Rd 47

Round 47 of the War at Sea PBEM ladder ended on July 31, 2013. To sign up for play, click on the most recent round # in the menu above and post a comment.

Round 47 Matchups

  1. Bryan Brinkman (Axis) vs. John Pack (Allies -1.5)  Allied Victory
  2. Ron Jacobsen (Axis) vs.  Karl Bodenheimer (Allies -2.0) Axis Victory +1 POC*
  3. Scott Beall (Axis) vs. Phil Watkins (Allied -2.0) Axis Victory +3 POC*
  4. Andrew Choptiany (Allied -2.0) vs. Mike Ussery (Axis) Axis Victory +1 POC*
  5. Bob Hamel# (Axis)  vs. Jim Laws (Allies -2.0) Allied Victory +3 POC
  6. Dennis Nicholson (Allied -2.0) vs. Jeffery Lange Sr.(Axis) Allied Victory*
  7. Mike Pacheco (Allied -2.5)  vs. Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) Allied Victory*
  8. Rob Drozd vs. Bruce Monnin (Allies -2.0) Allied Victory +2 POC
  9. Mike Brophy (Allied -1.0) vs. Bob Jamelli (Axis) Allied Victory
  10. Bob Hamel (Axis)  vs. Lee Kendter (Allied -1.5) Allied Victory +5.5 POC
  11. Avi Solomon (Axis)  vs. Ewan McNay (Allied -2.0) Axis Victory*
  12. Andy Gardner (Allies -2.0) vs. Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) Allied Victory*
  13. Matt Romaniecki (Axis) vs. Greg Smith (Allies) Allied Victory*
  14. Dave McCarty (Axis)  vs. Tim Tow (Allied -0.5)  Allied Victory*
  15. Vince Meconi# (Allied -1.5) vs. Dick Jarvinen (Axis)  Allied Victory *
  16. Mike Kaye (Allies -2.0)  vs. Mircea Pauca (Axis) Allied Victory
  17. Tal Seaman (Allies -1.5)  vs.  John Lindley (Axis) Axis Victory +2.5 POC*
  18. Vince Meconi vs. Dave Rynkowski  Forfeit
  19. Jonathan Lockwood# (Allied) vs. Dave Elkin (Axis) Allied Victory*

Extra Matches

20. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies -2.5) vs. David McCarty (Axis) Allied Victory*
21. Andrew Choptiany (Axis) vs. David McCarty (Allies -1.5) Axis Victory*
22. Dave McCarty (Allied -1.5) vs. Lee Kendter (Axis) Allied Victory*
23. Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs. Avi Solomon (Allied -2.0) Allied Victory*
24. Vince Meconi (Allies) vs. Dave Elkin (Axis) Allied Victory*
25. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs. Andrew Choptiany (Allies -1.5)  Allied Victory +2.5 POC
26. Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs. Avi Solomon (Allied -2.0) Axis Victory +6 POC
27. Avi Solomon (Allies -1.5) vs. Andrew Choptiany (Axis) Axis Victory
28. Avi Solomon (Allies -1.5) vs. Andrew Choptiany (Axis) Allied Victory +2.5 POC
29. Andrew Choptiany (Allies -2.0)  vs. Mircea Pauca (Axis)    Allied Victory*
30. Andrew Choptiany (Axis) vs. Mircea Pauca (Allies -2.0) Allied Victory +4 POC

Box Score:  21 Allied Victories    8 Axis Victories     1 Forfeit

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Andrew Choptiany

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

David McCarty

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

# indicates extra game not for ladder position

* first time AREA game between two opponents

Reporting Requirements:
After your match is complete, post a comment below any desired commentary and with the following information
1) Players and their sides
2) The bid
3) Winning side
4) Final Score (required only if game was not conceded)
5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players.

Current  Ladder   Standings after Round 47 (July   31, 2013)


John   Pack


Ron   Jacobsen


Scott   Beall


Mike   Ussery


Jim   Laws


Dennis   Nicholson


Mike   Pacheco


Bruce   Monnin


Mike   Brophy


Lee   Kendter


Avi   Solomon


Andy   Gardner


Greg   Smith


Tim   Tow


Bill   Thomson*


Mike   Kaye


Nick   Markevich*


John   Lindley


Jeff   Miller**


Vince   Meconi


Mark   Gutfreund*


Bryan   Brinkman


Karl   Bodenheimer


Phil   Watkins


Andrew   Choptiany


Jeffrey   Lange, Sr.


