Round 84 of the War at Sea Ladder

12/02/2019 to 1/31/2020


Updated 02/03/2020

Congratulations to Robert Frisby, STILL King of the Ladder!

1  Robert Frisby (Axis) vs Tim Tow (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 0.5!

2. Andy Choptiany (Axis) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-2.5) Allied Victory

3. Hilton McManus (Allies-1.0) vs Mike Brophy (Axis)*Axis Victory

4. Bob Hamel (Axis) vs Mircea Pauca (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

5.  Phil Watkins (Axis) vs Mike Kaye (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory by 1.0

6. Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) vs Mike Ussery (Axis) Allied Victory

7. Robert Dragan (Allies-2.0) vs Rick Vrost (Axis) Allied Victory

8 Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Vince Meconi Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

9 Pete Shelling (Allies-1.5) vs Rob Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory

10  Bruce Monnin Axis) vs Greg Smith Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 0,5!

11 John Pack (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

12 Ken Pascoe (Axis) vs John Sharp (Allies-0). Axis Victory

13 Tom Thornsen (Allies-1.5) vs Lee Kendter (Axis) Axis Victory

14 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Jeff Lange (Axis) Allied Victory

15 Daniel Blumentrit (Allies-1.5) vs Dave Elkin (Axis). Allied Victory by 0.5!

Extra Games

16 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.0) vs Robert Dragan (Axis) Allied Victory*

17 Robert Dragan (Allies-1.0) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) Axis Victory

18 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Mircea Pauca (Axis) Axis Victory




Allied Victories    7                       Axis Victories     11      Ties  0


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48 Comments to “84”

  1. First extra game between Jonathan Lockwood (Allies, bid 2.5) and Mircea Pauca (Axis). This is #18 above.

    Turn1: Jonathan tries a hybrid Barents-in-1 opening with 7CA in Barents, also Repulse fails her speed roll, so Germans send everything and sink Hood, Renown and 3 cruisers at the loss of Gneisenau and two damaged ships. U-boats stay safe. Score 1 Axis raw.

    T2: With the fast British ships thinned, they send Queen Elizabeth to help, but she reaches Barents and KGV misses speed roll. Germans weigh the Barents as deterrent enough and fight instead the weaker North Atlantic (3BB,Eagle). Eagle sinks Adm. Scheer, the battleship clash sinks Scharnhorst (vs Nelson) and Eugen runs away alone, leaving British in control. 4 U-boats uncontrol South Atlantic while losing 1. Allies gain back 1 PoC, total 0 raw.

    T3: Germans accept the British blockade while both sides repair. He-111 torpedoes sink Ark Royal. 4U uncontrol again SAtl and damage Warspite. Score stays 0 raw.

    T4: British concentrate ASW on the ‘front face’ to keep a tight blockade but 6U risk 16 ASW in North Sea and uncontrol it with minor loss of 1U. Stukas disable Convoy 1A. North Atlantic with only 1 US cruiser is left alone! Score stays 0 raw.

    T5: All seas are open, by now Marat and 3 US ships help. Germans avoid the positional trap of South Atlantic (5BB) and try the North Atlantic (convoy1A,1CV,3BB,2CA). Only Texas is sunk, Washington crippled and a lot of disabled ships from both sides (including the convoy) leave Germans in control. Bismarck is bombed in port for 5 damage. Stukas sink Dorsetshire. U-boats split between Baltic and SATL, uncontrolling both and damaging Marat and Queen E. Axis gains 3 PoC.

    T6: Germans stay in Baltic to crush Okt. Rev. 7U concentrate in North Atlantic and sink Convoy2B.
    Score stays 3 Axis raw.

    T7: Germans find temporary opportunity in Barents, won’t come any better. They sink 2BB (and damage 4BB) but lose 5 ships(!) and still control it. 7 U open North Sea easily against 12 ASW. Axis gain 2 PoC, total 5 Axis raw.

    T8: German surface fleet is too battered to fight. 7U try North Atlantic but at last the 12 ASW is deadly (sinks 4 U) and Convoy1A reaches England while Convoy3C reaches Murmansk. Allies gain back 4 PoC, total 1 Axis raw.

    Axis victory by 3.5 PoC net including bid.

