Round 68

Updated 3/31/17

FINAL MATCHUPS February 1, 2017 to March 31st, 2017

Congratulations to Greg Hultgren atop the ladder!

Round 68 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Greg Hultgren (Axis) vs John Lindley (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 0.5!

2. Mike Brophy  (Axis) vs John Pack (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

3. Tim Tow (Allies-1.5) vs Rob Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory

4. Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Andy Gardner Allies-2.0) Axis Victory by 2

5. Jeff Lange (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

6. Dennis Nicholson(Allies-2.0) vs Pete Shelling(Axis) Allied Victory by 1.0

7. Bob Jameli (Axis) vs Bruce Monnin (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

8. Lee Kendter (Allies-1.0) vs Greg Smith (Axis) Axis Victory

9. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Rick Virost (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

10.Jim Bodenheimer  (Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

11. Tal Seaman vs Phil Watkins

12. Mike Ussery (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Hamel (Axis) Allied Victory

13.Johnathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Vince Meconi(Axis) Allied Victory by 0.5!

14.Mike Kaye(Allies) vs Dave Elkin(Axis) Axis Victory

Extra Games:

Allied Victories 5    Axis Victories 7      Ties 0

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

49 Comments to “Round 68”

  1. Bruce Monnin’s Allies defeated Bob Jamelli’s Axis when Bob conceded during Turn 8. After using a Barents on 1 / Med of 3 strategy, Bruce had a 2 POC lead entering the final turn. With Bruce contesting every area except the Baltic and having two convoys at sea, Bob was unable to win enough areas pull off a final turn victory.

  2. I defeated Pete Shelling in our game. I was the Allies for a 2 POC bid. I won at the end of turn 8 by 1 POC after the bid. The key was my ASW was great on turns 6 and 7 wiping out all of the U-Boats.

  3. Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies have prevailed over Vince Meconi’s Axis in another very close match that started off quietly enough, much like the Giocco Piano (Quiet Game) chess opening, but became really exciting in the final three turns. The Allies established their standard Barents on One defense on Turn 1 after bidding 2.5 POC; the Axis chose to sit in port and build up while using LBA to no effect in the Barents. Allies gain 1 POC to take a 1 POC lead (1.5 POC Axis lead with handicap). Turn 2 sees the Allies reinforcing the blockade, and the Axis continuing to build up. Allies gain 1 POC to take a 2 POC cumulative lead (.5 POC Axis lead with handicap). Turn 3 has the Allies sending the Marat into the Baltic to distract the German fleet, while the Axis sends 5 U-boats to the SATL to break control, losing 1 U-boat wolf pack in the process. Allied LBA sinks 1 Italian cruiser. POC count does not change. On Turn 4, the Axis fleet does not challenge the blockade, which by now is prohibitively strong, but sends LBA to attack Convoy 1A and 6 U-boat wolf packs to attack Convoy 2B in the NATL. Allied ASW sinks 2 U-boats, and the remaining 4 U-boats disable Convoy 2B back to the US while Axis LBA disables Convoy 1A to the US as well. Allied LBA sinks another Italian cruiser. POC count remains unchanged with a .5 POC Axis lead with handicap applied. Turn 5 has the Allies holding the blockade, while the Axis sends 6 U-boats against 10 Allied ASW in the NATL. Allied ASW sinks 1 U-boat wolf pack and disables 3 more, while the remaining 2 wolf packs miss Convoy 1A. Allied LBA sinks Caio Diulio. POC count remains unchanged. On Turn 6, Axis breaks control of North Sea using 7 U-boats and sinks the Glorious. Convoy 1A makes it to Murmansk to give the Allies the lead for the first time with 5 POC (2.5 POC Allied lead with handicap). On Turn 7, the Allies give priority to protecting Barents protecting Convoy 2B, North Sea, and the NATL with Convoy 3C, leaving 4 battleships in the SATL as a lure for the Axis. The Axis sent all but the Graf Spee to the SATL along with its two remaining Italian cruisers, making all speed rolls. The Axis took the SATL with the loss of only the Lutzow. In the Barents, however, the Axis sent all 7 U-boats after Convoy 2B protected by 18 Allied ASW. Allied ASW sank all 7 U-boat wolf packs, while Convoy 2B evaded Axis LBA to score 3 POC and offset the Axis control of the SATL. Then in a move which essentially decided the game, the Allies landed Convoy 3C in England to score 1 POC and increase the cumulative Allied lead to 6 POC (3.5 POC with handicap). Turn 8 then became a matter of ensuring the maximum probability of disabling or sinking the 1 remaining U-boat wolf pack while conceding the likelihood of the Axis fleet taking another 3 POC area. The Barents became the “weakest” ASW area with 11 ASW prepared for the 1 U-boat. The Axis fleet sortied into the NATL and took control after a vicious battle, but the 11 Allied ASW sank the last U-boat wolfpack to preserve an Allied win of .5 POC after handicap was applied. This was the closest match among the several that Vince and I have played.

