Round 83 of the War at Sea Ladder. 10/02/2019 to 11/30/2019


Updated 11/30/2019

Congratulations to Robert Frisby, our new King of the Ladder!

1  Robert Frisby (-1.5) vs Avi Solomon (Axis) Allied Victory by 2.5

2. Tim Tow (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 2.5

3. Andy Choptiany (Allies-2.0) vs Rob Drozd (Axis) Allied Victory

4. Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) vs Greg Smith (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

5. Ken Pascoe (Axis) vs Hilton McManus (Allies-0) Allied Victory by 8

6. John Sharp (Allies-1.0) vs Mike Brophy (Axis) Axis Victory

7. Bob Hamel (Axis) vs Tom Thornsen(Allies-1.5). Axis Victory

8  Mercia Pauca (Allies-2.5) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Axis). Allied Victory

9 Phil Watkins vs Bob Jameli Watkins wins

10 Bill Thomson (Axis) vs Lee Kendter (Allies- 1.5) Axis Victory

11  Mike Kaye (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) Axis Victory

12 Greg Hultgren (Axis)  vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

13 Daniel Blumentrit (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies-?) Allied Victory

14 Rick Vrost (Allies-1.5) vs Dave Elkin (Axis) Allied Victory

15 Robert Dragan (Allies) vs Dick Jarvinen (Axis-1.0) Allied Victory

Extra Games


Allied Victories   8                        Axis Victories  6            Ties  0

49 Comments to “83”

  1. Bill Thomson Axis defeats Lee Kendter Allies with a net 1.5 Axis POC after pro 1.5 Axis bid (otherwise a Net 0 with T8 Barent battle unresolved [1×027 with expended air, 5×444 vs 2×496, 1×127, 1×128 with expended air] with a surviving uboat.as an observer. German LBA sunk two convoys to salvage the Axis cause.

  2. Phil Wakins beat Bob Jamelli

    I’m in for the next round

  3. In game #2 Tim’s Axis overcome Vince’s Allies (-1.5) by a final score of +2.5 Axis.

    The Axis challenged the Barents on 1 opening and had good exchanges on turns 1 and 2 only to see the Allies take no losses and even the exchanges on turn 3 and controlling the Barents, blockading the Axis.

    With luck the Axis were able to sink two convoys and on one turn dispute 2 sea areas successfully with the U-boats.

    The Germans were down to the Bismarck, Scharnhorst and Graf Zeppelin by turn 5 and thus were just barely a fleet in being.

    The Russians joined the fray twice and the Marat survived the war after being disabled in her first sortie and crippled and disabled on her second. However that scared the Russians enough they never ventured into the Baltic after turn 5.

    A turn 8 Allied foray into the Med was stymied the failure of the 443s and 1 553 from making it there from England and the Italian fleet was able to keep its Mare Nostrum.

    WIthout the lucky airstrike on turn 7 in the Barents which sank Convoy 3C, the game’s result might have been reversed.

  4. In Round 83, Dick Jarvinen bid 1.0 to play the Axis and Robert Dragan accepted so Robert Dragan played the Allies and won. This is a summary of the game:

    Turn 1 – Allies came into the Barents, N. Atl, S. Atl., and N. Sea. Axis only went after the Baltic and Med. Allies +1 POC at the end of Turn 1.

    Turn 2 – Allies controlled Barents, N. Atl., S. Atl., and N. Sea at the end of T2, Axis controlled Baltic and Med, Allied POC goes up to 2.

    Turn 3 – Convoy 1A comes out to N. Atl., Allies controlled Barents, N. Atl., S. Atl, and N. Sea at T3 end, Baltic controlled Baltic and Med, Allied POC goes up to 3.

    Turn 4 – Convoy 1A moves to the Barents, Convoy 2B comes out to N. Atl., at T3 end Allies control Barents, N. Atl., and S. Atl., Convoy 1A lands in Russia, Axis neutralized N. Sea, Axis controlled Baltic and Med, Allied POC goes up to 6.

    Turn 5 – Convoy 2B moves to the Barents, Axis makes big assault on S. Atl, at T5 end Convoy 2B lands in Russia, Allies controlled Barents, N. Atl., and N. Sea, Axis controlled S. Atl., Baltic, and Med, Allied POC remained at 6.

    Turn 6 – All US ships out to N. Atl, Convoy 3C out to N. Atl., at T6 end Allies controlled Barents, N. Atl, and N. Sea, Axis neutralizes S. Atl. Axis gets Baltic and Med, Allied POC remains at 6.

    Turn 7 – Convoy 3C moves to the Barents but Axis LBA sinks it before it can land in Russia. Allies go after Barents, N. Atl, S. Atl, and N. Sea, Axis sends U-boats out but Allies get extremely lucky with dice and repel all U-boats. At T7 end Allies controlled Barents, N. Atl., S. Atl. and N. Sea, Axis controlled Baltic, Allied POC goes up to 8.

    Turn 8 – not played because Allied raw score is at 8 POC.

