February 1st, 2021 to March 15th ,2021

Congratulations to Bob Hamel , our new TOP of the LADDER!

FINAL COPY UPDATED March 15, 2021.

1 Mike Kaye (Allies-?) vs Bob Hamel (Axis) Axis Victory

2 Dan Blumentritt (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

3 Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Eric Anderson (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

4 Bruce Monnin (Axis) vs Lee Kendter (Allies-?) Axis Victory

5 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5) vs Ken Pascoe (Axis) Allied Victory by 4.5

6 Jim Bodenheimer (Alliea-2.0) vs John Pack (Axis) Axis Victory

7 Robert Frisby vs Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory by 0.5!

8 Tal Seaman (Axis) vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-?) Axis Victory

9 Mike Ussery (Axis) vs Jacob Anderson (Allies-2.0) TIE, Axis Advances

10 Avi Solomon (Allies-1.5) vs John Sharp (Axis) Axis Victory by 0.5!

11 Richard Beyma (Allies-1.5) vs Tim Tow (Axis). Axis Victory

12 Dave Elkin (Axis) vs Scott Beall (Allies-2.0) AlliedVictory

13 Rick Vrost (Axis) vs Greg Smith (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory by 0.5!

14 Robert Drozd (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1-5) Allied Victory by 2.5

15 Bob Jameli (Allies-1.0) vs Mark Bayliss (Axis) Axis Victory

16 Phil Watkins vs Dick Jarvenin Phil Watkins advances by forfeit

17 Hilton McManus (Axis) vs Mike Brophy (Allies-0.5) Axis Victory

Extra Games

Allied Victories 5 Axis Victories 10 Ties 1

55 Comments to “93”

  1. In 93-11, an Axis victory for Tim.

    Richard had the ending bid of 1.5 for the Allies. Tim’s Axis comes out ahead on turn 8 before resolving the final North Atlantic battle with the score adjusted to 0.5 Axis, but likely going to +3.5 Axis pending a battle in the North Atlantic. The German fleet as a whole did not sortie outside of the Baltic until turn 8.Sinking two convoys and 4 carriers. the Axis were able to barely break control a couple times with only a sole U-boat surviving. Key was the breaking of control of the North Sea on turn 3, which made the Allies leave the North Sea open on turn 4 allowing the Axis to sortie the Blucher alone to take the North Atlantic POC. Great game, Richard.

  2. result in Jacob Anderson Allies vs Michael Ussery Axis

    Axis luck continues. After rd3 a single IT cruiser is the only ship with a gunnery factor left in the N Atlantic
    POC MED -2 Baltic-1 N Atlantic -3
    Convoy +3 S Atlantic +1 Barents +1 North Sea +1
    For no change overall +2 POC Allied before the bid
    After 2 POC Bid is applied, the result is a tie
    In a tie by ladder rules Axis advances
    Please confirm and we can report the results

    Quite a nail-biter

  3. My WAS game with Jim Bodenheimer is over. My Axis prevailed by sinking Convoy 3C on the final shot of Turn 7.

    Jim bid 2 for the Allies. The first two turns were characterized by lots of missed Allied speed rolls. That resulted in 4-1 attrition in a big Barents fight on Turn One – and five cruisers killed for no Axis losses at all on Turn Two.

    Jim did very well by keeping the score close into Turn 7 – with the Axis lead of just 3 going into 7. Every German ship on the board at the end is carrying damage!

  4. Bruce Monnin’s Axis defeated Lee Kentner’s Allies after a Turn 7 resignation. A barrage of German 5’s and 6’s won a battle in the Barents. leading to a sunk Convoy 3C and a probably Axis 1 POC win (maybe more pending German fleet success on Turn 8).

  5. I want to add the following to Daniel’s account of our game. He was the victim of ill fortune in two ways. First, the rolls went against him at critical junctures: in addition to the occasions he mentioned, after the Ark Royal went down, the Victorious, with its 2 airstrikes, disabled a German BB 3 turns in a row in the Barents and scored a hit on another BB. Meanwhile, the combined Graf Zeppelin and LBA, totaling 5 airstrikes, didn’t remove any ships 3 turns in a row. Second, the writer has made it to the semifinals 8 times on this Ladder Tournament, with the previous 7 ending in defeat; most were not close. At some point the dice gods were going to decide to put their thumb on the scale and Daniel was in the wrong place at the wrong time when it happened.

