Congratulations to Mercia Pauca our new man on top of the ladder!



1 Vince Meconi (Allies-2.0) vs Mircea Pauca (Axis) Axis Victory

2 Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) vs David Gubbay (Axis) Allied Victory

3 Tal Seaman (Axis) vs John Pack (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

4 Tim Tow (Allies-1.0) vs Mark Bayliss (Axis) Allied Victory by forfeit

5 Mike Kaye(Axis) vs Tom Thornsen (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

6 Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) vs Avi Solomon (Axis) Axis Victory

7 Robert Drozd (Allies-1.0) vs Bob Jameli (Axis). Allied Victory

8 Bob Hamel (Axis) vs Bruce Monnin (Allies-1.0) Allied Victory

9 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Mike Ussery (Axis) Allied Victory by 0.5!

10 John Sharp (Allies-1.0) vs Eric Anderson (Axis) Axis Victory

11 Lee Kendter (Allies-1.5) vs Ken Pascoe (Axis) Allied Victory by 0.5!

12 Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) vs Jacob Anderson (Axis) Tie! Axis Advances

13 Dave Elkin (Axis) vs Dick Jarvinen (Allies-1.0) Axis Win by Forfeit

Extra Games

Allied Victories 3 Axis Victories 5 Ties

51 Comments to “95”

  1. Greg,
    My game against Jacob was a draw. I had the Allies for a 2 POC bid.

  2. Lee Kendter defeats Ken Pascoe. I won as the allies with raw POC of 2. It dropped to just 0.5 after bid.

    T1 saw the Axis go to the Nao. It went 100% German with the British losing 2 BB for nothing and all 5 German ships oiling up successfully.

    T2 I had to concede the Barents. The Axis went to Sao with all oiled ships and the 4 Italian cruisers. The Eagle disables Gneisnau and sinks 2 Italian cruisers. I win the Sao thanks to the heroic efforts of the Eagle. After 4 rounds of combat the lone Italian cruiser runs with just the Revenge and damaged Eagle left. Kill ratio is much better at 5 dead UK BB vs German down 1 CA, 1 BC, along with 3 Italian CA and 1 Italian BC sunk by LBA. POC is now +4 for Germany.

    T3 I have to concede Barents again to cover the convoy in Nao and to concentrate in Sao to kill more Germans. I kill 2 more Germans at no cost. The problem is POC is up to +6 for Germany.

    T4 sees *4* USA arrive. I kill the last Italian CA. Disaster hits as the first convoy is sunk.

    T5 finally sees the Hipper dead. The second convoy arrives. POC is back to +4 for Germany.

    T6 is low action, but Germany breaks 2 sea zones. POC ups to +5 for Germany.

    T7 begins the Med push for UK. This is the only way I can recover enough POC to win. I take the Med, and the 3rd convoy lands. The POC is now tied.

    T8 sees another battle in the Med. Germany attempts a push to NSea with 2 badly damaged BB and the Scheer. I win both moving POC to +2.

    At the end of 8 turns both sides are badly beat up. 13 pts off damage on the 3 Italian BB left. Germany has 1 CA, 1 PB and just 2 subs. I was down to 5 BB, and 7 CC. My CV were still great as just the Eagle dead.

  3. Robert Drozd (Allies) defeated Bob Jamelli (Axis) . Allies bid 1.0 and led by 4.0 after 8 turns to win by 3 POC.

  4. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeated Vince Meconi (Allied, bid 2.0) by surrender in Turn 6, with a good helping of luck. We have played WAS for AREA before.
    T1: A variant of conventional Barents-in-1 opening, My German fleet goes to North Atlantic (553, 2×443, 117, 016/2) and sinks 1BB,1CA vs only damage. Subs stay home to grow. Raw score +2 Axis.
    T2: Germans stay home and repair, British bombing misses the docks. Wolfpack still home. Allies gain back 1 PoC, total 1 Axis raw.
    T3: British send a massive fleet to Barents but 4 of 7 ships miss their speed rolls so the full German fleet sorties and sinks EVERYTHING (3BB,1BC,5CA,1CV) vs only 2 smaller ships and some damage. Axis gains 1 PoC, total 2 Axis.
    T4: British are stretched so they add only 1BB,1CA and the convoy to the 4 ships having fixed their minor problems in Russia. Germans win again but with heavier losses (3 ships + 2 heavily damaged) vs 2BB,1BC,1CV,convoy. Meanwhile, a full wolfpack opens a way for Italians to win South Atlantic without a scratch! Axis gains 5 PoC, total 7 Axis!
    T5: Diluted British forces in Barents again but all 3×444 succeed now at replenishing/speed rolls! Germans still come out with their whole battered fleet as it is, minor superiority, but now lose ignominiously. Airpower totally misses. 3 Germans sunk including Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Graf Zeppelin vs only damage. Bismarck covers the retreat, Prince of Wales declines pursuit, others too slow/ed. A full 7U wolfpack get past moderate escorts (10 ASW) and sinks Convoy 2B. Italians get back to the Med, Pola is sunk by the RAF. Axis gains 2 PoC, total 9 Axis raw.
    T6: Only 3 Germans left, they can only guard the Baltic as a Russian finally gets ready.
    Allies give up now, recognizing failure at getting a closer defeat.

