5 CA, 2 CV and a convoy. Axis losses were, German – a BC, 2 PB, a CA and 5 subs. Italians – 2 BB and 3 CA. Not results an allied player can manage.

  13. James Kramer’s Allies (Bid 2.0) conceded to Jim Bodenheimer’s Axis at the end of turn 6 with the Axis holding 10 POC’s before bid. James’ Allies were plagued with poor speed rolls early in the game, allowing Jim’s Axis to decimate the Allied fleet piecemeal. Turn 1 began with the Allies sinking 2 of 3 U-boats and an Italian battleship during the prelims. Axis came right back and sank both Ark Royal and Hood. The Axis lost Scharnhorst while sinking Nelson and Kent to control the North Atlantic. Hipper had the misfortune of failing her oiling roll and ended up in Neutral Port. In turn 2 the Allied troubles with speed emerged with Prince of Wales and Repulse failing to make station in the Barents. Things improved when the Allies disabled the 2 U-boats sent to help Hipper and the Italian cruisers in the South Atlantic. Round 1 also looked good in the south with Hipper and an Italian sunk to the loss of Sussex. In the Barents things were not going so well as Repulse and Devonshire were sunk as the rest of the heavies were disabled and many damaged, giving Barents control to the Axis. Turn 3 began with Allied disaster as all 4 4-4-4 battleships failed to make station in the Barents leaving it unguarded. Axis took advantage to grab Barents and move in force into the North Atlantic. Axis fire sank Royal Sov, Victorious, Convoy 1A, and two more cruisers while disabling the rest of the Allied North Atlantic squadron and losing Scheer. Zara was lost in the south. Turn 4 saw Anson fail her roll to Barents. Axis took advantage by sinking Barham, Warspite and Valiant in the Barents while losing only Lutzow. As turn 5 began, the Allied cause was becoming desperate, forcing James to go for the Med to improve the score. It was not to be as Axis successfully defended the Med. The USA entered in force on Turn 6 but the damage was already done. Renown continued the speed fails to Barents. The Med gambit was a weaker Allied force that could not overcome or survive the Italian presence while U-boats sent the last convoy back to America. Kramer and Bodenheimer have played rated games together in the past.

  14. In what became an “extra” game, because Lockwood and I started before matchups were made final, Jonathan’s Allies (bid of 1.5 POC) conceded after Turn 7 with the POCometer at 0.
    Turn 1 set the tone for the game with the entire German surface fleet heading into the North Sea to face 4×443, Eagle amd 2×0162. The Allied airmen quickly sunk the Scheer and disabled the Hipper and Round 1 salvoes sunk the other two 225s amd damaged Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Return fire was also accurate sinking 3×443. This allowed Axis to stay for Round 2, but the Allied shots stayed accurate with the last 443 sinking Scharnhorst and the Eagle sinking Blucher! Return fire disabled the 443 and sunk the Eagle. Elsewhere, Hood took 2 damage in Barents, 1 U-Boat sunk in NATL, and a 435 was sunk in the Med. Axis gains 3 POC for the turn, but 5 out of the starting 7 ships are sunk.
    Turn 2 and the German surface fleet doubles in size as Bismarck and Prinz Eugen arrive. With North Sea open, Allied ships are scattered, but Axis repairs Gneisenau and takes Baltic and Med. 8 ASW whiff on the U-Boats in North Sea, LBA hits Kent for 1 damage in Barents. POC is even for the turn.
    Turn 3 and Duke of York misses a critical speed roll to the Barents, leaving Ark Royal escorted by 8 CAs. All 5 German ships move into Barents and Ark Royal whiffs. Axis LBA sinks 1 CA and disables another. Allied Shots target the fast ships and hit Blucher for 2 damage and disable Gneisenau. Return fire is phenomenal with all 5 targets sunk! Ark Royal withdraws alone leaving Kent(1d) to the 2 496s. Prinz Eugen sinks Ark Royal and Kent takes 16 damage from the big guys. Elsewhere, 2 Italian CAs sink from Allied LBA. Axis earns 1 POC for the turn, now up 4.
    Turn 4 earns 3 POC for the Allies as Convoy1A evades the LBA. 13 ASW in North Sea sunk 3 U-Boats and disabled another, but the remaining 2 U-Boats sink Glorious.
    Turn 5 has the German surface fleet heading to NATL to face Hood(2d), Malaya, Valiant, New York and Tuscaloosa.
    Bismarck misses the speed roll and returns to Germany, but Graf Zeppelin disables the Hood and New York to give the advantage to Tirpitz, Gneisenau, and 2×127. In Round 1, Malaya disables Tirpitz, Valiant whiffs on Gneisenau, Tuscaloosa sinks Prinz Eugen. Malaya and Valiant are sunk in the return fire. Round 2 – Tuscaloosa puts 2 damage on Gneisenau before being sunk. Elsewhere, U-Boats disble the Russian in Baltic, LBA misses the Convoy in Barents, but sinks the Formidable. Allies earn another POC to make the unadjusted score 0 going into Turn 6.
    Turn 6 had U-Boats opening up North Sea again and sinking Victorious, Bismarck and Tirpitz sink Marat in Baltic. Gneisenau repairs in port, 127 also in port. POC stays at 0 going into Turn 7.
    Turn 7 has the remaining Allied fleet divided amongst the 4 zones. Axis chooses to place LBA in the Baltic, Italian BBs in Med, the 127 in Baltic and everything else to face Hood (2d), Queen Liz, Warspite, Howe, Repulse in the SATL. LBA whiffs on the convoy again, but also sinks the CV again! 5 ASW disable 1 U-Boat leaving 5 subs – one fore each BB. The results are phenomenal with U-Boats disabing Repulse and sinking all but Howe! Graf Zeppelin whiffed, but Round 1 salvoes sunk Howe. POC for the Turn was even leaving Axis with a 1.5 POC advantage going into Turn 8. It was detremined that an Allied victory was impossible from that board position.