  6. Mark Bayliss [ Axis ] has defeated Bob Jameli’s [ Allies + 1 Bid ] by +7 Poc raw +8 with bid on turn 7.

    A much closer game then the numbers reveal.

    T1 The allies sailed to the Barents whilst the German fleet made a dash through the channel to the SA to meet up with the Italian CA. The U Boats trained in the Baltic with Lutzow. Despite seeing both Scharnhost and Gneisenau sink the Axis prevailed for +3

    T2 Good oiling meant the 2nd battle of the SA , this time supported by 4 U boats, No axis looses whilst the British fleet lost Revenge, Resolution and QE to go +6

    T3 Saw Marat sail and amazingly sparred with Bismarck and Tirpitz, surviving 8 shots with 2 damage and a disable to fight another day, the Russians were most annoying! The SA again saw surface action with another German win, though loosing Admiral Scheer and Graf Spee +9 Axis

    T4 Saw refitting and Convoy 1 get home though convoy 2 was disabled . allies pull back 3 so +6 Axis

    T5 Action in the Barents saw another win for the Axis sinking amongst others Ark Royal to take the Axis to +8.

    The Italian cruisers having done a sterling job in the SA in turns 1-3, went to France to relax , only to see 3 of 4 sunk in port [ reminding me of the end to Das Boot ! ]

    T6 Saw repairs and Convoy 2 get home , so + 5 Axis

    T7. With 7 U boats we went to the Barents along with the whole fleet, except the back up visit poc for the Baltic.
    A bad start saw 15 ASW see off all the U Boats [ luckily only 2 sunk ] 4 rounds of surface saw Blucher and Graf Zep facing just Convoy 3! The convoy sank Blucher, suddenly an allied win in the Barents and Convoy 3 home could see a 4 poc swing to just +1 Axis, meaning a big shoot out in the med , Convoy 3 v Graf Zep was looking but luckily Convoy 3 was disabled and the Barents secured and with + 2poc the victory was luckily secured.

    Fun game with Bob ever the gentleman, as all Royal Navy commanders are of course!

  7. Vince Meconi’s Allies (-1.5) have defeated Daniel Blumentritt’s Axis at the end of Turn 6. We had 4 different battles in the Barents and I only one of them. I was taking down a fair number of British ships but my own losses piled up as well and I was down to just 4 ships, 2 of them damaged, and Vince was up 9 POC. Even the u-boats sinking convoy 2B wasn’t enough to save me; both 1A and 3C made it into Russia.

    Also hurting me in the long run was the result of a Turn 2 fight in the South Atlantic where my 4 Italian CAs and some u-boats faced Eagle, 2 BB, and 1 CA. My subs disabled one of the BB and put 3 damage on the other, and during the fight I managed to sink a cruiser and the Eagle both, but in return he sunk all 4 cruisers, meaning he got the South Atlantic for a single ship the rest of the game. I did decontrol it with a u-boat once or twice but the other times I needed every single sub to try and break the blockade, which failed on Turn 5 with the full 7 up against 18 ASW. I suffered 4 sunk and the other 3 disabled.

  8. Mircea Pauca (Axis) won over Eric Anderson (Allies, bid 2.0) by 6 points after bid (4 before bid) after a game with important swings of fortune.
    T1: A traditional Barents-in-1 opening, I send every German to the vulnerable NATL (3BB,1CA,1CV) sinking every British ship (except a crippled, disabled BB) vs Adm. Scheer. The Luftwaffe in Barents also cripples both battlecruisers! 2 Axis raw points.
    T2: Both sides stay home and repair the damages. 4U sinks crippled Ramillies in NATL (surprisingly weak, 2 ASW). Score stays 2 Axis.
    T3: 5U go after the weakly escorted Convoy 1A in NATL (5 ASW) and only damage it while losing 1U. Stukas cripple again freshly repaired Repulse. Score stays 2 Axis.
    T4: The whole German fleet guards the Baltic vs Marat, sinks it with a carrier airstrike before it can fire back. Airstrike cripples Ark Royal but misses Convoy1A. The 6U wolfpack utterly fails to penetrate even the weak NSEA (10 ASW!) with 2U lost and 4 disabled. With the Convoy unloaded to Russia, the Allies gain 4 POC, total 2 Allied raw points.
    T5: Heinkels luckily sink Convoy2B in Barents! The stubborn 6U wolfpack tries again to open NSEA, much tougher (16 ASW) and now succeeds despite 3U sunk. Score stays -2 Allied.
    T6: With a strong blockade in NSEA and escorts in NATL, Germans detach a cruiser for a Baltic presence and fight the weaker cover in the Barents (5BB,1CA) and massacre it, 4BB,1CA sunk vs only German damage. 6U raid weaker SATL (7 ASW), sink carrier Eagle despite losing 2U. Axis gains 3 PoC, total 1 Axis raw.
    T7: Germans concentrate and crush weaker NATL (4BB,3CA) sinking 3BB,1CA vs Lutzow. Italians with 5U support valiantly try SATL, lose 1U and take refuge in the Neutral port. Axis gains 1 PoC, total 2 Axis raw.
    T8: Germans fight head-on in NSEA (5BB,1CV) and prevail again, losing Scharnhorst and heavy damage. 2U neutralize the Okt. Rev. in the Baltic, while 3U fail to disrupt SATL shipping (7ASW). Axis gains 2 more PoC, total 4 Axis raw or 6 after bid.
    Overall, great success of German surface gunnery and limited survival of U-boats despite exploiting various local Allied weaknesses.
    Thanks to Eric Anderson for his remarkable fair play (he asked me about forgotten Italians) and the interesting game.