Charles   Drozd*


Jonathan   Lockwood


Michael   Wildner**


Rob   Drozd


Bob   Jamelli


Pete   Shelling***


Bob   Hamel


Ewan   McNay


Ed   Menzel**


Jim   Bodenheimer


Matt   Romaniecki


John   Strand**


John   Sharp**


Bill   Romaniecki***


David   McCarty


Dick   Jarvinen


Mircea   Pauca


Tal   Seaman


Rick   Virost*


David   Rynkowski


Ed   Kraska*


Callie   Seaman*


Paul   Schwartz*


 David   Elkin

59 Responses to “Rd 47”

  1. I as the Allies took on David McCarty’s Axis with my customary 2.5 POC handicap. The game turned out to be one of those short and brutal affairs, with the Axis having lost too many surface ships by the end of Turn 3 to make the game viable for them to continue the match. The Axis resigned at the end of Turn 3. This was the first AREA-rated match between me and David

  2. Scott Beall as Axis defeats Phil Watkins (Allies, bid 2.0) Final score +1 Axis (+3 after bid).

    Phil played a Med strategy for first 4 turns – Italians set in port, and Germans controlled NAO, Barents and Baltic on T1. Two german ships failed oiling rolls. On T2 they stayed in Neutral Port and took the 2 poc hit while U-Boats opened the SATL. A large battle in North Sea was a huge victory for the Axis on T3, making Phil’s chances a real long shot from that point on.

  3. My Allies defeated Rob Drozd’s Axis by 4 POC (2 POC after the 2 POC bid) in our War At Sea Ladder Round #47 game.

    A different game where the Allies had to move to the Med on Turn 5 and had to win three close battles there for the win.

    At the end of the game the American fleet was almost as strong as the remaining British fleet, and stronger than either the Italians or the Germans. If there was a Turn 9, the Allies would have trouble getting 1 battleship into every area.

    Bruce Monnin

  4. Our second Post-Ladder-47 game.
    Mircea Pauca (Allies, bid 2.0) defeats Andy Choptiany (Axis).
    Final score 6 PoC for Allies before bid.
    We hadn’t played WAS for AREA before our first game [2 posts above] but by now we did.

    Luck tensely balanced, until near the end when it favored my Allies.

  5. Tal Seaman (Allies) vs. John Lindley (Axis)

    Bid was 1.5 for Allies

    Axis in a very tight game

    2.5 including the bid

    First AREA match between us

    Could have gone either way but 2 timely sinkings (one by LBA) of Allied convoys determined the outcome.

  6. Andy Choptiany(Allies),Mircea Pauca(Axis)
    The bid was 2 POC for Allies
    Allies won the game
    The Axis resigned after T6 with the Allies at 6 POC reduced by bid to 4 POC.
    The Axis UB and surface fleet was decimated by ship attrition. The
    lucky Allied ASW and salvos decided the game.
    This was our first Area game.

  7. Bid was 2 – Allies is Jim / Bob is Axis – We have played a few times before
    Turn 1 – Germans went to Baltic – Allies up by 1
    Turn 2 – Germans again went to Baltic – Allies up by 2
    Turn 3 – Germans went to Barents and won Allies lost 4 117’s and KGV to Axis Hipper – Axis up by 2
    Turn 4 – Germans go to N. Atlantic – Allies lose 1 US 117 & Warspite – Axis lose Scheer, Scharnhorst & Blucher and lose control of N. Atlantic – Subs neutral S. Atlantic so POC is Allies +1 after Convoy 1 lands
    Turn 5 – Germans go back to Baltic and send subs to N. Sea – Axis breaks control but 2nd convoy lands so POC is now +4 Allies
    Turn 6 – Germans send almost full fleet to S. Atlantic, subs to N Atlantic –BOTH Bismarck and Tirpiz failed speed rolls – even then, Axis won in S. Atlantic but subs got beat up. POC now at Allies +1
    Turn 7 – Axis sends subs to N. Sea and breaks control
    Turn 8 – IF Axis can gain control in S. Atlantic – even if 3rd convoy lands I’ll tie after bid – After multi rounds of fire, the Axis lose S. Atlantic to a damaged POW who takes out 3 Italian 117’s while not getting hit until the last shot and British Carrier Illustrious holds control – convoy lands so final score was +5 Allies RAW POC and +3 allies after bid

    THIS was a scoring game for Jim as I was eliminator (so I get to lose 2 games on this round)

  8. 1. Andy Choptiany (Axis) played Avi Solomon (Allies)
    2. The bid was 1.5 for the Allies.
    3. The winning side was the Allies.
    4. The final score was 4 POC for the Allies reduced to 2.5 POC due to the bid. Once again this round the result depended on who controlled the Barents on Turn 8.
    5. We have played before.

