Round 67

Updated 2/1/17

FINAL MATCHUPS December 1 2016 to January 31st 2017

Congratulations to Bruce Monin, still atop the ladder !

Round 67 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Bruce Monnin(Allied-2.0) vs Greg Hultgren(Axis) Axis Victory

2. John Lindley(Axis) vs Lee Kendter(Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

3. Avi Solomon(Allies-? vs Mike Brophy(Axis) Axis Victory

4. John Pack (Allies-2.0) vs Rick Virost (Axis)  Allied victory by 5!*

5. Jim Bodenheimer (ALLIES-1.5) vs Nicholas Markevich Axis) Axis Victory by 1.5

6. Tim Tow(Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

7. Rob Drozd (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

8. Mircea Pauca(Allies-1.5) vs Bob Hamel Allied Victory

9. Andy Gardner (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) Axis Victory

10. Vince Meconi (Allies-?) vs Jeff Lange (Axis) Axis Victory by 5.5

11. Mike Kaye (Axis) vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0)  Allied Victory by 3

12. Bob Jameli (Axis) vs Dave Elkin (Allies-?) Axis Victory




Extra Games:

Allied Victories 3 Axis Victories 8 Ties 0

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

Greg Smith

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35 Comments to “Round 67”

  1. Andy’s Axis forces prevail over Jonathan’s Allies(Bid 2.5). The game ended on T4 with the Axis up by 9 POC. The German fleet sunk Convoy 1a in the Barents to seal the victory. Largely a dice game with a chuck of the British fleet on the bottom while the German fleet took token losses and damage to almost all of its remaining fleet. The Germans took the NATL on turn 1 and the Barents on turns 2, 3, and 4.

  2. I just defeated Mike Kaye as the Allies in our game. The final score was Allied +3 after the 2 POC bid. The highlight for the Allies was sinking the Bismark and Tirpitz on the last turn.

  3. Game between Vince Meconi and Jeff Lange completed with Lange’s Axis prevailing with a final score of +5.5. Vince was hampered by AX early luck killing two carriers and had to run the table on the last turn to finish ahead. Alas, the UB fleet and a few AX surface ships kept the Allies at bay on the final turn. Vince played the game flawlessly as usual and made the game tense throughout.

  4. Mike Ussery (Allies bid 2.0) vs Rob Drozd (Axis). The game ended in turn 7 with the Axis poised to take a 6 POC lead into Turn 8 (before the bid adjustment and with only 1 convoy left. 4 Allied carriers sunk in all.

  5. Andy’s Axis forces prevail over Jonathan’s Allies(Bid 2.5). The game ended on T4 with the Axis up by 9 POC. The German fleet sunk Convoy 1a in the Barents to seal the victory. Largely a dice game with a chuck of the British fleet on the bottom while the German fleet took token losses and damage to almost all of its remaining fleet. The Germans took the NATL on turn 1 and the Barents on turns 2, 3, and 4.

  6. Tirpitz comes as close as possible to winning the North Sea by herself. But the last shot disables her.

    The Allies pick up 4 POC to 2 for the Axis — plus 3 more for the convoy — to push the score from Allies +2 to Allies +7. With the bid, the Allies win by 5.

    Greg, my Allied defeated Rick Virost’s Axis by a margin of 5 after 8 turns. It was much closer than the final score shows — in fact, the winning margin would have been just 1 if last roll hadn’t been exactly 5.

  7. John Lindley (Axis +2 POC) won a wild game over Lee Kendter (ALlies -2 POC).

    T1 saw a battle for the NATL where all German ships (minus SR impaired Lutzow) met Rodney, Nelson and Royal Sov. Both fleets displayed excellent shooting with 3 German ships (Spee, Scheer and Blucher going to the bottom along with all 3 Brit battleships.

    T2 The depleted German fleet went into the Barents after the POW and Renown failed SRs. 5 Allied air attacks saw the Bismarck and Scharhorst disabled while German air put 2 damage on Repulse and disabled a cruiser. The surface combat went very bad for the German fleet with Gneisenau, Eugen and Hipper going down while the Allies lost only the damaged Repulse. With 6 German ships sunk to the Allies 4, things looked very bleak for the Axis!

    T3 was quiet as the Germans only attempted to hit the convoy in the NATL with U-Boats and had no luck.

    T4 saw a dramatic shift in the dice that turned the game in favor of the Axis. The Brits deployed DOY, KG V, Hood, Renown and 6 cruisers to the Barents along with the Ark Royal and convoy. The desperate Germans with options running out decided to go in with their remaining 5 ships. The Luftwaffe and Graf Zeppelin then sunk the KG V and the Renown while disabling the Hood with their 5 shots while the Ark Royal did nothing to the German fleet (Pola was sunk in the Med). Surface combat saw the DOY, 6 CAs and the convoy only manage to damage (4) and disable the Tirpitz. The German hot dice continued as they sunk the DOY and 3 cruisers. Subsequent pursuits saw the Ark Royal and convoy go down.

