Rd 44

Round 44 of the War at Sea PBEM ladder concluded on September 30, 2012.

 Round 44 Matches

1.    Andy Gardner (Allies -2.0)  vs. Tim Tow (Axis)  Axis Victory

2.   Bruce Monnin (Allies -1.5)  vs. Bryan Brinkman (Axis) Axis Victory

3.   Ed Menzel (Axis) vs. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies -2.5) Allied Victory

4.   Mike Kaye (Allies -2.0) vs. Bob Jamelli (Axis) Axis Victory

5.   Charles Drozd (Axis) vs. Scott Beall (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory +3.5 POC

6.   Rob Drozd (Allies -1.0)  vs. Andrew Choptiany (Axis)  Allied Victory*

7.   Mark Gutfreund (Allies -1.0) vs. John Sharp (Axis) Allied Victory +2 POC*

8.   Michael Wildner (Axis)  vs. John Lindley (Allied -1.5)  Axis Victory*

9.   Dick Jarvinen (Allies -2.0) vs. John Pack (Axis)  Axis Victory

10.  Bob Hamel (Allies -1.0) vs Mike Brophy (Axis) Allied Victory

11.  Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs. Mike Ussery (Allies -1.5) Axis Victory*

12.  Dennis Nicholson (Axis) vs. Ron Jacobsen (Allies -1.5)  Allied Victory

13.  Bill Romaniecki (Axis) vs. David McCarty (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory*

14.  Nick Markevich (Axis) vs. Jim Laws (Allies -1.0) Allied Victory

15.  Vince Meconi (Allied -2.0) vs. Lee Kendter (Axis)  Tie +0 POC

16.  Phil Watkins (Allied -1.0) vs. Rick Virost (Axis) Allied Victory*

17.  Tal Seaman (Axis) vs. Lee Kendter (Allies -1.5)  Axis Victory +0.5 POC*

18.  Matt Romaniecki (Axis)  vs. Avi Solomon (Allies -1.0) Allied Victory*

19.  Ewan McNay (Allies -1.5) vs.  David Lindsay (Axis) Axis Victory*

Extra Matches

20.  Avi Solomon (Allied -1.5) vs. Lee Kendter (Axis) Allied Victory +2.5 POC*

Box Score

11 Allied , 8 Axis, 1 tie

*’s indicate first time AREA matches of War at Sea games between the two opponents.

This round has concluded. If interested in the next round, click on the latest round # above (at the top of this page) and post a comment on that page.

56 Comments to “Rd 44”

  1. * results are first-time AREA rated matches between the two players.

  2. What are the * after some results, not all ?

  3. Just added up the board. Tal’s Axis are at +1 as of the end of T7.
    At best I land the convoy in UK for 5 vs. your 3. That puts me at +1.
    After my 1.5 bid for the Allies Tal is at at .5 and win.
    There is no sense in doing turn 8.
    The convoy disable won you the game. Second game in a row of WaS where I
    lost over a Convoy roll. 😦

    This is our first AREA game.

  4. Scott Beall (Allies) vs. Charles Drozd (Axis
    Allies Bid 1.5
    Allies won by 5 (3.5 after the bid)
    I believe that I’ve played Scott Previously.

  5. Bob Jamelli as axis defeats Mike Kay as allies. The score with the =id was 5. Mike bid 2 for allies. Game difference Mike could not get any key =its in he latter part of the game. UB also played a key part
    denying POC.

  6. Jim Laws (Allies; Bid 1) has defeated Nick Markevich (Axis). We have played AREA-rated games of WaS in the past.

  7. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeated Mike Ussery (Allies). Bid was 1.5 PoC to play the Allies.
    Combined Axis forces controlled South Atlantic in T1 with sizable losses (a pocket battleship, 2 German and 1 Italian cruiser). Then they controlled North Atlantic in T2 and T3 with minimal losses (a battlecruiser then luckily NONE!). Tried a gamble in North Sea in T4 to unify the survivors with newly built ships, but was defeated by the 6 British battleships with heavy loss (3 ships each side).
    [Here I missed a 90% winning situation. The old fleet could stay in France while the wolfpack could open North Sea, reunite in Baltic then open again North Sea or Barents and win easily somewhere weakest in T6… With the gamble it was ~60%, after losing it ~40%…]
    The situation stayed very close as Germans refused further big fights in T5, but tried to turn back Convoy2 with the wolfpack. Almost succeeded ! [3 damage… ultimately still unloaded to Russia].
    Germans got extremely lucky in T6 when both Allied convoys got sunk, one by Stukas and the other by a renewed wolfpack. With Russians not yet ready on T7 (they never got ready!), Mike Ussery’s Allies gave up.

    Score was 4 POC for Axis at end of Turn 6, likely the same until the end (Germans staying home and neutralizing one area with U-boote each turn).

    Mike and I never played WAS before for AREA, but we did play VITP before.

  8. Tim: Forgot to mention, Ed Menzel and I have played each other previously.

  9. Tim: Just forwarding the message to you from Ed in which he has conceded our PBEM ladder match near the end of Turn 7. At that point, I was leading by 5 POC (2.5 POC with handicap) with Convoy 3C in the Barents, Okt Rev about to engage Lutzow in the Baltic (he had 2 U-boats there already), and the remainder of the German-Italian fleet trapped in the neutral port, with two aircraft carriers and nine battleships in the SATL waiting for them. Ed was unsuccessful in his first turn attack with the Axis fleet in the Barents on Turn 1, and his chances did not improve much after that, although he did manage a breakout into the SATL on Turn 5 after having broken control of the North Sea with his U-boats on Turn 4

  10. 1) Players and their sides – Bruce Monnin (Allies) vs Bryan Brinkman (Axis)

    2) The bid – 1.5 for the Allies

    3) Winning side – Axis

    4) Final Score – Bruce conceded at the end of turn 6 with the Axis 7.0 POC up (8.5 POC before bidding)

    5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players. – at least the second, possibly a third

    A horrendous opening turn for the Allies saw the Allied foray into the Barents sea either failing its speed roll or mostly falling prey to the Axis fleet and LBA, all without loss to the Axis.

