Round 66

Round 66
Updated 11/28/16

FINAL MATCHUPS October 3rd to November 30th 2016

Congratulations to Bruce Monin, atop the ladder !

Axis won 11 out of the 14 games played in Round 65!

Round 66 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Bruce Monnin(Allies) vs Andy Choptiany (Axis) Allied Victory

2. Mike Ussery (Axis) vs Greg Hultgren (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

3. John Lindley(Axis) vs Mircea Pauca(Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 6!

4. Bob Hamel(Axis) vs Lee Kendter(Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

5. Tal Seaman(Axis) vs Avi Solomon(Allies-1.5 Allied Victory*

6. Andy Gardner(Allies-1.0) vs Mike Brophy(Axis) Tie Game! Mike Advances as the Axis

7. Phil Watkins(Allies-2.0) vs John Pack (Axis) Axis Victory by 3

8. Rick Vrost(Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood(Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

9. Jim Bodenheimer(Axis) vs Vince Meconi(Allies-2.0) Axis Victory by 1 PoC!

10. Jeff Lange(Axis) vs Jim Kramer(Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

11. Mike Kaye(Allies-2.0) vs Tim Tow (Axis) Tie Game! Tim Advances as the Axis*

12. Dennis Nicholson(Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer(Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

13. Bob Jameli(Axis) vs Rob Drozd(Allies-1.0) Allied Victory

14. Greg Smith (Axis) vs Dave Elkin (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory


Extra Games:

Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Mircea Pauca(Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

Mircea Pauca(Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) Allied Victory

Avi Solomon(Allies-1.5) vs Mircea Pauca(Axis) Allied Victory

Allied Victories 9 Axis Victories 6 Ties 2

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

Greg Smith


40 Comments to “Round 66”

  1. Rob Drozd (Allies; bid 1.0) defeated Bob Jamelli (Axis). Axis conceded after Turn 7 combat favored the Allies who were poised to increase POC from 5 to 9 (before the bid adjustment). We have played each other before.

  2. Mike Kaye (2.0 Allies) and Tim Tow (Axis) played to a tie after the bid. A match that came down to a final battle in the Barents as the Allies held off the Axis sortie. This was our first Area match of War at Sea

