Congratulations to Karl Bodenheimer, our new man on top of the ladder!



1 Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

2 Tim Tow (Allies-1.5) vs Mike Kaye (Axis) Allied Victory

3 Avi Solomon (Allies-1.0) vs Robert Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory

4 Greg Smith Allies-1.5) vs Bruce Monnin (Axis) Axis Victory

5 Hilton McManus (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5)* Axis Victory

6 Eric Anderson (Allies-1.5) vs Lee Kendter (Axis) Allied Victory

7 Jacob Anderson (Allies-1.5) vs Dave Elkin (Axis) Axis Victory

8 Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) Axis Victory

9 Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Jameli (Axis) Allied Victory

10 Bob Hamel (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies) Axis Victory

11 Ken Pascoe (Axis vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

Extra Games

Allied Victories 4 Axis Victories 7 Ties

33 Comments to “96”

  1. Ken Pascoe (Axis) defeated Dennis Nicholson (Allies-1.5) on Turn 5. Good die rolls mattered a lot.
    Turn 1, Allies went to NAO, SAO, NS, Barents. Germans all (less Scheer) went to NAO, damaged some ships, lost Blucher, and ran home. POC +1 Allies.
    Turn 2, Allies held four sea areas. UB and Italians went to SAO, with one UB in NAO to deny a point. Allies won the SAO fight at the cost of Warspite, Queen E, Sussex. POC 0.
    Turn 3, Allies held four sea areas. Italians sortied from the Neutral Port with UB support. Allies won SAO again at the cost of Resolution. Germans hid in Baltic. POC 0.
    Turn 4, Okt Rev came out and Allies held NAO, SAO, NS, Barents. UBoats disabled Convoy 2B while Luftwaffe disabed Convoy 1A. POC +2 Allies.
    Turn 5, UBoats disabled Convoy 1A (again!) and the Germans developed a big lead in a bloody battle in the Barents. With the next round starting soon, Dennis conceded.

  2. Jim Bodenheimer’s Axis defeated Vince Meconi’s Allies (bid 1.5) after 8 turns. The game started with the Axis going to the South Atlantic and the German fleet remaining split for the majority of the game. Allied Convoys had very little difficulty getting through to Russia. In turn 7 the Germans finally reunited to seize control of the North Sea, making things very difficult for the Allies to cover all the zones. In turn 8 the Axis LBA was superb, disabling 3 Allied BB’s in the Barents to make it easy for the battered Germans to win the zone. U-Boats completed the work by blocking the Allied effort in the Baltic and North Atlantic. With all that the score was Allies 1 POC before their bid of 1.5 making the final score a mere Axis .5.

  3. In 96-2, TIm’s Allies (-1.5) were victorious over Mike’s Axis after 8 turns.

    This is a subsequent Area game of War at Sea.

    The Axis went to the South Atlantic on turn 1 when 2 speed roll failures for the Axis left their force short handed One German BC and 1 CA were sunk along with 2 IT cruisers for the cost of 2 slow British BB’s, bottling the Axis force in the Neutral Port. The remaining BC and CA and the 2 IT cruisers were then sunk on turn 2 along with a U-boat.

    The U-boats and Air bore the brunt of the war through turn 6, leading to the sinking of Convoy 1A, the Eagle, the Ark Royal, and a British CA, but at the cost of 6 U-boats. Convoy 2B landed to push the Allied Score to +4 Allied. A turn 7 sortie led to the disabling by the Luftwaffe of Convoy 3C and a German sea victory, securing the Barents.

    On turn 8, the Germans could not overcome a Russian in the Baltic, Convoy 3C in the North Atlantic and the resurgent British Barents force with their depleted forces down to 2x 5 damaged BBs, 2 PBs, 1 CA and the Graf Zeppelin, resulting in an Allied math lock after air and subs.

    Thanks for playing Mike.

  4. Axis win by concession. Jacob had a run of horrible dice and Axis blew him out the Barents and North Sea

  5. Greg,

    Jonathan Lockwood (Allies -1.5 Bid) and Hilton McManus (Axis +1.5) played 6 turns before the Allied losses became too much and Jonathan resigned. However, the game was made closer when the KM came out into the North Sea on T6, attacking with an advantage. When it was all said and done, the KM only had the Prinz Eugen and a damaged Gnesienau [-4] left. But, as the Luftwaffe had continually disabled convoys (none made it to Russia), the lead was too big to overcome during turns 7 and 8.

    Thanks again, Jonathan.

  6. Jim Kramer (allies) has defeated Bob Jamelli (axis). Bob resigned after T7 when he had no chance, or forces, to fight back with. As is my usual play I went with Barents in 2 giving up 2 POC on T1.

    T2 saw Bob commit the German fleet, minus a Baltic CA, to the NA to face 4 BB and a CV. He also sent the Italian CA’s and 4 subs to the SA facing 3 BB and Eagle. Combat saw minimal losses on both sides with the axis controlling the NA and decontrolling the SA to gain 4 POC on the turn This moved the game score to +6 axis. Bob successfully oiled 3 NA German ships and based the damaged Bismarck and the Adm. Hipper in France to assist the 4 surviving Italian CA’s.

    T3 and no Soviets appear. Bob keeps the 3 oiled ships (damaged BC, PB and CA) and 4 subs in the NA to face 3 BB and a CV. The SA has the 2 Germans from France join the 4 Italian CA’s VS 3 BB, a BC, 2 CA and a CV. Convoy 1A did not sail. Combat goes the allies way with 3 German and 2 Italians sunk for the loss of 2 UK BB’s. The allies hold the SA and clear the NA of German surface forces. The POC for the turn is 3 to 3.