  5. Ken Pascoe (Axis) and Hilton McManus (Allies) played an 8 turn affair with a bid of “0” which leaves the Allies with a 8 point Allied win. However, Ken gets all the credit as he played the complete game without complaining one time about the Allied ASW efforts. I can assure anyone out there that Ken had a right to complain.

    I did a quick calculation, and for a total of 44 ASW rolls through 7 turns (we both played conservative on turn 1, and there was no sea action), I was able to achieve 10 disables and 12 kills. I will leave it to the more skilled at math, but in my mind, 22 results on 44 die rolls says that 50% might be the Allied shooting percentage.

    This really changed the game, as the Axis needs to be able to open up some sea lanes with U Boat contested areas. And, obviously this was not the case in this game.

    Thanks again for the game, Ken, and I am sure that the next time we meet the Allied ASW will not be nearly as effective.


  6. I have defeated Greg hultgren this round. I won in a full game as the Allies with a final score of +5 POC.
    The amazing thing in the game was that sunk both the Bismark and Tirpitz in the game.

  7. My Axis defeated Jonathan’s Allies due to abysmal Allied dice. Jonathan threw in the towel after turn 4, after losing the Barents in surface action putting Axis to +6 POC: but first, the Luftwaffe + Zepp air strikes sank Convoy 1A, maxed Hood and sank the Repulsive while Uboats disabled 2B in the NATL. Jonathan’s bid was 2.5 POC to play as Allies.

  8. Mike Brophy (Axis +1 POC) defeated John Sharp (Allies, gave 1 POC). It took 8 turns. Mike played a great Axis game, breaking the North Sea right on schedule T7. Congratulations, Mike!

  9. Rick Virost (Allies, bid 1.5) defeated David Elkin (Axis) in Match 14 of WAS Round 83. David tried to take the South Atlantic on Turn 1 using the fast German ships plus all four Italian cruisers. All three pocket battleships (2-2-5) remained based in Germany to control the Russians. (Russian battleships were wiped out one at a time in Turns 3 and 4, without sinking any of the pocket battleships.) But the Allies held the South Atlantic on Turn 1, using a five damage air strike to cripple Gneisenau, and then sinking it with single shots from two cruisers and the Eagle’s guns. The other German ships were disabled to the Neutral Port and the Italian cruisers chose to withdraw to the Neutral Port as well, without pursuit.

    In Turn 2 the Axis U-Boats disrupted Allies control of the North Sea. The Axis fleet trapped in the South Atlantic survived a strong surface fire challenge from the Allies, even with Scharnhorst disabled to the Neutral Port. Some ships were able to move to the France port, even the crippled Admiral Hipper. In Turn 3 the Bismarck, Tirpitz, and Prinz Eugen joined the Axis ships in the South Atlantic, and this time the Axis were able to control the area. But a cruel boxcar roll sinks Scharnhorst, Bismarck is disabled to the Neutral Port and Tirpitz suffers six damage before also being disabled to the Neutral Port. The major battle also sinks two Allies battleships and sends the others to the Neutral Port with some damaged.

    Axis remain in the South Atlantic for Turn 4 and are driven back to the Neutral Port with loss of control of the area (plus Tirpitz crippled by additional damage from an air strike and partial damage to the Bismarck). Turn 5 leads to the sinking of the Tirpitz and Admiral Hipper, plus one of the three remaining Italian cruisers. Also two pocket battleships are lost in the Barents trying to stop a convoy during coordination with the U-Boat wolfpack. Turn 6 ends with loss of the remaining Axis ships in the South Atlantic, leaving only the Graf Zeppelin and one pocket battleship to stop two convoys and control the Baltic. In Turn 7 the U-Boat wolfpack is finally stopped and the third convoy arrives in the Russia Port (with three damage from an air strike.) The Axis conceded with the POC at +6 Allies (+4.5 Allies with the bid.) An exciting and nail-biting match. this was the second time that David and I have played against each other.

  10. Robert Frisby’s Allies (bid of 1.5 POC) defeated Avi Solomon’s Axis by 2.5 POC in a game that went the full eight turns. The first major fleet engagement occurred in the Barents on turn four with the Allies holding on to maintain their blockade and escort their convoy to Russia. The Allies held a 7 POC lead (not counting the bid) at the end of turn four. The second convoy also reached Russia and the third one reached England. Because the U-boats failed to break control in the North Sea and took heavy losses in the process, the Allies were able to maintain their blockade for most of the game and eventually build up a 10 POC lead. At the start of turn eight, the Allies had a 7 POC lead, which meant that the Axis needed to net 6 POC to win given the Allied bid of 1.5 POC. Although they easily controlled the Barents, Baltic, and Med, the four greatly outnumbered ships sent to the North Atlantic failed as did the three Italian cruisers sent to the South Atlantic. Allied losses were heavy. The British lost 3 CVs, 3 BCs, 7 BBs and 3 CAs. The Russians lost both their BBs. The Germans suffered modest surface ship losses: the CV, a BC, 2 pocket BBs, and a CA. They also lost 12 U-boats. The Italians lost three CAs and a BB.

