Round 70

FINAL MATCHUPS June 1, 2017 to JULY 31st, 2017

UPDATED 8/22/17

Congratulations to Greg Hultgren atop the ladder AGAIN!

Round 70 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Greg Hultgren (Allies-1.5) vs Rob Drozd (Axis) Allied Victory

2. Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) vs Avi Solomon (Axis) Allied Victory

3. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs John Lindley (Axis) Axis Victory*

4. John Pack (Allies-2.0) vs Andy Choptiany (Axis) Axis Victory

5. Lee Kendter(Axis) vs Bob Hamel (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

6. Vince Meconi (Allies-1) vs Mike Brophy Axis Axis Victory

7. Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

8. Bruce Monnin (Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5)  Allied Victory by .05!

9. Andy Gardner vs Mike Ussery

10. Tim Tow (Axis) vs Jeff Lange (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

11. Bob Jameli (Allies) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Axis)

12. Mike Kaye (Allies-2.0) vs Richard Beyma (Axis)  Axis Victory

Allied Victories  6  Axis Victories  5  Ties 0

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

35 Comments to “Round 70”

  1. Richard prevails in a fun game (at least in the last turn). I bid 2
    for Axis; final score before bid is +1 Axis for net Axis +3 after bid

    Turn 8 saw combat in 5 areas — SATL (3 ASW vs 2 u), NATL (5 ASW vs 3 u),
    North 6 ASW vs 3 uboats); North was the only one that cleaned out the
    Barents: Brits hold with CV, maxed CV, 3 BB, CA vs Bismarck + Scharnhorst

    Med: Brits went down there in desperation with LBA, 3 CV, Renown, CA (444
    failed SR) vs all Axis LBA, Italian BBs + damaged Eugen. you can see the
    results below

    Actually results are a little misleading — Richard did NOT have that many
    shots — 2 BBs were disabled by Brit air; however, counting 8 back on the 20
    shots still kills Renown so Brits can get only a minimal moral satisfaction
    that the Italians couldn’t properly count

    all three convoys got to Russia, but Brits couldn’t get hits in key battles
    (as per my SOP–standard operating procedures), leaving me behind the 8-ball


  2. Lee Kendter vs . Bob Hamel
    I resigned at the axis after suffering lopsided ASW leaving me no subs. No way for me to recover with convoys landing.

  3. In 70-10, Jeff Lange took the Allies for 2.0 and went with a Barents on 1 strategy. On turn 2 the Kriegsmarine sorited and had a 6-0 casualty ratio that pretty much decided the game., The Allies were able to land 2 convoys +an Axis sortie to the North Atlantic on turn 7 to get a previously disabled convoy locked the game up with the score +5 Axis at the end of 7.

  4. I defeated Avi Solomon as the Allies in our ladder game. The final score was Allies +5(+3 after the bid). The game looked over after turn 1 when the Germans came out to the Barents and lost 4 ships, including both 3-5-7’s. but over the next 6 turns I couldn’t get a convoy home as his U-Boats kept hitting. But on turn 8 I cleared out his U-Boats and got a convoy to England to wrap up the game.

  5. 6. Vince Meconi (Allies) lost to Mike Brophy (Axis). Final score was Axis +3 (modified to +4.0 by the bid) The sinking of the 2nd convoy hurt the Allied chances, as well as suffering excessive attrition against the German fleet. The 3rd convoy was disabled on T7, and a desperate attempt to invade the Med on T8 failed as expected.