  2. [Bob Hamel’s writeup at the time. I surrendered after Turn 6]
    Bob Hamel Axis / Mircea Pauca Allies with bid of 1.5

    Turn One –
    Allies had 2 carriers and Eagle and 4 BB’s in N. Sea
    Axis went in with all 7 ships while the U-boats went to N. Atlantic facing 4 BB’s

    When the dust cleared, the Schrnhorst and 1 sub were sunk while the British suffered
    losses of 3 BB’s and the Eagle in N Sea battle.

    Points +3 for Axis

    Turn 2 –
    Allies left N. Atlantic empty so P. Eugen sailed there for 3 poitns
    Allies placed 6 BB’s and Carrier in N. Sea facing 3 Upboats
    Meanwhile, the other 7 German ships and LBA went after 8 CA’s and a BB along
    with 2 carriers

    End result – 1 BB and 3 CA were sunk for loss of NO German ships but the U-Boats
    were all sent away in N. Sea with one dead.

    Points +5 more points for Axis now at +8

    Turn 3
    Allies again left N Sea open so Blucher sailed there for 3 points
    No Russians came out so Axis ships sailed into Baltic and epaired a BB
    3 U-boats went to S Atlantic to face 3 BB’s 2 survived to stop Allied points

    Points Axis gained 4 more to max at 10

    Turn 4
    Allies get 1 Russian who is challanged by 10 German ships and perishes
    4 subs go against 3 BB’s in S. Atlantic and manage to surive with 1 loss

    Points Axis remains at 10

    Turn 5 –
    Allies sent 5 CA, 6 BB’s and convoy to Barents
    Axis sent all their 10 ships and LBA
    at the end, 1 CA and 3 BB’s were disabled and rest were sunk
    However, the Axis suffered loss of 2 225’s and rest of ships were disabled except
    for the damaged Lutzow who battled the convoy and finally was also disabled

    Points dropped to Axis 6 as convoy landed.

    Turn 6 – the Final turn of the game
    Axis put 1 damaged BB in Baltic and 6 subs vs 4 BB in S. Atlantic
    Axis put remaining 6 ships and LBA in Barents to counter the 2nd convoy
    Allies defended with 4 BB”s 2 carriers, a CA and convoy

    At the end, all but2 Allies BB’s were sunk and convoy was disabled as it again faced a single German ship the Blucher but Germans won this one.

    With Points going back up to Axis 9 and only 9 BB’s and 4 carriers left the allies surrendered.

  3. I defeated mike Ussary in outr ladder match. I had the Allies for a bid of 2. I won at the end of turn 7 with the score at +10.

  4. Vince Meconi’s Allies had the better of the luck for the first 4 turns but T5 saw a dramatic change of fortune that totally favoured the Axis leading to the Allies conceding on T7 with the POC at Axis 3 and about half the British fleet sunk for the loss of a 357 and a 225 and heavy damage on Bismarck and Tirpitz. The Italians lost nothing till the cruisers sortied in T6 in SAO and died in the NAO on T7. Vince and I have played before and the Allies bid 1.5.

  5. Pete Shelling’s Allies (bid 1.5 POC) conceded to Rob Drozd’s Axis in Turn 7. LBA on both sides had success almost every turn. Axis LBA sank a CV, BB, and a convoy; Allied LBA sank 3 x 435 and a CA and crippled the last 435. Allies controlled the Med for the 1st 3 turns, but Axis control of the South Atlantic during those turns prevented Allied reinforcements to the Med for the pivotal 4th turn.

    Axis netted 4 POC in each of the first 2 turns by controlling SAtl, Barents and Baltic with U-Boats decontrolling North Sea. Axis reached the 10 POC max on Turn 3. Turn 4 saw Tirpitz, Bismarck(2d), and Graf Spee all miss speed rolls from Neutral Port to the North Sea, and Med was the only zone with the Axis flag. U-Boats decontrolled North Sea, but with a convoy reaching Russia, the Allies netted 4 POC to decrease the Axis lead to 6 POC. Both Russians patrolled the Baltic on Turn 5, but attacks from 3 U-Boats sunk one and crippled the other, which was sunk in Round 1 of surface combat. LBA sank Convoy2b to keep the 6 POC Axis lead intact. For Turn 6, Axis maintained control of Baltic and the Med and U-Boats decontrolled North Sea to keep the lead at 6 POC. It should be noted that ASW was running thin since Allies lost 4 CVs at this point, the aforementioned LBA strike, another to U-Boats in the North Sea, and 2 to combat in South Atlantic. Allies made a try for the Med on Turn 7. Axis LBA ignored the convoy in Barents to support the Italians. Axis countered the convoy’s POC with a play for the South Atlantic, which was patrolled by 2 BBs and Ark Royal. This time Bismarck and Tirpitz made their speed rolls to join Graf Zeppelin and Pola. U-Boats disabled the Ark Royal to ensure the 496s would not miss Round 1 action. When Axis prevailed in South Atlantic, any chance for an Allied victory was eliminated and surrender followed.

