Rd 45

Round 45 of the War at Sea PBEM ladder concluded on January 31, 2012.

Round 45 Matches

1. Tim Tow (Allies -1.5) vs. Bryan Brinkman (Axis) Axis Victory*

2. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies -1.5) vs. Bob Jamelli (Axis) Axis Victory +5 POC

3. Rob Drozd (Axis) vs. Mark Gutfreund (Allied -1.0) Allied Victory

4. Michael Wildner vs. John Pack (Allied -1.5) Allied Victory*

5. Bob Hamel (Allies -2.0)  vs. Mircea Pauca (Axis) Allied Victory*

6. Ron Jacobsen (Allies -1.5) vs. Peter Shelling (Axis) Allied Victory*

7. David McCarty (Axis)  vs. Karl Bodenheimer (Allies) Allied Victory*

8. Jim Laws (Axis) vs. Ed Menzel (Allies -1.5) Axis Victory

9. Bill Thomson (Axis)  vs. Lee Kendter (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory*

10. Phil Watkins (Allies)  vs. Tal Seaman (Axis) Allied Victory +3 POC

11. Avi Solomon (Axis)  vs. Bruce Monnin (Allies -2.0)  Axis Victory +1 POC*

12. John Strand (Allies -2.0) vs. Charles Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory +3 POC*

13. Andrew Choptiany (Allies -1.5) vs. John Sharp (Axis) Allied Victory

14. John Lindley (Axis)  vs. Jim Bodenheimer (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory

15. Mike Brophy (Axis) vs. Mike Ussery (Allies -1.5)  Allied Victory +2.5 POC

16. Dennis Nicholson (Axis) vs. Vince Meconi (Allies -2.0) Tie

17. Jeff Miller (Allies -2.0) vs. Rick Virost (Axis) Allied Victory +3.0 POC*

18. Matt Romaniecki vs. David Rynkowski Forfeit*

19. Greg Smith (Allies -1.0)  vs. Ed Kraska (Axis) Allied Victory*

20. Jeffrey Lange Sr. (Allies) vs. Callie Seaman (Axis -1.5)  Allied Victory +7.5 POC*

21. Paul Schwartz (Axis) vs. Mike Pacheco (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory +2.5 POC*

Round 45 Extra Matches

22. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs. Jonathan Lockwood (Allied -2.5) Axis Victory +3.5 POC*

23. Avi Solomon (Allied -1.5) vs. Bryan Brinkman (Axis)  Allied Victory*

24. Lee Kendter (Axis) vs. Bryan Brinkman (Allied -1.5) Axis Victory*

25. Lee Kendter (Allies -0.5) vs. David McCarty (Axis) Allied Victory*

26. Lee Kendter (Axis) vs. Bob Jamelli (Allies -1.0) Axis Victory*

Box Score: 16 Allied, 8 Axis, 1 Tie, 1 Forfeit

Reporting Requirements: After your match is complete, post a comment at https://waratsea.wordpress.com/round-45/ with the following information:

1) Players and their sides

2) The bid

3) Winning side

4) Final Score (required only  if game was not conceded)

5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players.

*’s indicate first time AREA matches of War at Sea games between the two opponents.

66 Responses to “Rd 45”

  1. Relooking at the board situation, and after another poor round, the Allies will concede defeat to your Axis.in our extra game. This was our first AREA game and I had the Allies for 1.5 POC

  2. Callie and I have finished our match. She played very well – but was hampered by the dice rolls that favored me.
    Final score was 6 POC for my Allies + the 1.5 bid by Callie for the Axis or a final score of 7.5.

  3. 12. John Strand vs. Charles Drozd
    John’s Allies have conceded to my Axis.

    On the last turn John needed to escort his last convoy into Russia; and for the second turn in a row my Luftwaffe sank a convoy in the Barents. As a note, my air power and U-Boats were extremely deadly in this game.

    After the bid; Axis wins by 3 PoC.

  4. 10. Phil Watkins vs. Tal Seaman

    Tal graciously accepted my bid for the Allies without addition POC.