  9. Hilton McManus (Axis +.5) defeated Mike Brophy (Allies) in a closer game than the final score of +6 Axis suggests. Mike resigned after T6, as the Axis had a full U Boat fleet and very little attrition was done to the German Navy. The Axis was also very fortunate to have the Luftwaffe sink Convoy 1A in the Barents which certainly helped to keep the POC marker on the Axis side of the line.
    Thank you for the game, Mike.

  10. In an epic game, Avi Solomon’s Allies (for 1.5 POC bid) lost a close, end-of-8-turns game to John Sharp’s Axis. Going into T8, Avi held a 3 POC lead and was able to maintain the blockade T7 by sinking/disabling all seven (7) U-Boats challenging the North Sea.. To win in T8 John’s Kriegsmarine had to control enough to garner a net 3 POC. John chose to try for the North Sea with the Kriegsmarine fleet of 10 ships and to deny the NATL using his surviving 6 U-Boats against the USN. In the North Sea it took three rounds of surface battle during which the dice favored John’s Axis in a big way Round 1. End result – Axis controlled the North Sea and the Mediterranean, Allies controlled the South Atlantic and Barents. 5-2 plus the 1.5 POC bid let John sneak in a 0.5 POC win as the Axis. Nice game, Avi! I saw no times when I would have changed Avi’s moves or decisions – a well=played game that the dice decided.

  11. Karl Bodenheimer (Allies 1.5 bid) defeats Robert Frisbys Axis by the slimest of margins. .5 at the end of T8. Axis fleet was bottled up for the game, not attacking until T7. All four Italian CAs sunk by LBA, I have never seen that before. ASW was a little better than average and kept the axis from using it to great advantage. Axis sunk first convoy and had a couple of disables. First time I have sent two convoys to England.

  12. Greg Smith (Allies, bid 1.5) narrowly defeated Rick Virost (Axis) by a score of +2 Allies POC (+0.5 Allies POC after the bid deduction.) This was the second time we played against each other.

    The Axis made three attempts to control the North Sea (Turns 1, 6 and 8) and were rebuffed each time. The first two attempts were derailed by excellent carrier air strikes (seven hit or disabled results in eight rolls.) The third attempt failed when the Axis ran out of ships (five were previously sent to the bottom of the North Sea and only four were left on the surface at the start of the Turn 8 battle.)

    The bright spot in the match for the Axis occurred during Turn 3 when four U-Boats were able to break the North Sea blockade against one Allies carrier and six battleships. This allowed the Axis to recoup some POC when it went on to control the South Atlantic for Turn 4 and Turn 5. The Allies were hampered during these same two turns because no Americans and no Russians were in play for either turn.

    The seesaw portion of the match occurred on Turn 8, again in the South Atlantic. Here the Allies had one carrier, one battleship, and five cruisers to battle against four desperate Italian cruisers and six U-Boats. Unfortunately the Allies ASW whiffed, while the U-Boats sank the battleship. Carrier air strikes also whiffed. The cruisers from both sides battled for seven rounds before the last Allies cruiser disabled the last Italian cruiser to control the sea area and the final POC score. A very tense and interesting match.