  6. As Mike Brophy detailed last month, his Axis handed my Allied fleet a whipping. But, for those who are interested, and I am sure that is at least one, other than myself (OK, maybe not), your erstwhile ASW reporter as been able to gather the following information. Again, like last game, the German U-Boat fleet remained in port on turn 1. Therefore we had 7 turns of ASW combat in the game.

    Unlike the last game against Ken Pascoe where the Allies hit on 50% of their ASW rolls (44 rolls and 12 kills and 10 disables), in this game there were 61 ASW rolls which resulted in 10 kills and 8 disables. Again, my math skills are limited, but even I think that this is below the 33% for the average.

    Therefore, dear admirals, I now have enough empirical evidence to make the following statement:
    “If your roll at 50% for your ASW rolls, you will win as the Allies. If you roll below 33% you will lose.”
    Simple, isn’t it?

    Of course, this is very tongue in cheek. Waiting on the next game to prove this theory wrong…

    And,looking forward to Round 85 if I can get a spot

  7. Robert Frisby’s Axis defeated Tim Tow’s Allies (bid of 1.5 POC) by a whisker in a game featuring only two major fleet engagements and relatively light losses. Turn eight ended with the Allies leading by one POC before the bid, which resulted in the Axis winning by 0.5 POC. The Germans committed most of their fleet to the Barents on the first two turns, taking control on turn two. Convoy 1A arrived safely in Russia, but U-boats and the Luftwaffe sank Convoys 2B and 3C. U-boats prevented Allied control in just enough areas to secure the victory. The Germans lost Scharnhorst and Admiral Scheer on turn one plus seven U-boats. The Italians lost a BB and two CAs. The British lost one CV, three BCs, two BBs, and five CAs. The Russians lost one BB.

  8. Tom Thornsen (Allies, 1.5 bid) vs Lee Kendter (Axis)
    Ended T6 with an allied concession. PoC is Axis 7 with just one convoy left to land.

    T1 had the Axis go to Satl. 3 UK dead, 0 Axis dead, Axis +3
    T2 had UK tryied to cover all 4 seas. Italy retreated to the Med, and Axis hit the weak North. 3 UK dead, 2 Ger dead, 1 Italy dead. Attrition favored UK, but I got to Axis +6
    T3 was quite. North Sea was sub broken, so set up for fun next round.
    T4 saw another battle in the Satl with Axis winning. Just 1 dead ship for each. This offset the convoy landing, so still Axis +6.
    T5 repeating T4 with Satl axis offsetting convoy landing. So far 1 dead Italy, 3 dead Ger, 13 dead UK (3 CV). Attrition now way in favor of Axis. Sub commander very happy with the number of dead CV. Lopsided dice for Germany.
    T6 saw yet another Satl battle. Dice very lopsided in favor of Axis. 16 dead UK, (4 CV). We didn’t finish rolling the with 11 ships vs the Eagle.

  9. Jim Kramer (Allied bid 1.5) has defeated John Pack (Axis). The game went to turn 6 when John resigned due to the continuing bad fortunes of war.

    T1: I used my usual Allied Barents in 2 opening giving the Axis a +2 lead to start the game. The only combat rolls were Allied LBA strikes in the MED which succeeded in sinking an Italian CA.