  4. Bad luck is rather an understatement. After fairly normal success on turn 1, it got really ugly. in SATL on turns 2 and 3, had a grand total of three disables from a total of 36 shots. Finally got a hit on an Italian CA on turn 4 with 9 more shots. Turn 4 also saw the Brits in the Barents learn how not to shoot from their brothers, getting 1 disable for 18 shots.

  5. Axis (Elkin) vs Allies (Kaye). The allies had some bad luck in the early rounds and lost the South Atlantic. They conceded when the first allied convoy was sent to the bottom.

  6. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeated Andy Gardner (Allies; bid 2.0) by 2 points after bid (0 without bid). We have played before WaS for AREA.
    High variability luck favored me at the end. Andy’s fair play in T7 deserves a special mention, may have handed me the decision. Congratulations for his intestinal fortitude to the end!

    T1: We seemed to have found a Nash Equilibrium – Andy’s classical Barents-in-1 and my response, a NATL sortie (all Germans vs 3BB,1CA,1CV). Two pocket battleships failed to reach NATL, one of which was destroyed back in port by the RAF. Germans lost no more ships (only two critically damaged) vs 2BB,1CV sunk. Not so bad. Score +2 for Axis.
    T2+3: As the blockade grows tight and balanced, Germans stay behind to repair and grow. +1 for Axis, then 0.
    T4: I thought the best moment to break open the seas, 7U vs 19 ASW in NSEA. It fails, also sinking 3U ! Andy left Convoy2B alone in NATL, correctly planning that I’d be focused on opening options wide and not get sidetracked (and that 7U vs 3 ASW would be overkill anyway, and not unhinge the blockade while US help will arrive). Convoy 1A unloads, total -4 for Allies.
    T5: I plan to let the U’s on easy hunting (2+4 ASW) in the back seas for them to grow back. Wrong! 3U got sunk. Convoy 2B unloads, total -6 for Allies.
    T6: The last desperate moment to open seas, 6U vs 19 ASW in NSEA and… it succeeds losing only 1 U! Surface fleet sinks Okt. Rev. without a scratch. Total stays at -6.
    T7: Allies surprisingly cede South Atlantic to the Italians to concentrate strongly in all other 3 areas. By now all 6 US ships are willing to fight. I choose NSEA at what I believed a minor advantage. It turned out Andy intended to send Valiant too, forgot to write her in the order, then after I questioned her successful dice he most graciously admitted she was really back in port, cancelling those attack dice too. The battle went murderous, Germans sinking 5BB,1CV vs 1x 3+57, 2x 2+25 and heavy damage on both 4+96. Even with 2 Axis-controlled areas besides Med, but Convoy3C unloading, score gets to -3 for Allies.
    T8: Allies still manage to send to all 4 areas balanced forces (surface and ASW) against the weakened Axis threats. To complicate, Marat finally shows up. I choose to let both damaged 4+96 take care of the Baltic (and they did) and concentrate all the rest (5 fast Germans, 3 Italians, 7 U) against the marginally weaker SATL. ASW and subs were ineffective, air attacks helped the Allies more but then surface gunnery got in Axis favor and ultimately 2 Italians remained to fly the flag in SATL.
    The Luftwaffe was useless throughout, no effect on convoys and only 2 inconsequential disabled ships.
    Final score 0 raw, +2 Axis after bid.

