Round 42

Rd 42 of the War at Sea PBEM ladder completed on March 6, 2012.

Round 42 Matches

#1 Robert Drozd (Axis) vs. John Pack (Allies -1.0)Allied Victory*  +5 POC

#2 Andy Gardner (Allies – 2.0) vs. Nicholas Markevich (Axis) Allied Victory

#3 Dick Jarvinen (Axis) vs. Andrew Choptiany (Allied -1.5)  Axis Victory*

#4  Jim Bodenheimer (Allied -1.5)  vs. Tim Tow (Axis)Axis Victory*

#5 Jim Laws (Allied -1.5)  vs. Bruce Monnin (Axis)Axis Victory

#6 Vince Meconi (Axis) vs. Bob Hamel (Allies -1.5)  Allied Victory

#7 Mike Brophy (Axis) vs. Peter Shelling (Allies -1.5) Axis Victory* +2.5 POC

#8 Mark Gutfreund (Axis) vs. Ed Menzel (Allied -1.5)  Allied Victory +4.5 POC

#9 Mircea Pauca (Allied -1.5 ) vs Lee Kendter (Axis) Allied Victory*

#10  Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) vs. John Strand (Allies -1.5)  Allied Victory + 2.5 POC

#11 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies -2.5)  vs. Phillip Watkins (Axis)  Allied Victory* + +0.5 POC

#12 Rick Virost(Axis)  vs. Mike Kaye (Allied -1.0) Allied Victory* +7 POC

#13 Mike Ussery  (Allies -1.5) vs. John Sharp (Axis)  Allied Victory +4.5 POC

#14 Bob Jamelli (Axis) vs. Bill Thomson (Allies -1.0) Axis Victory

#15 Dennis Nicholson (Allies -2.0) vs. John Vogel (Axis)  Allied Victory*

#16  Ron Jacobsen (Allies  -1.0)  vs. Ken Nied (Axis)  Allied Victory

#17 Greg Berry (Allies -2.0) vs. Charles Drozd (Axis)Axis Victory by Forfreit

#18  James McCann vs. Scott Sturrock (forefeited)

#19 Jeff Miller (Allied -2.0)  vs. Bill Romaniecki (Axis) Axis Victory* +4 POC

#20 Matt Romaniecki  (Allies -1.0) vs. David McCarty (Axis) Axis Victory +7 POC

#21  Scott Beall (Allied)  vs. Michael Wildner (Axis) Allied Victory*

Box Score

12 Allied , 8 Axis, 1 forfeit

Not heard from this round

Kevin Shewfelt, Bryan Brinkman, Charles Ward, Mike Pacheco, Chet Makuch, Mark Humphries,  Glenn McMaster, Ewan McNay, Pat Richardson, Jeff Glazier, Timothy Hitchings, Eric Pass, Sean Druelinger, Anders Hennch, Tal Seaman, Ben Gardner, Robert Greene, Gary Kirk, Phil Fry

* indicates first AREA match between the two.

22 Comments to “Rd 42”

  1. Jarvinen lucks out over Choptiany in match #3 due to excellent undersea warfare and LBA while the English ASW had not yet reached the precision for which Churchhill had hoped.

    A nice (and fun) game by Choptiany, but doomed by disastrous dice.

    The Cliff Notes Version:
    Jarvinen/Axis vs Choptiany/Allies, abandoned by Allies at end of Turn 7 with POC at 3.5 (I think) in favor of German, one convoy reaching Russia, one sunk, and one still sitting forlornly in the US port of Norfolk.

  2. and bid was 1.5 for English by Choptiany

  3. Jarvinen played a very conservative game.He relied on his UBs and they came thru for him. My ASW was not disastrous slightly below norm 4-15. On T4,6,7 vs the convoys, 8 UB shots- 4 5s, 1 6 doomed the Allies. The firirish roller is devastating
    when used by the Axis- have lost 2 straight PBEM games to the firirish Axis. Expect to see alot more Axis victories now if they use it.

  4. Just want to let everyone know that my previous post wasn’t intended to question the integrity of the firish roller. It was a bad break for me, over the years I’ve had alot more good breaks than bad. One should use the die roller one feels he will be lucky with and let the dice gods roll them lol.

  5. Bruce Monnin’s Axis easily defeated Jim Laws’ Allies.

    The bid was 1.5 for the Allies. I surrendered in T4 with

    two convoys sunk and a lead I could not have overcome.

