Round 65

Updated 10/02/16

FINAL MATCHUPS August 7th to September 30th 2016

Congratulations to John Pack, atop the ladder !

Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. John Pack (Allies-1.0) vs Bruce Monnin (Axis) Axis Victory by 1.0!

2. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Andy Choptiany (Axis) Axis Victory by 0.5!

3. Mike Ussery (Axis)  vs Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 4.5

4. Greg Hultgren (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

5 . Jeff Lange(Axis) vs Mircea Pauca(Allies-1.5) Allied Victory*

6. Bob Hamel (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 5.5

7. Mike Kaye(Allies) vs Lee Kendter(Axis) Axis Victory

8.Tal Seaman (Axis) vs Tim Tow (Allies -1.5)  Axis Victory (+7 Axis before bid at middle of turn 8)

9. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Matt Romaneki (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory by Adjudication

10. Karl Bodenheimer(Allies) vs Pete Shelling(Axis) Axis Victory

11. Bob Jameli (Axis) vs Mike Brophy (Allies- .05) Allied Victory

12. Phil Watkins (Allies-2.5) vs Dave Elkin (Axis) Allied Victory


Extra Games:

13. Tal Seaman (Allies -1.5) vs. Tim Tow (Axis)  Axis Victory (turn 2 concession)

14. Tal Seaman (Allies -1.5) vs. Tim Tow (Axis) Axis Victory (turn 7 concession)

Allied Victories 3 Axis Victories 11 Ties

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

Greg Smith

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46 Comments to “Round 65”

  1. Matt Romaniecki conceded with the Allies at the end of Turn 6 due to email issues with the Axis well ahead. He and I have played each other before.

  2. I’ll throw in the towel and congratulate Lee on a good game.

    Turn two was decisive. After poor shooting on turn 1, my Brits had a great chance to get good attrition in SATL with deck, four BB and four CA vs German 357, 2 x 225, 2 x 127, and all four Italian CAs.

    Air and surface combined for one hit of 2 damage on a 225 and two disabled Italians. Attrition to my fleet was as expected

  3. it was not our first time playing each other.

  4. Sorry my bad (lost your E-mail yeah that’s it.)
    Karl Bodenheimer conceded as the Allies at the end of turn 3. I diced him really good on turn1 in the South Atlantic, (and my LBA scored 3 hits in the Barents) and his blockade not never able to recover.

  5. also: Mircea Pauca vs Jeffrey Lange. It was our first time playing WAS for AREA.

  6. Mircea Pauca (Allies; bid 1.5) defeated Jeffrey Lange (Axis) by surrender on Turn 8.
    T1: my Barents-in-1,
    T1-2: Germans prudently stay in Baltic and grow. T2: Stukas sink Renown.
    T1-3: U-boats pick POC on the sides. No U sunk by 4+6+9 ASW. Score stays 0.
    T3: Germans sortie in Barents even facing a superior British force (all 5 speed rolls successful), keeping a cruiser in Baltic. They sink Repulse+3CA while losing Spee, Hipper (in pursuit) and 8 damage total on the heavies. Of the 5U in North Atlantic, 3U strike the convoy and miss.
    T4: Germans stay and repair the damage. 7U try NAtl again, 1U sunk, 5U strike Convoy2B and miss again! Convoy1A unloads in Murmansk. 3 PoC.
    T5: Facing extreme ASW, Germans try to open North Sea the hard way, with guns blazing. Again a cruiser back in Baltic. Sunk Lutzow vs 2BB, Brits keep control. Plan B working exceedingly well (Roll Fives). Convoy2B unloads. 6 PoC.
    T6: While Germans repair again, 7U support the 4 Italians in SAtl defended by 3BB,Eagle. U’s sink 1BB. Ramillies sinks Gorizia. Italians run to Uruguay.
    T7: Convoy3C heavily escorted in Barents -Stukas miss- unloads intact, Axis gamble again. North Sea with the guns, S.Atlantic with 6U+3 Italians vs weaker (2BB,1CA,Eagle). Both hold although it got quite close after U and air. British cruisers disable 3 small Germans with 3 shots! 9 PoC.
    T8: Germans are forced to gamble again, same pattern. U’s split to NAtl (all 3 removed, British flag still flies) and SAtl (not much help to Italians). Critically hit Bismarck floats in the … Baltic! After good British airstrikes in N.Sea, Germans give up. Most likely final score 9 Allied PoC before bid (7.5 after) if British keep control; or 6 PoC (4.5 after bid) in the ~10% if Germans win.

