Rd 48

Round 48 of the War at Sea PBEM ladder started on August 5 and ended on October 31, 2013.

Round 48 Matchups

  1. John Pack (Axis) vs. Ron Jacobsen (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory*
  2. Scott Beall (Axis) vs. Mike Ussery (Allied -1.5) Axis Victory +0.5 POC
  3. Dennis Nicholson (Axis)  vs. Mike Pacheco (Allies -2.5) Allied Victory +4.5 POC
  4. Bruce Monnin (Allied -1.0)  vs. Mike Brophy Allied Victory +3 POC
  5. Lee Kendter (Allied -2.0) vs. Avi Solomon (Axis) Allied Victory
  6. Greg Smith (Axis) vs. Tim Tow (Allies -1.5)  Allied Victory*
  7. Mike Kaye (Allies -2.0) vs. John Lindley (Axis) Allied VIctory*
  8. Vince Meconi (Allies -1.5)  vs. Bryan Brinkman  Allied Victory 0.5 POC*
  9. Karl Bodenheimer (Allied -2.0)  vs. Phil Watkins (Axis) Allied Victory +4 POC
  10. Andrew Choptiany (Allies -2.5) vs. Jeffrey Lange, Sr. (Axis)  Allied Victory*
  11. Charles Drozd (Axis) vs. Jonathan Lockwood (Allied -2.5)  Allied Victory
  12. Rob Drozd (Axis)  vs. Bob Jamelli (Allied -1.5) Axis Victory
  13. Pete Shelling (Allies -1.0)  vs. Bob Hamel (Axis) Allied Victory
  14. Ewan McNay (Allies – 2.0)  vs. Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) Allied Victory +7 POC*
  15. Matt Romaniecki (Axis)  vs.David McCarty (Allies -2.5) Axis Victory
  16. Dick Jarvinen (Allies -1.5)  vs. Mircea Pauca (Axis) Allied Victory*
  17. Tal Seaman (Allies)  vs. Dave Elkin Allied Victory*

Extra Matches

18. Jeff Miller (Axis)  vs. Jonathan Lockwood (Allied – 1.5) Axis Victory + 0.5 POC*

Box Score: 14 Allied    4 Axis

Average bid for the Allies was 1.69 POC and ranged from 0 to 2.5 POC.

# indicates extra game not for ladder position

* first time AREA game between two opponents

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Andrew Choptiany

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

David McCarty

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

More Historical War at Sea.

David McCarty is looking for playtesters to test his more Historical War at Sea variant. Contact him directly.

Reporting Requirements:
After your match is complete, post a comment below any desired commentary and with the following information
1) Players and their sides
2) The bid
3) Winning side
4) Final Score (required only if game was not conceded)
5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players.
Standings after Round 48
Ladder   Standings   after  Round 48 (October 31, 2013)


Ron Jacobsen


Scott Beall


Mike Pacheco


Bruce Monnin


Jim   Laws*


Lee Kendter


Tim Tow


Mike Kaye


Vince Meconi


Karl Bodenheimer


Andrew Choptiany


Andy   Gardner*


Jonathan Lockwood


Rob Drozd


Bill   Thomson**


Pete Shelling


Nick   Markevich**


Ewan McNay


Jeff   Miller


Matt Romaniecki


Mark   Gutfreund**


Dick Jarvinen


Tal Seaman


John Pack


Mike Ussery


Dennis Nicholson


Mike Brophy


Avi Solomon


Michael   Wildner***


Greg Smith


John Lindley


Bryan Brinkman


Phil Watkins


Jeffrey Lange, Sr.


Ed   Menzel***


Charles Drozd


Bob Jamelli


John   Strand***


John   Sharp***


Bob Hamel


Jim Bodenheimer


David McCarty


Mircea Pauca


David Elkin


Rick   Virost**


 David   Rynkowski*


Ed   Kraska**


Callie   Seaman**


Paul   Schwartz**

52 Comments to “Rd 48”

  1. And finally, sneaking in under the wire: Ewan McNay’s Allies managed to hold on against Jim Bodenheimer’s Axis. The final score of 9.0 PoC to the Alliles (before a 2.0 bid) belies a close game that the Allies almost conceded after T6! Axis went to NAtl on T1 leaving Hipper behind in the Baltic, but 2 of the 225s failed their speed rolls and carrier air removed a 357: surface fire crippled and disabled the other 357 while sinking the last 225, so that Blucher ran for it. That was to be the last real surface damage inflicted by the Allies for a while. Meanwhile the Luftwaffe sank the Ark Royal in a big blow and obliterated Barham with 10 damage.

