Round 82 of the War at Sea Ladder 7/07/2019 to 10/02/2019

Final Matches

Updated 10\02\/2019

Congratulations to Robert Frisby, our new King of the Ladder!

1  Andy Gardner (Allies-2.0) vs Robert Frisby (Axis) Axis Victory

2. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Mircea Pauca (Allies-2.5) Axis Victory by 2.5

3. Bruce Monnin (Allies-?) vs Richard Beyma (Axis) Axis win by 1.5!

4. Tim Tow (Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

5. Vince Meconi (Allies-2.0) vs Jim Kramer (Axis) Allied Victory

6. Andy Choptiany (Axis) vs Phil Watkins (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

7. Bob Jameli (Axis) vs Rob Drozd (Allies-1-0) Allied Victory

8. Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) vs Lee Kendter (Axis) Allied Victory by 0.5

9 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Greg Smith (Axis) Axis Victory by 1.5

10. Greg Hultgren (Allies-?) vs Ken Pascoe (Axis) Axis Victory

11. Hilton McManus (Axis) vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0)  Axis Victory

12. John Sharp (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory 

13.  Rick Vrost (Allies-1.5) vs Mike Brophy (Axis) Axis Victory

14. Bob Hamel (Allies-1.0) vs Dave Elkin (Axis) Allied Victory

15. Tom Thornsen (Axis) vs Robert Dragan (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

16. Dick Jarvinen vs John Vogel. Not played.





Allied Victories     4      Axis Victories       11       Ties

50 Comments to “82”

  1. Greg Hultkorn’s Allies conceded to Ken Pascoe’s Axis after turn 4, but the war could have gone either way. Greg conceded for personal reasons, not related to the game. On Turn 1, Allies sailed in the Barents, NS, NAO, SAO. In Barents Hood, Repulse, seven cruisers, and Ark Royal were an inviting target for the Germans (Renown failed speed roll). Axis came out with every ship but Blucher. Hood, Repulse, three cruisers sunk, plus Scharnhorst and Lutzow, other Germans disabled. Subs failed to affect the South Atlantic. Allies +1 POC. Germans hid in the Baltic on Turn 2; Allies +2 POC. On Turn 3 the German ships hid again, while U-Boats denied Allies control of the North Sea. Allies +2 POC. On Turn 4 Convoy 1A was in the Barents surrounded by ships and the Russians both came out to play. Greg left the North Atlantic guarded with just one ship, so that’s where German fast ships went. Convoy 1A was disabled by LBA. Bismarck and Tirpitz destroyed the Russians and the remaining 2-2-5s stayed in Germany, where one was destroyed by LBA and Formidable sunk; truly excellent results! U Boats denied control of South Atlantic. Ships won the North Atlantic and then went to port in France. Axis +2 POC. That’s where we had to end; either of us could have won. Best wishes to Greg and thanks for playing!

  2. John Sharp’s Axis got lucky against Mike Ussery’s Allies and were able to disable two and sink one convoy. The Luftwaffe came through big twice. Bid was 1.5 by Mike for the Allies. MIke conceded after seven turns when his last convoy was disabled back to the States. POC after T7 was Axis +4. Mike had John’s Axis mostly bottled up in the Med after a battle in the SATL.

  3. Summary of Tom Thornsen (Axis) victory, 4 POC, vs Robert Dragan (Allies, bid 1.0)
    T3 – Convoy 1A out to N. Atl.
    T4 – Convoy 1A to Barents, Convoy 2B out to N. Atl., Luftwaffe disables Convoy 1A back to US, POC at Axis 3.
    T5 – Convoy 2B to Barents, this time Luftwaffe misses, 2B lands, N. Sea opened by U-boats.
    T6 – Convoy 1A in Barents a 2nd time, and again Luftwaffe disables 1A back to US. Allies put too much resource into Barents to try to protect Convoy 1A, but left S. Atl. too weak and Axis pounced with Germans and 4 Italian cruisers to get S. Atl. POC 3, net game POC at Axis 4.
    T7 – Convoy 3C gets to Barents but Luftwaffe disables 2C back to US
    T8 – Convoy 1A makes it to Barents 3rd time, this time Luftwaffe sinks it, 4 damage.
    Axis POC at 3, Allies bid 1.0, POC final at Axis 4.