  3. Jim Kramer Jr (Allies) has defeated Jeffery Lange (Axis) in an 8 turn game. Jim bid 1.5 for the allies and opened the game with Barents in 2 giving Jeff 2 POC to start the game. Turn 2 saw Jim deploy as follows: SA, 2 BB’s a CA and Eagle, NS, 5 BB’s, 3 CA and 2 CV, NA, 5 BB’s and Ark Royal, Barents, Hood, 4 CA’s, a CV and speed rolling for 2 3-3-6 and 2 4-5-6. One 4-5-6 failed to make it. In response Jeff sent his 4 subs to the SA, a 1-2-7 to the Baltic, patrolled the MED with half of the Italian fleet and sent the LBA and the remaining German ships (1 BB, 2 BC, 3 PB and 2 CA) to the Barents. Allied ASW sank 1 sub and disabled another, air strikes sank an Italian 4-3-5 and disabled Scharnhorst. Axis subs and air were unable to inflict any damage. The first round of surface action in the Barents saw the UK sink Gneisenau, Graf Spee, Prinz Eugen and Blucher and disable Bismark and Admiral Scheer. Axis return fire sinks Hood and 3 CA’s and damages KGV and Renown. Lutzow runs but is sunk in pursuit, in turn she sinks Repulse. Turn score is 3 to 3 so the game score was unchanged. Turn 3 allied deployment: SA, 4 BB and Eagle, NA, a CA, 2 CV and convoy 1A, NS, 5 BB, 2 CV and the damaged Renown, Barents 4 CA, Ark Royal, speed rolls for 2 4-5-6 (in) and 3 4-4-4 (1 fails). Marat sails in the Baltic and KGV repairs. The axis places 4 subs and the LBA in the Barents, the German fleet (2 BB, 1 BC, 1 PB and 1 CA) in the Baltic and again patrols the MED. Allied ASW clears the subs in the Barents (1 sunk, 3 disabled). Air strikes for both sides are ineffective. Baltic combat sees Marat sunk but she takes down the Admiral Scheer in kind. POC for the turn is 4 to 3 allies with the game score now +1 axis. Turn 4 sees 1 US BB and 1 US CA come on. Allied deployment is very strong in the NS, convoy 1A to the Barents with 5 BB, 4 CA and Ark Royal and covering forces in the NA and SA. Axis deployment is 5 subs to the SA (allies 2 4-5-6, 2 5-5-3 and a CV), a CA to the Baltic and the LBA, 2 BB, 1 BC and the Graf Zeppelin to the Barents. Allied SA ASW again does well with 1 sub sunk and 3 disabled. LBA in the MED scores some damage but the big air result is Ark Royal scoring 6d on the Tirpitz. Axis air disables a 4-4-4 and a 4-5-6 in the Barents. Surface combat sees the allies lose a 4-4-4, a 4-5-6 and 2 CA to sink Tirpitz and damage Bismark and GZ before disabling the German fleet. Convoy 1A gets thru to Russia so the POC for the turn is 6 to 3 allies with the game score moving to +2 allies. Turn 5 allies deployment: NS has 4 BB, 1 BC, 3 CV and Eagle, SA 6 BB, NA, US up to 2 BB and 2 CA with a CV and convoy 2B, Barents, 5 BB, 3 CA and 2 CV. The Axis continue to patrol the MED, send 6 U-boats to the NA, LBA to the Barents, Scharnhorst and Admiral Hipper to the Baltic with Bismark and GZ reparing. Allied LBA has no hits in the MED and the ASW disables 1 sub in the NA. Axis LBA sinks Ark Royal and a 4-4-4 but the 5 subs, shooting at 2B, get a hit for 2d. The convoy is landed in England giving the allies a 4 to 3 POC advantage for the turn. Game score moves to +3 allied. For turn 6 the allies increase NS forces with 4 BB, 1 BC, 4 CV and Eagle there. The Barents has 4 BB, 3 CA and a CV. The SA has 6 BB,s and the NA has 4 US ships (2 BB, 2 CA). In the Baltic the remaining Soviet BB sails. Convoy 3C stayed in port. The Axis send 3 subs to the NA and 4 subs to the SA, LBA to the Barents and the remaining 4 German ships to the Baltic. Allied ASW again comes up big with all 3 subs in the NA disabled and 2 sunk and 1 disabled in the SA. LBA in the MED sink another 4-3-5. Axis LBA damage a 4-5-6 in the Barents. In the Baltic the GZ hits O.R. but only causes 1d. In the ensuring surface combat O.R. is sunk but takes the Admiral Hipper with her. POC is again 3 to 3, no game score change. Turn 7. Allies, NS: 4 BB, 1 BC, 2 CV and Eagle, Barents, 4 BB (1 damaged), 2 CA and a CV, SA, 6 BB, NA, 2 US BB, 2 US CA, 1 UK CA, 2 CV and convoy 3C. Axis continues to patrol the MED with Italians, sends remaining 3 German ships to Baltic and sends LBA and 6 subs to the Barents. Allied ASW does well again with 3 subs sunk and 1 disabled. In return, axis subs and air cause no damage. Convoy 3C now lands in England with POC 4 to 3 allies and game score now +4 allies. Turn 8 allies Barents: 4 BB, 2 CA and a CV, NS: 5 BB, 1 BC and a CV, SA: 5 BB, 1 CV and Eagle, NA: 3 US BB, 2 US CA, 1 UK CA and 2 CV. The Axis send 4 Italian CA’s to the SA, 4 subs and the LBA to the Barents and sends Scharnhorst, Graf Zeppelin and Bismark to the NA. Unfortunately for the axis, Bismark failed her speed roll. Combat sees ASW in the Barents eliminate 3 of the 4 subs. In the SA the CV’s disable 2 of the CA’s before surface combat and in the NA, air damages Scharnhorst. When the Graf Zeppelin missed with both air strikes in the NA, Jeff resigned as the surface combat results looked obvious to him with POC of 3 to 2 allies and game score going to +5 allies. I realized after the turn that if Bismark had not failed her speed, roll the NA could have been a die rolling nail biter. For Jeff the T2 ship trade off and my very good ASW rolls never allowed him to inhibit my POC growth. Also the USSR BB’s sank a ship each. For me my Barents in 2 played out about as I hoped it would. POC growth was slow and steady with 1A getting safely to Russia and the other 2 getting to England (1 fortunately only damaged by subs). I do not remember if I have ever played Jeff before, but I would look forward to meeting him again someday. It was a pleasure playing him. Boy I think I get more wordy with each of these reports I file.