    Thanks to Jeffrey for his fair play and patience.
    Early ASW ineffectiveness got counterbalanced by U ineffectiveness against convoys. Both our fleets shot better at disabling than lethal hits. Raeder’s timing of surface sorties could not coordinate with Doenitz’ strikes on the sides. The permanent Baltic presence brought certain economic benefits totalling 4 PoC but reduced substantially the chances for control or attrition in the big battles.

  7. After Vince Meconi bid 2 to play the Allies, Gregory Hultgren’s Axis came out early and put the hurt on the Allied light cruisers in the Barents on T2 & T3 with only minimal losses. As Vince put it mid game, this put the Allies on life support early.

    As the game progressed, Vince was able to hold off an Axis Victory through a brilliantly played mid game, but by the end of T5, the Axis had a +8 POC to overcome and the German Navy was very much intact (the hit dice not favoring the Allies at all). Even so, the German Navy was beat up. So on T6 most of the Axis ships cruised the Baltic so that the Bismark and Tirpitz could be repaired in Germany (eight points of collective repair). With most of the Axis Fleet enjoying mimosas in the Baltic after sinking the last Russian, the Allies slipped a Convoy into Leningrad dropping POC from Axis +8 to Axis +5. However, the Axis on T6 was fortunate to break open the North Sea with the traditional 7 U-boat gambit losing only 2 U-boats in the process.

    What happened on next on T7 was the most interesting part of the game, although it resulted in the Allies conceding mid turn. On T7, the Axis deployed their entire fleet of eight healthy ships (yep the Axis were that lucky), minus the damaged ninth ship Lutzow which held the now “Ruskie Free” Baltic. The Axis also deployed all six of its U-boats to the North Sea to hopefully soften up the 7 Allied ships defending that area before the air shots began. Meanwhile, the Axis LBA sought out targets in the Baltic per normal.

    Failing to heed their instructions from their Admirals in port, the U-boat commanders apparently decided not to submerge while at sea. This was their downfall as out of 9 ASW shots, the Allies rolled 6 sunks, killing every single U-boat present. To add insult to injury, one of the two air strikes from the Courageous sent the Bismark home disabled which would have made the North Sea battle quite interesting “if only”.

    The “if only” was that “if only” the Axis LBA didn’t hit the Convoy in the Barents, the Allies had a mathematical chance to make a comeback. Unfortunately, the only hit Axis Air had on T7 was the Convoy and the Convoy sunk. That result mathematically ended the game. so on T7, before the ship to ship rolls, Vince’s Allies understandably conceded with the Axis at +5.

    From this player’s perspective, Vince did everything right and actually played a far better game than his Axis counterpart. But this game exemplified the phrase, “Good dice beat Good strategy every time.”

    Knowing how dice tend to balance out, the player who is paired with Vince next game should be afraid, very afraid. As for the person paired with me, congratulations on your probable success ;-).

    Vince it was an honor to play you.

  8. AChoptiany(Axis) hung on to defeat JLockwood(Allies). The bid was 2.5 for the Allies. With the raw score Allies +2,
    ,the Axis put 7UB into the SAO vs 11ASW and the UBs were not cleared. thus preserving the .5 margin of victory.
    It was a very tense,exciting game which went down to the wire and the Axis survived for the win.

  9. Phil Watkins (Allies) defeated Dave Elkin (Axis) on turn 8 – Med. opening from the Allies. It was a game where the luck swung wildly, with the Italians taking the Med. on turn 1, followed by excellent Allied luck on turn 2 in sinking lots of Italians to reclaim the Med. More great Allied luck with 9 shots sunk 4 uboats on turn 2. The Uboat fleet never quite recovered. However, it was still only 3 vp in favour of the Allies at the end of turn 7. Misses with the air attack on the convoy in the Barents was enough to seal the game for the Allies.

  10. #13 Extra Game Tim defeated Tal (Allied) in a Med on 2 strategy game where the Allies lost the South Atlantic on turn 2, leading to an early concession. This is a subsequent AREA game.

  11. #14 Extra Game Tim (Axis) defeated Tal (Allied) in a Med Strategy game. The Italians did not come out to fight and were devastated on turn 4, losing the Med, however, the Allied turn 6 foray into the Barents ran into an Axis buzzsaw, while the Italian cruisers were able to take the South Atlantic driving the POC to +8 before the bid. With the score at +8 Axis and all convoys in the US or North Atlantic on turn 6, the Allies conceded.