  6. In the Bodenheaimer (Allied -1.5) vs. Tow (Axis) match, the Axis prevailed by 1.5. The turning point was the destruction of Convoy 2C on turn 5 in the North Atlantic. This was the first AREA match between us.

  7. Match #13 – Ussery (Allies -1.5) vs Sharp (Axis +1.5)
    Ussery (Allies) beats Sharp (Axis), POC after T8 approximately Allies +6.

  8. Ussery-Sharp – not our first AREA match.

  9. Match #1 Drozd (Axis) vs. Pack (Allied -1.0), Allies +5 POC

    That was a hard fought game, Rob. I got lucky when oiling rolls trapped
    your fleet and then I won a come-from-behind battle in the South Atlantic
    that saw 5 Axis ships sunk. Thankfully, the Med strategy allows for
    overcoming huge (in this case 10) POC leads.

    Tim, my Allies (for which I bid 1) prevail in 8 turns by 5 POC after the bid
    over Rob’s Axis.

    The Axis finish with 4 U-Boats and two ships (Tirpitz [-6] and Graf Zeppelin
    to their name). Hot ASW (starting with 2 6′s out of three dice on Turn 1)
    on my part for the first 5 turns kept the U-Boats from reaching seven until
    the last move.

    The Allies finish with 17 ships (not counting the six Americans who never
    saw combat) — but counting the Impero who took 2 damage for the Allied
    cause on the last turn.

    This was our first AREA match of WAS.

    Thanks for picking up the ladder, Tim!


  10. Match #11 Lockwood (Allies 2.5) vs Watkins (Axis) Allies +3 POC

    This was not as close a match as it appears at first glance, since the real difference was 1) the loss of 2 Axis POC by Scharnhorst (-5) in the neutral port due to an initial unsuccessful speed roll attempt to the North Atlantic on Turn 2 followed by a decision to leave the Scharnhorst in the neutral port on Turn 3 while the U-boats tried to create an escape route for it by decontrolling the SATL. Phil is one of the most aggressive Axis players I have seen in quite a while, as he came out with the Axis fleet and Italians on Turn 6 to attack in both the Barents and the SATL, winning the Barents. Had I not managed to get all three convoys through to Murmansk, this would have been an Axis win, as Phil’s combat dice were nothing short of scorching. As it was, his Turn 8 foray into the North Atlantic was negated by Okt Rev occupation of the Baltic to create the crucial 3 POC swing and the final margin of voctory of .5 POC. A very exciting match, indeed.

    Kudos to Tim for his innovative new approach for managing the WAS ladder!

    This was the first match between Philip and me.


  11. Bill Thomson concedes to Bob Jamelli. The game was in the end of turn 5. Bob was the Axis. Bill the Allies and had bid 1. The POC was at 10. Convoy A would probably had been sunk or at worst Disabled.

    The Italian fleet took heavy losses as did the British. Germans losses were minimal.

  12. We finished our game stopping after turn 7

    Allies win – raw POC was +6
    I was Allies
    Vince was Axis

    > Subject: Re: War At Sea
    Bob — Congrats. I was going to concede when the 2nd convoy landed but surprisingly the LBA sank it so that gave me a reason to play out the string for however unlikely it might have been. But now even a miraculous win in one sea area would still leave the good guys down 3. As you know it was uphill for the Axis after the debacle in the Barents on Turn 2. See you in July if not over the internet sooner. — Vince

  13. Matt and I have finished our WAS game. I won as the Axis with a +7 POC. The bid was 1.0 for the Allies. This was our first AREA match.

    I would like to commend Matt, as he is a courteous and prompt opponent. He played well and I was fortunate to sink two of his convoys.

    We both enjoyed it! I am looking forward to the next one.

  14. In Match #2 Andy Gardner as the Allies defeated Nicholas Markevich as the Axis. Andy bid 2 POC to play the Allies and amassed 10 POC in his favor by the end of turn 6. The Luftwaffe did sink one convoy and three British carriers, but Allied ASW kept eliminating/disabling any and all U-boats that ventured into the North Atlantic or North Sea. This was not our first AREA-rated game of WaS.

  15. In match 15 Dennis Nicholson as the Alllies defeated John Vogel. I bid 2 POC for the Allies. John resigned during turn 7. I had a 5 POC lead (3 after the bid), at the time of the game end. Some interesting events: Turn 1 the Axis went to the SA and lost 3 ships including the Scharnhorst while having the Gneisenau and a 2-2-5 damaged. Turn 2 saw the Gniesenau and Lutzow try to get to Germany to repair and made there speed rolls to the North Sea. Oops, not what they wanted. But on turn 3 4 Italian CA’s won the South Atlantic from 3 BB’s and a CV!