    The game was very close throughout – only a few points in it all the way to the end of turn 8. Some lucky dice got the allies to +3vp at the end of turn 8.

  5. Jeff Miller vs Rick Virost (Match 17 in Round 45)

    POC marker was at +5 Allies at the end of Turn 8

    Jeff Miller bid 2.0 for the Allies, so this is an Allies Victory for him.
    Rick Virost came in second as the Axis.
    This was the first time that we had played each other.

    Allies lost 16 ships (8 battleships, 4 carriers, 4 cruisers.)
    Axis lost 20 ships (8 U-Boats, 1 battleship, 3 pocket battleships, 7 cruisers, 1 carrier.)

    Key features were duels to the death in the South Atlantic (Turn 3)
    and Barents (Turn 8), both won by the Allies. Axis forces were also
    asleep at the dice during a major surface battle in the North Sea (Turn 4).

  6. Michael conceded our WAS game at the start of Turn 1 combat. I bid 1.5 for the Allies. This was our first AREA game

  7. Jim Bodenheimer Allies v. John Lindley Axis
    Bid of 1.5 for Allies
    Allies won with Axis conceding in round 7 with an allied score of 9 before bid.
    Not our first dance.

    • Greg Smith vs Ed Karaska Greg gave 1.0 to be the Allies Allies won. We have not played before. Ed conceded for personal reasons on turn 3. Highlights: Both 3-3-6s and two Italian 1-1-7s sunk by LBA in turn 1

  8. In the quick round game betweem myself and Avi Solomon, my Axis conceded after turn 7 after failing to stop any of the convoys from getting through.

    Looks like the Luftwaffe used all their luck in my game against you!

    Avi’s bid was 1.5 POC for the Allies.

  9. Lee (allies 1.5 bid) vs. Bill Thomson

    Turn 1 sees the Axis take Natl with Rodney being the only casualty.
    Turn 2 sees lots of action in Barents. I barely hold with a lucky round for me as it was down to 3 CC vs. Scheer and Hipper. Scheer gets disabled and then the Hipper. I lost 5 CC to take out just the Gneisenau.
    Turn 3 is sees 1A disabled, and a CV sunk. The blockade holds.
    Turn 4 was quite.
    Turn 5 has Germany barely break the North Sea with subs.
    Turn 6 saw 1A sunk. It was a tight battle when Germany went to Natl to get 2B. It went down to Lutzow and Zep vs. 2 USA CC and Convoy.
    Turn 7 was a quite turn.
    Turn 8 saw the Germans slaughters in Barents as he had to stop the last convoy to have a chance. This had 7 healthy Germans vs. 9 Brits surface (2 damaged) plus 2 CV. I get lucky and barely win this one with just my 3 CC left in the Barents.

    Allies win with 6 POC after bid. If the Convoy was sunk, and I lost Barents it would have been a squeaker with a .5 win. Luckily he had very little Italians left, so the Satl attempt failed.

    This was a lot tighter than the score shows. There were several battles that could have gone Bill’s way. As of turn 5 with the North Sea break, convoy bottleneck from disables and Axis +3 I actually thought Bill may have locked the game. I already had 2 CV sunk from LBA fire.

  10. Extra game
    Lee Kendter vs. Bob Jamelli (allies with bid of 1)
    Germans won with +4 PoC before bid affect despite bad attrition at the end (8 Brits & 2 Russians vs. 7 Germans & 1 Italian).
    Turn 1 Germany to Satl with Italian help. I lost 2 subs, but sunk 2 allies. Germans oiled up.
    Turn 2 Germany to Natl and attrition went my way – 3 allies for the Spee and oiled up again.

    Turn 3 Germany to Satl again with Italian help. I had a Baltic disaster with Russians sinking the Tirpitz. I can’t recall ever seeing that one before. I am up to POC 9, but it is now 4 dead Germans vs. 6 Brits and 1 Russian along with a badly hurt Scharnhorst in neutral port.

    Turn 4 drop to 5 POC lead with first convoy landing. Last pesky Russian is dead, but the stupid Scharnhorst makes in SR to Natl when I wanted it to fail. I lost another German for nothing back.

