Rd 43

Round 43 of the War at Sea PBEM Ladder concluded on July 1, 2012.

Round 43 Matches

1.    John Pack (Axis)  vs. Andy Gardner (Allies -2.0) Allied Victory

2.    Dick Jarvinen (Axis)  vs. Tim Tow (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory*

3.    Bruce Monnin (Allies -1.5)   vs. Bob Hamel (Axis)  Allied Victory +4.5 POC

4.    Mike Brophy (Allies -1.0)  vs. Bryan Brinkman (Axis) Axis Victory* +1 POC

5.    Ed Menzel (Allies -1.5)   vs. Mircea Pauca (Axis) Allied Victory* +3.5 POC

6.    John Strand (Axis)  vs. Jonathan Lockwood (Allied -2.5) Allied Victory

7.    Mike Kaye (Allies -2.0)  vs. Michael Ussery (Axis) Allied Victory

8.    Bob Jamelli  (Axis) vs. Dennis Nicholson (Allies -1.5) Axis Victory

9.    Ron Jacobsen (Allies -1.5) vs. Charles Drozd (Axis)  Axis Victory*

10.  Bill Romaniecki (Allied -1.5) vs. Jim Laws (Axis) Axis Victory*

11.  David McCarty (Allied -1.5)  vs. Scott Beall (Axis) Axis Victory*

12.  Robert Drozd (Axis)  vs. Nicholas Markevich (Allied -1.0) Axis Victory

13.  Andrew Choptiany (Axis)  vs. Jim Bodenheimer (Allies -1.5) Axis Victory*

14 . Jim Laws (Allied -1.0) vs. Dick Jarvinen (Axis) Axis Victory*

15.  Vince Meconi (Allies -1.5)   vs. Peter Shelling (Axis)  Axis Victory

16.  Mark Gutfreund (Allies -1.5)  vs. Lee Kendter (Axis)  Allied Victory*

17.  Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) vs. Phillip Watkins (Allied -2.0)  Axis Victory*

18.  Rick Virost (Axis)  vs. John Sharp (Allies) Allied Victory*

19.  Bill Thomson (Axis)   vs. John Vogel (Allies -1.0) Axis Victory*

20.  Ken Nied (Axis)  vs. Tal Seaman (Allies) Axis Victory*

21.  Matt Romaniecki (Allies) vs. Michael Wildner (Axis) Axis Victory*

22.  John Lindley (Axis)  vs. Wayne Melnick (Allied -1.5) Axis Victory*

Box Score:
8 Allied , 14 Axis

* Denotes first AREA match between opponents

61 Responses to “Rd 43”

  1. Ken Nied’s Axis have defeated Tal Seaman’s Allies, with the Axis up by 8 POC at the end of Turn 7. The bid was 0.

    Ken will sit out the next round.

  2. My Axis powers have defeated Vince’s Allied fleet , with U-boats in the Barents sinking the last convoy on Turn 7.

    Not our first AREA game. Vince bid 1.5 to play the Allies

  3. My Allies will concede to Charles Drozd’s Germans. This game was essentially lost after an Allied disaster in the Barents on Turn 1 in which my force lost something like 8 ships to his 1. I kept it going for a couple of turns to see if I could get a crazy swing in the fortune, and I could probably limp for another turn or 2, but it’s not worth the pain. Charles has me dead to rights.

    This was our first AREA meeting. Bid was either 1 or 1.5 for the Allies.

    Congrats, Charles. Hope to get a rematch in a later round.

  4. The Lutzow runs up the white flag and sends remaining fleet officers to the
    Malaya for the official surrender of all Axis forces.

    Congratulations, Andy — you’re at the top of the ladder now!

    Andy’s Allies prevail with 10 POC at the end of Turn 5. My Axis
    gambled with U-Boats on Turn 1 and Turn 4 — and were decisively crushed
    with massive kills on both occasions. The Turn 5 breakout attempt started
    with excellent results by the Luftwaffe, but Andy’s fleet answered the
    challenge and repulsed the Kriegsmarine’ s effort.

    The bid was 2 for the Allies (which is the only thing that kept me in it after Turn 4)…

    This is a subsequent AREA game.