  4. Mike Brophy’s Axis bested Rick Virost’s Allies. The Axis pushed the POC to 10, but the 1st convoy reduced that to 7. On T6 the Allies actually won the Baltic when the Marat took 3 damage, but remained afloat, sinking Graf Spee and sending home Adm Scheer!! The loss of the Baltic was offset however, by the Axis taking the S Atlantic. When the 2nd convoy was sunk, Rick conceded.

  5. Vince Meconi (Allies – bid 2 POC) VS Jim Kramer (Axis). Vince’s AAR was very concise and accurate as to the game flow. I decided to add my 2 cents worth to flesh out Vince’s report.

    T1: Allied ships sunk – Hood, Repulse and 3 CA. POC score, 4-3 Axis, game score +1 Axis. No Axis patrol of the Baltic. The loss of the 3 subs to 8 ASW was not expected.

    T2: SA – Single sub sunk by 5 ASW, Eagle air disables a CA, surface combat sees an Italian CA sunk and the other disabled with no UK losses. Barents – Allied CV’s disable Bismarck and sink Lutzow with Axis air missing. As Vince noted surface combat cost the UK 2 CA with The German’s suffering damage to Gneisenau (crippled), Graf Spee and Adm. Scheer (1 damage each) and Adm. Hipper was sunk. In pursuit by the Germans Scharnhorst was crippled by the single CA escorting the CV’s. It was sunk but the remaining German CA only disabled the CV it continued to chase. Also Bismarck crippled KGV before disabling her. Axis did patrol the Baltic so POC was 5-3 Axis with game score up to +3 Axis.

    T3: Convoy 1A sails. SA – Single sub again sunk by 5 ASW, Eagle air sinks a CA and remaining Italian CA disabled with no UK losses. As the Barents was too strong and Marat sailed in the Baltic, German ships repaired or stayed in port except for Bismarck and Tirpitz which dispatched Marat with no damage. Axis Barents LBA causes no damage but Allied LBA again damage (3) the repaired Scharnhorst. POC is 4-3 Allied with game score reduced to +2 Axis. Convoy 1A will move to the Barents.

    T4: No US or USSR deployments so with Barents (7 heavies, 2 CV and 1A) and NS (7 heavies, 2 CA and a CV) strong, Germans sail the Baltic with Scharnhorst and Gneisenau completing repairs. The Italian CA stays in Rio (1 POC cost) and 2 subs try to break her out in the SA VS 6 ASW. Convoy 2B moves to the NA protected by 2 CV. The ASW sink a sub and disable the other and Allied LBA damage the repaired Gneisenau (2). Axis LBA sink 1A (a good omen?). POC is now 5-3 Allies with game score now back to 0. Convoy 2B will move to the Barents.

    T5: The US has 2 ships appear but no USSR this turn. The Italian CA again stays in port (another POC surrendered) with 3 subs trying to break the 9 ASW defense.. The Germans see combat as the only option in the Barents. Leaving Prinz Eugen to guard the Baltic the Germans send 2 BB, 2 BC (1 damaged), 2 PB, a CA and the CV to join the LBA in fighting 6 BB, a damaged BC, a CA, 2 CV and Convoy 2B. The ASW is great sinking all 3 subs. Allied CV disable Bismarck and the damaged Gneisenau. Axis air misses the convoy but does sink BB Barham. Allied surface fire disables Tirpitz, the CA and CV and sinks both PB’s. Axis return fire sinks QE and Malaya, cripples Renown, and disables her and Warspite. With only Scharnhorst remaining the German withdraws with no pursuit. With Convoy 2B arriving in Russia, POC is 8-3 Allies. Game score is now +5 Allies.

    T6: No USSR but 2 US ships are released. Convoy 3C sails protected by 4 US ships and a CV. Howe makes speed but Valiant fails to the Barents so 4 BB, 2 CA, the crippled Renown and 2 CV are here. NS has 6 BB and 2 CV so the Germans again leave Prinz Eugen in the Baltic, send the 3 subs to the NA after 3C and he remaining ships (2 BB, 2 BC (1 damaged), a CA and the CV plus LBA go to the Barents. The lone Italian CA sails to face her fate in the SA. Allied 10 ASW sink a sub and disable the other 2. Allied Barents air damage Tirpitz (1) and hit and cripple the damaged Gneisenau. Axis air disables Anson and cripples Howe. In the SA the Italian is spared an air strike and is quickly sunk but not without retribution as he shot cripples the already damaged POW. Barents surface fire sees the Allies score as follows, BB sinks Graf Zeppelin, BB disables Scharnhorst, CA misses Tirpitz, CA disables Bismarck, crippled Howe sinks Blucher, crippled Renown disables Gneisenau. Axis return fire sinks Warspite and 2 CA but Bismarck’s fire against DOY is a complete failure. Tirpitz stays to fight taking 7 more damage and a disable but causing no additional damage. With POC for the turn 4-3 Allies, Vince lands Convoy 3C in England pusing the POC to 5-3 Allies. Game score +7 Allies.

