Rd 46

Round 46 of the War at Sea ladder started on February 1, 2013 and ended on April 30, 2013.

Round 46 Matchups

1. Bryan Brinkman (Axis) vs. Bob Jamelli (Allied-1.0) Axis Victory

2. Mark Gutfreund  (Axis) vs. John Pack (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory

3. Bob Hamel (Axis) vs. Ron Jacobsen (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory +2.5 POC

4. Karl Bodenheimer (Axis)  vs. Lee Kendter (Allies -1.5)  Axis Victory

5. Phil Watkins (Axis)   vs. Avi Solomon (Allies -2.0) Axis Victory* +2.0 POC

6. Charles Drozd (Axis) vs. Andrew Choptiany (Allies -2.0) Allied Victory +1.0 POC

7. Jim Bodenheimer (Axis)  vs. Mike Ussery (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory* +2.5 POC

8. Dennis Nicholson(Allies -2.0)  vs. Matt Romaniecki (Axis) Allied Victory

9. Greg Smith (Allies)  vs. Jeffrey Lange Sr. (Axis) Axis Victory*

10. Mike Pacheco (Allies -1.5) vs. Tim Tow (Axis) Allied Victory*

11. Jonathan Lockwood (Axis)  vs. Mike Kaye (Allies -2.5) Axis Victory

12. Andrew Choptiany (Allies -1.5)  vs. Rob Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory

13. Mircea Pauca (Allies -1.5) vs. Bill Thomson (Axis) Axis Victory* + 6.5 POC

14. Tal Seaman  (Axis) vs. Bruce Monnin (Allies – 2.0)  Allied Victory* +1 POC

15. John Lindley (Allied -1.5) vs. Nick Markevich (Axis) Axis Victory* +7.5 POC

16. Mike Brophy  (Axis) vs. Vince Meconi (Allies -1.0) Tie

Round 46 Extra Matches (If interested in extra matches, contact the GM or any other players)

17. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs. Andy Choptiany( Allies -2.0) Axis Victory*

18, Vince Meconi (Axis) and Avi Solomon (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory* +7.5 POC

Box Score: 8 Allied  9 Axis, 1 Tie

Current  Ladder   Standings after Round 46 (May 1, 2013)


Bryan Brinkman


John Pack


Ron Jacobsen


Karl Bodenheimer


Scott Beall


Phil Watkins


Andrew Choptiany


Michael Ussery


Jim Laws


Dennis Nicholson


Jeffrey Lange Sr.


Mike Pacheco


Jonathan Lockwood


Rob Drozd


Bill Thomson


Bruce Monnin


Nick Markevich


Mike Brophy


Jeff   Miller*


Bob Jamelli


Mark Gutfreund


Bob Hamel


Lee Kendter


Avi Solomon


Ewan McNay


Andy Gardner


Charles Drozd


Jim Bodenheimer


Michael Wildner*


Matthew Romaniekci


Greg Smith


Pete Shelling**


David McCarty


Dick Jarvinen


Ed Menzel*


Tim Tow


Michael Kaye


John Strand*


John Sharp*


Bill Romaniecki**


Mircea Pauca


Tal Seaman


John Lindley


Vince Meconi


Rick   Virost*


David Rynkowski


Ed Kraska*


Callie Seaman*


Paul Schwartz*


Dave Elkin


Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Andrew Choptiany

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Avi Solomon

Reporting Requirements:

After your match is complete, post a comment at https://waratsea.wordpress.com/round-46/ with the following information:

1) Players and their sides

2) The bid

3) Winning side

4) Final Score (required only if game was not conceded)

5) Whether or not this is your first AREA War at Sea match between the players.