  5. 4. Mike Brophy vs Bryan Brinkman

    1) Players & Sides : Allies – Mike Brophy ; Axis – Bryan Brinkman
    2) The Bid : Mike bid 1 POC to play the Allies
    3) Final Score : 0 POC before bidding at the conclusion of turn 8 – so with bidding taken into account the Axis win by 1 POC
    4) This is the first area match between Mike & Bryan

    Brief play snyopsis:

    Turn 1 : RN patrols Barents, NS, SATL & NATL. Axis raids the NATL with an unusual force comprising 3 x 225s, 2 x 127s and 3 u-boats to protect the German 357s from the big guns of Royal Navy battleships – Axis won and controlled the NATL

    Turn 2: Axis skulk in the Baltics.

    Turn 3: The German fleet risks an engagement with a strong Royal Navy fleet in the Barents sea. German LBA disable 2 RN BBs. 1st round, Bismark, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst [3d] disabled and Hipper sunk in exchange for KGV sunk and PoW crippled and disabled and two county cruisers. 2nd round : Gneisenau [3d], P. Eugen [2d], Spee & Scheer disabled. German return fire scores 3 hits, but only ‘1’ damage point on each hit. Germans flee and fail to control the Barents.

    Turn 4: Baltic training run. British LBA sink a 357 repairing in Germany on a double ‘6’.

    Turn 5: Baltic training run and a 7 u-boat and Italian cruiser deployment to the SATL. 3 ASW sink 2 u-boats and disable a 3rd. Remaining subs miss … but British battleships fail to find the range and 3 Italian cruisers are disabled to the neutral port.

    Turn 6: German fleet engages in the Barents. 6 u-boats and 4 Italian cruisers win an engagement in the NATL when both Texas and New York are disabled by torpedoes. In the Barents German fleet is mostly disabled and lightly damaged while Anson and Howe are sunk. Germans flee and the 2nd convoy makes landfall.

    Turn 7: U-boats deny control in the SATL and Barents. Mike is incredulous (and Bryan dumbfounded) as the Brit LBA sink another 357 repairing in Germany on boxcars!

    Turn 8: Poor ASW rolls allow u-boats to break control in the North Sea and SATL while a sacrificial German fleet sails to the Barents to attempt to thwart the final convoy. However the Luftwaffe finally find the range and sink the convoy to steal a draw (and win on bidding) for the Axis.

    A very good game.

  6. Rob Drozd (Axis) defeated Nick Markevich (Allies). Nick bid 1 POC to play the Allies. The score was 9 POC in favor of the Axis at the end of turn 4 as Convoy 1A was sunk in the Barents and the U-boats decontrolled both Atlantic spaces. This was not our first AREA-rated game of WaS.

  7. The Allies, with bid of 2, defeated Mike’s Axis due to some very fortunate dice at the right time (what else is new?).

    Going in to turn 4, Axis was +4; I was very fortunate to kill five German ships on turn 4 (leaving 2 x 496, 225 and Zepp). Enabled me to send forces down to Med on turn 5 — even though lots of failed speed rolls meant the Axis controlled the Med that turn, he didn’t kill much, so I controlled the Med on turns 6 through 8. That plus getting two convoys to Russia enablied the Allies to prevail — Allies were +8 before bid without resolving the North Sea (2 x 496, Zepp vs 4 BB & cripp after Uboats & air strikes).


  8. Tirpitz is disabled with 3 damage and Scharnhorst is sunk by the initial British volley, securing Allied control of the Barents. Allied airstrike disables the Zara to the neutral port prior to surface combat. Pending the imminent destruction or disabling of the Pola by four British battleships, Turn 8 will end with the Allies holding the maximum 10 POC lead for victory (7.5 POC with handicap). Awaiting final Axis return fire. Thanks for an exciting match!


    PS to Tim: This is a subsequent match between me and John for AREA rating purposes.

  9. Dennis concede after 3 turns. He had suffered terrible losses and sunk only 3 minor Germans ships. The score 10.5..

    This was probably not our first AREA game.

  10. Bill Thomson(G) def John Vogel(A) in WAS ladder round; max Axis POC at
    turn 5. Bid was. 1.0 for the Allies and this was our first AREA game.

  11. Ed Menzel (Allies) has defeated Mircea Pauca (Axis) on T8. Bid of 1.5. First time opponents.

    Final score was +5 before the bid.