  16. In Match #10 John Strand, Allies (bid 1.5) defeated Karl Bodenheimer by 4 POC (adjusted to 2.5 by the bid). Came down to the last battle in the last sea zone on Turn 8. This was not our first AREA game (we played in Round 23).

  17. In Match #16 Ron Jacobsen’s Allies (bid 1.0) have defeated Ken Nied’s Germans. Concession after Turn 6.

  18. Ladder Round # 42

    Axis – Mike Brophy
    Allies – Peter Shelling

    Peter bids 1.5 POC for the Allies

    Winner: Mike Brophy
    Final POC: Axis +1 (+1.5 bid = 2.5)

  19. Waiting on Jeff to confirm last battle results were correct. Axis win by 2 POC + 2 POC bid 4

    Axis: Bill Romaniecki
    Allies: Jeff Miller

  20. Very complete Allied Victory.
    Bid was +1 Allies by Mike Kaye.
    Margin of Victory was 7 Allied POC.
    Mike Kaye (victor) / Rick Virost =vanquished)

    Status at End of Turn 8:

    Allies: Barents, North, NATL, Convoy 3C = +6 Allies
    Axis: Med = + 2 Axis
    Net Change: +4 Allies
    POC Marker moves to +8 Allies

    I was very fortunate to get all three convoys in to get vital foodstuffs and just a little defensive war materials to the starving victims of blatant nazi aggression (one convoy had been hit for 3 damage). (note that when I play the Germans, then the peace-loving Germanic people are fighting to save Western civilization from the barbaric commie hordes–it all depends on perspective).

    The game was much closer than the score indicated and could have gone either way except for a few critical rolls (think that’s in the definition of WAS, isn’t it?). Key factor in the game: except for Rick’s turn one foray to the SATL, he was never able to get beyond the blockade of North Sea and Barents, which I held throughout the game with extra strong ASW when it really mattered. His LBA did average, killing two CAs early, a CV on the last turn, and damage on a convoy, but didn’t hit hard enough when it really counted.

    Thanks for running the ladder

  21. Mircea Pauca (Allies; bid 1.5) defeats Lee Kendter (Axis)
    Sharp fluctuations of luck between turns and even combat rounds, even by WaS standards.
    In the end, my luck was bigger.

    I started with my usual balanced Barents-on-1. One battlecruiser missing the speed roll attracted the German fleet to Barents. Sank the other 2 British heavies and 3 cruisers, for only a pocket battleship sunk and damage on the battlecruisers. Uh oh, barely enough British fast ships remaining to try again…
    Turn 2 Germans try again Barents, but keeps the battlecruisers away to repair. Britain manages to hold, while sinking the other pocket battleships. Total 0 POC.
    Turn 3 Both sides stare at each other. Luftwaffe sinks the last battlecruiser. 1 POC for Allies.
    Turn 4. All-out German effort against convoy and middle-heavy escort in Barents, while the 6-squadron wolfpack opens North Sea. The extreme swing referred below, when the convoy’s 1-firepower defeated a (damaged) battlecruiser and another cruiser. 5 POC for Allies.

    Lee Kendter’s final comments suggested there was something cheesy about the rule that the convoy can fire but not be fired upon, while there’s another Allied ship near (even a carrier that cannot fire).

    “At the end of turn 5 you will be 8 POC.
    I’m down to 3 fast ships, and two damaged BB. I simply don’t have enough ships to recover even with killing Russia.
    T4 and the absurd double kill from the Convoy ended this.
    That cost me convoy landing, Barents and the spare CV to claim the Baltic. That is the 7 POC I needed for a close game.”

  22. Michael has resigned at the end of Turn 7.

    There was no bid.

    This was our first matchup in an AREA rated game (if you are collecting those stats)

    Game recap – Axis went to SATL on T1, and while they won the area, they took some damage (including one of the 357′s being crippled and a 225 sunk. Only 2 Germans were able to oil

    On T2, a 336 and 3 cruisers held the Barents against the odds (Bismark, Gneisenau, Blucher) after a Speed 6 Hood failed her speed roll, while the Germans in SATL went to the Med.

    That was the turning point, as the 1st two convoys got through, and the Germans were reduced to a few last ditch sortie attempts on T6 & 7 at poor odds.

    I will play in the next round.

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