Updated 4/16/18

Congratulations to Bob Hamel who took away the top honors from Greg Hultgren!

Round 74 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Bob Hamel (Allies-2.0) vs Richard Beyma (Axis) Axis Victory

2. Vince Meconi (Allies-2.0) vs Mike Kaye (Axis) Axis Victory

3. Mike Ussery (Allies-2.0) vs Mercia Pauca (Axis) Axis Victory

4. Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) vs John Lindey (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory Close ONE!

5. Rob Drozd (Axis) vs Lee Kendter (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

6. Tim Tow (Axis) vs John Pack (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

7. Ken Pascoe (Axis) vs Greg Hultgren (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

8. Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) vs Andy Choptiany (Axis) Axis Victory by 1.5!

9. Greg Smith (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) Allied Victory

10. Rick Vrost (Axis) vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

11. Bob Jameli (Axis) Avi Solomon (Allies-1.5) Axis victory by 0.5!

12. John Sharp (Axis) vs Andy Gardner (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

13. Bruce Monnin (Allies-1.5) vs Phil Watkins (Axis) Allied Victory

14, Mike Brophy (Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

15. Dave Elkin (Axis) vs Jeff Lange (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory


Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Avi Solomon (Axis). Allied Victory

Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Mircea Paula (Axis) Allied Victory

Allied Victory    7   Axis Victory  10   Tie

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

41 Comments to “ROUND 74”

  1. (Post-Ladder game) (Already reported privately to Greg Smith, so please don’t double count)
    Jonathan Lockwood (Allied, bid -2.5) defeated Mircea Pauca (Axis) by 7 PoC raw, or 4.5 PoC net. We have played before WAS for AREA.

    T1: I respond to Jonathan’s Dreaded New Opening(TM) by staying home. Stukas luckily sink Ark Royal, while Swordfishes sink two Italian cruisers! -1 POC (Axis are +, Allies are -)
    T2: More growth at home. -2 POC.
    T3: Both Soviet battleships get ready, sail and get slaughtered while sinking Lutzow. North Sea gets unpatrolled by 5xU vs 14 ASW at no loss. -2 POC.
    T4: A raid to North Atlantic (with only 3 Allied BB, also 5CA,1CV and convoy) turns to disaster as both battleships and a pocket fail their speed rolls (1/108 chance). Germans lose 1BC,1CA,1CV while sinking only 2CA. Tirpitz also get damaged in port after returning. Stukas sink Convoy1A! -6 POC.
    T5: Germans got way too weak to challenge the blockade. 4 ASW sink 2xU in NAtl ! Convoy2B lands. -6 POC.
    T6: Full wolfpack pounces on NATL Convoy3C and sinks it. Same -6 POC.
    T7: Desperate try to open NSEA (to get a minimal chance for the guns somewhere) with 7xU vs 23 ASW entails another disaster: 5U sunk. -7 POC. Allied victory is now certain.
    T8: 3xU still manage to uncontrol NATL vs 5 ASW. -7 POC raw at end. -4.5 net.

  2. I did not defeat Vince Meconi in our match as much as my dice did. Vince bid 2 for Allies; we finished with Axis +7 before bid for net of +9 after the full 8 turns

  3. Karl Bodenheimer Allies defeats Mike Brophy Axis. 2.0 bid for Allies.

  4. Rick Virost (Axis) defeated Dennis Nicholson (Allies, +2.0 bid). Allies conceded in Turn 6 when a seventh U-Boat torpedo shot struck and sank Convoy 3C in the North Atlantic. Axis took an early lead by capturing the North Sea on Turn 1, and followed with the capture of the South Atlantic on Turn 2 by a fast German/Italian fleet. Axis also had some great surface and air shots in these first two turns, sinking five battleships, a cruiser and two carriers. Allies responded by hanging on to the North Sea on Turn 3, with a carrier pivotal in the defense (airstrike disabled Bismarck, then the carrier was last ship at sea at the end of the turn.) Four Italian cruisers and three U-Boats captured the South Atlantic on Turn 4 to give the Axis an almost unsurmountable lead. In Turn 5 the Allies landed a convoy in Russia and successfully fended off the Italians and U-Boats in the North Atlantic to bring the POC score back to only +1 Axis (+3 Axis with the bid). Then came the Turn 6 U-Boat attack in the North Atlantic, where Allies ASW failed to knock out any of the attackers. This was the first time we played against each other.