  15. Allies (me) manage to get the win – John could NOT catch a break in either sinking of carriers by Sub or LBA

    or when we shot it out in Barents his shots did not kill anywhere near enough British forces.

    The ship kill count was only Devonshire, Hood and Repulse (and now as of this turn both Russians).

    2 convoys landed although the 2nd one had 2 damage by LBA fire.

    German losses were high – 2 each of the 225’s and 127’s an the Russian took out the Scharnhorst before

    probable sinking from 17 bonus shots.

    The end score (there was a bid of 0) was Allies 9 at end of turn 5 – John did manage to decontrol the N Sea

    2 turns in a row but the points and lack of British ship losses would have made this game a miracle

    for Axis to win….

  16. I’m taking the Allies against Tom for 1.5 POC

  17. Lee Kendter (allies, .5) vs Mike Morrison

    Mike resigned before the end of T1 rolling in Sao. This was an extreme lopsided dice game.
    Both 225 failed SR to Sao for Germany. A poor start before the battle dice were even rolled.
    Losses so far: UK – Rodney vs. Ger – 3 subs, 2×357, 2×127 and 1 Italy cruiser.
    Sao is at 13 UK shots vs 3 Italian shots. Most likely more Italy cruisers dead if rolling continued. The odds are very high that I keep Sao. Germany landed both 225 in Neutral port after SR failure. This means that I would have most likely got both of them next turn.

  18. Hamel vs Sharp – Bob plays the Allies for zero (0) POC bid. Sharp plays the Axis.

  19. Out this round. Merry Christmas and to all a Healthy New Year

  20. If you need another I’ll play if it is not too late!

  21. Abwehr blocked signal. Sneaky Adm. Canaris! I will play

  22. I will play in Round 92

  23. I will play in round 92

  24. Count me in for Round 92

  25. I’m in for 92; thanks for running the ladder

  26. I’ll play in Round 92. Thanks!

  27. I will play in Round 92.
    Thank you for keeping keeping it organized!

  28. I’ll play in round 92

  29. Greg, I will play round 92

  30. Out for round 92. Thanks Greg!

  31. Will play in round 92. Happy New Year!🎈🎈🎈🍹

  32. Rick Virost will play in Round 92, starting some time into the new year.

  33. In for nine two.

  34. I’m in for round 92

  35. I’m ready for rd 92

  36. I’ll skip this round. Thanks, Greg!

  37. I will play

  38. I will play in round 92

  39. I’m in for round 92.

  40. I’m in for Round 92!

  41. Avi will play in Round 92.

  42. I am playing Rond 92

  43. I will play in round 92.

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  45. Ready already for Round 92!

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