    The second big Allied swing occurred on T2: 4 U-boats ventured to SAtl against 5 ASW: 3 were sunk and the 4th disabled, removing the wolfpack as a threat for a while, we thought, and holding an unexpected PoC; an Italian 117 also sank.

    T3 LBA sank Repulse and put 3 damage on Hood but little else occurred. T4 and onwards established a pattern of reluctant US and Russian forces – in fact the US 554 never came into action and a Russian only played a role on T8!

    T4 4 subs and 3 117s took advantage of careless Allied play and ventured to SAtl. I had been stupid and forgotten the threat entirely so that only carriers were on station with one 553; and was very lucky to not lose a carrier after the subs disposed of the 553. That idiocy brought the game back to life, but convoy 1A made it through safely.

    T5 started a series of big battles in the Barents, while the 5 subs both held off a lone Russian and decontrolled the NAtl. Air from the Zepp sank the Hood, and 28 Allied surface combat dice got one hit in R1, sinking the Spee at the cost of the PoW and three crippled BBs, 2 456s and a 336. We did get a few disables: subsequent rounds saw the KGV and 2 117s sink while a plethora of Allied dice put 2 damage on 3 Axis strength-2 ships but did not sink anything, much to Allied frustration. 2B also made it through, however, taking Allied PoC to 7.0 before the bid.

    T6 saw the Allies fail both SRs attempted to Barents, and a further Allied idiocy in forgetting that the DoY had taken 5 damage and hence was not actually an effective ship :(. That set up another Barents battle including a full-strength sub collection that happily had no effect. Initial exchanges went badly, losing Howe and 2 117s without sinking – yep – anything. Only the advantage in hulls and a couple of disables kept the Allies in the fight. Eventually DoY went down together with all but one Allied 117, as did Hipper; Zepp, the last ship standing, took 2 damage (yes, again!) but held the area. That left Allied forces depleted and disheartened, on the edge of concession as the deadline approached. 3C had to go on to Barents to have a chance, but hope was not high. Then 2 444s failed their SRs to Barents also..

    T7 saw battle once again in Barents. 5 Allied ships plus the convoy and two carriers against 5 Germans and subs. In another ASW hurrah, though, the 14 ASW cleared not just 7 but in fact 9 subs (!), sinking 4. Now the game was late enough that disables were an acceptable result, and the Axis combat dice went cold, losing Eugen and 3 disables against 2 scratched-and-disabled 444s. In R2 Anson was sunk by Tirpitz, last Axis ship remaining, but she was disabled in return (9 dice, no hits, same old), to give the Allies an unexpected success both in holding Barents and in landing 3C. That put the game safe for the Allies; some very long-odds options for the Axis on T8 failed and even a Russian saw which way things were running and came out to sink Lutzow.

    Excellent game, many thanks to Jim and also to Tim. Sorry to drag things out so, entirely my fault.

    • Oh, admin:
      1) Players and their sides – Ewan/Allies, Jim/Axis
      2) The bid – 2.0 for Allies
      3) Winning side – Allies
      4) Final Score (required only if game was not conceded) – 7.0 PoC
      5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players. – yes.

  2. Pete Shelling (Allies bid -1) won against Bob Hamel. Bob concedes on end of turn 6, with Allies +5 POC and only two German and two Italian ships remaining afloat. I played the ‘Big Med’ strategy, which got the Germans out into a battle of attrition. Bob speed rolled his 3 x 225s into the SATL on T1 and failed all. He almost came back and was actually leading by 4 POC at one point, but he was only disabling convoys rather than sinking them, giving them
    second chances when the coast was now clear. Bismarck and Hood sank each other in the Barents on turn 5. Allies got very little help from USN.
    We had played before.

  3. Dick Jarvinen (Allies) won against Mircea Pauca (Axis). Bid was 1.5 PoC to play the Allies.
    We have not played WAS before for AREA.

