Rd 51

Round 51 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Bruce Monnin (Axis) vs Mike Kaye (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory by 5

2. Andrew Choptiany (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood Allies-2.5 Axis Victory

3. John Pack (Axis) vs Andy Gardner (Allied) Axis Victory

4. Greg Smith (Allies -1.5) vs Rob Flowers (Axis) Axis Victory*

5. Bob Hamel(Axis) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-?) Axis Victory

6. Karl Bodenheimer (Allies -1.5) vs Nicholas Markevich (Axis) Axis Victory

7.  Phil Watkins (Allies-2.0) vs Mike Ussery (Axis) Axis Victory

8. Mike Brophy (Axis) vs Bob Jameli (-1.0) Axis Victory by virtue of a TIE

9. Mircea Pauca (Axis)  vs Robert Hammond (Allies -1.5) Axis Victory by 0.5 *

10. John Vogel (Allies -2.0) vs Michael Sosa (Axis) Allied Victory

11. Lee Kendter (Allies) vs Bill Thomson (Axis) Allied Victory

12. Tal Seaman (Axis) vs Dick Jarvinen (Allies -1.5) Axis Victory

13. Bryan Brinkman vs John Lindley Bryan Forfeits

14. Tim Tow (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies -1.5) Allied Victory

15. Rick Virost(Axis) vs Avi Solomon(Allies-1.5) Allied Victory by 0.5!*

16. Jeff Lange (Allies-2.0) vs Rob Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory

17. Ken Nied vs Wayne Saunders Wayne Saunders Forfeits

Allied Victories 5  Axis Victories 10

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

David McCarty

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

Reporting Requirements:
After your match is complete, post a comment with any desired commentary and the following information:
1) Players and their sides
2) The bid
3) Winning side
4) Final Score (required only if game was not conceded)
5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players.


55 Comments to “Rd 51”

  1. Bob H. (Axis) has Defeated Jim B. – in a German victory – Ship destruction on the Allied side played a big part in victory as all the 117’s and a large amount of BB’s were sunk by midgame with very little Axis loses (but plenty of damage) as you can see by details below.

    Turn 1 – Axis goes into N. Sea and wins control of the area
    3 Brit BB’s and a carrier are lost and only the Blucher is sunk in reply – POC at +3 Axis

    Turn 2 & 3 Axis goes into Barents and wins both times
    6 117’s, 3 more BB’s and a carrier are lost and only Eugen is sunk along with an LBA target of a 117 in Italy
    POC is now at +9

    Turn 4 – Axis again wins in Barents and POC maxes to 10
    Axis ships Lutzow and Scheer now are sunk but Allies lose 3 more BB’s Convoy 1, 2 more 117’s & another carrier

    Turn 5 – Axis for 4 time controls Barents but loses Bismarck and another Italian 117 – Brits lose 4 more BB’s
    Russians finally came out but U-boats blocked their control – POC remains at 10

    Turn 6 – Axis controls Barents and decontrols N. Sea – Convoy 2B is disabled back to USA

    Turn 7 – Axis (surprise) controls Barents and again decontrols N. Sea – Convoy in Barents disabled back to US
    Axis lost Gneisenau – Brits lose one more carrier

    Turn 8 – Axis sends the 2 remaining 117’s & subs into S. Atlantic – Russians refuse to sail dooming any chance for an Allies comeback – Rest of Axis goes to Barents to destroy the convoy – (3rd convoy in N Atlantic can land in England for 1 POC – Axis manage to sink all ships and disable the convoy in Barents but fail to control the S. Atlantic leaving it to the subs to de-control – Final score was Axis +10

  2. Nicholas Markevich (Axis) has defeated Karl Bodenheimer (Allies; Bid 1.5 POC). Karl resigned at the end of turn 7 with the score even (before the bid) and 1.5 POC in favor of the Axis (after the bid). Even though all three convoys reached Russia (1A after initially being disabled back to the USA from the Barents), the Axis won several devastating victories in the South Atlantic that left the British fleet with insufficient forces to prevent an Axis victory. This was not our first AREA-rated match of WAS.

  3. John Vogel (Allied) vs Michael Sosa (Axis) Michael Sosa resign on turn 7 Allied win with a bid of 2 VPs

  4. On game 12, Dick chose Allied and bid 1.5 points for it. T1 Axis sortied lost 2 ships and didn’t take the sea area.
    later in game successful axis sorties took sea areas and sunk a convoy and Allies conceded in T6.

  5. Andy Gardner: Put a “W” in the win column for John in this one. I goofed on turn one by not listing Hood(or anywhere else for that matter) in the Barents with the rest of his mates and John pummeled me from there. He sank 10xBB and 8 assorted other ships(including con 2b) at the cost of 2×127’s(PE and AH). The 9 to 1 ratio was brutal but occurred in just 4 turns. The classic disables for the British but sinkings for the Germans.

    It was the first, and hopefully last, time that I forget to list a ship…

    Congratulations John!