    T5 saw the now depleted Brits deploy only the Hood and 5 remaining cruisers along with 2 CVs after the Anson unluckily failed her speed roll. The 5 German ships again went in. The 4 CV shots of the Allies again had no results while the 5 German shots sunk one cruiser and disabled another. Hood and the 3 remaining cruisers were able to disable to damaged Tirpitz and put 2 damage on the Scharnhorst. The Germans guns countered by sinking the Hood and 2 cruisers while disabling the last one. At this point the Allies threw in the towel.

    This game began with the Allied dice being red hot and looked like it would be a quick one. Then the Allies went cold and the hot dice went totally in favor of the Axis. A very strange game to say the least. Anyway, I enjoyed the game.

    This is not the first AREA game between us.

  8. Summary: Bruce Monin’s Allies conceded to Gregory Hultgren’s Axis at end of T7 (Axis +5, Axis +7 after bid applied). Details: With the board open on T1 Greg sent one German 225 to the Baltic and the rest of German fleet to the North Atlantic. Speed roles on T1 favored the Allies, but after the first round of ship firing rolls, not a single Axis ship was sunk and three Allied battlewagons had descended to the depths (a very bad omen for the Allies). This result gave the Axis control of the North Atlantic and +3 POC. On T2, The Allies battened down the Barents, the North Sea and the South Atlantic, while the Axis held the Med, Baltic while nerfing the North Atlantic point with subs (resulting in a POC push). On T3, Bruce left the Barents open and took 13 Allied ships to the Med where the Italians challenged them for control. The Allies took the Med, but lost another battlewagon and two cruisers in the process, while the Axis only lost one Italian battlewagon and cruiser. Most of the Italian fleet disabled back to port rather than being sunk. For most of the middle game, the Allies held the Med while the Axis held the Barents as the Italian fleet chose pasta on the mainland over sea battle and did not sail. Except for a temporary drop of 1 POC for the first Convoy going to England and then back up to +3 Axis again due to Subs nerfing an extra point, the POC remained at Axis +3 through T7 as Convoy 2B was sunk in the Barents on T5. On T7, with defection rolls imminent, the Italian’s sailed. Allies in the Med did significant damage to the Italian fleet, but by the end of the first round of the ship battle, every Allied ship then present disabled to Malta. This result brought the POC to Axis +5 (+7 after bid applied). Although defection rolls would occur for the Italian fleet on T8 and Convoy 3C was poised to make a run through the Barents, seven allied ships (and possible Italian defectors) were trapped in the Med and unable to help an already depleted Allied force. Consequently the overall attrition to the Allied fleet caused Bruce to call it quits. As I am sure you all find to be normal, Bruce’s play was excellent. I have never seen any player sabotaged by the dice like he was in this game. Thank you Bruce for a very interesting game.

  9. My last post did not clear… this is a test post.

  10. Game 67-6 Axis Victory by concession on turn 3

    With a 2.0 bid, Karl’s Allies formed up a blockade through 2 turns, sinking a sub, an IT cruiser and battleship with no speed roll failures through 3 turns. With the Okt Revol showing up in the Baltic on turn 3, the Allies exerted maximum pressure on the Axis.

    Unfortunately a lopsided 9:2 exchange ratio devastated the Allied fleet in the Barents leading to an Allied concession.

  11. Mircea Pauca (Allied, bid 1.5) won over Bob Hamel (Axis) by defeat after Turn 5 with a heavy helping from lopsided luck. We did play before WAS for AREA. (and several other games)
    On Turn 1 Bob tried to open the heart of British positions in North Sea and failed, losing a battlecruiser and two pocket battleships vs only light carrier Eagle. T3 and T4 saw big combats in Barents. British held the blockade and suffered again lighter, then equal losses. Germans’ surface threat got reduced to insignificance, even if all 4 seas were accessible they could not match the Allied defenders.
    U-boats succeeded once to delay the convoy on T3 losing 2U, were ineffective in T4 and lost again 2U then tried to stop the convoy reaching Russia and failed, losing 4U. With score at -6 for Allies and two more convoys possibly unloading, Germans surrendered.

  12. 3. Avi Solomon vs Mike Brophy
    Avi’s Allies conceded on T4, with a POC deficit of 7 and growing. The Allies secured three areas on T1, leaving the Barents to the Axis. On T2 The Germans won the Barents after two Allied ships failed their speed rolls. On T3 the Allies regrouped to their T1 deployment, and the Axis was up by 7 POC. On T4 the Allies returned to the Barents, but the Germans sailed to the N Atlantic, made their speed rolls, and were threatening to attack the convoy in surface combat. An interesting note was the Axis LBA sinking a Russian ship in port on T3. That’s rather rare…

  13. I will play in round 67. Thanks for sending out a reminder!

  14. I will play in Round 67

  15. I will play in Round 67. Thanks for the reminder!

  16. I will play in Round 67. Thanks for keeping keeping it organized!

  17. I’m in for Rd 67

  18. I’m in for this round

  19. I’ll play. Thanks for running the ladder

  20. Hoping the dice shake a little bit better but I will play on

  21. Playing

  22. I will play Round 67.

  23. I’m in for 67

  24. Greg. I would like to sit out round 67.

  25. I will play!

  26. I’m in for this round

  27. Count me in for Round 67.

  28. I am in for round 67.

  29. Rick Virost will play in Round 67.

  30. In for six seven.

  31. I will play

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