  13. Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies (1.5 POC bid) have defeated Ken Pascoe’s Axis in an 8 turn game, which ended with the Allies leading by 6 POC (4.5 POC Allied lead after the bid). The Axis took the NATL on Turn One, sinking 4 British battleships in the process while losing a 2-2-5. That proved to be the high water mark for the Axis (4.5 POC Axis lead after the bid), as the Allies imposed a blockade of Germany that was never broken during the entire game, even though the Axis tried to do so three times in the Barents, and sent the four Italian cruisers into the SATL with its U-boats on Turn 3, resulting in a multi-turn engagement with the British SATL task force that did not end until Turn 6. The Axis was able to delay the inevitable through aggressive use of its U-boat fleet, even though the consequence of this was the prevention of Germany’s U-boat fleet never reaching full strength, instead making it to 5 U-boats on Turn 6 before being whittled down. Axis LBA also contributed to the delay by sinking Convoy 1A in the Barents on Turn 4. The Allies overtook the Axis at the end of Turn 6, then managed to increase their lead on Turn 7 and 8 by frustrating both Axis sorties into the Barents. All told, a most interesting and exciting game.

  14. Jim Kramer Jr. (allies – bid 1.5) has defeated Rob Drozd (axis) in an 8 turn game. As the allies I decided to try a variation of Barents in 1. Deployment was Barents – 5 CA, Hood, Ark Royal, Repulse and Renown (both successful). NS – 5 BB and a CV. SA – 4 BB, 3 CA, a CV and Eagle. NA – Rodney, Nelson, Revenge. Rob sent his 3 subs to the NS, held the Baltic (Lutzow) and sent the remaining 6 DKM ships to the NA. Graf Spee failed at speed. The Italian fleet split to guard the MED. NS ASW only disabled 2 subs with the remaining sub disabling the CV. Allied LBA in the MED had 2 disables. Axis Barents LBA hit Ark Royal and Repulse for 2 damage each. In the NA 4 rounds of surface fire had Nelson and Revenge sunk, Rodney disabled while taking down Scharnhorst, Adm. Scheer and Blucher. In addition Gneisenau was disabled and Adm. Hipper was damaged (1d). Axis get a +4 POC start.

    T2: Allies – NA – 3 BB. SA – 4 BB, 2 CA, Eagle. NS – 3 BB, damaged Repulse, 3CA, 2 CV. Barents – Hood, 3 CA, a
    CV, KGV, POW, Renown (only POW makes speed). Ark Royal repairs. Axis continues MED guarding action. The damaged Hipper is in the Baltic and the remaining 5 German ships (BB, BC, 2 PB, CA) with 4 subs and LBA are in the Barents. Allied LBA scores no MED hits and ASW just disables 2 subs. The subs cripple CV Formidable but miss Hood, LBA miss. In surface round 1 allied fire disable Bismarck and Gneisenau and cripple Graf Spee. Axis fire sink Hood and a CA. KGV is crippled. In addition KGV and a CA are disabled. Allied ships retreat separately and Formidable is sunk by pursuit. Axis add 2 POC to the score, now +6 axis.

    T3: Marat is available. Allies – NA – Convoy 1A, 3 BB, damaged Repulse and a CV. SA – 2 BB, a CA and Eagle. NS – 4 BB, 2 CA, 2 CV. Barents – 4 CA, Ark Royal, POW, DOY, Renown (succeed on speed). QE also moved north but failed to Russia. KGV repaired. Marat sails. Axis repair the damaged Adm. Hipper and Graf Spee. Subs (5) and the remaining DKM ships move to the Baltic. Italians continue MED patrol. Allied LBA attack Germany but miss. Marat misses it’s ASW shot. Axis LBA and subs cause no damage. Marat hits Lutzow for 1 damage before being sunk. Allies pick up a POC. Game score now +5 axis. DKM is blockaded. Convoy 1A moves to the Barents.

    T4: Washington and Augusta arrive for the US. Allies – NA – 2 US and 4 CA. SA – 3 BB and Eagle. NS – 6 BB, a CA and 3 CV. Barents – Convoy 1A, Ark Royal, QE, Renown, POW, DOY, KGV (makes speed), Anson (makes speed). Convoy 2B stays in port and Repulse repairs. Axis send 7 subs to the NS, repair Lutzow and send the fleet (2 BB, BC, PB, 2 CA, CV) to the Baltic. Italians in MED. Allied LBA again miss in the MED. Axis LBA disable the convoy back to the US. The big combat result was the 16 allied ASW rolls which sank 6 subs and disabled the seventh. The allies pick up another POC with the game score now +4 axis.