  5. Andy Choiptiany (Axis) has defeated Jim Kramer Jr. (Allies – bid 1.5) by the bid of 1.5. As the allies I decided to forgo my usual Barents in 2 plan and use a MED in 2 idea I have played with before. As with the Barents play this gives the Axis +2 POC to start.

    T1: Allied deployment was made to protect the 3 POC areas of the NS (3 BB, 1 BC, 3 CA, Ark Royal), NA (Hood, 2 BB, 3 CA, Courageous), and SA (4 BB, 1 BC, 2 CA, Eagle, Glorious). The MED sees Rodney, Nelson and QE based in Malta. Andy chose to not attack the defended areas. He used the German fleet to patrol the Barents and Baltic and placed 2 1-1-7 and 2 4-6-6 in the MED. The remaining Italian ships stayed in port. LBA against Italy and Malta scored no hits and the POC is +2 for the Axis.

    T2: Allied deployment was as follows. NA, 5 R-class BB and Ark Royal, NS, a BC, 4 BB, 3 CA, the carriers Glorious and Courageous, SA, a BC, 2 CA and Eagle, MED, the 3 BB’s from Malta, Hood, 3 CA, carrier Formidable and KGV and POW (speed rolls). KGV failed speed and went to Malta. Axis deployment kept the German units in safe waters (Baltic and Barents) and sailed the entire Italian fleet to the MED. Both LBA naturally go to the MED. Allied air strikes were very effective with a 4-6-6 hit for 2 damage and a 4-3-5 sunk and a 4-3-5 disabled. Axis LBA disabled Hood. Allied surface fire was equally effective with the damaged 4-6-6 (V.V.) hit again, crippled and disabled, Littorio hit (4d) and disabled, a 4-3-5 sunk, a 4-3-5 hit (1d) and disabled, CA Pola hit (1d) and CA Zara disabled. Axis return fire also causes damage with QE hit (4d), POW hit (2d), Rodney hit (2d) and disabled, Nelson hit (5d) and disabled. The surviving Italian CA’s flee as a group and were pursued by 3 UK CA’s. During the pursuit the UK CA’s sink 2 Italian CA for the loss of one of their own. POC is 4 to 3 Allies and the game score drops to +1 Axis. Allied returns see the damaged POW and QE return to England with the available CA from the MED.

    T3: No USSR BB is available. Allies deployment, NA, 4 4-4-4, DOY, Renown, a CA, Ark Royal and convoy 1A, NS, 5 R-class BB, the damaged POW, Repulse, a CA, Eagle and Victorious, SA, a CA and the carriers Glorious and Courageous, MED, the damaged Rodney, KGV, Hood, 4 CA, carrier Formidable. QE (England) and Nelson (Malta) stay in port to repair. The German fleet stays in B and B but sends his 5 subs to the SA. The Italians stay in port and repair the damaged 4-3-5 and 4-6-6 (V.V.). Allied LBA attack Italy to no effect, Axis LBA disable Hood to Malta. In the SA, allied ASW disable a sub and the subs disable a carrier. Convoy 1A land in England so POC is a 4 to 3 Allies with the game score dropping to zero.

    T4: Availability rolls see Marat, Washington, Texas and Augusta pass. Allied deployment, NA, 3 US ships, 3 UK BB, 2 UK BC, Ark Royal and convoy 2B, NS, 7 BB, 2 CA, carriers Eagle, Courageous and Victorious, SA, 3 CA and Glorious, Marat moves to the Baltic, MED, damaged BB’s Rodney and Nelson, KGV, Hood, 2 CA, carrier Formidable. DOY and Anson make speed rolls to the MED with Anson failing back to England. POW repairs in England. Axis send Bismarck and Tirpitz to confront Marat in the Baltic. The remaining German surface forces go to the Barents. The 7 subs go to the MED joining the Italian BB’s (2 damaged 4-6-6 and 2 4-3-5). The 2 Italian CA’s stay in port. Allied ASW sink 1 sub and disable 2 more. The 4 subs remaining disable KGV and Nelson and cripple Rodney. Allied air strikes against the 4 BB’s add a point of damage to a 4-6-6 (V.V. now d4). Axis LBA damages Hood for 1. In surface combat in the Baltic Marat is sunk but causes no damage. In the MED allied fire disables both 4-3-5’s with one a cripple and V.V. is sunk. Axis return fire is very good with Hood crippled and disabled, DOY disabled and a CA sunk and the other disabled. In the next round the crippled Rodney is sunk leaving the damaged Littorio in control. The MED CV returned to England. With convoy 2B landing in England the POC 4 to 3 Axis, the game score moves to +1 Axis.