    I surrendered after Turn 3 with hopelessly large losses.
    T1: SAtl, lost both battlecruiser and one Italian
    T2: NSea, lost one pocket battleship and all 3 cruisers (and not even controlled it !)
    T3: Baltic (both Russians arrived), lost both pocket battleships.
    With only Bismarck, Tirpitz and Graf Zeppelin left, it was too unlikely to threaten any sea area.

  4. Match #2 Scott Beall Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies)
    1.5 bid for Allies
    Axis win
    Raw +1 Allies, Adjusted 0.5 Axis.
    Fairly certain we have played before.

    Allies almost achieved knockout on T1 when Axis failed 2 of 3 speed rolls to SATL, then Allied airstrikes sank one 225 in Germany and crippled Scharnhorst. Battle casulties greatly favored the Allies, but a lone Italian cruiser hung on to hold SATL and keep game going.
    On T2 remaining T1 Axis and Italians went to NATL. Allied airstrikes were 2 for 2 sinking 2 German ships and British gunnery finished the rest. At this point All starting Axis ships and all Italian cruisers had sunk in exchange for Eagle and a battle cruiser.
    At that point the dice decided to reverse themselves completely, and German U-Boats and Luftwaffe managed to disable convoys turn after turn, and finally sank 1. In addition, although outnumbered, the Germans one a battle in Barents to bump POC up to 3. No convoys landed until the last turn, and the 4 points gained fell just short for the Allies.

  5. MAtch #11- Jonathan Lockwood vs. Charles Drozd
    Jonathan was the Allies with a bid of 2.5
    The Allies won (the Axis conceded at the end of turn 4)
    We have played previously.

  6. 1. Karl Bodenheimer (Allies), Phil Watkins (Axis)
    2. 2.0 POC for Allies
    3. Allies
    4. Conceded T7
    5. Maybe??

  7. After a standard opening to the North Atlantic, the game became chess-like until the U-Boats broke an understrength blockade in the North Sea on T6. Instead of heading to the easier South Atlantic, Dennis went after the convoy and the knockout in the North Atlantic, but failed two speed rolls. The Allies won that battle. A last gasp Axis sortie into the Barents on T8 was close, but Dennis couldn’t get rid of the Allied BBs fast enough before the battle became a long attritional battle, which the Axis narrowly lost.

    1. Dennis Nicholson, Axis
    Mike Pacheco, Allies

    2. 2.5 PoC for the Allies

    3. Allies

    4. +4.5 Allies

    5. Not sure, but I believe so.

  8. Jamelli gave up 1.5 POC to play the Allies and deployed a Mediterranean strategy. Drozd’s Axis countered by controlling the South Atlantic for most of the game to keep reinforcements out of the Med and offset 2 convoys that made it to Russia. The last comvoy was disabled in the Barents on Turn 7, but arrived in England on Turn 8. The Axis controlled the Baltic all 8 turns and the Med from Turn 2 forward. The U-Boats also did their part to lleave zones uncontrolled. In the end teh Axis had a 10-POC victory before the bid adjustment.

  9. Facing a Barents on 1 strategy, Greg’s Axis sortied to the North Atlantic where the British battleline thrashed the Axis sinking 3 ships (Scharnhorst + 2 pocket battleships) for the cost of the R-class battleship Resolution. The Axis won the North Atlantic but at a frightful costs. On turn 2, two speed roll failures tempted the Axis to sortie to the Barents and although both sides lost 2 ships each, the British locked down the blockade, while also sinking an Italian cruiser.

    On turn 3, U-boats and 3 Italian cruisers attempted to challenge the South Atlantic but lose the battle against 3 old British BB’s and the Eagle. Turn 4 saw another Axis surface sortie to the Barents to stop the convoy while U-boats headed to the North Atlantic. The Barents force disable the convoy, but fail to control the area taking heavy damage and losing a cruiser, but the U-boat comes through and sinks Convoy 2B, while the Luftwaffe had previously disabled Convoy 1A. Had those results been known, The Kriegsmarine might have just hung out in the Baltic for the turn.

    Turn 5 and 6 saw a depleted Kriegsmarine hunkering down in the Baltic while the U-boats patrol the empty South Atlantic holding the POC to +1 Axis.