    T2: Allied deployment – NA, 5 R-class BB and Fomidable. SA, Rodney, 2 CA and Eagle. NS, Nelson, 5 BB, a CA and 2 CV. Barents, Hood, 5 CA, Ark Royal and speed rolls for KGV, POW, Repulse, Renown. KGV fails speed. Axis deployment sees the Italian fleet split in Italy and the MED. The Germans send 4 subs to the SA and all 9 surface ships to the Barents with their LBA. Allied LBA go to Italy but cause no damage. Allied ASW sinks 2 subs and disables the other 2. In the Barents, Ark Royal puts 2 damage on Bismarck and disables Scharnhorst. Axis LBA hit Renown for 1 damage and disables Repulse. Surface combat rd1 sees the Allies hit Gneisenau for 2 and disable her. Graf Spee is disabled and Adm. Scheer and Prinz Eugen are sunk. Axis return fire sinks Renown, POW is hit for 1 damage and disabled, Suffolk is disabled, Devonshire takes 1 damage and Hood takes 3 damage. Allies and Axis fight rd2. Allied fire disables Lutzow and Blucher and sinks Adm. Hipper. Axis return fire sinks Cumberland. With only a slowed Bismarck remaining rd3 ensues with Bismarck disabled with an additional 4 damage points done. Bismarck’s return fire disables the Hood. POC for the turn is 4 to 2 Allies returning the game score to 0.

    T3: USSR roll sees Marat available and deployed. Other Aliied deployment – NA, 2 CA, 2 CV, the damaged Devonshire and convoy 1A. SA, 3 R-class BB and Eagle. NS, Nelson and Rodney, 5 BB and 2 fast CV. Barents, 4 CA, Ark Royal, speed rolls for KGV, DOY, Repulse, Valiant, Warspite and the damaged POW. Valiant and Warspite fail to Russia. Hood repairs in England. Axis send 3 subs to the Baltic and all 7 German surface ships to the Barents with the LBA. The Italian fleet again splits up to hold the MED. Allied LBA in the MED causes no damage. ASW and Ark Royal also miss with their fire. Axis LBA also miss and the subs just disable Marat. Allied combat rd1 sees Scharnhorst crippled and Tirpitz, Lutzow and Graf Spee disabled. Axis return fire sinks POW, Repulse and 2 CA. In addition KGV is hit for 4 damage and disabled. The remaining Allied ships retreat with no pursuit. Convoy 1A will continue on to the Barents. POC for the turn is 4 to 3 Axis with the game score now +1 Axis.

    T4: US/USSR rolls, only a US CA passes. Allied deployment – NA, 3 BB, the US CA, the damaged Devonshire and a fast CV. SA, 2 R-class BB, a CA and Eagle. NS, Rodney and Nelson, Anson, 3 R-class BB and 3 CV. Barents, Convoy 1A, 3 CA, Valiant, Warspite, Hood, DOY, the damaged KGV and Ark Royal. Convoy 2B stays in port. The Axis respond with the damaged Bismarck to the Baltic, 3 Italian CA and 5 subs to the SA, the Italian BB’s hold the MED and LBA to the Barents. Scharnhorst repairs with the remaining German ships (a BB, the damaged Gneisenau (2d), 2 PB, a CA and the CV) move to the NA. Unfortunately, Tirpitz, Gnesenau and Graf Spee fail their speed rolls. Allied LBA can now attack the ships in Germany. That attack sinks Graf Spee. Allied ASW in the SA sinks 2 subs and disables another. The CV in the NA misses. Axis LBA in the Barents sink Ark Royal but miss convoy 1A. In the SA the remaining 2 subs miss their shots and Eagle misses her airstrike. Graf Zeppelin disables a BB in the NA. Surface combat in the NA sees Graf Zeppelin sunk and Blucher disabled to France. Axis return fire sinks a BB. The remaining Lutzow is disabled in pursuit and escapes to France. In the SA the allies disable 2 Italian CA to the neutral port but have a CA sunk and the Royal Sovereign receives 2 damage by return fire. The remaining Italian CA then also retreats to France. With convoy 1A getting thru, POC for the turn is 6 to 3 Allies. Game score is now +2 Allies.