  9. Vince Meconi (Allies) vs. Dave Elkin (Axis) Allied Victory*

    Vince and I (Dave) played a blood bath match as we sank ship after ship. Vince is a tough opponent but the Axis held out to turn 8. I needed to sink the convoy to have a chance to win. LBA rolled 3 times, hitting the other 2 targets but MISSING the convoy. It was a great game and thanks to Vince for the tussle. Technically, this one my first official ladder game

  10. Bob H vs. Lee K is over. I (Lee) won with +7 for the allies before bid effects.

    Turn 1 the German’s went to SAtl. Round 1 saw 3 of the 5 ships sunk, and 1 damaged hard. Return fire cost me one ship. Round 2 went his way sinking Eagle and crippling a BB. The Italians won the sea battle.
    However, no oilers and losses were even which is a clear UK victory.
    Germany never recovered from the lopsided turn 1 rolls.
    Without the oiled up ships, I was able to patrol turn 2 without being to stretched.

  11. My 2nd after-Ladder game. Please report to AREA too, as we agreed.
    This time, Lady Luck fluctuated in the ‘interesting zone’ and finally favored me more.
    Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeats Avi Solomon (Allies; bid 2.0)

    T1: Barents-in-1 opening, all Germans gain S.Atlantic, sunk 3 British battleships : 3 lightest Germans. +2 PoC Axis
    T2: Avi’s Brits surprisingly abandon Barents to better trap the Axis fleet cornered in Neutral Port. They try North Atlantic and – good surprise – control it too ! Losses got reversed (3 British cruisers vs 3 medium-heavy Germans, and 1 Italian too). +8 PoC
    T3: Germans stay home and repair. Italians chase French demoiselles. +8 PoC
    T4: Germans dare and control Barents, left a bit ‘too easy’. Bismarck remains to pursue and sinks Convoy1. 4 of the 5 Uboats sent to liberate the demoiselles get sunk, and Italians get to enjoy more of France’s beauty. +9 PoC
    T5: Desperate for PoC and exploiting German losses, the British enter the MED but cannot control yet. Light sinkings (1 battleship each). Convoy2 lands peacefully. 3 Uboats still cannot free Italians from French charm. +5 PoC
    T6: Brits _insists_ on the Med, this time they control it. Germans win a very hard fought North Sea. Meanwhile 5U’s weaken the light British blockade enough that Italians (angry on demoiselles) can free themselves. British lose 4 battleships and 4 carriers(!) overall, but Axis lose heavily too: Scharnhorst, Tirpitz, 1 Italian CA and 1 BB sunk, and 1 BB crippled. +8 PoC

  12. Avi Solomon(Allies) Andy Choptiany(Axis)
    Bid of 1.5 to play Allies
    Axis won the game
    Allies went to Bts Sea with wet powder on T1
    and resigned after big salvos by the Axis
    We have played before

  13. Match #7:

    1. Pacheco (Allies) v. Lockwood (Axis)
    2. 2.5 PoC for the Allies
    3. Allies won when Axis conceded at the end of turn 6
    4. Allies +9.0 (+6.5 after bid)
    5. This is our first AREA match.

    Although the Axis inflicted heavy casualties on the Allies early on, especially in a turn 3 battle in the Barents, the Allies managed to inflict significant losses on turns 5 and 6 when the Axis sortied to the Barents. Allied ASW was quite good. The Axis had little luck against the convoys.