    T5: Availability rolls have Okt. Rev. pass and move to the Baltic. Allied deployment, NA, 3 US ships, 4 R-class BB, a CA and Ark Royal, NS, POW, 6 other BB, a CA, 4 carriers, SA, 2 BC, 3 CA and Eagle, MED, damaged Nelson, crippled Hood, KGV, DOY and CA from Malta, the carrier Victorious, Anson and Howe come from England. Howe fails speed and returns to England. Axis again, as last turn, deploy Bismarck and Tirpitz to the Baltic with the remaining surface to the Barents. His 7 subs go to the MED joining 2 CA, the damaged Littorio and a 4-3-5 at sea. The previously crippled 4-3-5 is repaired. Allied ASW sink 2 subs and disable 2 more. The subs return fire causes no damage. Allied air sink the 4-3-5 with Axis air disables KGV. Baltic surface combat sees Bismarck damaged (6d) and O.R. hit for 2 and disabled. MED UK surface fire sees Littorio and a CA sunk and the other CA disabled. Axis fire disables the crippled Hood. POC is a push at 3 to 3.

    T6: US rolls see NY and Tuscaloosa join the fight. O.R. does not pass and repairs a point of damage. Allied deployment, NA, 5 US ships, POW, DOY, Howe, Valiant, Warspite, Ark Royal, NS, 8 BB, Glorious, Courageous, Eagle, SA, Anson, Repulse, Renown, 2 0-2-7 carriers, MED, damaged Nelson, KGV, Victorious, 6 CA. The crippled Hood tries to sail to the SA. Hood fails and goes to England. The Germans hold B and B again with Bismarck repairing. The 7 available subs go to the SA and the 3 Italian ships left stay in port. Allied ASW sink 3 subs and disable 1, LBA against Italy has no effect. Sub return fire disables Illustrious to the neutral port. Axis LBA cripple the Victorious which returns to England. UK CA’s also return to England. POC is again a 3 to 3 push.

    T7: No US/USSR additions this turn. O.R. again repairs. Allied deployment, NA, 5 US ships, DOY, POW, Howe, QE, Ark Royal, convoy 3C, NS, 9 BB, Glorious and Eagle, SA, crippled Victorious, Illustrious, Courageous, MED, damaged Nelson, KGV, 6 CA, Formidable, speed roll Anson, Repulse and Renown with Repulse failing back to England. German fleet stay in B and B, 5 subs to the SA, 4 Italian ships sail (3 BB and a CA). Both LBA to the MED. ASW sink a sub and disable 3, MED LBA disable BB Impero. Sub return fire is a miss and Axis LBA hit KGV (4d). Allied surface fire in the MED concentrates on the 2 BB’s sinking both. Axis return fire produces 1 hit each on Anson and Renown with Anson sunk and Renown taking 2 damage. The remaining Italian CA runs and is sunk by 6 pursuing UK CA’s. The Italian return shot disables a UK CA. No change to the score, Axis +1. With the Allies needing to score +3 POC to win convoy 3C moves to the Barents. Only the CA and damaged Renown stays in Malta, all other ships return to England.