    Turn 5 and the LBA earn their pay sinking convoy 2B.
    Turn 6 and the subs break North Sea.
    Turn7 and once again the Satl is mine which offsets the convoy landing. This is where my attrition fell apart, but fortunately is doesn’t matter at this point.

    Turn 8 has no action, as there simply aren’t enough points for the UK to claim to recover the lead.

  11. WaS pbem ladder Round 45 game 6 report:

    1) Ron Jacobsen (Allies) vs. Pete Shelling (Axis)
    2) Bid = 1.5 for Allies
    3) Winner = Allies
    4) Game was conceded on Turn 3 with the net score at 0.5 POC for the Allies.
    5) This was the first AREA match between the players.

    Turn 1: Pete went all out for the SATL, but two 225s failed speed rolls. Blucher and Hipper were lost as the Allies denied the area, but subs kept it open for travel. Britain lost Warspite and Eagle with two other BBs damaged. POC = 0.5 AXIS

    Turn 2: An exciting turn. Pete again went for SATL with disasterous results as the subs were swept away with 2 kills, and Scharnhorst and Scheer were sunk while Gneisenau was crippled, while the Allies lost only Barham. But just when all seemed lost, the Luftwaffe connected big time in a lightly defended Barents, sinking Cumberland and crippling Hood. Bismark and Eugen were able to sink Exeter and Formidable with Hood narrowly escaping. POC = 1.5 AXIS.

    Turn 3: Still having to defend all areas, the Allies got some lucky help from the Russians, allowing them to spread a little thinner up north and concentrate on those trapped in the NP. Pete sailed in SATL with 2×225, 4×117, 3xUboat but opted to take the 1 VP hit for leaving Gneisenau(-5) in port. Bismark, Tirpitz and Eugen sailed to punish Okt Rev in the Barents. At this point, the dice deserted Pete completely. The u-boats were scoured from SATL with 2 more kills. Then Okt Rev killed Eugen while the Germans whiffed completely except for a most welcome disable result. Finally, in SATL, Lutzow and 3 cruisers were sunk with the fourth disabled in the first round of combat. The return shot produced no die roll higher than a 3, leaving the entire British force intact. At this point, the Axis conceded the game with his navy split and both forces too decimated to contest a sea area. POC = 0.5 ALLIES.

  12. Jim Laws’ Axis bested Ed Menzel’s Allies

    on T7. Bid was Allies 1.5. We have played before.

    Thanks. Jim

  13. Lee vs. David M.
    Bid was .5 for allies going to Lee
    Allies with as David concedes turn 4.
    Never played David before.
    Turn 1 quite.
    Turn 2 Germany tries for Barents losing 3 ships to my one and more injured.
    Turn 3 Quite turn but the Spee is sunk by a Russian. I am very happy any time a Russian kills something. Lost a CC to German LBA.
    Turn 4 Germany tries Barents again. I sink 2 CC, and scare off several ships.
    David resigned at this point, and I don’t blame him. At this point 6 Germans are dead, and I’ve lost less. And his subs have taken a beating.

  14. WaS pbem ladder Round 45 game 21 report:

    1) Schwartz, Axis; Pacheco, Allies.

    2) 1.5 PoC for the Allies

    3) Allies

    4) +2.5 PoC Allies

    5) first AREA match between the players.

    This match was more tense than one might have thought after the turn 1 battle in the North Atlantic. The Germans took a beating there, then didn’t re-emerge until turn 6 and turn 8 in the Barents. Axis LBA disabled every convoy in the Barents until the last one. It all came down to the last battle in the Barents, as the Allies needed 2 PoC to win, but were threatening to put points up all across the board. A very unusual game and a testament to Paul, who managed to stay in this one, even after the opening went sour.