  4. Phil used a very interesting three-area Med opening — and played it very well. I got lucky when I needed it — including on the last roll of the game and by having 4 of the 5 surrender rolls stay German (while one scuttled). The German fleet was at 8 ships on the last turn — but was completely thrashed (with only four survivors and six Allied ships, including 4 456s remaining in the area). The final score (including the bid of 2) was Axis +3.

  5. Jim Bodenheimer’s Axis triumph’s in a real nail-biter that went all the way down to the final turn. Vince Meconi’s Allies fought to hold onto their lead but the disabling of a North Atlantic convoy kept him from scoring the 1 point needed to tie the game. Final score Axis 1 after bid of 2. Best game this year!

  6. John Lindley (Axis) defeated Mircea Pauca (Allies; bid 1.5) by a final score of +6 raw, or +7.5 after bid.
    This is our main Ladder game. We have played before WAS (and VitP) for AREA.

    T1: my Barents-in-1, one battlecruiser misses SR to Barents, Germans pounce, control it at a cost of 2 damage (and sinking Hood and 2 cruisers). 3U unpatrol North Atlantic but 1U is sunk. Score +2 Axis.
    T2: With 3 zones threatened the British get diluted again, Germans strike Barents again and still controhe l it (with much heavier loss: a battlecruiser, pocket battleship and cruiser, Bismarck crippled and more damage). +3 Axis.
    T3: Germans are weakened enough that even with 3 zones threatened they don’t dare again. Both sides repair. British bombs destroy a pocket battleship in port! +2 Axis.
    T4: 6U threaten everywhere, so British concentrate 18 ASW in N.Sea and 14 in Barents. The wolfpack strikes instead North Atlantic, sinking Convoy2B. Even crippled by Stukas, Convoy1A is fully prized by the starved Soviets. Marat sorties and gets sunk. Total -1 for Allies.
    T5: The ASW blockade holds only North Sea. 7U open Barents, also sink 2 cruisers. total -1 Allied.
    T6: Germans have to risk now. The surface fleet tackles head on the British in North Sea, theoretically superior with the 5 carriers and 5 battleships. All 7 British airstrikes miss! so Germans ultimately win, inflicting very heavy loss. Italians (3 cruisers) supported by 7U attack South Atlantic (3BB, 1CV). Subs sink a BB and disable another, fortunately Ark Royal sinks a cruisers and disabled both remaining. Total +2 Axis.
    … By now the Allies are very unlikely to win, but fight to retain a close score.
    T7: With all seas open but heavily damaged, Germans choose South Atlantic supported by 6U, at the same time holding the Baltic and repairing the Tirpitz. They pass 2 essential SR’s and gain control, sinking 3BB for some more damage in exchange. Even with convoy3C unloading, total +2 Axis
    T8: Struggle for the last economic advantage, err, POC. 5U neutralize Barents (Tirpitz alone getting disabled), Baltic gets a German flag again, while the Axis combined bulk controls South Atlantic again in a theoretically equal struggle. total +6 Axis.

    Thanks to John for his patient and effective struggle facing changing odds throughout.

  7. Avi Solomon (Allies, Bid 1.5 POC) defeated Tal Seaman (Axis) on Turn 6 with the assistance of much favourable luck. This is the first time we have played against each other.

  8. Karl Bodenheimer (Allied) defeated Dennis Nicholson (Axis) by 1 measly point after the bid (2.0). Only one convoy was able to port in England, several disables and one sunk. But the blockade held and the Axis was not able to force their way out of the Baltic.

  9. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies, bid 2.5) defeated Mircea Pauca (Axis) in our extra game, by surrender on Turn 7. We had played WAS for AREA before.

    As it’s already his custom, Jon bids a lot to play the Allies and (except last ladder game) wins them a lot!