    T7: The O.R. sails in the Baltic. The Barents has on station Anson, DOY, Valiant, Howe (crippled), Renown (crippled) and 2 CV. As Vince noted Eagle failed speed. As the Germans I had to deploy 3 subs and the Prinz Eugen to the Baltic to counter O.R. and my 4 remaining ships went to the Barents. The subs managed to sink the Soviet BB. As for the Barents, well Vince has already filled in all that is needed there. An interesting game all in all.

  6. Today Robert Frisby (Axis) defeated Andy Gardner (Allies – 2 POC bid). The Allies conceded at the end of turn four after the Axis lead increased to 10 POC. The game turned on exceptionally effective (lucky) German surface fire on turns one, two, and four. On turn one, the Axis controlled the Barents after sinking three battle cruisers and four cruisers without losing a single ship. The Axis controlled the Barents again on turn two when the Allies massed their ships in the other three areas. Turn three saw another major battle in the Barents, with the Germans controlling the area again after sinking three ships and losing two of their own. On turn four, the Germans controlled the North Atlantic and sank convoy 1A there along with a CV, two BBs, and a U.S. cruiser (all of the escorting ships) while losing only Scharnhorst. All in all, the British lost 1 CV, 4 BBs, 3 BCs, 5 CAs, and a convoy, The U.S. lost a CA and the Russians lost a BB. The Germans lost 1 BC, 1 pocket BB, and 1 CA, along with four U-boats.

  7. Andy Choptiany(Axis) defeated Phil Watkins(Allies) after a hard fought game. The bid was 2 POC for the Allies. The Allies conceded after turn 7 with the Axis leading with 5 POC. Phil and I have played before.

  8. Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) vs Lee Kendter (Allies, 1.5 bid) is over.
    Jim came out the first turn to Natl. He killed both 553, while I only got a single 225. He went to +3.
    After that he stay in Germany turns 2 to 7 with subs costing me a lot PoC.
    2 convoys landed in Russia. The 3rd got disabled twice, and landed in England turn 8.
    Final score was +2 Allies down to 0.5 after bid. Very tight win.
    Don’t see a lot of games make it to turn 8. They are usually decided before then.

  9. Greg,

    Dennis and I just concluded our match in Rd 82. Dennis bid “2” for the Allies, and I played the Axis. After 5 turns, with the Axis U Boat arm at max with the 3 U Boat turn 6 reinforcements, and Convoy 1A destroyed by Uboats, the Allies surrendered. POC at the end of turn 5 was +6 in the Axis favor.

    Allied dice for speed rolls were very poor on turn 1 to the Barents, which did allow the Axis to concentrate and destroy the Hood and Renown as the Repulse had engine problems and was not available. Thereafter, with poor Allied gunnery from the remaining CA’s, it was only a matter of time for the Ark Royal to go down as well.

    After that, it was a pretty conservative game from the Axis, with the exception of the U-Boat arm which was able to rule the North Atlantic shipping lanes, as no convoy was ever able to enter the Barents.

    Lastly, the Kriegsmarine spent a number of turns sunning in the Baltic, hammering the Soviet navy into submission…


  10. In 82-4, Tim’s Axis defeated Karl’s Allies (-1.5) on turn 7. Attrition was hard on the Allies early but evened out near the end. Only a successful 2 area U-boat assault in the Atlantics and the LBA sinking of Convoy 3C put the game away for certain on turn 7 with the score +2 Axis before the bid