  12. 11. Axis Bob Jameli [L] vs Allies Mike Brophy [W]
    Mike took the Allies giving up 0.5 POC. Bob conceded on T8 with the POC at Allied +3, with no chance of winning. Desperate attempts in the North Sea and the Baltic had not yet been resolved, nor the German LBA vs Convoy3C. The Allies were almost certain to win the North Sea, but the Baltic was one ship vs one ship. If the Axis won the Baltic, then the final POC would have been 3 (or 6 in the convoy got through); and a loss in the Baltic would only increase the Allied POC lead.

  13. Bob Hamel (Axis) has defeated Jim Kramer Jr. (Allies – bid 1.5). We played the full 8 turns but Bob had actually locked the game up after turn 7. The final score after T8, with the bid applied was +5.5 Axis. Jim started with a MED in 2 strategy with Rodney and Nelson starting in Malta, giving up 2 POC to the Axis on T1. The T2 deployments saw KGV fail the speed roll to the MED. The UK MED force was 4 BB’s, 1 BC, 3 CA’s and a CV. Bob committed the Italian fleet with his BB’s in the MED and the 4 CA’s (1 damaged) and 4 U-boats in the South Atlantic. The UK had 1 BC, 2 CA’s and Eagle there. In the MED UK air was a complete failure while Axis air disabled POW. In MED surface combat each side lost a BB but the Italians disabled 2 BB’s while they only had 1 BB disabled. The remaining UK ships, a BC, 3 CA’s and the CV, then retreated. A pursuing Italian BB was damaged but no further ships were sunk. In the SA the UK ASW also was ineffective and the subs then sank the BC. Eagle missed it’s airstrike and surface combat sees the Eagle and a CA sunk with only the damaged Italian CA disabled. Pursuit here results in no further damage. The damage to allied game strategy turned out to be irreparable. Axis POC gain of 6 (game score axis +8) forced Jim to work to disengage in the MED and move north. T3 allied deployment was strong VS the Germans, the locked in MED group and a BB, CA and CV in the SA. No USSR ships sailed. Bob used his Italians and subs as on T2 in the SA and MED with the DKM grabbing 3 easy points in the north. In combat the allies managed to hold the MED, sinking 2 Italian BB’s and clear the SA, sinking 2 Italian CA’s with no British ships lost. POC was 3 to 3 so the game score was unchanged. T4 sees no USSR sailing but 4 US (2 old BB and 2 CA) come out. No convoys sail. Deployment has the DKM waiting with subs in the North Sea and the remaining Italians (3 BB, 2 CA) fighting in the MED. NS sees 2 subs sunk with those remaining only damaging ARK ROYAL (1d). MED combat is won by the UK with Italy reduced to 2 damaged CA’s. UK losses were HOOD and SUSSEX. POC is 3 to 3 again. T5 sees strong allied presences in NA (with convoy 1A), SA and NS. The KENT is sent to the Barents, 3 CA’s to the MED and OKT. REV. sails in the Baltic. The Axis deploys his 4 heavies to the Baltic, light ships and CV to the Barents, the Italian CA’s in the MED and 6 subs to the NS. Combat: Baltic – O.R. sunk, Barents – CV disabled KENT, MED – 1 Italian CA sunk, 1 disabled, NS – 13 ASW comes thru with 4 subs sunk and the other 2 disabled. POC is 4 to 3 allies reducing game score to +7 axis. T6 sees the allies abandon MED and move convoy 1A and supporting forces, 5 BB, 1 BC, 4 CA and 2 CV, to the Barents (KGV and RENOWN fail SR). The NA sees the remaining US CA sail joining 4 US, convoy 2B, ARK ROYAL and 4 R-class BB’s, SA has 2 CA and a CV. USSR MARAT sails too. The axis use the Italian BB and CA to control the MED, LUTZOW and 2 subs in the Baltic, 3 subs in the SA and the German fleet (2 BB, 2 BC, 2 PB, 3 CA and the CV and LBA) to the Barents. In combat MARAT is sunk with only 1 damage point scored on LUTZOW and no damage in the SA. In the Barents allied air disables TIRPITZ and hits (3d) BISMARK, axis air disables convoy 1A and POW. Surface combat sees the UK lose 2 BB and 3 CA in exchange for BISMARK and PRINZ EUGEN. POC is 6 to 2 axis with game score maxed out to axis +10. T7 sees the allies send convoy 2B to the Barents supported by 3 BB, 1 BC, 3 CA and 2 CV. Convoy 1A is back in the NA with 3 BB, 3 CA and ARK ROYAL. NS has 6 BB and 2 CV. SA has NELSON and VICTORIOUS. The MED has 3 4-4-4 BB’s moving in but all 3 SR fail. Axis deployment kept the DKM out of reach, sent 6 subs to the NS and repaired damaged ships. The Italians have 2 BB’s and a CA in the MED which allied LBA miss. With that MED failure and the success of the subs opening up the NS, the POC on T7 was 6 to 3 allies (convoy 1A to Russia). Game score is now +7 axis. The maximum the allies could score on T8 was 9 POC (Barents, NA, NS, SA, MED and convoys 1A in the Barents and 3C in the NA). The axis had 1 POC in hand in the Baltic WITHOUT committing to ANY combat. The difference of +8 would not be enough to overcome the allied bid of 1.5. As stated we played T8 out. After combat the axis held the Baltic and NS, the allies held the Barents, NA and SA with the convoys getting to Russia and England. A well played game on Bob’s part with him taking advantage of my mistakes or any bit of luck presented him.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  14. My Axis defeated John Pack’s Allies by 1 POC after the bid in an epic Med strategy battle.