    T8: The final US ship Augusta comes out. Unfortunately O.R. does not. In Italy the last surviving ship Impero is scuttled. Allied deployment, MED, Renown, SA, damaged Victorious, Glorious and the CA (Kent) from Malta, NS, damaged Nelson, 7 other BB, Eagle and Courageous, NA, 6 US ships, 2 UK BB, damaged KGV, Ark Royal, Barents, convoy 3C, Hood, 5 CA, carriers Formidable and Illustrious, speed rolls for POW, DOY, Howe, Repulse, QE. QE fails speed. Axis send 2 subs to the MED (neutralized), 3 to the SA and send the full German fleet and LBA to the Barents. The Allied ASW in the SA disable all 3 subs for control. Allied air in the Barents attack the 2 BC and 2 PB disabling Lutzow, Axis air disable DOY and damage Howe (4d). Surface round1: Allies, sink Adm. Scheer, disable Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Prinz Eugen and Adm. Hipper. Bismarck receives 5 damage. Axis, sink POW, Howe, Repulse, 2 CA, disable Hood, damage a CA. The remaining Allied force (3 CA, 2 CV, convoy) runs to escape Bismarck. Pursuit by Tirpitz, Graf Spee, Blucher and Graf Zeppelin. Surface round 2: Allies concentrate 2 shots on Tirpitz and 1 each on G.S. and G.Z.. Both rolls on Tirpitz are 5’s. Axis return fire eliminates the 3 UK CA’s. Surface round 3: Convoy disables G.S. Axis fire eliminates the 2 guarding CV. Surface round 4: The convoy misses and is hit for 2 damage. Surface round 5: The convoy disables G.Z but allied luck runs out as 3C is also disabled. POC for the turn is 3 to 2 Allies. Game score is reduced to zero with the Axis winning by the bid of 1.5 POC.

    An interesting game and a chance for me to see how this plan would work. I had hoped to have all 3 convoys go to England but effective sub play by Andy made the T8 Barents move necessary. Andy’s fire also caused great consternation with the damage caused to my fast ships throughout the game. This limited my T8 force in the Barents. The MED going to Littorio on T4 didn’t help either. Andy does not believe we have played before and I won’t dispute that. But my foggy brain says we must have met once sometime before.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  6. After a hard fought game, Andy Choptiany (Axis) defeated Jim Kramer (Allies). The game ended with a raw score of “0” but the victory went to the Axis by the bid of 1.5 for the Allies.This is the first time Jim and I have played.

  7. In 74-6, John went with a Med Strategy and the combined German fleet minus the Lutzow joined with the Italian cruisers to win the South Atlantic losing the Hipper only. With no disables and then only 1 oiling failure for the Admiral Scheer, the oiled Axis fleet were able to reunite with the German turn 2 reinforcements in the Barents on turn 2 where another unequal exchange took place.

    With the Allies down 3 carriers, 4 cruisers, and 3 battleships to one German cruiser, the Allies resigned at the end of turn 2 with the POC at +5 Axis.

  8. Jim Bodenheimer’s Axis defeated John Lindley’s Allies (1.5). Axis seized the NATL on turn one and Barents on turn two to take a 4 POC lead. The Allies battled back in turn three to reduce the Axis lead to 3 POC. In turn four the Axis was able to disable the first convoy but the Allies pushed the second convoy through in turn five to even the score. The Allies lost their two remaining convoys to UBoats in the NATL on turns 6 and 7 and the score remained the same. In turn eight the Allies went for the MED in a desperate gambit to overcome the bid. In the first round of combat the Allied gunners did minimal damage and the Allies resigned.

  9. Ken Pascoe (Axis) has defeated Greg Hultgren (Allies 1.5). We have not played before. Allies deployed roughly equal forces in BAR, NATL, SATL, NS Turn 1 with a bit stronger forces in NS and BAR. Axis sent U-Boats to NS (where they failed), then all ships to SATL (except Lutzow to Baltic), plus four Italian cruisers vs Rodney, Nelson, Barham, Malaya, Eagle. Turn 1 ended with Barham and Scheer disabled to the Neutral Port, other British sunk along with Blucher and Hipper. Axis +3 and Spee, Scharnhorst, and Gneisenau oiled succecssfully. Turn 2, Allies pulled back to NATL, SATL, NS, while Axis avoided fights, taking BAR, Baltic, MED, and sending Scheer to MED; Axis up 5 POC. Turn 3, Allies went heavily to BAR, NS with weaker forces in NATL, SATL, apparently missing that Axis was free to bypass BAR for NATL. Axis pounced on a weak force guarding Convoy 1A, and Allies resigned.