  11. Vince Meconi’s Allies, bidding 2.0, defeated Jim Kramer’s Axis, in a battle between two old friends who have played many times. Jim is one of the top-rated Axis players, and I expected he would play aggressively. My forecast was accurate. In a 7-turn game, we fought 6 battles in the Barents and 4 in the South Atlantic. On Turn 1, the Axis sent the German fleet to the Barents and the U-boats to the North Sea. The Allies lost 5 ships in the Barents and the Germans none, but the Allies sank all 3 U-boats. On Turn 2, the Allies debated withdrawing to 3 areas but decided to risk a 4-area deployment. It didn’t pay off; after speed rolls the Allies had only 5 surface ships plus 2 carriers against 9 undamaged Germans. Meanwhile, the 3 Italian cruisers (one sunk by LBA on T1) and the one U-boat attacked the S. Atlantic, which was defended by only the Eagle and 2 cruisers. ASW sank the U-boat and the Brits prevailed in the S. Atlantic. Luck was with the British in the Barents as they survived the massive disadvantage, losing only 3 more cruisers while sinking a 225 and a 127 and putting max damage on both 357s. Even better, German pursuit couldn’t sink either carrier. Still, turn 3 looked grim for the Allies until a 456, 4×444, and a damaged 336 all made their speed rolls into the Barents. The Germans repaired but the remaining 2 cruisers and a lone U-boat again attacked the S. Atlantic against the Eagle, a cruiser, and a 456 with 5 damage. And again, the Allies survived.

    Turns 4, 5, 6, and 7 were more of the same, leading to massive dead piles — 20 Allied ships, 14 Axis ships, and 10 U-boats. In addition, the Allies had 4 battleships cruiserized with max damage. It was so bad for the Allies that on Turn 7 they resorted to speed rolling the Eagle into the Barents, it being the only remaining British ship with a gunnery factor and a speed factor of 4, 5, or 6. (It failed.) On Turn 7 (in the Barents, where else?) tremendous Allied airstrikes sank Gniesenau and the damaged Tirpitz and disabled the Bismarck. Axis airstrikes couldn’t return the favor and the relatively small Allied fleet sank the last German to clinch the game. It was much more of a survival by the Allies than a win.

  12. Rob Drozd (Allies 1.0) defeated Bob Jamelli (Axis). Axis kept the game close by turning back the convoys until one got to Russia on Turn 6. That gave the Allies a 4 POC lead before the bid adjustment. The German fleet had been reduced to Tirpitz, Gneisenau, and Graf Zeppelin. Axis surrendered shortly thereafter.

  13. Mircea Pauca (Allies, 2.5 POC) played Avi Solomon (Axis) in a close game mainly hinging on The Allies getting the Convoys to Russia. Due to the high bid, I was able to build up the U-Boats and only one convoy got to Russia and one to England. POC ended on 0, so the Axis won by the bid of 2.5. Mircea and I have played each other before this.

  14. in for Rd 82

  15. In for Rd82

  16. I’m in for Rd 82

  17. I’m in for rd 82.

  18. I will play in round 82.

  19. Let’s try again. In for round 82

  20. I’m in for next round

  21. I am in

  22. Yes, I will play in 82. Thank you!
    (Wonder whether the blog-dog ate the homework again)

  23. I will skip round 82. Thanks.

  24. hmm, I said I was in. Hopefully not a computer glitch

  25. i am in

  26. Kreigsmarine wonders if I am qualified, but I am in for number 82

  27. I will play in Round 82

  28. I will skip this round

  29. I am in for rd 82

  30. I am in for Round 82, even with the late start and end. Robert Dragan.

    • Greg, I am in for Rd 82. Like David Elkin, the Admiralty has questions. Last game I got all three convoys to Russia, and still managed to lose by double digits…

  31. I’ll skip this round.

  32. I am in

  33. I’M IN FOR 82.

  34. John Sharp is in!

  35. I’m all in for 82.
    Not sure how I dropped out of the ladder game; meant to always play but somehow… I guess age got in the way. 😦

  36. I will play Round 82. Thanks Greg for keeping keeping it running.

  37. In for Round 82

  38. I will play in round 82. Thanks Greg!

  39. I’m in for round 82. Vince…. Cats are cool…….

  40. Tim is in for round 82.

  41. Rick Virost will play in Round 82. Thanks Greg for keeping the War at Sea Ladder going.

  42. Sign me up for Round 82.

  43. Avi is in for Rd 82.

  44. I’ll play in round 82 too.

  45. I’m in for 82. Thanks for herding us cats, Greg.

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