  12. I believe this is the first rated game between us. Gutfreund was allies w/ a 1.5 POC bid, Kendter the Axis; he resigned on T6 with Allies up +4 POC.

  13. #11 David McCarty (Allied -1.5) vs. Scott Beall (Axis) Axis Victory*
    Allied concession on T7
    First AREA matchup between us

  14. correction: the bid (by Jim) was 1 to play the Allied side.

  15. In an ‘eliminator’ match, my Germans outrolled Jim Laws Allies in every aspect (except for the Allies Speed Rolls). I won the one ‘important’ battle (on turn 1 where my initial control of the North Atlantic pretty much dictated the course of the game), my subs broke through the North Sea on Turn 5, and I sent his second convoy back to the US when it badly needed to reach Russian to keep him in the game. At that point (end of Turn 6), Jim gave up the ghost and decided it would be more fun to play with his grandchildren. 🙂

    In all, an enjoyable game (mostly because of the opponent) but really decided more by dice than by any superior tactics.

    The bid was Axis +1, and this was our first game (we think…).

  16. 1)Andrew Choptiany – Axis
    Jim Bodenheimer – Allies
    2)with a bid of 1.5
    3) Axis won.
    4) Jim attempted a MED strategy that fell apart badly in turn 5. Jim conceded at the beginning of turn 8 when he did not get minor support in the Baltic thus guaranteeing he could not overcome the bid plus the Axis’ 4 POC.
    5) This was the first game between Andrew and Jim.

  17. 1) Players and their sides – John Sharp (SHARP) as Allies vs Rick Virost (RV001) as Axis
    2) The bid – No bid
    3) Final Score and winning side and turn ended if not turn 8 – Allied (Sharp) win, score 3 POC, ended Turn 3 with Axis concession
    4) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players. – First AREA rated WaS match for John and Rick

    Rick had abominable shooting for the first two turns, and the Royal Navy, while not golden, hit what it needed to hit. An Eagle airstrike set of boxcars vs Scharnhorst on Turn 1 started the deluge, and things got worse from there.

  18. Tim’s Allied forces mauled my poor helpless Axis fleet, and I gave up the ghost on Turn 7.

    One major mistake by me (and a couple of little ones) compounded with Tim’s Eagle Eye ASW (SUNK SIX of seven uboats with 15 shots on Turn 6) forced me to sue for peace.

    And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just sue him for dollars!

    This was our first AREA game.

  19. Yes, I would like to play in the next War At Sea round.

  20. I would like to sign up for round 43.

  21. i’m in for the next round

  22. Sure, go ahead and sign me up. Thanks! Andy

  23. sign me up!

  24. I’ll play in round 43.

  25. Bryan Brinkman is in for round 43.

  26. I’m in but I have some suspicions about my projected opponent.

  27. I’d like to get it on this. Please count me in.

  28. Tal Seaman is in for the next round.

  29. Rick Virost will try again in Round 43. Thanks Tim for setting up this opportunity.

  30. Please sign up Michael Wildner for Round 43 – thank you!

  31. i will play, i should be near the bottom, have to fight off unsurpers

  32. Bob Jamelli in 43

  33. Count me in.

  34. Scott Beall is in.

  35. Count me in

  36. i’ll play.

  37. Matt and I are in.

    Bill Romaniecki

  38. I would like to participate in Round 43.

  39. Jim Bodenheimer will play round 43.

  40. Karl Bodenheimer will play round 43

  41. I will play Round 43.

  42. Count me in for Round 43, please.

  43. Im in for Round 43.

    Jonathan Lockwood

  44. Tim,

    Count me in, please.

    John Sharp

  45. Sign me up for the next round

  46. Mircea Pauca from Romania enters round 43.
    Good luck everybody, we’ll need it !

  47. please sign me up.

    Bob hamel

  48. Please sign up James McCann for round 43.

  49. Bruce Monnin is in for round 43.

  50. Signing up

  51. I’m in for round 43.

  52. I’m in.

  53. John Strand is in for Round 43

  54. Michael Ussery is in for Round 43

  55. M. Kaye requests permission to come aboard for round 43

  56. Brophy is in for Round 44.

  57. Jacobsen is in for Round 43.


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