  6. Jim Kramer (Allies) has defeated Mircea Pauca (Axis) with a final score of +4 adjusted to +2.5 by the bid. I opened with my usual Barents in 2 play giving up 2 POC on T1. On T2 my Barents force consisted of KGV, POW, Repulse, Renown, Hood, 4 CA’s and Ark Royal with all speed rolls passed. Mircea chose to allow the blockade saving his sub force in the Baltic and sent the entire DKM fleet to the N. Atlantic to face 5 R-class BB’s and Courageous. One 2-2-5 failed it’s speed roll. NA combat sees the DKM take the 3 POC for the area sinking 2 BB’s and the CV. The cost for this win was high however with Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Lutzow and Prinz Eugen sunk. LBA on T2 see Gorizia and Renown sunk respectfully. Score is now +4 Axis. With no USSR commitment, T3 sees the Allies send KGV, POW, DOY, Repulse. Valiant and Warspite to the Barents with Hood, 3 CA’s and Formidable. All Barents speed rolls were successful. The N. Sea had Rodney, Nelson, QE, Barham, Malaya, a damaged Resolution, Sussex and Ark Royal. S.Atlantic has 2 BB’s 2 CA’s and Eagle and the N. Atlantic sees 1A sail protected by 2 CA and 2 CV. The Axis fleet stays in the safe Baltic with the 5 subs attacking the NS. The Italians stay in the MED. ASW sink 1 sub and disable 2 others. Allied LBA roll disables in the MED. Axis subs sink the damaged Resolution and Barents LBA sink the CV and cripple Repulse. No change to the game score. T4 sees no US/USSR rolls successful. Allied deployment moves convoy 1A to the Barents joined by KGV, POW, DOY, Valiant, Warspite and Victorious. NS has 3 BB’s, 3 CA’s and Ark Royal, SA 4 BB’s, 2 CA’s and Eagle, NA has Hood, Malaya, 3 CA’s and Glorious. Repulse repairs in Russia. The Axis commits the German fleet, 2 BB, 2 PB, 2 CA and the CV to the NA passing all speed rolls. All 6 subs are in the NS. Italy continues a MED holding pattern. Allied ASW sinks 3 subs, disables 1. The CV in NA hits Bismark for 4d and the LBA in the MED sink 2 Italian CA’s. The Axis subs and LBA cause no damage with convoy 1A missed.
    The Graf Zeppelin manages to disable Malaya in the NA. Surface combat sees Hood and the 3 CA’s sunk but the Glorious gets away. Tirpitz is the only damage with 2d suffered. With 1A getting thru the POC washes at 5 to 5. T5 US/USSR sees Marat and a US CA make their rolls. Deployment has Barents, 5 BB’s The damaged Repulse and Ark Royal, NS, 4 BB, 2 CA and 2 CV, the SA, 3 BB, 2 CA and a CV, the NA, 2 BB, 2 CA (1 US), Eagle and convoy 2B. Marat also sails. The Axis keeps both BB’s in for repairs. The remaining German ships, 2 PB, 2 CA and the CV go to the Baltic, LBA to the Barents and 5 subs to the NS. The allied LBA attacks the German BB’s damaging Bismark again. Axis air strikes are ineffective and Baltic combat sees Marat traded for Graf Spee. However the big combat result for the turn was the NS ASW which sank all 5 subs there maintaining the blockade. This results in the allies picking up a POC to reduce the score to Axis +3. T6 has an old US BB sail and the Okt, Revolution also comes out. Convoy 2B moves to the Barents. Further allied deployment has 5 BB, the damaged Repulse, a CA and Ark Royal joining convoy 2B. The NS has 5 BB, a CA, Victorious and Eagle, NA has convoy 3C, 2 US ships (BB and CA), a British CA and 2 CV, the SA has 4 BB and 2 CA. The Axis deploys all 6 remaining surface vessels and the 3 subs to the Baltic, LBA to the Barents. In combat Marat disables a sub but is sunk by the other 2. Both allied and axis LBA cause no damage. With convoy 2B getting to Russia POC would be 7 to 3 allies. I decided to land 3C in England for the extra POC now and avoid risk in the Barents later. That choice put the game score at Allies +2. T7 US rolls leave only Wichita uncommitted. Allied deployment looks to hold the blockade with Barents having 5 BB, damaged Repulse, 2 CA, Ark Royal and Victorious. The NS had 6 BB and 2 CV, the NA, 5 US ships and 2 British CA’s, the SA, 3 BB, a CA and Eagle. The Axis repair the damaged Bismark, send the other 5 ships to the Baltic, LBA Barents, and his 4 subs to the NS. The MED is still Italian. Both sides LBA miss their targets with the UK attacking Bismark again. In what had to have the most damage again for Axis plans, allied ASW sink all 4 subs in the NS. The allies pick up another POC to go to +3. T8 and Wichita joins in. Allies place 5 BB, Repulse, 4 CA, Victorious and Ark Royal in the Barents. NS has 8 BB and a CV, the SA, a BB, a CA, Eagle and Glorious, the NA, 6 US ships. Mircea for T8 had little choice but to attack the UK fleet in the Barents with his remaining Germans (2 BB, a PB, 2 CA and the CV) and place his lone sub in the NA. The lone Italian CA stays in the MED. The sub managed to survive ASW giving hope to the Axis. But during the Barents air round the UK CV’s damaged Bismark and sank the PB and a CA. Axis air caused no damage or any disables. Surface combat confirmed the battle trend with only a damaged Tirpitz left after combat round 1. UK forces remaining were 3 BB and 4 CA. Round 2 saw Tirpitz disabled with T8 gaining another POC for the Allies giving the final score. I believe the game really turned on my 2 excellent ASW results on T5 and T7 and the Axis LBA missing 2 convoys to Russia. This allowed me to have the blockade in place and made T6 and T8 deployments easier. I also did not have to risk 3C in the Barents. The good ASW on T4 didn’t hurt either. Mircea and I have played before. Jim Kramer Jr.