  10. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.5) has defeated Avi Solomon (Axis) in an “extra” match during Round 74. We have played before. The Allies established the blockade on Turn 1, but the Axis challenged the blockade successfully on Turn 2 in the Barents, forcing an Allied retreat while only sinking 3 cruisers. The Allies reestablished the blockadeon Turn 3 and held it through Turn 5 when the Axis successfully broke the blockade again with U-boats in the North Sea. On Turn 6 the Axis managed to take the NATL, cancelling out the arrival of Convoy 2B in Murmansk, but failing to prevent Convoy 3C’s narrow escape from the Axis pursuit force as Convoy 3C sank the Blucher while taking 3 points damage from the Blucher’s final salvo. The Allies elected to have Convoy 3C (-3) put in at England instead of running the gauntlet in the Barents in order to maintain a 2.5 POC lead with handicap applied. The Allies regrouped on Turn 7, holding the blockade once more, and the Marat activated and deployed on Turn 8 to provide the necessary distraction against a seven ship German fleet. 2 Italian cruisers supported by 7 U-boats ventured into the SATL on Turn 8 against 4 British battleships, where Allied ASW sank 2 U-boats before U-boat return fire disabled the Barham. In surface combat, 2 British battleships disabled the Pola to the neutral port, while the other battleship sank the Gorizia to end the Italian threat. Meanwhile, 2 pocket battleships and a cruiser successfully held the Baltic against the Marat, while the Axis sent the Bismarck, Titpitz, and Graf Zeppelin into the Barents against a greatly superior Allied fleet. The Allies defeated this Axis force to finish with a 2.5 POC Allied lead with handicap applied. It was a most challenging and exciting match.

  11. My match with Dave Elkin concluded this morning on T7 with my allies having +6 POC before the bid. The bid was 1.5 for allies so the net score was +4.5. The game went back and forth and the Axis had a shot of extending the match into T8 after hitting the Barents Convoy but only got a single hit, allowing the convoy to make it into Russia, with another in the NAO waiting to brave the Axis air on T8.

  12. Robert Drozd (Axis) defeated Lee Kendter(Allies 1.5). Despite a missed speed roll to the Barents on Turn 1, Axis opted to do battle with Rodney, Nelson and Royal Sovereign in the North Atlantic. Axis prevailed with some losses(Scharnhorst and Scheer), but also held Baltic and the Med to take a 3 POC lead. Another missed speed roll on Turn 2 was critical as it enabled the German fleet to stop the blockade in the Barents due to favorable air support and a very poor Round 1 salvo on from the Brits. Axis suffered no additional damage while U-Boats left NATL uncontrolled. Axis netted 2 more POC. Turn 3 saw another Axis win in the Barents while U-Boats disrupted the SATL. The Axis advantage grew to 7 POC before the bid adjustment. Axis used Turn 4 to repair 8 damage points off of Bismarck and Tirpitz. POC was even for the turn with Axis holding Baltic and the Med and U-Boats disrupting SATL. On Turn 5, Axis opted to disrupt both Atlantic areas with U-Boats while holding Baltic and Med. This allowed a convoy to reach Russia, but with a 5 POC lead before the bid adjustment and only 2 convoys left, the Allies surrendered.

  13. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeated Michael Ussery (Allies; bid 2.0) by 2 PoC after bid – this means the game ended in a 0 PoC draw before bid. We have played before WAS for AREA.
    Situations created by Mike enticed me with several gambles – one was a disaster and several were good.

    T1: Interesting Barents-in-1, I try the easier NATL (2×553,443,016/2) with all 7 surface Germans and win it with light losses to both (2+25, damage to 3+57 vs 553 and CV sunk). 2p for Axis
    T2: North Sea with lighter 11 ASW entices me to gamble the 4U wolfpack to quadruple next threat. That ends in disaster, all 4U sunk! Total 1p Axis
    T3: Germans stay home to sink Marat at no loss. 0p
    T4: Further stay home. Stukas disable Convoy back to USA. 1p Allies.
    T5: Germans are left with no better option than gamble in Barents against a slightly superior Allied force to stop the convoy – both objectives achieved! Lost 2+25, 1+27, three heavily damaged heavies vs 2×336, 4×117, CV and Convoy. 1p Axis
    T6: NATL is not too weak but others are worse. Germans gamble everything including a full wolfpack of 7U. 11 ASW sink 3U but survivors disable Nelson – the remaining battle is even easier. 1BB,1CA,convoy sunk. Tirpitz get back the same 6 damage from bombing while repairing. 4p Axis
    T7: Okt. Rev. sinks Adm. Scheer before being overwhelmed. 4p Axis.
    T8: Germans gamble again in Barents for Greater Glory (as victory is certain). They lose ignominiously, 3 Germans vs 2 Allies sunk. 0p before bid. So 2p to Axis after bid.
    Thanks to Mike for his courteous, effective and prompt play!