    T5: US/USSR rolls, sees the Washington come out and the Soviet O.R. will sail. Allied deployment has O.R. in the Baltic. NA, Convoy 2B, 2 US ships, 2 BB, a UK CA and a CV. SA, Rodney, 3 R-class BB and Eagle. NS, Nelson, Anson, Howe, Royal Oak, the damaged Royal Sovereign and Devonshire and 3 CV. Barents, Valiant, Warspite, Hood, DOY, the damaged KGV (4d), 2 CA and Formidable. The Axis send 5 subs and the LBA to the Barents, Tirpitz and Scharnhorst to the Baltic, and the 2 neutral port CA back to the MED with the rest of the Italian fleet. Bismarck and Gneisenau repair in Germany and the 3 ships in France stay put. Allied LBA are sent to Germany and sink Gneisenau. Barents ASW sinks 2 subs and disables another with the remaining 2 subs sinking the CV. Axis LBA in the Barents sink a CA. Baltic combat sees O.R. sunk with no damage inflicted on the German ships. Convoy 2B will move to the Barents. POC for the turn in 3 to 3 with no game score change.

    T6: US/USSR rolls, has Texas come out. Allied deployment – NA, 3 US ships, Convoy 3C, a UK CA, a CV and the damaged Devonshire. SA, 5 BB and the damaged Royal Sovereign (2d). NS, Rodney, Nelson, Anson, Howe, Revenge, Courageous, Glorious and Eagle. Barents, Convoy 2B, Valiant, Warspite, Hood, DOY, the damaged KGV (4d), a CA and a CV. The Axis deploy the split Italian fleet to hold the MED, 6 subs and an Italian CA to the SA, LBA to the Barents and the remaining 5 German ships (2 BB, a BC, a PB and a CA) to the NS. Combat: MED – Allied LBA register no hits. SA – Allied ASW sink a sub with a BB disabled in return. Barents – Axis LBA sink KGV and disable the CV but miss the convoy. NS – Allied carrier air strikes disable Bismarck, Scharnhorst and Blucher. At this point with both convoys free to land for major POC gains, no real chance in either surface combat and a blockade the result, John decided to resign the game.

    The game was a good one for my Allied Barents in 2 play. I had specific die rolls causing enough damage and problems for John’s Axis subs and ships from turn to turn. The major speed roll failure for John on T4 was also very big. And the Axis LBA was not able to connect against the convoys when the opportunities were presented. All in all a tense and engaging game.

  10. 3. Hilton McManus (Allies-1.0) vs Mike Brophy (Axis)*
    The Axis ended up with 5 POC, in part by sinking Convoy3C in the N Atlantic, and winning a T8 battle in the S Atlantic.

  11. Robert Dragan (Allies with a bid of 2.0) defeated Rick Virost in Match 7 of Round 84. The Allies got off to a great start, sinking the four fastest German ships in the first surface fire round in the South Atlantic (slower German ships went back to Germany for early refueling.) The remaining Italians managed to achieve control of the South Atlantic in the pyrrhic Turn 1 victory, with the eventual loss of only three Allies battleships. From there things went downhill for the Axis, when an attempt to control the Barents on Turn 2 (where Allies failed on the two speed rolls for battleships) was broken up by an air strike that disabled Bismarck even before the surface battle started. Russians contributed to the Axis problems by sacrificing their two battleships to first inflict five damage on Tirpitz, and then sink the Graf Spee. Axis LBA were unable to stop the first two convoys from reaching Russia. Early American arrivals of two battleships and a cruiser available for Turn 5 also was a plus for the Allies. The Axis attempt to offset the second convoy POC with a North Sea capture was foiled when three of the four Allies carrier air strikes disabling the big half (three) of the remaining Axis surface fleet. At the end of Turn 5 Convoy 2B lands in Russia. With Allies controlling S. Atlantic, N. Sea, and the Barents, and the Axis controlling the Med the Allied POC goes from 1 up to 5. At this point the Axis conceded, with both sides agreeing that the Allies had rolled the dice much better than the Axis.

  12. Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies (2.5 POC bid) prevailed over Jeff Lange’s Axis in a hard fought match that ended toward the end of Turn 7 with an Axis concession and the Allies leading by 3.5 POC after the bid. Jeff went to the SATL on Turn 1 and managed to take the area with relatively light losses, but also was forced to send Adm Scheer and Blucher to the Med on Turn 2 after the Allies deployed on Turn 2 with a balanced deployment that held all four sea areas and discouraged the Axis from testing the blockade in the Barents and North Sea. The turning point came on Turn 4 as the Allies managed to get Convoy 1A through to Murmansk against an all-out Axis commitment of 7 ships. This battle went down to the Allies with 1 cruiser screening two Allied carriers and Convoy 1A against a damaged Tirpitz (-4). The convoy, carriers, and cruiser could have withdrawn to Murmansk and outrun the 2 speed Tirpitz for a net gain of 2 POC, but the Allies decided to risk one more engagement in hopes of taking the area. The Allies were rewarded with a disabled result against the Tirpitz (-4), giving the Allies a 5 POC gain on Turn 4. This was followed by another 3 POC gain on Turn 5 as Convoy 2B reached Murmansk. Axis U-boats managed to sink Convoy 3C, but the Allied cumulative lead was such that the Axis was forced into a long odds battle on Turn 7 that fell short when Allied airstrikes disabled the Bismarck and Graf Spee while crippling the Scharnhorst before surface combat. This game illustrated the inherently risky nature of going to the SATL against a sound Allied deployment. This was our first match against each other.