    Andy played it out longer than most would against such attrition – largely because some of those attrition battles ended with an Allied flag. But the cost was too lopsided for the Allies to maintain their POC lead. The missing fast ships quickly led to missing lots of speed rolls – which enabled the Axis to continue to inflict horrific casualties.

    An example of the “never sink” shooting of the Allies was the three hits on Bismarck on the final turn for, you guessed it, 9 damage. I repaired a lot of ships with max damage in this game (when they weren’t patrolling the Baltic).

    Thanks for the game, Andy.

  6. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeated Robert Hammond (Allies) by 0.5 PoC after the bid.
    Actually Allies won by 1 raw PoC, but Robert had bid 1.5 to play Allies.
    This is first AREA game between us.

    It was an extreme roller-coaster of luck. After Robert’s Med opening (that I avoided and went to South Atlantic, losing 3 German ships against relatively light defence) and T2 survival-regrouping to North Atlantic (lost another German and one Italian and not even controlled NAtl, had to run…) I continued play just-to-see-what-may-happen.
    After that, luck reversed sharply. On turn 3 Germans sunk both Russians that appeared; Luftwaffe and subs sunk 2 carriers.
    Turn 4: Germans controlled Barents and sunk some Brits, but could not prevent the first Convoy from ‘running forwards’ and landing in Russia.
    Turns 5 and 6: Germans stayed to repair the heavy damage taken. Convoy2B gets disabled from Barents, back to USA then NAtl.
    Turn 7: in a great ‘safety’ move, Robert lands both convoys (2B to England and 3C to Russia) avoiding the risk to escort it to Barents with the unavoidable airpower. Germans could only open NSea with subs for a last try.
    The situation proved precarious to the last turn, 8 ! To win I had to uncontrol 2 areas with subs (30% and 59% chances), control one area (NSea, NAtl and SAtl were very close, I chose NSea at ~40%) while keeping patrol in Baltic too. So a 7% string of miracles needed. And they SUCCEEDED !

    ASW sunk only 5 U-boat units in 68 rolls.

    Thanks to Robert for his patience and fair play !

  7. 1) Rick Virost was the Axis and Avi Solomon was the Allies.
    2) The bid was 1.5 POC for the Allies.
    3) The winning side was the Allies.
    4) The final score was 2 POC for the Allies resulting in a victory for the Allies by the barest margin of 0.5 POC after the bid was deducted.
    5) This is the first AREA match between the players.

    Rick played very well but failed to sink or disable any of the convoys 2 of which went to Russia. I was regretting not sending 2B to Russia as well and it was two lucky ASW rolls which cleared U-Boats out of two sea areas (on different turns) which also helped me win.

  8. Congratulations to Mike Kaye, our new man atop the ladder!!!

  9. Mike Kaye has prevailed (barely) over Bruce Monnin. Mike bid 2 for the Allies. The Axis were in good shape until turn 4 (Allies could disable but had a tough time sinking ships; on the other hand, hadn’t lost too many either) when 17 ASW vs 7 UBoats sank 6 and had a disable to spare to maintain blockade in the North Sea. The respite gained while the Axis rebuilt their UBoat force helped the Allies get to +7 POC going in to turn 8 (well, yeah, the fact that the German LBA missed the first two convoys in the Barents helped that a lot!) On turn 6, 6 UBoats vs 18 ASW opened the North Sea; On Turn 7, the German (less Spee and Blucher in the Baltic facing Marat) and Italian (Zara; others were patrolling the ocean floor courtesy of LBA) fleets joined to hold the SATL, putting POC to Allied +4 before the bid. In the meantime, Marat disabled both Spee and Blucher, being disabled by Blucher on round 2.
    On turn 8, remaining Axis (Bis, Tirp, Scharn, Spee, Zepp, Bluch, Zara) challenged for the NATL vs all six Amis + Convoy 3C (previously turned back by LBA) and two Brit CAs (Repulse failed SR from Russia). Bismarck failed SR, bumping POC to Allied +5 before bid. Allies disabled or sunk all but Blucher, then the Axis killed or disabled all their targets, leaving 2 CAs and the convoy vs Blucher. In the 2nd such round, Blucher was sunk, giving the Allies 2 more POC to +7 before the bid/+5 after the bid.
    Bruce probably would have prevailed if I had not been so fortunate on turn 4 in killing 6 UBoats.

  10. A Choptiany (Axis) vs J Lockwood (Allies)
    Bid was 2.5 POC for Allies
    Axis won the game
    In a hard fought game,the Allies conceded during T5
    with the raw POC at 0. Jonathan received alot of bad breaks
    with his speed and damage rolls.
    We have played before.

  11. 8. Mike Brophy vs Bob Jameli
    Mike (Axis) wins the tied game over Bob (Allies). Bid was 1.0 POC Allies. Mike disabled 4 out of 5 convoys in the Barents Sea!

