Rd 50

Round 50 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Ron Jacobsen(Axis) vs Bruce Monnin(Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

2. Lee Kendter (Axis) vs Mike Kaye (Allies -2)Allied Victory by 2.0*

2a. Jim Laws (Allies-2) vs Andrew Choptiany (Axis)Axis Victory

3. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Pete Shelling (Axis) Allied Victory

4. Tal Seaman(Axis) vs John Pack(Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

5. Andy GardnerAllies(-2.5) vs Dennis Nicholson(Axis) Allied Victory

5a. Greg Smith (Axis) vs Dick Jarvenin (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory by 3.0

6. John Lindley(Allies-1.0) vs Bob Hamel (Axis) Axis Victory by virtue of a tie!

7. Jim Bodenheimer Allies-2.0 vs Dave Elkin Axis Allied Victory*

8. Rob Flowers (Axis) vs Tim Tow (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 3.5

9 Vince Meconi (Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Allies -2) Allied Victory by 6.0*

10. Rob Drozd (Allies-1.5)  vs Nick markavich Axis Victory by 4.5

11. Matt Romaniecki (Allies-2.0) vs Mike Ussery (Axis) Axis Victory by 3.0

12. Mike Brophy (Axis) vs Avi Solomon (Allies)  Axis Victory

13. Jeff Lange(allies-2.0) vs Bob Jameli (Axis) Axis Victory by 2.0

14. Dave McCarty (Allies-2.5)  vs Mircea Pauca (Axis) Axis Victory

15. Nicholas Markevich (Axis) vs Rob Drozd (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 4.5

15a. Ken Nied (Allies 0.0) vs Robert Hammond (Axis) Axis Victory*

16. John Vogel (Allies -2.0 vs Mark Gutfreund (Axis) Allied Victory*

17. Michael Sosa vs Gregory Hultgren Michael Sosa by Forfeit

Allied Victories 8  Axis Victories 10

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

David McCarty

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

Reporting Requirements:
After your match is complete, post a comment with any desired commentary and the following information:
1) Players and their sides
2) The bid
3) Winning side
4) Final Score (required only if game was not conceded)
5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players.


20 Comments to “Rd 50”

  1. Final score on the Lange (Allied) vs Jamelli (Axis) ended with POC at zero. Axis (Jamelli) won when the bid of 2 for the allies was applied. Very close game that was not decided until both convoys hit on T7 preventing an Allied victory.

  2. I would like to be included in the next round.
    Michael Ussery

  3. The final score in the Matt Romaniecki (Allies; bid 2) versus Michael Ussery (Axis) match was 1 POC in favor of the axis (3 POC after the bid was applied. No convoys were sunk, but Axis won several close battles to control areas.

  4. The final score in the Robert Drozd (Allies; Bid 1.5) versus Nicholas Markevich (Axis) match was 3 POC in favor of the Axis (4.5 POC after the bid).

  5. Nicholas Markevich (Axis) defeated Robert Drozd (Allies; Bid 1.5) in a subsequent (not first) AREA match of WAS.

    The Allied ASW was quite deadly for most of the game sinking 11 U-boats, but the U-boats did manage to sink a carrier on turn 5, decontrol two areas on turn 6, and disable a convoy Allied airstrikes sank two Italian cruisers, while in the Barents the Luftwaffe disabled and later sank Convoy 1A, sank the Ark Royal, and also sank Renown and Devonshire. The German surface fleet had little problem winning battles in the South Atlantic (turn 1), Baltic (turn 5), and the Barents (turns 7 and 8) to seal the victory.

  6. Mike Kaye (Allies) defeated Lee Kendter (Axis)
    Bid: Allies 2
    Score after 8: raw-4; after bid-2
    do not recall a previous match between us

    I will be glad to play in the next round; thanks for running the ladder

  7. My game with Talmadge Seaman has ended. My Allies prevailed by a final score of 10 PoC (8.5 after the 1.5 bid for the Allies). Tal elected to challenge a big force in the North Sea on Turn 1. It was going the Axis way (albeit with some losses) until the Axis unexpectedly withdrew in multiple groups – allowing the British cruisers to sink Gneisenau during pursuit. The Axis never recovered but hung in it to the end after sinking Convoy 1A.

  8. MSosa v. Gregory hultgren: Bid was 1.5 for allies by MSosa. Gregory was unable to play though and forfeits the match. I do wish to continue. This is MSosa’s first Area match.

  9. Bruce Monnin (2.0 POC bid for the Allies) defeated Ron Jacobsen

    Bruce’s Allies were ahead by 5 POC (3 POC after the bid) after turn 7, when Ron’s Axis conceded

    I would imagine this is a subsequent match for me.

  10. I am taking a break for next round. Not in for round 51.

  11. I will play next round

  12. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.5) vs Pete Shelling (Axis)

    Axis came out into the SATL on Turn 1 and took the area, albeit with loss of three ships to the Allies 2. The Axis then fought again on Turn 2 for the SATL, losing his Italian cruisers and the remainder of his fleet outside the Baltic. From then on it was a matter of maintaining the blockade and getting the convoys through to Murmansk to erase the early Axis lead and handicap. The Axis conceded on Turn 7 with the Allies leading by 6.0 POC (3.5 with handicap). This was a subsequent match between me and Pete.

  13. Rob Flowers (Axis) vs. Tim Tow (Allies with 1.5 bid) is now complete. Axis triumphed with a scope of +3.5 after the bid. Not first game….

  14. Jim Laws (Allies) vs Andy Choptiany (Axis)
    2 POC bid for Allies
    Axis won game
    Allies resigned during T3 after extreme bad luck
    Jim and I have played before

  15. Robert Hammond (Axis) vs. Ken Nied (Allies – 0 bid)

    This was my first game on the ladder, and so my first time facing Ken. The dice server was very cruel to the Allies resulting in a short game.

    Ken opened with a variant on the Barents in 1. The German fleet attacked the Barents and scored 9 hits out of 13 shots fired. The result was the sinking of Hood, Repulse, and 4 cruisers, with the crippling of a fifth cruiser in exchange for the loss of Gneisenau. The opening of turn two wasn’t much better for the British, with the Axis scoring 3 hits out of five shots during submarine and LBA combat, sinking Ark Royal, and crippling Queen E. and Formidable. Still facing a breakout of the surface fleet into the N. Atlantic and the immenent loss of Eagle there, the Allies conceded the seas to the Axis.

  16. Round 50 AAR

    Robert (The Hammer) Hammond’s Axis smashed Ken Nied’s Allies sinking so many opposing ships that the Allies capitulated in Turn 2 even with a bid of 0. First time we played.

  17. Jim blasted the Axis on turn 2 and I never recovered. He played a very good game

  18. Round 50 match report for
    Jim Bodenheimer (Allies) v. Dave Elkin (Axis)
    Bid was 2.0
    Allies won at the beginning of Turn 5 as Axis conceded.
    This was our first match together, we think.

  19. Looking forward to a good match with Mircea.

    Would like to try some variant rules for Med if anybody is interested in an extra game.

  20. I would like to be in the next round

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