    T1: Jon’s Barents-in-1 is conventional this time, with 3BB,1CA,1CV in NATL. I pounce there with all 7 surface ships but 2 pocket battleships miss their speed rolls. Germans get heavy loss (Gneisenau, the last 2+25 sunk, two more damaged ships) and still do not control NATL. Score -2 favoring Allies.
    T2: both sides stay and repair. -2
    T3: Germans wipe Marat, losing a 2+25. Total -2.
    T4: 6U succeed to open N.Sea against 17 ASW. A necessary risk, this time it worked. Convoy1A unloads. Total -5.
    T5: Germans raid a very light North Atlantic but can sink only a cruiser(!) while losing Bismarck. Convoy2B unloads, offseting the German victory. Total still -5.
    T6: North Sea protected by impenetrable 22 ASW so the 7U wolfpack tries Barents with 14 ASW. Opening succeeds at heavy loss (4U sunk). Still -5
    T7: All 3 accessible areas have superior Allied surface fleets; Germans throw everything in a last gamble for Barents that may stop the convoy too. Despite an excellent start (Hood sunk and 3 BB’s disabled by Graf Zeppelin and LBA, vs Graf Zep sunk itself) the now barely-equivalent German fleet gets beaten back. With Barents control and Convoy3C landing intact, score will be -9 for Allies and their victory certain.
    German high command seeks peace on any terms.

  10. Thanks to Mercia for his quick, courteous and excellent play in the face of my consistently better luck.

  11. Bruce Monnin’s Allie defeated Andrew Choptiany’s Axis on a Turn 6 concession. The game was mainly won thanks to devastating ASW wiping out the U-Boat fleet.

  12. 6. Andy Gardner vs Mike Brophy
    Andy bid 1.0 POC to play the Allies, and battled to a tie with Mike’s Axis. The game was played to conclusion, ending with the POC marker at Allies +1. The Allies scored 7 POC with convoys, being forced to put one into England after two disables by Axis LBA. On T7 the blockade in the North Sea was broken, and the Axis fleet won the battle of the S Atlantic on T8. The tied score with bid, results in an Axis victory; in a close, enjoyable and competitive game.

  13. Avi Solomon (Allies, bid 1.5) defeated Mircea Pauca (Axis) in our second extra game. I surrendered on T7 at 9 PoC (raw) for Allies, probable final score same 9 Allies.

    T1: Barents-in-2 is not that rare. It can even win, as told below…
    T2: Allies extend patrols to Barents (all fast ships but only 4 cruisers instead of the usual 8) then one SR fails. My Germans pounce on it obviously, resulting in substantial carnage. British lose a 456 (and Hood crippled), 336 and 3x 117. Germans lose a 2+25, 1+27 and 6 more damage on 3 ships. Total score +3 for Axis.
    T3: With 3 zones open, two of them are tempting, but both sides stay to repair damages, allowing the blockade to be closed. 5U try to open NSea against surprisingly weak 10 ASW but they fail with 3U sunk!! Total +2
    T4: More blockade. Convoy1A unloads even critically hit by LBA. Total -2 Allies.
    T5: Blockade is strong even in ASW, so 6U succeed in sinking 2 light carriers in NAtl. LBA sinks Renown but misses the convoy. Total -5
    T6: 7U try to sink Convoy3C in weakly escorted NAtl (7 ASW). 5U strike and… miss. The whole German fleet sinks both Russkies losing another cruiser. Total stays -5.
    T7: Final chance, I need a sea open, stopping the Convoy AND a surface victory somewhere next (or 2 surface victories). 19 ASW successfully keep North Sea closed from 7U. With Convoy3C intact, score sinks to -9.
    Allied victory is certain now.

    Thanks to Avi for the very quick, courteous and competent play.

  14. Lee Kendter versus Bob Hamel is over. Lee was allies with a 1.5 Bid.

    The standard Barents on 1 was done with one 336 failing SR, so Bob came out to play. The dice favored the allies. UK lost 2 CA and the Repulse. Germany lost Hipper, Luztow, and both 357. The U-boats came out, and I sunk one.

    T2 again had a failed SR to Barents with a 456 failing to arrive, and the badly damaged Hood repairing. The only action was PoW getting crippled by LBA needing repairs.

    T3 again saw a failed SR to Barents with a 456 failing to arrive. Bob came to the Barents again, and the subs to Satl. 7 ASW killed 2 subs. Barents saw massive disables. UK lost 1 CA and Hood while sinking Graf Spee. The surface attrition was pretty even, but I held Barents.

    T4 saw one Russian arrive, while USA slept. Once again there was a failed SR for a 456 to Barents. The subs shredded the Russian.
    Bob knew it was looking bad, so he tried a last attempt to stop the Convey. UK lost 2 CA, sinking 2 CA. The first convoy landed, putting the allies at +5 before bid.

    Bob conceded after the results as he only had 4 ships left, and 2 were damaged.

  15. Summary: Gregory Hultgren’s Allies defeated Michael Ussery’s Axis (Allied +3 after a 2.0 bid was applied). Details follow.