    The Axis challenged the North Sea on Turn 1, but lost the area and two ships while doing only real damage with the LBA in the Med. The Axis won the Med on Turn 2 and won attrition, sinking seven ships while losing four. The Axis lead grew over the next several turns, until the combination of convoys and the RAF sinking/disabling all three Italians in the Med brought the score back near even.

    A desperate win by the Germans on Turn 7 in the North Sea thanks to lousy ASW and strong U-Boat shooting took the game to the final turn, where the Allies earned three Italian ships during the defection rolls, versus just one such ship to the Germans. The Allies defended the South Atlantic with the Rodney, Howe, Kent, Eagle and Illustrious, but the Germans challenged with the Scharnhorst, Blucher, Graf Zeppelin, Andrea Doria (which passed a speed 5 speed roll) and 7 U-Boats.

    Things looks good for the Allies when subs and airstrikes left the Howe, Kent, Eagle and Illustrious versus the Blucher and Graf Zeppelin. However, the Allies would not roll another 5 or 6, while the Germans slowly disabled the Allied fleet to take the area and the game.

  15. My axis has defeated Jim Bodenheimer’s Allies in a close, tense game. POC was Axis +3 before the bid was applied and Axis +4.5 after the bid was applied. Jim and I have had the pleasure of playing before.
    Most of the action took place in the Barents were some Axis victories were won at the price of considerable attrition. 2 Convoys were disabled in the game (1 in the Barents on T8), 1 made it to Murmansk and 1 was sunk. A pivotal T7 saw 9 ASW rolls in the North Sea against 7 Uboats achieve 4 kills and 2 disables, but the 1 remaining uboat decontrolled the area allowing the remaining 5 German surface ships to unite with the 3 Italian cruisers for a Axis victory in the S Atlantic.

  16. Tal Seaman’s Axis defeated Tin’s Allies and piled up a +7 POC lead by turn 5 and ended the game at+5 Axis (before the 1.5 Allied bid).

    This is a subsequent AREA game.

  17. Jonathan Lockwood has bid 2.5 POC to play the Allies versus Andy’s Axis

  18. Sorry for the late response (I was travelling and away from easy access to the internet.) Rick Virost will not play in Round 65.

  19. I will play.

  20. Will not play in this round.

  21. I have to skip this round.

  22. I will play this round.

  23. Count me in

  24. I am in for 65. please ignore the punditas which was me also.

  25. I’m in for 65

  26. I will skip this round, unless my opponent opts to continue our current game. In any case, no new game for me in Round 65 and I expect to return for Round 66. Thanks.

  27. Playing

  28. I will play

  29. Mike Brophy will play in round 65

  30. Summer is about over, I’ll jump in for 65

  31. In for 65

  32. In for round 65

  33. In for Round 65

  34. I’m in for 65.

  35. !cixelsid m’I esuaceb tusj em esaet t’nod, syug yeH

  36. I am also in Round 65.

  37. I am in for round 65. When it begins that is.

  38. What ever the round, sign me up for next one

  39. I will play in Rd 65

  40. !etuc

  41. .56 dnuor rof ni m’I

  42. In for Round 65.

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