  7. John Lindley (Axis) defeated Jonathan Lockwood (Allies for a bid of 2.5 POC). The Axis managed to control the Barents on each of the first 3 turns and built up a 5 POC (7.5 with bid) advantage going into turn 4. The Allies conceded after the Axis won a last battle in the NATL and sunk the second convoy. This was the first game between us.

  8. Andy Choptiany (Axis) defeated John Pack (Allies). John bid 2 for the Allies.John had a lot of bad breaks as he was diced and resigned during Turn 6. We have played before.

  9. Bob’s Allies defeated Lee’s Axis in a pretty lopsided battle. Allies ASW was key keeping the U-boats down below
    5 and mostly at 3 almost the whole game – Lee managed to disable one convoy in N. Atlantic but the turn 5 when the convoy moved into Barents was the key point in game – The Axis came out with almost everything but after the Dust cleared there were 2 carriers, 2 CA’s and convoy to face Damaged Tirptiz, the Zep and damaged Shranhorst and Sheer – The allies decided to run and were chased by all but Tirpitz – in the following few battles the Allies managed to send away all but the Zep while Axis got rid of the CA’s – Now the Zep had to fight her way thru 2 screening carriers and managed to disable them both but Convoy kept pumping shells at Zep and finally sinking her. Convoy landed and now Allies were up 3 before bid.
    On the very next turn a weakened Axis now faces the Brits again in Barents to try and stop the 2nd convoy.
    7 Axis ships sailed – 1 was disabled by carrier shots and then the final blow, 4 were disabled and 1 sunk in surface round fire leaving only 1 225 to try to stop convoy with at least a 2 carrier screen – Lee resigned.

    Now I believe Lee and I are tied at one game a piece has he beat me a few rounds ago.

  10. Greg Hultgren’s Allies (-1.5 Bid ) defeated Rob Drozd’s Axis . A bad omen for the Axis was revealed in its very first turn. Venturing into the North Atlantic, two of the Axis 225’s decided to return to Germany for more strudel.. Then, the single Eagle Air sunk the Gneisenau before any ship to ship rolls. While the Eagle was ker-plunked by the Axis, the Germans lost the Admiral Hipper and the Graf Spee in that first battle as well. The only other loss for the Allies on T1 was the Renown which was bottomed by Axis LBA in the Barents. At the End of T1 the Allies were at +1 holding three of its areas with the other traditional Allied area point being nerfed by subs. From there it went from bad to worse for the Axis. Rob played well the entire game, but his dice just hated any form of nazi aggression. Being a real trooper , Rob fought to the end of T6 conceding only after the Allies had thwarted every conceivable opportunity of an Axis Victory and landed its second convoy. With the Allies at +10, Rob retired. Greg really appreciated having the opportunity to play Rob and hopes they get to play together again soon.

  11. Yes, I will play in rd70. Thanks for keeping keeping the Ladder going.
    I see some people getting in months earlier, and some this last day ? there may be some inconsistence in announcing. It may be better to announce 2-3 days early from the real deadline.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Mircea. The reason for the early signups is that many people sign up as soon as the Round is posted. Some wait until I announce the “last Call”. I always assume that you will be playing unless you tell me you are not.

  12. Greg, I signed up [above], but I don’t see myself listed in the draft lineups…???

  13. Thanks for running the ladder Greg! I can play in rd 70.

  14. i am in

  15. Thought I already said yes, but don’t see my name on list. I am playing.

  16. Rick Virost will NOT play in Round 70.

  17. I’m ready for next round

  18. Count me in for RD 70

  19. I’m in for round 70.

  20. Include me in round 70.

  21. I will play Round 70. Note a change in my email address.

  22. I’ll be playing in round 70.

  23. I am in for round 70

  24. Avi Solomon is in for Rd 70. Please ignore punditas entry above. I am trying to comment under my own name.

  25. I am in for 70.

  26. I’m in for Rd 70

  27. I’m in for round 70. Tim

  28. In for R70.

  29. I am in for 70

  30. I’m in for round 70.

  31. In for Round 70.

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