    Before the game began, Michael Ussery and Gregory Hultgren faced off bow to bow both desiring to be Allies. Greg bid 2.0 and with that Michael gave Greg a digital nod and took the Axis. Turn one saw Michael going into the South Atlantic. Michael’s ships sunk the Nelson, Rodney and the Resolution while only losing the Admiral Hipper and Blucher in the fray. More importantly, Michael got POC to Axis +3 by controlling the area. On Turns 2 & 3, Michael dove his Axis fleet into the Med and Baltic Seas increasing morale as his seamen avoided battle. He then prudently waited for his full complement of ships to arrive. This reasonable delay drove the POC down to Axis +1 before bid application.

    On T4 Michael plunked 7 Uboats in the North Sea. That decision resulted in opening the entire board to Axis naval traffic on T5. Meanwhile, Allied LBA in the Med from T2 through T4 had many chances to hit German ships that were floating about with no significant effect.

    Turn 5 was the pivotal turn of the game. With the North Sea open, the Axis Fleet from the North and South plus the four Italian Cruisers rendezvoused in the South Atlantic to play “whack a mole” with the Allied fleet in that area. War correspondents gave Hitler’s naval forces the pre-battle edge predicting an Axis victory. This did not turn out to be so. The first round equalized the chances of both sides as the Allies rolled well above average, while the Axis did the opposite. After seven rounds of ship rolls, the battle ended with the Norfolk alone in the area with 4 Axis subs denying anyone control. The Axis fleet, for the most part, was sunk, damaged and/or disabled in Neutral Port at the end of the turn.

    From there the game devolved for the Axis as both sides had less significant successes, but the depletion of the Axis Navy, due to the T5 combat caused the POC to sink into Allied Victory status. Of particular note, only 1 convoy made it to Russia mid game. One additional convoy landed in England on the last turn of the game.

    Michael played an excellent game and may well have won if the T5 battle had not gone against him. It was a really fun game.

  16. Jonathan Lockwood took the Allies with a 1.5 POC bid, while Rick Virost played the Axis. But the Axis had the dice luck in this match, winning the North Sea on Turn 2 and the Barents on Turns 1 and 3. Turn 4 looked bleak when no Americans or Russians sailed. Then the U-Boat wolfpack sank Convoy 2B in the North Atlantic and airstrikes disabled Convoy 1A in the Barents, leading to an Allies surrender. At the time the POC was +6 Axis (+7.5 with the bid.) By the end of Turn 3 the Allies lost 3 battleships, 3 battlecruisers, 4 cruisers, and 2 carriers, while the Axis lost 2 Italian cruisers, 2 German cruisers, 2 pocket battleships, a U-Boat, and the Scharnhorst. Jonathan and I have played before in AREA.

  17. Avi Solomon (Axis) defeated Mircea Pauca (Allies; bid 1.5) in an extra-Ladder game. I conceded on Turn 6. We have played before for AREA.
    T1: my Barents-in-1 again, Avi throws everything at NATL (7 ships, 3U). 2U disable 2 of the 4 British 444, guns sink one and cripples the last -only a crippled pocket-BB in return. Ark Royal also crippled by air. +2 Axis.
    T2: both stay home and repair. +1 Axis.
    T3: 5U raid SATL alone, no effect. total still +1 Axis.
    T4: Stukas disable Convoy1A in Barents while 7U disable Convoy2 in NATL (also sink a carrier). still +1 Axis. Sea transport timeline seriously perturbed with triple bottleneck in the USA, will need everything to run perfectly to get the convoys to Stalin until T8.
    T5: Okt. Rev. makes a diversion in Baltic and escapes with scratches from Graf Zeppelin’s air. 7U damage maximally Convoy1A in NATL, still limps ahead. Still +1 Axis.
    T6: Massive gun battle in Barents against the whole German fleet. All British ships removed while Convoy remains alone against 9 German firepower. Germans are battered too, but less. 7U also disable with damage Convoy2B. Germans gain 2 PoC, total +3 for Axis (raw)
    With too few fast ships left to control Barents again, the most the Allies can do is bring 2 convoys to Britain and (assuming no more German sea victories but U’s uncontrolling one area per turn) = +2 PoC per turn
    Final score estimated Axis +7 raw, Axis 8.5 after bid.

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  36. JIm Bodenheimer will play in round 66, please change my email to

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