  15. Dennis Nicholson and Vince Meconi are fit to be tied this round. In my (Vince’s) case, I hadn’t had a tie game in War At Sea since 1998 and now I’ve had 2 in the last 2 ladder rounds. Dennis and I have played numerous times (4 times in the last 2 years between the WBC, BPA PBEM Championship, and now the Ladder tournament) and we always have the best games. I took the Allies for a bid of 2. The Axis played extremely conservatively — the German fleet did not leave the Baltic until turn 8! Neither side’s ASW, subs, or LBA could hit a thing, and both sides had their entire fleets undamaged for turn 5. That turn saw the Allies land one convoy but the U-boats got another and in the Baltic the Marat and Graf Spee went down. Turn 6 featured another Russian BB and German pocket BB sunk in the Baltic, but more significantly, Allied ASW sank 4 U-boats in the N. Atlantic. The Axis were now at a significant disadvantage as they had only 4 U-boats available and only a minuscule chance to break the blockade. Instead, on turn 7 they sent all 4 U-boats and all 4 Italian CAs to the S. Atlantic against 4 British BBs and 2 cruisers. The 6 ASW sank 1 and disabled 1 U-boat, the lone U-boat’s topedo missed, but (ominous, foreshadowing music playing in the background) the Allied battle line’s 18 shots could sink only 1 of the Italian CAs — and the German LBA nailed another convoy in the Barents. Still, turn 8 looked good for the Allies as they had every ship available and undamaged except the 2 Russians and the 3 convoys, ahead +4 before the bid and with the Germans blockaded. The 9 German ships could not stop the Allies’ 3 carriers, 8 battleships, and 4 cruisers in the Barents. 4 U-boats and 3 Italian cruisers took on the 6 US ships in the North Atlantic. After the ASW whiffed, 3 U-boats disabled the 3 American BBs and the 4th missed a cruiser. On the first surface round, the Italians disabled 2 of the American cruisers and in return the Americans got only one Italian. It took 2 more rounds for the Italians to dispose of the final American. Turn 5 ended 5-3 for the Axis, bringing the Allied +4 down to +2, which the bid brought down to zero.

  16. Match 13

    1. Andy Choptiany (Allies) vs John Sharp (Axis)
    2. Bid – 1.5 given for the Allies
    3. Allies won
    4. Final score about +8 Allies
    5. NOT our first AREA rated match

    – Andy Choptiany’s Allies drubbed John Sharp’s Axis despite the bid of 1.5 given to John’s Axis. Final score after 8 turns was something like 8 for the Allies. Andy’s Allied ASW did a number on the U-Boat fleet, so good that Andy ported two convoys in England for one point each, not needing the 3 potential convoy points for each, and still won handily. Congratulations, Andy!

  17. RD 45 game 14

    1) Michael Ussery Allies, Mike Brophy Axis

    2) 1.5 for the allies

    3) Allies

    4) Final Score (required only Allies +4 (-1.5) = +2.5

    5) I think this is not our first AREA match

  18. Karl bid zero for the Allies.I resigned my match with Karl on turn 6. I was in a hopeless position. Karl played an excellent game and was a courteous and prompt opponent. I enjoyed it despite the loss. This is our first AREA match.

  19. Tempting the Axis to fight on turn 1 is always good if you can inflict permanent casualties in exchange for your own. Bryan’s Axis went into the North Sea on turn 1 and never looked back. The 5 BB + 1 carrier standard North Sea patrol did not dissuade Bryan at all. I will have to think about challenging there too next time I play. The British carrier failed to affect the course of battle on turn 1.

    Bryan sank 3 battleships and disabled one with his first round on turn 1. The British fire on round 1 turn 1 was poorer in comparison, resulting in max damaging a German BC and a PB, disabling the crippled BC + 2 other PBs, leaving 1 BC, 2 CAs to chase down the lone battleship and carrier. Both Allied ships were lucky to get away with disables, but the damage had already been done to the British fleet.

  20. Bob Hamel (Allies; bid 2.0) crushed Mircea Pauca (Axis) in 5 turns. This was our first WAS game for AREA (we also had VITP and TPS games before).