46 Responses to “Rd 46”

  1. – Game between Nick Markevich (Axis) vs. John Lindley (Allies)
    – Bid of 1.5 to the Axis
    – Axis victory in 8 turns with a 6 POC (before bid) advantage
    – First AREA match between us

  2. Bill Thomson (Axis) def Mircea Pauca (Allies). Game was still a tossup going into Turn 8 as T7 score after 1.5 bid to Axis was 3.5 Axis. One Convoy was in the Barents, only 5 uboats, 2 Germans ships in Germany, 225 in Italy; Tirptiz, Prinz Eugen and Zara (last Italian 117) starting in Nuetral Port. Germans needed to at least have 1 uboat survive 10 ASW, or prevent control from landing, or win an uphill battle in the South Atlantic. Dice were biased as Germans were granted a hat trick (surviving uboate, disabled convoy, and won the South Atlantic). Final Score with 1,5 bid was 6.5.

  3. 1. Vince Meconi (Axis) v Avi Solomon (Allies)
    2. The bid was 1.5 POC to play the Allies.
    3. The winning side was the Allies.
    4. The final score was Allied 9 POC before applying the bid. 2 convoys reached Russia. 1 convoy was sunk.
    5. This is the first AREA WAS match between these players.

  4. 1. Andy Choptiany(Allies) vs Charles Drozd(Axis)
    2. The bid was 2 POC to play the Allies
    3. The Allies won the game.
    4. The Allies won by 1 POC in a very close game decided on T8
    5. Charles and I have played before.
    Note: In 3 games I played as Allies-Rd 46, not 1 convoy was able to reach Russia

  5. Mike Kaye bid 2.5 POC to play the Allies. I waited until Turn 3 to bring the entire Axis fleet )(10 ships) into the Barents, with my LBA having sunk the Ark Royal on Turn 2. The Axis won the Barents on Turn 3, inflicting heavy casualties on the British fleet in the process and forcing the Convoy to land at England rather than venture into the Barents. Turns 4 through 7 were a series of slugfests in the Barents, with the Axis winning each of them, but taking heavy damage in the process and losing 5 ships. Turn 6 was decisive, as a heavily damaged Lutzow (-2) and Prinz Eugen (-2), managed to pursue and sink Convoy 2B that was being screened by Sussex, Victorious, and Illustrious (the group was trying to retreat to Russia after conceding the Barents to a heavily damaged Tirpitz (-7) and Bismarck (-4)). The Allies conceded on Turn 7 when Luftflotte 5 sank Convoy 3C (-3), which had taken 3 points of damage the previous turn in the NATL from 5 Axis U-boats. Honorable mention for the Allies goes to the Sussex, which singlehandedly sank three German ships (one pocket battleship and two cruisers). This was a subsequent match between me and Mike. The final score when the Allies conceded was 4 POC in favor of the Axis (6.5 POC when handicap was applied)

  6. 1. Andrew Choptiany (Allies) v Avi Solomon (Axis)
    2. The bid was 2 POC to play the Allies.
    3. The winning side was the Axis.
    4. The game was conceded by the Allies at the end of Turn 7 with the score at Axis 2 POC.
    5. This is the first AREA WAS match between these players.

  7. Michael Ussery’s Allies (-1.5 bid) Have defeated Jim Bodenheimer’s Axis. The final score was Allied +4 POC which after the bid was applied gives the Allies a +2.5 POC win. I don’t recall playing Jim before, but perhaps he will correct me.

  8. Avi Solomon vs Phil Watkins – Avi won the bid for the Allies with a bid of 2.0vp. The game was tied on raw score at the end of 8 turns. The 2vp bid gave the game to the Axis (Phil)

  9. I as the Allies defeated Matt Romanieki on turn 7. I bid 2 for the Allies and was up 6 (4 after the bid) after turn 7. I don’t think it was ther first game we played.

  10. Round 46 results – Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) vs. Lee Kendter (Allies – 1.5)
    Turn 1 saw Germany go to Barents losing 1 CA to kill 3 CA, and the Hood.
    Turn 2 was quite.
    Turn 3 saw Germany in Barents again. Attrition was horrid for the allies. Germany lost 2 small ships, and UK lost 4 CA and 2 more large ships. If I finished the round the Ark Royal would have died.
    I lost interest in this one. Nothing fast left was cover Barents, 2 convoys to hard to protect, and I no idea how to protect Satl.