  5. Avi Solomon (Axis) defeated Jim Bodenheimer (Allies, 1.5) by 1 POC before the bid. We have played before. It was a close game well fought by Jim.

  6. Tal Seaman’s Axis have won our game. He leads by 5 plus the 1.5 bid at the start of Turn 8. With no Russian aid, the best John Pack’s Allies can move the score is by 4 — and lose by 2.5. Tal sank 6 British BB without a loss on Turn One, and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since. Congrats, Tal.

  7. Mike Kaye as the Axis had defeated Tom Thornsen who bid 1.5 POC for the allies. The Royal Navy was able to deny the Mediterranean to the axis on turns 1-4, but unable to do sufficient damage to the Kriegsmarine to protect the convoys. The Kriegsmarine sortied into the North Atlantic on turns 1 and 3, winning both times and sinking four British Battleships while losing only SMS Gneisenau. On turn 4 the Kriegsmarine drove off the outnumbered Royal Navy ships to win the North Sea, losing on the SMS Bismarck. The allies pulled out of the Mediterranean and sent a fast squadron to the Barents to escort convoy 2B, but two of the three modern BBs failed their speed rolls and after the Kriegsmarine cleared the Barents Sea the allies resigned.

  8. Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies (2.5 POC bid) have defeated Mike Ussery’s Axis by the slimmest of margins (.5 POC after handicap applied) in a game which was a nailbiter down to the last turn and battle. The Allies initially turned back the Axis foray into the NATL on Turn One, sinking the Scharnhorst and Blucher in the process. The Axis held on by using its U-boat force aggressively and building up for a break out attempt on Turn 5 after the Allies managed to get Convoy 1A to Murmansk on Turn 4. The Axis succeeded on Turn 5 in breaking the blockade in the North Sea with 7 U-boats against 21 Allied ASW (the Axis U-boat fleet would remain at full strength for the remainder of the game!) The Allied setup on Turn 6 held the North Sea, NATL, and Barents strongly while leaving 5 battleships in the SATL. The Axis attacked the SATL with most of its German fleet and 3 Italian cruisers, leaving only the Lutzow to garrison the Baltic against the activated Okt Rev. The Axis took the SATL with moderate damage while sinking 4 British battleships and disabling the Howe to the neutral port. Meanwhile, Okt Rev succeeded in disabling the Lutzow in the Baltic and denying the Axis 1 POC before the Lutzow disabled it back to Leningrad with 1 point of damage.

    On Turn 7, the German-Italian combined fleet was based in the neutral port. The Allies reoriented their fleet deployment so that the North Sea, NATL, and SATL were most heavily defended. The North Sea fleet consisted of 5 ships that had to speed roll from the Barents (they all made it), the Ark Royal, and 6 1-1-7s. The NATL had the entire US fleet, Convoy 3C, the Eagle, and the Norfolk, while the SATL confronted the Axis neutral port fleet with the Courageous, 5 4-4-3s, Rodney, Nelson, Howe, and Renown. Because the Lutzow was tied up again in the Baltic by the Okt Rev (-1) activating once again on Turn 7, the Allies could afford a deployment in the Barents of Convoy 3C, Formidable, Illustrious, Victorious, with only the Suffolk used to screen against a possible foray by the Lutzow (the only ship that could reach them). Although the NATL was the “weakest” of the three major fleets, the Axis would have to speed roll 5 ships from the neutral port in order to have a chance of defeating the NATL fleet, and ran the risk of losing up to 5 POC if those ships failed back to the neutral port. The Axis chose to make a run back to the North Sea to reunite the fleet, sustaining heavy damage in the process and losing the Graf Zeppelin while losing the area (its five U-boats managed to break control of the North Sea against 14 Allied ASW to keep Axis options open for Turn 8). The Okt Rev (-1) sacrificed itself in the process of crippling and disabling the Lutzow in the Baltic to deny the Axis another POC. Axis LBA disabled Convoy 3C back to the US and sank the Illustrious. Convoy 2B in the NATL put in at England for 1 POC, giving the Allies a 2 POC gain on Turn 7, with the Allies now holding a slim .5 POC lead with handicap applied.