  11. Mircea Pauca (Allies, bid 2.5) defeated Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) by surrender in Turn 7, with the help of copious luck.

    T1: The recent Barents-in-1 with 7×117 showed its vulnerability, as Repulse failed the speed roll and the Germans ganged on Barents. The combat was bloody, with Hood and 3 cruisers vs Scharnhorst and Blucher sunk and Gneisenau heavily damaged at 4. Germans still control the Barents Sea but refuse to pursue the damaged Renown fleeing separately (could have used 3 pocket battleships and a cruiser, risking one of them). Allied planes also sink Fiume. Score +1 Axis raw.
    T2: I patch up Barents as possible, but 2 of 4 Brits fail the speed roll and Germans jump on it again. This time attrition is worse for Germans, losing Gneisenau, Scheer (and both other pocket battleships damaged) just in the carrier airstrikes, vs PoW and Exeter. Fast British forces withdraw, Germans refuse again to pursue. 4U pick a PoC in NATL but lose 1U to just 4 ASW. Axis gains 2, total +3 Axis.
    T3: For once Barents is strong enough (even if Queen Elizabeth only gets to Murmansk, as extra precaution). Germans heavies sink Marat in the Baltic. Damaged Germans repair while Allied LBA misses them. Axis loses 1, total +2 Axis.
    T4: ASW is quite diluted. The 14 ASW in Barents are enough for Convoy1A to be left alone and unload, Stukas miss too. A wolfpack of 6U gangs on 9 ASW in NATL, 1U sunk, 3 attack and… miss Convoy2B. Allies gain back 3, total 1 Allied raw.
    T5: 7U try to open North Sea at 18 ASW, they **lose a severe 4U and the blockade still holds**!. Allies gain 4 PoC including Convoy2. Total 5 Allied raw.
    T6: 6U succeed to open North Sea at 18 ASW with limited loss (1U). Total same 5 Allied.
    T7: With all 4 seas open, Germans try in desperation the South Atlantic. but abysmal **logistics dooms them. 3 of 4 speed rolls fail, including Bismarck, Tirpitz** and a 2+25. Doenitz proposes surrender terms while Germany still exists.

  12. Jim Bodenheimer’s Axis defeated Greg Smith’s Allies (-1.5 POC) in a match to see who had the hotter dice. In round 1 the Axis swept the British from South Atlantic while sinking Ark in the Barents with LBA (POC Axis 3 before bid). The Allies did have hot dice as well, sinking Scharnhorst and crippling Gneisenau. Turn 2 was quiet, only notable in that the Allies had to concede Barents due to the loss of ships in turn 1 (POC Axis 6 before bid). Turn 3 started well for the Allies as they swept the wolfpack from the North Atlantic but lost Hood in the Barents (POC Axis 5). Turn 4 again started with promise for the Allies with the sinking of Pola by LBA only to turn sour as both the convoy and Glorious were sunk by Axis LBA (POC Axis 4). In turn 5 the dice abandoned the Allies. LBA sank the second convoy and ineffective UBoats removed Allied control of the South Atlantic at minimal cost. A sortie of the southern German squadron and remaining Italian cruisers sank the two Allied heavies in the south in the first round. With the score at Axis 5.5 with bid even before the South Atlantic was decided and the Axis having a full compliment of UBoats in Turn 6, Greg conceded. As they say: Dice rule!

  13. Andy Choptiany(Allies) defeated Rob Drozd(Axis) after a hard fought game ending with an Axis resignation after T7 with the raw score of Allies 6. The bid for the Allies was 2 POC. Rob and I have previously played.

  14. Mircea Pauca (Allies, bid 2.5) plays Karl Bodenheimer (Axis).

  15. Sharp vs Brophy – John Sharp bid 1.0 for the Allies, accepted by Mike Brophy. Brophy plays Axis, gets 1.0 POC, Sharp plays Allies and gives 1.0 POC.

  16. Pass again. Sorry. ASL Oktoberfest is here and that is both fun and work for this guy.

  17. I’m out this round

  18. I’ll play this round.

  19. I’ll play; thanks for running the ladder

  20. Hi Greg. Thanks for running the ladder. I will “pass” this round.

  21. I’m in

  22. I will play if an even number is needed.

  23. Playing for Rd 83

  24. After playing the first 82 rounds, I am afraid I need to sit this round out.

  25. Playing

  26. I will play this round

  27. Playing

  28. Playing in Round 83.
    Thank you for keeping keeping it organized!

  29. In for 83

  30. In for Round 83

  31. Greg, In for Round 83.
    Thank you.

  32. I’m in for rd 83.

  33. I am in for Round 83.

  34. I’m in for round 83

  35. Rick Virost will play in Round 83 (Oct 1 thru Nov 30)

  36. sign me up for round 83

  37. Sign me up for round 83.

  38. In for rd 83

  39. I will play in round 83

  40. Greg I will be skipping round 83. I need a break.

  41. I’m in for next round

  42. I will play Round 83.

  43. I’m in for Round 83.

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