  13. Bruce Monnin’s Axis survived against Greg Smith’s Allies. Greg’s Allies won by 1 POC, but after teh 1.5 POC bid was applied, Bruce’s Axis won by 0.5 POC.

    Greg used a Barents on 2 opening. The Axis won the Barents Sea, but lost two pocket battleships on an ill advised pursuit. The Axis subs broke open the North Sea on Turn 3, then combined Axis fleet won in the South Atlantic on Turn 4, giving the Axis an 8.5 POC advantage.

    The Allies rammed all four convoys through to Russia, thus earning the 9 POC needed for a 0.5 POC lead. However, the Axis claimed the victory with the U-Boats breaking control of both the Barents Sea and South Atlantic on Turn 6 to give Bruce the 0.5 POC win.

  14. In a no-bid game, Ken Pascoe’s Axis whipped up on John Sharp’s Allies in a big way. After T3, with Axis POC at 10 and only a remnant of a Royal Navy fleet, John threw in the towel. Highlights – twice John’s Allied ASW wiped out the U-Boats, rolling on one turn two 6’s and two 5’s vs three U-Boats. T3 saw Allied ASW roll triple 6’s vs three U-Boats. Unfortunately, failed speed rolls to the Barents plus great Axis airstrikes vs the T3 Allied Barents fleet (one sunk 456, one disabled 456 BB, one 3 damaged 456 out of three airstrikes) paved the way for a T3 Barents slaughter and an Axis win. Ken’s excellent play was backed by good dice rolls at the right time. Congratulations, Ken!

  15. Jim Bodenheimer’s Allies (-2.5) defeated Andy Choptiany’s Axis in a hard fought game. Turn 1 was a bloody victory for the Allies, losing 3 cruisers and Hood to the Axis’ 1 pocket battleship but holding onto the Barents. Turn 2 was another very bloody round with both sides taking a pounding. Half the UBoat squadron was destroyed but the remaining 2 took out HMS Malaya in the North Atlantic. The 2nd battle for the Barents cost Axis Gneisenau, Scheer and Spee against the Allied losses of Renown and Repulse. The loss of Zara in the Med further hurt the Axis’ options. Turn 3 saw yet another battle in the Barents started with a heavy disabled by air on both sides. Heavy damage was sustained on sides but only 1 Axis cruiser and 2 Allied were sunk as the Allies held on to Barents yet again. Turn 4 focused on Axis repairs and sinking the Marat with the limited numbers of remaining Axis ships. Uboats took a pounding throughout the early turns and could not maintain their numbers adequately to interdict the convoys. In turn 5, the 4th battle of the Barents began with the disabling of both Bismarck and Tirpitz and the loss of Eugen, leaving only 3 ships to face a large Allied squadron. Coupled with the inability of the UBoats to successfully interdict the North Atlantic, Axis conceded before firing a shot with the POC Allied 6 before bid.

  16. I will play. Karl Bodenheimer

  17. Last minute entry!

  18. Just checking in in time after Thanksgiving. I’m in.

  19. out this round

  20. I am playing in the next round

  21. I’ll go in for this round.

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  24. I will play.

  25. Out for round 84. Thanks for running the ladder!

  26. I would like to play in this round, but I will be out of town from 12/5 to 12/16.

  27. In for 84.

  28. In for Round 84

  29. I am in for Round 84

  30. Playing but may be slow to start as I have a week in Dallas and training.

  31. Yes, I will play in Round 84.
    Thank you for keeping keeping this organized!

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    John Sharp

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  41. Rick Virost will play in Round 84, starting on 12/1/2019

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