    T5: Okt. Rev. is available and sails. No US are added. Allies – NA – Convoy 1A, 2 US, 2 CA, a CV. SA – 2 BB, 2 CA and Eagle. NS – 7 BB, 2 CA, 2 CV. Barents – Ark Royal and Victorious, QE, Renown, KGV, POW, DOY, Anson and making speed Howe and Repulse. Axis have Italians in MED with 3 subs, LBA Barents, German fleet VS O.R. in the Baltic. Allied LBA again miss in the MED. Axis air has success with LBA sinking Repulse in the Barents and Graf Zeppelin sinking O.R. in the Baltic. Allies do gain another POC. Game score now +3 Axis. Convoy 1A moves to Barents.

    T6: Texas arrives. Allies – NA Convoy 2B, 3 US, 2 CA and a CV. SA – 3 BB and 3 CA. NS – 6 BB, 2 CA, 2 CV and Eagle. Barents – Convoy 1A, Ark Royal and Victorious, a CA, QE, KGV, POW, DOY, Anson, Howe and Renown. Axis patrol the MED as before and send the German fleet (8 ships and 6 subs) to the Baltic. Allied LBA in the MED cause no damage. Axis LBA in the Barents hit hard sinking convoy 1A. The allies do pick up another POC moving the game score to +2 axis. Convoy 2B moves to the Barents.

    T7: US add Texas and Wichita. Allies – NA – Convoy 3C, 5 US, 2 CA. SA – 3 BB and 3 CA. NS – 6 BB, 3 CV and Eagle. Barents – Convoy 2B, Ark Royal and Victorious, 2 CA, QE, KGV, POW, DOY, Anson, Howe and Renown. Axis fleet units deploy as in T6 with the 7 subs in the NS. Allied LBA finally sink an Italian CA. Axis LBA disable the 2 CV’s but miss the convoy. Allied ASW (18 shots) again comes thru big with 4 subs sunk and the rest disabled. Both convoys land to pick up 4 POC. With the area control the allies pick up 5 POC total. The game score now moves to +3 allies.

    T8: The last US CA comes on. Allies – NA – 6 US. SA – 2 BB, 3 CA and Eagle NS – 7 BB, 2 CA, 2 CV. Barents – Ark Royal, Illustrious and Victorious, 2 CA, QE, KGV, POW, DOY, Anson, Howe and Renown. Axis patrol the MED with BB’s. The 3 Italian CA move to the SA and 4 subs to the NA. The German fleet (2 BB, BC, 2 PB, 2 CA and the CV) go to the Barents with LBA. Combat – NA – ASW sink 2 and disable 1 sub. Area decontrolled. SA – Eagle air miss but the Italian CA’s are all sunk in the first surface round. Barents – Allied CV’s disable Graf Spee and sink Adm. Hipper. Axis air disables Howe. Of note all other axis air die rolls were 4’s. Surface round 1 sees allied fire sink Bismarck, Lutzow and Prinz Eugen. Tirpitz receives 8 damage and Gneisenau is disabled. Axis return fire disables KGV and POW and cripples Renown. Allies have the advantage now and surface round 2 sees the last 2 German ships sunk. The allies pick up one more POC. Game score now +4 allies adjusted by the bid to +2.5 allied victory.

    Summary: T1 and T2 gave the axis a good start but with the major cost of 3 sunk and 2 damaged ships. The T3 axis move for repairs and defeating Marat made sense. A POC was given up but the Italian fleet was undamaged and no further German losses were suffered. Axis T4 to open the NS for exploitation was set and indeed the LBA disabled the advancing convoy in the Barents. But a devastating ASW round crippled the axis outlook from that point on. Allied forces were available in sufficient levels to keep axis forces contained and the POC count moving in the proper direction. Even the loss of convoy 1A could not break allied momentum. Finally axis T7 subs were again rebuffed in the NS with major losses. That coupled with both remaining convoys scoring that turn meant the axis had to put everything into a SA and NS or Barents T8 battles for the game. Allied deployments were strong enough to thwart those chances so long as the die were average. They were in fact somewhat better. I have played Rob before and the games never disappoint.

  15. I am passing on this round.

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  18. I hear the call of the sea and I plunge in

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  23. Thanks to Dennis, I am now at the bottom, so yes, time for a great run. 😂
    I will play

  24. I’m in.

  25. Already stated my desire to play in Round 93!

  26. I am in for rd 93

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  30. I will play this round.

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  32. Please include me in Round 93.

  33. In for round 93
    Thanks for running the game!

  34. I’m in for round 93!
    -Jacob A

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  36. Rick Virost will play in Round 93, whenever it starts.

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