  14. Bruce Monnin’s Allies defeated Phil Watkin’s Axis on a Turn 6 concession. Bruce bid 1.5 POC for the Allies, then slapped on the blockade on the first turn. Control of the North Sea was never broken by the Axis, and the German ships took heavy casualties in their first two battles. Allies topped out at +10 POC before the Turn 6 concession.

  15. Andy Gardner’s Allies (2.0 POC bid) handily defeated John Sharp’s Axis in six turns. John couldn’t hit nuttin’ and Andy got just enough to run the POC up to 10 and bottle up the Axis after six grueling turns. Congratulations, Andy!

  16. Karl Bodenheimer (Allies 2.0) defeated Mike Brophy’s Axis. Allies won big on T1 in the South Atlantic. Over the next two turns disabled Axis ships came out of neutral port and were sent to the bottom. Allied ASW was spot on due to new sonar techniques. 9 of 16 rolls were kills when it was needed. Axis bravely held on to T6 before conceding as the convoys came through.

  17. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.5) has defeated Greg Smith’s Axis. The match began with the Axis reluctantly accepting the Allied blockade after an unsuccessful attempt to break open the North Sea with 3 U-boats. Allied ASW, which was remarkably effective for most of the game, sank 1 U-boat on Turn 1 and another 2 on Turn 2, which would play a significant role in preventing the Axis U-boat fleet from ever reaching maximum strength, which in turn would help the Allies maintain the blockade throughout the game. The Axis attempted its big challenge in the Barents on Turn 6, inflicting superior casualties on the British fleet, but at the same time losing two pocket battleships (2-2-5) and taking a total of 17 points of damage on its remaining ships before being driven back to Germany. On Turn 7, with the Allies leading by 5 POC (2.5 with handicap), and with Convoy 3C in the Barents escorted by a heavily damaged British fleet, the Axis made its final maximum effort with all 8 of its remaining ships, 4 of them with damage, while at the same time splitting its U-boat fleet between NATL and SATL in a successful effort that denied both areas. Axis Victory in the Barents (assuming destruction of Convoy 3C) would have given the Axis a .5 POC lead after handicap applied. In the event, the Axis lost Bismarck (-5) and Tirpitz (-8) on the first Allied volley and had four of its remaining ships disabled, leaving Gneisenau (-4) and Blucher (-1) to face an undamaged KGV and Kent screening the Victorious and Convoy 3C. The Axis resigned when the second British volley sank the Gneisenau and the Axis return volley whiffed. The final Allied lead was 8 POC (5.5 POC with handicap applied). A most tense and challenging game, with no significant surface action until Turn 6!

  18. I’m in for rd 74.

  19. Sorry need to skip this round. that last game was an epic struggle that took a lot out of me. (Plus too much ravel to keep up)

  20. Will play rd 74

  21. Playing

  22. I will [lay and continue to race for the bottom.

  23. I will certainly give it another go

  24. rd 74 sign me up

  25. I’m in for Rd 74

  26. Also playing Round 74.

  27. Count me in [always]

  28. I’m in for Round 74.

  29. I will play Round 74. Thank you for keeping keeping it organized !

  30. Will Play Round 74

  31. I will play in round 74

  32. I’ll play the next round

    Thanks for running the ladder


  33. I’m in for round 74

  34. Rick Virost will play in Round 74. Thanks for keeping this ladder going.

  35. In for Round 74. And 75. And 76. And so on.

  36. I will play in round 74.

  37. Count me in for round 74

  38. I will play in round 74

  39. Being the perennial optimist, I will play in Round 74 s well. 🙂

  40. I will play.

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