  7. Jim Kramer (allies) has defeated Jeff Lange (axis). Jim bid 1.5 POC for the allies and opened with his preferred Barents in 2 play giving the axis a +2 on T1. T2 sees the allies send 4 CA’s, Hood, Ark Royal, KGV, POW, Repulse and Renown to the Barents.with Renown failing speed. NA had 5 BB and a CV, NS had 5 BB, 3 CA and 2 CV and SA had 2 BB a CA and Eagle.Axis response was CA to Baltic, 4 subs to SA and the remaining fleet with LBA to Barents. Allied 6 ASW eliminates the 4 subs with 2 sunk and LBA sinks Zara in MED. Barents air attacks are empty and surface combat sees both German BC’s and a CA sunk with the allies losing KGV, POW, Repulse and a CA. Hood is lucky and is disabled. The allies flee with Ark and 3 CA. Game score now +4 Axis. T3 allies deploy 2 BB and Eagle in SA, 5 BB, a CA and 2 CV to NS, 4 BB, a CA, Ark and 1A to NA. Barents force is Hood, DOY, QE, Renown, 5 CA and 2 CV. Renown again fails speed. No USSR appear. Axis send 3 subs and 3 Italian CA to SA, CA to Baltic and 2 BB, 3 PB, a CA and LBA to Barents. Italian BB’s in MED. Allied 5 ASW again eliminate subs with 1 sunk. Barents air disable a BB and PB. Axis air is ineffective. Barents surface combat sees German BB damaged and disabled, PB disabled and a PB sunk. German Return fire disables Hood and a CA and cripples DOY and QE. The lone remaining German CA is sunk in pursuit. The blockade is set. In the SA the 2 UK BB’s shoot sinking an Italian CA. Italian return fire sinks a BB and disables the other BB and Eagle. The axis now have a +7 score after 3 turns. The allies have no choice but to push 1A toward Russia. T4 allies SA 2 BB, a CA and Eagle. NS 6 BB and 2 CV. NA 2B, 3 CA and a CV. Barents 1A, 3 CA, 2 CV, Hood, Renown, crippled QE. Anson, Barham and Malaya try speed with Barham failing. The crippled DOY repairs in Russia. USSR sends OR out but no US appear. Allies ignoring the MED. Axis send 4 subs to NA, 2 PB a CA and CV to Baltic and leave BB’s in Germany (repair 1) and the Italians in France. Baltic sees USSR OR disabled by CV. Allied LBA miss Italians in France. The 9 ASW in NA are devastating with all 4 subs sunk. In fact 7 of the 9 rolls were 5 or 6. Axis air in the Barents again misses and the allies land both convoys (Russia and England) and gain 5 points on the score which is now +2 Axis. T5 placement has SA 3 BB, 3 CA and a CV. NS 6 BB, 2 CV and Hood. NA Illustrious and Eagle join oncoming Washington, Texas and Augusta. Barents has 4 CA, 2 CV, 3 BB, a BC and the damaged DOY. Crippled QE repairs in Russia. Both USSR BB’s sail. The entire German fleet, including 2 subs, confront the Soviet BB’s. The 2 Italian CA’s continue to enjoy French hospitality but 1 is sunk by Allied LBA. Axis LBA cripple Formidable in the Barents. Baltic combat sees both Soviet BB’s sunk but they take a PB with them. The allies pick up another POC reducing the score to Axis +1. T6 allies SA 4 BB and 3 CA. NS 5 BB, 3 CA and 2 CV. NA NY and Wichita join the other 3 US ships, 2 CV and 3C. Barents has 5 BB’s (2 damaged), a CA, Hood, Renown and 2 CV. The crippled Formidable successfully moves to the NS. Remaining 5 German ships to Baltic with 5 subs and the last Italian CA in the SA. In the SA Allied ASW finally miss but the subs also miss and the last Italian CA is sunk. Axis LBA do sink Victorious in the Barents. No change to the overall game score. T7 Convoy 3C moves to the Barents joining 5 BB (2 damaged), 2 CA, a BC and Ark. NA UK CA joins the 6 US ships and a CV. SA 4 BB, 3 CA and a CV. NS 5 BB (Anson makes speed from the Barents), Hood (from the Barents), a CA, Eagle and Illustrious. The fast ships were moved to the NS in case the MED must be attacked on T8. For now the MED is only subject to LBA attacks. Formidable repairs in England. Axis send the 5 German ships to the Baltic, LBA to the Barents and 6 subs to the NS, Again the ASW overwhelms the U-boats with 13 shots sinking 3 and disabling the other 3. When the axis LBA miss 3C the allies gain 4 more POC making the game score now allies +3. The T8 MED attack is rendered unnecessary. T8 allied deployment is BB strong in the Barents (with 2 CV) and NS (no CV). The 2 Atlantic zones have 9 ASW each. The remaining Axis 4 subs go to SA. A CA stays in the Baltic and the last 4 German ships (2 BB, a PB and CV) go to the Barents. The subs survive in the SA. The Barents is the last Axis hope. Allied air strikes eliminate the PB and CV from combat. Axis air strikes all miss. With only the 2 BB’s left and the Barents unwinnable Jeff now resigns. The final game score was allies +3, adjusted by the bid to +1.5. A very interesting game with allied ASW being amazingly effective (10 subs sunk during the game). Jeff and I have played before.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  8. Avi Solomon as the Axis defeated Rick Virost in Match 9. The POC stayed at +10 Axis for six turns, ending at + 11.5 Axis with the bid. In a perfect storm of dice rolling the Axis sank a total of 25 Allies ships (16 battleships, 3 carriers, and 6 cruisers) while only losing 8 ships (1 German battleship, 3 pocket battleships, 1 German cruiser, and 3 Italians.) Only one convoy landed in Russia, one in England, and the third was stuck in the USA. The Axis controlled the North Sea for four turns.