  14. Andy Choptiany(Allies) Avi Solomon(Axis)
    Bid was 1.5 to play Allies
    Allies won the game
    Final score was 2.5 POC after the bid
    Axis received bad breaks on T8 in Bts Sea
    to decide the game
    Avi and I have played before

  15. 1) Andy Choptiany (Allies), Michael Ussery (Axis)
    2) Bid of 2 to play Allies
    3) Axis won the game
    4) Final Score before Bid was applied was Allied +1, after bid applied Axis +1
    5) this is our first AREA match
    It all came down to better Axis T8 battle for control of the Med

  16. 9.Mike Brophy (Allied -1.0) vs. Bob Jamelli (Axis)
    Bob conceded towards the end of T7 when the 3rd convoy made it to Russia (with POC at Allied 6-7)

  17. 1-Dave McCarty(Allies), Andy Choptiany(Axis)
    2-Bid of 1.5 to play Allies
    3-The Axis won the game
    4-The Allies resigned after turn 7 with the raw score of Axis 3 POC
    with no chance to win.
    5-This was our first Area match

  18. 1. Bodenheimer played the Allies; Jacobsen played the Axis.
    2. The bid was 2 for the Allies.
    3. The winning side was the Axis. Final score was 1 POC (including the bid).
    4. The game ended on Turn 8. See report below
    5. This is the first AREA match between the players.

    After Action Report:

    This game involved remarkable swings of fortune, perhaps the largest ever experienced by this participant (Jacobsen).

    Turn 1: Renown and Repulse both missed speed rolls to the Barents, LBA sunk the Hood, and 4 CA were sunk in surface combat. The Axis lost only Hipper in a pursuit action that saw the Ark escape. POC = 3 Ax (including bid)

    Turn 2: The Allies came back to the Barents as strong as possible, leaving a 4 BB kill group in NATL. The Germans conservatively cruised the Baltic. POC = 2 Ax.

    Turn 3: German fleet hid in the Baltic again, while 5 subs went to the NATL against only 7 ASW. The wolfpack was unscathed and sunk the first Convoy. POC = 2 Ax.

    At this point, with a full wolfpack and a convoy gone, the path to victory was straight forward: break blockade on Turn 4, attack 3 VP sea area to cancel out 2nd convoy on Turn 5, break blockade again on Turn 6 or 7, attack another sea area, and game over. Let’s see how well that worked out.

    Turn 4: Wolfpack breaks the Barents. 3 subs sunk, but this is the easy build time, so no worries yet. POC = 2 Ax.

    Turn 5: 10 German ships and 6 subs try for the NATL where Washington, Rodney, Nelson, Anson and Texas await. Bismark and Spee fail the speed roll and Tirpitz is turned back by an air strike. Worse, a mere 9 ASW kill 5 subs and disable the other. German ships with 13 firepower and mostly poor armor go up against Allies with 24 shots and great defense. But in the first round, the Allies connect for only 2 hits and no disables, sinking Blucher and scratching Scharnhorst. The Germans respond with 7 hits and 26 damage, sinking Rodney, Nelson and Texas. In round two, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were both crippled but escaped to safety while Anson is sunk and Washington routed. Wichita sunk in the pursuit but the carrier got away. A stunning reversal of fortune, but Convoy 2B lands in Russia. POC =1 Ax and the decimated wolfpack has derailed the Axis’ easy road to victory.

    Turn 6: Germans sail in Baltic and repair in port, but the 5 damage removed from Gneisenau is put right back on by the RAF. Subs break the SATL but have two more sunk (11 so far). POC = 1 Ax. (Convoy 3C heads to Barents because Axis wins ties for Ladder purposes.)

    Turn 7: There is no real hope to break the blockade a second time. S&G finish repairing in port, while the main fleet sinks Marat (the only Russian to sail in the game) but not before Tirpitz picks up a point of damage. Subs break the SATL again. Convoy 3C gets through to Russia. POC = 2 Al.

    Turn 8: The Germans must win a Battle Royale to pull it out. Subs break SATL and NATL, both minimally defended. Queen Elizabeth fails a speed roll to the Barents making that the weakest area. The final conflict pits Allies with 9 ships, 25 shots, 6 air against Axis with 9 ships, 21 shots, 5 air. The Allies win the air battle. Listing the side strengths in the format, ships/normal/bonus, at the start of surface rounds the Allies are 9/25/0 and the Axis 8/5/13. In the 1st round, the Allies had a power outage similar to that in the NATL on Turn 5. Only 1 hit and 1 disable, getting rid of Tirpitz and Blucher. The Axis eliminate DOY, Renown and Repulse, and cripple POW. The strengths are now Allies 6/12/0, Axis 6/1/12. But in the Allied half of the 2nd round, the three cruisers come up huge, each taking out its intended target, while KGV neutralizes Bismark and Howe puts 4 damage on Gneisenau. The Axis are suddenly down to 2/3/1. But then the return fire from the Germans is equally amazing with every shot removing an enemy ship and the Allies reduced to just the crippled POW, 1/1/0. In the 3rd round, Gneisenau and the crippled Spee carry the day. Final POC = 1 Ax.