    Bob started with a Barents-in-1 with a weaker Barents (447,2×336,5×117) – missing 3×117 and Ark Royal from the usual maximum. I sensed an opportunity (and a remote chance of a trap) and send everything there. The victory was ‘control’ only, as German losses (a battlecruiser and pocket battleship) out-valued the British (2 cruisers).
    After one turn home, in Turn 3 I risked again battle against slightly weaker Barents. The last 2 pocket battleships were gone and both heavies well damaged, the last 2 cruisers having to run from the remaining 2 British battleships while sinking ‘only’ 4 cruisers.
    Turn 4 again saw too strong British guards, and German repair capabilities were insufficient anyway, so they stayed to repair and open North Sea with a full wolfpack of 7 U-boot units. Luckily, they sunk Ark Royal. Also the Luftwaffe sent a disabled Convoy 1A back to the start. Some chance remained…
    Turn 5 forced a gamble only slightly advantageously to North Atlantic, going after the lighter force and convoy. Unfortunately all 3 German heavies did not get to fight (Gneisenau failed to reach due to 1 remaining damage; Bismarck and Tirpitz disabled by carrier airstrikes !). There were more miracles on the flank, sinking Renown and Courageous – not enough to get a chance at counterbalancing the ample Allied points for convoys.
    So my Axis surrendered on Turn 5 with an estimated 7 to 10 POC for Allies at end, depending on further luck.

    I’m really curious how viable is the weaker Barents opening, exactly for the purpose shown, as a lure for early battle, compared to likely much heavier British losses among the irreplaceable fast units.

  21. In the battle for the top ladder spot, Bryan’s Axis win big driving POC to +10 at the end of turn 6, preventing Tim’s Allies from landing even a single convoy, and seriously crippling the Allied fleet. The Axis started out big by challenging the British North Sea patrol on turn 1 facing down 5 BB’s and sinking 3 of them with no permanendt casualties. The Allies were forced to a Barents on a 3 strategy after that and when they finally came up to the Barents faced a full strength German navy there and were never able to fully close down the blockade. Despite losing all 4 IT cruisers by turn 6, the Axis only lost a pocket battleship and a German cruiser during while all but eliminating the KGV class. The Allies had bid 1.5 for the privilege of this drubbing.

    Congrats on taking the top ladder spot, Bryan! This was our first AREA game of WAS.

  22. 1. Bruce Monnin was the Allies and Avi Solomon was the Axis.
    2. The winning bid was 2 POC for the Allies.
    3. The winning side was the Axis.
    4. The final score was 1 POC for the Allies modified by the bid to 1 POC for the Axis.
    5. This was the first AREA match between the two players.

  23. Rob Drozd, Axis, has surrendered to Mark Gutfreund, Allies, who had them for a 1 POC bid; the game ended on T6 after the Allies had +10 POC; not our first WAS game.

  24. I’d like to play in Round 45. Thanks

  25. Count me in for round 45 – thank you!

  26. I would like to join please.

  27. I’m in for Round 45.

  28. Count me in for the next round.

  29. Rick Virost plans to play in Round 45 starting on or after October 1, 2012

  30. Sign me up please.

  31. Please enter Callie Seaman for round 45,
    Now you have an even number
    Thank you i look forward to playing

  32. Tim – Please include me as well.

  33. Sign me up!

  34. Please sign me up for this round

  35. I’d like to sign up. Ed Kraska. Have played WaS long ago, never online. Any tips on the mechanics would be appreciated. Also, I have the first edition; is their anywhere online to get the most updated rules? Thanks.

  36. I am in this round.

  37. I’m in for Rd 45. Michael Ussery

  38. Yes, I’ll play in ROund 45. Thanks for keeping it running !

  39. Count me in

  40. Please sign me up.

  41. I’m in for Round 45.

  42. I am in for Rd 45
    Bob Jamelli

  43. I’m in for Round 45.

  44. Sign me up.

  45. Ron Jacobsen is in.

  46. I’m in for the next round if somebody needs a victim.

  47. I’m in for Round 45

  48. Count me in for Round 45

  49. I will skip Round 45.

  50. Will play in 45

  51. I’m in for round 45

  52. I’d like to join. This will be my first time.

  53. I’m in for round 45

  54. I’m in for Round 45.

  55. I’m in for round 45

  56. I’m in for round 45

  57. I’m in for Round 45.


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