    On Turn 8, the Allies defended all four areas with a setup that stacked the Barents and North Sea with its remaining carriers, while relying on the fact that the Axis would have to speed roll all six of its remaining German ships in order to attack the NATL or SATL. The Axis chose to send all 7 of its U-boats to the NATL to destroy Convoy 3C, and succeeded. The Axis then sent the Bismarck, Tirpitz (-3), Gneisenau (-2), Adm Scheer, and Graf Spee (-2), leaving the crippled Lutzow (-2) to garrison the Baltic unopposed. Defending the Barents were the Hood and 7 1-1-7s, supported by the Ark Royal and Formidable, enabling the Allies to airstrike all five German ships. Allied airstrikes disabled the Bismarck (!), sank the crippled Graf Spee, and put three more points of damage on the Tirpitz. Axis LBA sank the Hood and a cruiser. This would result in an even battle between 6 British cruisers versus the Tirpitz (-6), Gneisenau (-2), and Adm Scheer. The initial British volley sank the Tirpitz and disabled the Adm Scheer. The initial Axis volley sank 1 cruiser and disabled 2 more. This left 3 British cruisers versus the Gneisenau (-2). The game ended when the cruisers disabled the Gneisenau (-2) in Round Two, enabling the Allies to hang on to their .5 POC lead for the win.

    This was a really exciting, back and forth game, but the real hero in this game was the Okt Rev, which successfully denied the Axis 1 POC on both Turn 6 and 7 before being sunk, thus providing the Allies the final margin of victory.

  9. Eric Anderson (Axis) whipped John Sharp (Allies) soundly.

  10. Karl Bodenheimer (Allies) defeat David Gubbay (Axis). Allied bid was 1.5. Axis conceded T7 with Allies up 7.5. Allies were able to hold in the Barents in several attacks, sinking more Axis than they lost. Convoys could not be stopped.

  11. Bruce Monnin defeated Bob Hamel in Game #8.

    Bruce bid 1.0 POC for the Allies and won by 6 POC (5 POC after the bid).

    Bob had the advantage after Turn 1, but the dice took a hard turn after from him for the rest of the game.

  12. Sorry for the late post. Rick Virost will pass on Round 95.

  13. I will pass this round.

  14. quoting Farragut I am in “”Damn the torpedoes.”, said Farragut, “Four bells, Captain Drayton, go ahead. Jouett, full speed”

  15. I’m in for this round.


  16. Greg, I will pass on R95

  17. I’m sitting out.

  18. I will skip 95. All of my ships ended last game damaged and in need of repairs before I send them out again.

  19. Yes, I will play in Round 95.
    Thank you yet again for keeping keeping this organized!

  20. I will skip thanks

  21. I’m out for this round.

  22. I’m in for Round 95!

    Eric Anderson

  23. I’m in for rd 95.

  24. i will play

  25. I’ll play this round. So many familiar names.

  26. I’m skipping round 95.

  27. Need to skip round 95.

  28. I am going to skip round 95. Still finishing up my round 94 match against Jacob Anderson; we’re doing combat on turn 7 today (4/30).

  29. I am in for rd 95
    Michael Ussery

  30. In for 95

  31. I am in for round #95.

  32. Playing

  33. In for 95; thanks for running the ladder

    Mike Kaye
    mk21122@verizon.net (not very good at reading directions, so adding comment with my email address)

  34. In for 95; thanks for running the ladder

    Mike Kaye

  35. Greg, I will pass on Round 95.
    Thank you,

  36. Tal is in

  37. I am IN for round 95

  38. I’m in for Round 95.

  39. Greg I will be passing on RD95. Invitational game coming soon.

  40. I will play

  41. I will play

  42. I’ll hop on the bandwagon and sign up now for next round too

  43. Signing up for Round 95 in advance per my usual optimism.

  44. I’d like to sign up for Ladder Rounds 95-232 now to save time. 8^)

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