    It was an amazing game with several extreme rolls, between 5 and 7 lead changes depending on how you judge it, and ecstasy and agony for all.

  19. The pickup game between Dave and me is over. Extreme dice for North Sea ASW
    saw 15 shots sink all 6 subs. I was playing on a German breakout plan, and
    with this insane roll I can’t win. Dave will have a 3 poc lead after turn
    4, just 2 Italian CA left, and the blockade up. Now the intact CV force can
    join the blockade, and the odds are too low at this point for me to continue

    The bid was 1.5 for the Allies for Dave and this was our first AREA game of War at Sea.

  20. In the Jarvinen-Meconi Round 47 matchup, my Allies have defeated Dick’s Axis. The bid was 1.5 for the Allies and the game ended with a turn 6 concession, Allies up +10 before the bid. This was our first WAS AREA game.

  21. Dave McCarty’s Axis conceded to Tim (Allies -0.5) on turn 5 after a devastating round 1 surface round which saw the depleted Kriegsmarine take it on the chin. With only 4 German ships left, the Axis conceded as the Allies would only be challenged by U-boats and Axis air for the rest of the game.


    1. Avi Solomon was the Allies and Mircea Pauca was the Axis.
    2. The bid was 2 for the Allies.
    3. The winning side was the Allies.
    4. The game was conceded at the end of turn 2 because of luck for the Allies and bad luck for the Axis.
    5. This is the first AREA match between the players.

  23. Mike Kaye (Allied; bid 2) crushed Mircea Pauca (Axis).
    Allied squadrons fought exceptionally well in Turns 1 (NAtl, Allied control and 2 German:0 British ships sunk), T3 (4U sunk by 14 ASW but still opened N.Sea for the fleet), T4 (SAtl, Axis pyrrhic victory, 3:3 ships) , T5 (SAtl again, Allied control again, taking last hope).
    All had a pattern of: excessive German failures of speed rolls [=logistics intercepted], exceptional airstrikes, outstanding British vs reasonable-but-not-great Axis gunnery.
    Mike and I have played WAS for AREA before.

    I’m looking for other games besides the Ladder, and/or a rematch with Mike. Thanks !

  24. 1. Ewan McNay was Allied and Avi Solomon was Axis.
    2. The bid was 2 for the Allies.
    3. The winning side was the Axis.
    4. The game was conceded at the end of turn 2 because of a big amount of Axis luck.
    5. This is the first AREA match between the players.

  25. Yes, I will be in.

  26. Paying heed to the “final warning”, I’m in

  27. I will play in Round 47. Thanks for keeping it running !

  28. In for Rd 47

  29. Andy: Yeah, right! Do you remember how to roll dice? 🙂 It’s a little trickier with a computer involved.

  30. Not sure if I remember how to play…Sign me up anyway!

  31. Tim – Count me in for Round 47

  32. OK, Tim, I’ll sign up as sacrificial lader victim again 🙂 – thanks.

  33. Count me in

  34. Please sign me up for round 47.

  35. Please sign me up for round 47.

  36. Please include me. Karl Bodenheimer

  37. Signing up for round 47

  38. I’m in this round.

  39. I’m in for round 47.

  40. I’ll jump in the pool; thanks for running the game

  41. sign me up

  42. Been a long time since I have played. i use Vassal. I own the 1976 AH edition but WAS 2

  43. I’m in.

  44. I’m in for Rd 47. Michael Ussery

  45. please log me in for next round

  46. Greg Smith will play.

  47. Count me in.

  48. Throw my name in the hat.

  49. count me in

  50. I’m in. Never been this high up before. 🙂

  51. Please sign me up – THANKS

  52. My fleet will sail for Round 47!

  53. I am in for Round 47.

  54. I am in for Round 47

  55. Please include me in the next round of the ladder.

  56. No such thing as too early to sign up, in my view.


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