    T4 and no Soviets again sail but a US BB and CA come on. Convoy 1A now sails protected by 2 CV and 3 surface ships. The SA sees another battle with 3 BB, a BC, CA and a CV facing the damaged Bismarck, 2 Italian CA and 4 subs. Bob has the German ships (BB, BC, PB, CA, CV), minus a damaged BC in the Baltic, sail to the Barents to confront the allied force of 2 BB, a BC, 4 CA and a CV. Note that 2 4-5-6 failed their Barents speed rolls. Combat in the SA has the subs keep the area open but Bismarck and an Italian CA are sunk. In the Barents combat went 5 rounds. The allies emerged victorious with the exchange of 2 sunk ships each. The game score is again unchanged. The convoy will move to the Barents.

    T5 and a Soviet sails with another US CA. Allied deployment has both convoys at sea. Bob sends his 3 good German ships, repairing the 4th, to the Baltic to counter the Soviet BB. A surviving Italian CA returns to the MED and the Barents is contested by the LBA and 5 subs. Baltic fire sees the Soviet sunk with a German pocket crippled in return. The most devastating rolls are in the Barents where 15 ASW sink 4 subs and disable the 5th. German LBA miss all targets and the allies pick up 4 POC on the turn reducing the game score to axis +2. Convoy 2B moves to the Barents.

    T6 no Soviet but another US BB is on. Convoy 3C sails joining 4 surface ships and 2 CV. Bob moves his 3 good Germans (BB and 2 BC) to the Baltic and repairs the damaged pocket. LBA again will take a crack at the Barents convoy with 4 subs to the NA facing the 13 ASW there. That ASW clears the NA sinking 1 sub. The axis LBA again misses all targets. I choose to land both convoys (Russia and England) and gain 5 POC on the turn. The game score is now +3 allies.

    T7 again no Soviet but the last 2 US ships come on. Allied deployment is set to control Bob’s sub options with 9 ASW in both NA and SA, 16 ASW in the NS and 15 ASW in the Barents. Bob chose to confront the Barents force (4 BB, a BC, 4 CA and 2 CV) with all the German force he had left (BB, 2 BC, a pocket, 4 subs and the LBA). Any chances of attrition before surface combat evaporated when my ASW sank all 4 subs. Air attacks from both sides eliminated no ships. When my allied surface fire sank the 3 German heavies Bob called it a game.

    In summation the game opened promising enough for Bob’s axis forces but as time went on the combat rolls turned in my favor limiting Bob’s options in the later turns. Oddly enough I have just suffered a similar axis fate, like Bob. in round 3 of the online PBEM tournament for 2021. In that case it was I who watched adverse combat rolls and devastating ASW turn the game so it was me who resigned on T7. As Henry Gibson used to say… “Very interesting.”

  7. In Game #6, Eric Anderson’s Allies (bid 1.5 POC) have defeated Lee Kendter’s Axis.
    The dice never warmed up for the Axis in this game. T1 saw the Axis challenge the North Sea, which the Brits patrolled more lightly than usual. However, the Allied air strikes immediately disabled Scharnhorst and Graf Spee, making it an uphill battle for the Kriegsmarine. In the surface combat the Allies sunk Admirals Scheer and Hipper, while the Germans failed to sink anything (crippling only Nelson).
    On T2 & T3 the Germans healed their wounds in the Baltic and built up fleet strength, then on T4 showed up in Barents all refreshed and ready to stop Convoy 1A. The Allied air strikes (all 5 shots) missed this time, while the Axis air disabled Anson. However, it was still a tall order for the Kriegsmarine (6 BBs + 6 CAs versus 8 German ships) and the dice again went the way of the Allies. The Allies proceeded to sink Gneisenau, Graf Spee and Blucher, while crippling 2 others. In the return fire (20 bonus shots) the Kriegsmarine gets only one hit, which fails to sink the Hood.
    With the Allied lead already at +1 as the first convoy is pulling into Murmansk, and the Kriegsmarine significantly battered, the Axis surrender at the end of T4.

  8. Karl Bodenheimer (Allies) defeat Mircea Pauca (Axis). Bid was 1.5 for Allies.
    Axis conceded in T8. Great game, lots of back and forth and strategic decisions to make. Axis showed the plus of saving U-Boats for when it is most advantageous to use them. Allies had just enough luck in last battle to win.

  9. Game#3 Rob Drozd’s Axis defeated Avi Solomon’s Allies (bid 1.5 POC) by the slimmest of margins. A Turn 8 battle in the Barents was the deciding factor that made the final score Axis 0.5 POC.

  10. Game #4 Bruce Monnin’s Axis defeated Greg Smith’s Allies by topping out the POC chart by Turn 3.

  11. I am in…thanks for ladder management!!

  12. I will play in Round 96. Thank you Greg for keeping keeping the Ladder running!

  13. I’m in for rd 96.

  14. I will play in Rd 96

  15. I will skip round 96. Thanks.

  16. I will play Round 96.

  17. I’ll pass on Round 96 Thanks Greg

  18. I will play in round 96

  19. I’ll play; thanks for running the ladder
    Mike Kaye

  20. Greg, count me in. Thank you for keeping the ladder running!

  21. I am still playing in Round 96, just in case you missed it. 🙂

  22. Playing

  23. Greg,
    I am in for Rd. 96

  24. I’m in for the next round

  25. Gentlemen,

    I am out for a few rounds.


  26. I will sit out round 96

  27. I will play round 96.

  28. I am in for Round #96

  29. I will play.

  30. I will play, we are getting closer to round 100!!!

  31. In for Round 96.
    As always Greg, thanks for GMing this.

  32. Signing up for Round 96 just to be proactive. 🙂

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