    The Luftwaffe and Graf Zeppelin were in good form this game and along with a major battle in the Barents on turn 4 saw 4 British carriers sunk. The u-boats as a result were persistant in disabling convoys in the NATL with all 3 convoys starting in the USA on turn 6. Bruce ultimately conceded at the end of turn 6 (with possibly the worst attack dice I have ever seen – only German ship to sink was the Scheer).

  11. Lee Kendter and Vince Meconi have kissed our sisters with a tie this round. Vince’s Allies bid 2.0 for the privilege, and ended the game up 2 POC with the bid bringing it back into a tie. We have played previously, about 10 years ago. In this game, the Allies appeared to be in a reasonable position, up 3 POC, until turn 5. The Axis won 2 areas that turn: the S. Atlantic, where 7xU-boats & 4xItalian CAs defeated the Eagle, 3×443, & a cruiser, and the Barents, where all 11 German ships beat a convoy, the Ark Royal, 4×456, the Hood, 2×336, & 6×117, sinking the convoy in the process. This 7-2 score put the Axis up 2 POC. However, the Allies won 2 battles they should not have in the Barents on turns 7 & 8 (landing the last convoy on turn 7) to gain 4 POC and escape with a tie. Another great War At Sea game that went all 8 turns and and down to the last die roll in the last area.

  12. 1) Players and their sides – Mark Gutfreund (Allies) vs John Sharp (Axis)

    2) The bid – 1.0 from the Allies to the Axis

    3) Winning side – Allies

    4) Final Score (required only if game was not conceded) – before bid, +3 Allies; after bid, +2 Allies

    5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players. – think so, but not sure

  13. Rick Virost accepted Phil Watkins bid of 1.0 for the Allies
    The first five turns were very even with the lead swinging no more than 3 points each way.
    Luck really started to heavily favour the Allies in the last few turns, with the Allies taking the honours.

  14. 1) Matthew Romaniecki was the Axis and Avi Solomon was the Allies
    2) The winning bid was 1 POC for the Allies
    3) The Allies won
    4) The final POC was Allied 11 before deducting the bid of 1 POC
    5) This has been the first AREA match between the players

  15. Bruce – (been away on leave) – please send me your e-mail address (to bryanbrinkmanDOTusaATgmailDOTcom) – not sure where to find anyone’s e-mail address on this page.

  16. The dice were unkind to Ewan and very kind to me.

  17. Game report for Game #19, Ewan McNay (Allies) vs. David Lindsay. Ewan conceded during turn 2. The score after turn 1 was 2 for the Axis. Ewan’s bid for the Allies was 1.5. This was the first AREA match between us.

  18. Game Report for Jacobsen (Allies) v Nicholson (Axis)
    Bid was 1.5 to receive the Allies.
    Allies won.
    Game was conceded at the end of Turn 6 with the Allies ahead by net 6.5 POC.
    I beleive that Dennis and I have played before.

  19. Our game is over.
    Made it to Turn 6

    Axis was almost out of it from start with bad time in S Atlantic on
    turn 1 getting 1/2 of fleet trapped in S. America and the first 2 convoys managed to
    land also.

    Allies (Bob) wins over Axis (Mike)

  20. Rob Drozd (Allies, bid 1.0) vs Andrew Choptiany (Axis). Andy conceded after Turn 6 after enduring an incredible Turn 4 airstrike that sunk Admiral Hipper, Graf Spee and Graf Zeppelin while disabling Tirpitz. I don’t recall playing Andy before.

  21. I’d like to join. John Sharp will vouch for me.

  22. Sorry about confusion above, pzkw4f2 was me, not a new player ! I was indeed in a rare-Net situation, now for a week or so I am in a good-Net situation 😉 Then it may change to bad again.
    So, please enter me in Round 44.

  23. I’ll be able to play in round 44.

  24. Please sign me up for round 44

  25. I will play round 44

  26. I will participate in Rd44, but for some time I may have very rare Net connection, every 2-3 days or so.
    Thanks for your understanding !

  27. Rick Virost will play in Round 44.

  28. Please sign me up

  29. Count me in, Regards, Jeff

  30. I’ll play. Thanks for running the ladder
    Mike Kaye

  31. I am in for this round. Thanks Tim!

  32. Sign me up.

  33. I am in for 44.

  34. I’ll play.

  35. I’m in for Round 44.

  36. I’m in for Round 44

  37. Jonathan Lockwood

    I’m in for Round 44.

  38. I’m in.

  39. Hi Tim. I’d like to participate. Thanks!

  40. I’ll take another beating.

  41. Count me in!

  42. Sign me up

  43. I am in for Round 44

  44. In for 44

  45. I’m in for Round 44. — Vince

  46. OK, sign me up for more abuse :).

  47. I am in for round 44.

  48. I’ll play in Round 44. Thanks!
    – Nick

  49. Count me in for round 44
    Michael ussery

  50. I’m in for round 44.

  51. I’m in for next round.

  52. Sign me up!

  53. I’m in too

  54. Hey! I’m in!

  55. Please sign me up for Round 44.

  56. Sign me up for round #44

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