  12. Rob Drozd (Axis) defeated Jeff Lange (Allies bidding 2.0 POC). 1 failed speed roll to the Barents on Turn 1 and 2 failed speed rolls to the Barents on Turn 2 allowed the Axis to sink many ships with only 1 CA lost. After Turn 4 Axis controlled NATL and had a 9 POC advantage before the bid adjustment. With only 1 convoy left, the situation was hopeless for the Allies and concession followed.

  13. Tim, did you ever think that maybe your dice have deserted you since you surrendered the blog to Greg?

  14. Vince Meconi (Allies, bidding 1.5) defeated Tim Tow (Axis) by a POC margin of more than 2. Tim and I have played many times previously; always a good game. The Allies made virtually every speed roll through the first 5 turns, offering the Axis limited opportunities to challenge.

    Finally, on turn 5, a massive and pivotal battle took place in the Barents. Every German unit confronted Convoy 2B, Ark Royal, Formidable, 3×456, Hood, 2×444, 336, and 4×117. The 5 Allied airstrikes nicked a 357, while Axis air sank one BB and disabled another. The Axis also outshot the Allies in the first round of surface combat, leaving the 2 Allied carriers and 6 gunnery ships to oppose 7 German ships. The Allies decided to withdraw in 3 groups, each carrier in one and the other 6 in one group at the Convoy’s speed, 3. The Axis chose to send a 127 after each of the carriers, with the other 5 ships in pursuit of the Convoy and its escorts. The pursuing cruisers sank the Ark Royal but disabled the Formidable, Meanwhile, 2 more rounds of gunnery reduced the 2 fleets to the Convoy vs. the max-damaged Graf Spee and the undamaged Lutzow. In round 4, the Convoy disabled the Lutzow while the Kriegsmarine whiffed. Now it was mano a mano, Convoy vs. Graf Spee-2. It took 4 more rounds before the Convoy disabled the Graf Spee, which fanned in response. Interestingly, no ships were sunk after round 2; the remaining six rounds produced only disables. The Convoy’s successful escape to Russia and the resulting 3 POC broke the back of the Axis.

    Allied good fortune continued, with 12 ASW sending 6 U-boats back to Germany on turn 7, protecting the final convoy, and a combined 18 ASW rolling 13 5s and 6s to remove all 7 U-boats in 2 areas on turn 8. The latter led to an Axis concession.

  15. 1) Players and their sides Greg Smith (Allies) vs Rob Flowers (Axis)
    2) The bid: Greg bid 1.5 for the Allies
    3) Winning side Axis by concession at the beginning of T7
    4) Final Score (required only if game was not conceded)
    5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players. We have not played before.

    Allies won the Turn 1 battle in the North Atlantic, sinking Geisenau and losing only one Ca. Since then the Axis LBA softened up the Barents Allied fleet sinking two carriers and Repulse and Convoy 1A. Turn 4,5 and 6 the UBoats opened the North Sea sinking Glorious. Turn 6 the Axis sank all ships on station in the South Atlantic in one round. The Barents LBA disabled Convoy 2B back to USA. It was past all hope for the Allies at that point.

  16. 1) Players and their sides Philip Watkins (Allies) vs Michael Ussery (Axis)
    2) The bid Philip bid 2 for the Allies
    3) Winning side Axis by concession at the beginning of T5
    4) Final Score (required only if game was not conceded)
    5) Whether or not this is your first AREA match between the players. We have played before.

    Philip used the Med strategy and had some success with it, but a great Italian surface battle on T4 lead to too many sunk allied ships.

  17. Ken Nied, Looks like we are up. I’m at twsaunders77@gmail.com.

  18. Michael Sosa I guess we will be playing each other; my e-mail address is boardgamer1001@yahoo.com.

  19. Count me in

  20. I will play in round 51

  21. I will play round 51

  22. I am looking forward to this coming round.

  23. Yes, I will play in Round 51. Thanks for keeping it organized !

  24. I’m in — thanks for running the ladder

  25. Put me in

  26. ready to go for me.

  27. I’m in for 51, but someone please give me advice on how to make my LBA shoot better.

  28. Count me in for L51

  29. I’m in as well.

  30. Signing up

  31. I’m ready to play.

  32. Thanks for running the ladder, Greg! I’ll bring my lucky dice and play in rd 51.

  33. I will play in rd 51

  34. I will play in Round 51. Thanks for running the ladder, Greg!

  35. I’m in for rd 51

  36. I will play the ‘great’ JL in Rd 51

  37. Rick Virost will play in Round 51.

  38. Ron Jacobsen would like to SKIP Round 51, but I will be back for 52. Thanks for running things, Greg. Congrats to Bruce for taking over the top spot, and putting up with my slow play while he did so.

  39. I’m in for round 51

  40. I will defend the top of the ladder in Round 51.

  41. I will play in 51 [Bill Thomson]

  42. I am in for Round 51.

  43. Greg Smith is in for Round 51

  44. Enter me for Round 51.

  45. I’d like to play in round 51.

  46. Sign me up for Round 51 please.

  47. Add me in for Round 51 please.

  48. I am good for rd 51

  49. John Vogel is in for Round 51 (posted on Round 50 page)

  50. I’m ready to play in Round 51.

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