  9. Rd 68 Gregory Hultgren’s Axis defeated John Lindley’s Allies (-1.5) by a half point after the bid was applied. A very close game indeed. John suffered massive attrition throughout the game. To his credit and well deployed ship placement, he stayed in the game notwithstanding significant surface ship losses. Falls into the category of by the hair of my chinny chin win.

  10. Karl Bodenheimer as Allies once again prevails over Jim Bodenheimer to retain his Bodenheimer family crown. Now for three rated games in a row. Jim claims it is all luck of the dice. Karl claims it is all based on pure strategy. Final POC after bid was +6 Allied. Karl bid 2 to get the allies.

  11. Mike’s Axis prevail against my Allies with a lead of 6 at the end of Turn 7 (assuming the rest of the turn went well for me). I bid 1.5 for the Allies. Mike clobbered me from the get-go when the Italians forced me to abandon the Med after Turn One!

  12. Rd 68 Gregory Hultgren’s Axis defeated John Lindley’s Allies (-1.5) by a half point after the bid was applied. A very close game indeed. John suffered massive attrition throughout the game. To his credit and well deployed ship placement, he stayed in the game notwithstanding significant surface ship losses. Falls into the category of by the hair of my chinny chin win.

  13. Interested in playing an informal game in Texas somewhere. Willing to travel to play it a few times.

  14. Rd 68 #12 Michael Ussery’s Allies (-1.5) defeated Bob Hamel’s Axis by concession at end of T5 with +8 Allied PoC before bid was applied. First 2 turns were promising for Axis then ASW rolled against the odds from then on and swept the seas of German Uboats.

  15. Greg Smith’s Axis defeated Lee Kendter’s Allies (-1.0). In Turn 1 Greg sent all but one ship to the South Atlantic. Even though Spee and Scharnhorst were sunk, Axis got really lucky with their bonus shots and sank 3 Allied BBs and Italian Das sank the Eagle. Axis takes a 4 point lead. Greg successfully oiled all but one ship and sortied into the North Sea on Turn 2. There the Allies sank Hipper and disabled 2 ships, but the Axis disabled all but the QE to control the Zone. 3 Axis ships sank the damaged QE in round 2. Hipper hunted down the Glorious. That put the Axis up by 8 with 2 Allied carriers and 4 BBs in the graveyard! From here the Axis relied on U Boats and LBA. In turn 3 both Russians sailed but failed to inflict any damage on the Axis ships before they sank. Finally, a combination of U Boats and LBA sank Convoy 2B in turn 5 and 6. That made an Axis victory a mathematical certainty.

  16. Tim Tow’s Allies (bid of 1.5 POC) surrendered to Rob Drozd’s Axis in Turn 8 after U-Boats in the Barents sunk the convoy, rendering the remaining battles moot. U-Boats in the Barents also disabled convoys twice (Turns 5 and 7). Early sinking of Ark Royal in Turn 1 and two more CVs Turn 4 reduced ASW. Although 2 U-Boats sunk in Turn 1, only 3 more were sunk Turns 2-8. Three BBs missed speed rolls to Barents Turn 3 and Axis took advantage.

  17. Anyone looking for an extra game, let me know! rbeyma @

  18. OK, once more; thanks for running the ladder

  19. Greg Smith … what Avi is describing is what I was experiencing with my other account. I came up as Obliquethemage, which was a gaming handle I used when I played a game called Asheron’s Call an online game (ages ago). This is Gregory M. Hultgren and I am playing round 68.

  20. I don’t know why I am appearing as “punditas”, but please count me (Avi Solomon) in, Greg. Maybe that is why I missed out a few Rounds ago.

  21. Count me in

  22. I am also playing in round 68.

  23. I’m in for rd 68.

  24. Count me in for 68

  25. I will play this round (68)

  26. i am in for68

  27. Yes, I will play in Round 68. Thank you for keeping keeping it organized!

  28. Need to reverse my recent trend of getting sunk-I am once more to the quarterdeck

  29. I will play rd 68.

  30. I will skip Round 68. Thanks!

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  32. I will play in Round 68

  33. Rick Virost will play in Round 68

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  36. Coming back in to play round 68.

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  40. I will play #68.

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