    Turn 7, despite the Luftwaffe sinking Ark Royal and the Illustrious in the Barents, and 8 saw the landing of the two Allied convoys pushing POC to a final score of +3.5 after the bid.

  10. Jacobsen’s Allies defeated Pack’s Axis. John conceded on Turn 7 with the POC at 8.5 after the bid. This was the first AREA game between these players.

    The Germans lost 3 ships in the initial clash in the Barents to 1BB and 2CA for the British, giving the Allies the early lead. But the Germans skunked the Brits 5-0 in the Turn 2 follow up, and the game was very much a contest. Good ASW rolls in the first half of the game probably made the difference, giving the Allies 3 POC that would not normally be expected and forcing the Axis into taking some extra risks.

  11. Just wanted to let you know Dave and I have finished off our match in the latest ladder.
    Dave had bid 2.5 poc for the right to play the allies. Unfortunately the Med attack didn’t go well and Dave threw the towel in after the conclusion of turn 7.

  12. Mike Kaye (Allies, bid 2) defeated John Lindley (Axis)
    John conceded after turn 7 with Allied POC at 8 before bid. Poor shooting vs convoy let all three get to Russia. Atypical good Allied shooting put heavy attrition on Axis
    This was our first match in any game

  13. Bruce Monnin (Allies) vs. Mike Brophy (Axis) – Bruce bid 1 POC for the Allies. Bruce took almost certain Allied victory and risked it with the infamous Med on 5 strategy. Game came down to two small battles on turn 8 with Bruce’s Allies winning by 4 POC (3 POC after the bid).

  14. Jeff Lange (AXIS) vs Andy Choptiany (ALLIED) – Andy bid 2.5 for Allies – Axis conceded on T7 with the allies ahead with 6POC

  15. Lee Kendter (Allies, bid 2) vs. Avi Solomon over already.
    Extreme dice in Satl resulted in Avi resigning turn 1.
    Germany lost 357, and 2 225 the first surface fire, and killed nothing in return. The other 357 disabled to neutral port. He had a decent change to win Satl still, but probably would have lost both 117 in the process leaving to little navy to fight with.

  16. We have started. Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Dick Jarvinen (Allies, bid 1.5).
    Both sides sent T1 placements. SAtl battle coming!

  17. I’m back to the Net for about a week, will have other pauses over the summer but will endeavour to play swiftly as possible.

    Please count me IN this Round 48.

    Thanks for keeping the fun going !

  18. I’m in for Round 48.

  19. Sign me up

  20. Tim,

    Thanks for playing in the VitP tournament this year; and thanks for running this ladder. I will be playing this round.

    Charles Drozd

  21. Oh, sure, I can lose again :-/

  22. sign me up

  23. in for 48

  24. Tim, As we discussed at the WBC, count me in.

    Ted also expressed interest, I will send him the email.

  25. Sign me up! (the world’s greatest masochist)

  26. I’m in.

  27. After getting drubbed in for the people, I will try boats again

  28. Oops !! Seeing that next round is scheduled for Nov. 1, it’s most likely I may finish a reasonably fast game of WAS if opponents are willing to wait and/or play very sporadically during the summer, until September or so. But that assumes this willingness from any unknown player. Better not ?
    I don’t know if this means I SHOULD skip, or can still enter and play later when possible. I’ll leave it to what Mr. Umpire considers reasonable.

    Thanks for your understanding !

  29. Please consider I’ll skip this round (but stay on the Ladder).
    Too much of my time without Net this summer may inconvenience opponents 😉

  30. Missed the last two rounds. Count me in for this one.

  31. Count me in

  32. I’m in for round 48

  33. Greg Smith will play Round 48. Thanks for the heads up, Tim.

  34. Jacobsen is in. Thanks.

  35. Please count me in.

  36. Count me in for round 48.

  37. I am in for the next round.

  38. I’m in for the next round.

  39. Admiral Sir Cannon-Fodder ready to man the lifeboats again! I’m in.

  40. I’ll play; thanks for running the ladder

  41. Sign me up!

  42. I am in rd 48 – Karl Bodenheimer

  43. I’m in for Rd 48

  44. Playing

  45. I’m in for round 48

  46. Tim, so I’m on to round 48 whenever you are ready.

  47. I will be in also.

  48. I like to enter early to avoid the rush. Tim, thanks as always for your work running the tournament.

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