  11. Game 3 Result
    1) Jacobsen’s Allies vs. Hamel’s Axis
    2) Bid = 1.5 to the Axis
    3) Winning side = Allies
    4) Final Score = 2.5
    5) Jacobsen and Hamel have previously played an AREA rating game.

    Bob and I seem to have games with many swings of fortune when we play. The Axis got off to a great start, sinking 4 ships to 1 in the Barents and jumping out to a 2.5 POC lead. On Turn 2, Bob went all in to the NATL. Sinking Nelson, he took the area while the subs held the SATL open, jumping his lead to 6.5 and giving him two oilers. The game might have been over but the wolfpack lost two subs, the Italians (trying for too much good luck in the SATL) lost two CAs and the Bismark was crippled. This gave the Allies a repreive and over the next three turns Ron was able to whittle the score back down to 2.5, controlling sea areas and sneaking the first convoy past. Turn 6 was a push on POCs but a huge turn for the Axis as a fully restored wolfpack broke the North Sea and sank the Illustrious, while the Luftwaffe turned Convoy 2B (already running behind schedule) back to America. The Allies (with no help from Stalin) had to spread the court and Bob had his choice of targets on Turn 7. He sent the wolfpack convoy hunting in the NATL and the fleet (6 ships including the 3 big ones) to the Barents. The game then took its last turn as the wolfpack came up empty on 3 shots and the Brits scored huge on the first round in the Barents, sinking Tirpitz, Gneisenau and Hipper while disabling the Bismark. Convoy 3C landed and the Allies took their first lead at 1.5. The last turn was a hopeless try for the Barents. After the first round, the only German ship remaining was a highly damaged Bismark and the very tired Convoy 2B quitely withdrew to end the game.

    Amazing fact: The Bismark sustained 19 damage during the game but was still afloat at the end.

  12. No game is quite the same. I had some really poor ASW all game. And my airstrikes were almost worthless.
    EXCEPT on the second turn where the LBA took out those two big German ships, and the Axis never really recovered from that.
    My Allies defeat Tal Seaman’s Axis by 1 POC (3 POC before the 2 POC bid).

  13. Mike Brophy (Axis) and Vince Meconi (Allies, bidding 1.0) played to a tie. In my (Vince’s) case, it’s the 3rd tie in a row on the ladder, and I’ve been the Allies all 3 times. Mike wins the prophet of the year award for declining to bid 1.5 pre-game for the Allies, after confirming that the Axis advances on ties — I scoffed because there’s no way I’d play 3 ties in a row! In the game, Mike sailed his fleet to the S. Atlantic on turn 1, won the area, then won a 2nd battle in the N. Atlantic on turn 2, and his U-boats sank a convoy in the N. Atlantic on turn 3. At this point the Axis were up 7 including the bid, even though they were down to just 5 German ships. Axis U-boats broke control in an area every remaining turn except one. The net 6-POC differential was leveled out when the Allies landed their other 2 convoys, but that’s where it ended, all even after the bid. At the end of the game the Axis had only 2 German ships and 2 U-boats afloat (plus the 8 immobile Italians). Another excellent game that went down to the last sea area on the last turn.

  14. …I bid zero for Axis. POC at this point was 6 for the AXIS. Greg suffered from some poor die rolls – ….- I had unusual luck in rolls. ….

  15. Match #12 Andrew Choptiany (Allies -1.5) vs. Rob Drozd (Axis) — German-made dice servers gave the Axis a 10 POC advantage before the bid adjustment after Turn 5. With 2 convoys sunk during the turn, the Allies surrendered. This was not our first game against each other.

  16. i will play this round

  17. My fleet will sail for Round 46.

  18. Count me in for Round 46.

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  23. I will play in Round 46. Thanks !

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  25. Sign me up for round 46 beginning February 2013.

  26. I’ll jump into the water. Thanks for running the ladder

  27. Count me in.

  28. Jacobsen is in.

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  30. I would like to play in Round 46. Thank you!

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    Michael Ussery mussery@niaid.nih.gov

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