Final Matchups

Updated 6/24/18

Congratulations to Richard Beyma who took away the top honors from Bob Hamel.  Three different leaders in the last three rounds!

Round 75 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Richard Beyma (Allies-?) vs Mike Kaye (Axis) Allied Victory

2. Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-?) Allied Victory

3. Rob Drozd (Allies-1.5) vs Tim Tow (Axis) Allied Victory by 5.5

4. Ken Pascoe (Axis) vs Andy Choptiany (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

5.  Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Rick Vrost (Axis) Axis Victory

6.  Pete Shelling (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Jameli (Axis) Allied Victory

7.  Bruce Monnin (Axis) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

8. Jeff Lange (Allies-?) vs Bob Hamel (Axis) Allied Victory

9. Vince Meconi (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory

10. John Lindey (Allies-1.5) vs Lee Kendter (Axis) Allied Victory

11.  Greg Hultgren(Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

12. Greg Smith (Axis) vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

13. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Phil Watkins (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory by 0.5!

14, Mike Brophy (Axis) vs Dave Elkin (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

15. Bill Thomson (Allies-1.0) vs Tom Thorsen (Axis) Allied Victory by 8.0



Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5) vs John Sharp Axis Allied Victory

Rick Vrost Allies-2.5 vs Jonathan Lockwood Axis Axis Victory

Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Mircea Pauca (Axis)

Mircea Pauca (Allies-2.5) vs Jonathan Lockwood Axis

Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

Allied Victory   10    Axis Victory   7  Tie

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

48 Comments to “ROUND 75”

  1. The key hypothesis when I proposed the above pair of games as an experiment is that Barents in Jonathan’s latest opening (447,2×336,7×117,027/3) becomes (too) attractive for Germans to fight if any 336 misses a speed roll [his plan excluding any other worthwhile opportunities]. Of course we knew ANYTHING is possible in WaS.
    I still think Barents is attractive in that situation. Losses of the British fast fleet ‘should’ cumulate faster than losses of the only German fleet, so that Barents become untenable or at least ineffective to reinforce with 444’s.
    Game1 showed it doesn’t take much bad luck to upset this German riposte.
    Game2 showed Germans staying home to grow is a good option, followed by a careful wait, creating then following opportunities.
    Getting the ‘fencing’ tempo right of U-boat sorties then fleet sorties and damage repairs is a must, so losses to ASW are just as important parts of luck as fleet losses.
    Jonathan’s Ladder #73 game showed Axis risking SATL and getting really lucky CAN win against his opening. My #74 unofficial game with Jonathan showed risking same SATL can be a disaster for the Axis. (I would not recommend SATL as a counter but tried it then out of desperation)
    Which means: better be lucky AND good!
    The kind of prudent, tight consistency in Jonathan’s plays is the long-term winner. Congratulations!

  2. Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) has defeated Mircea Pauca (Allies 2.5) in the second of two extra matches under the conditions described above. The Axis elected to build up early on instead of making a foray with the surface fleet. However, this strategy ran into some problems on Turn 4 when the Allies were able to repel an Axis attack with a full strength fleet with moderate losses on both sides. The Allies were then able to get Convoy 1A through on Turn 5 and control all four sea areas to increase their cumulative lead to 8 POC (5.5 POC Allied lead with handicap applied). However, the rebuilt Axis fleet was able to challenge the British fleet in the Barents successfully on Turn 6, inflicting substantial losses while sinking Convoy 2B. In the Baltic, 4 U-boat wolfpacks were able to sink the Okt Rev before surface combat and clear the way for a crippled Scharnhorst (-5) to take control of the Baltic. This enabled the Axis to cut the Allied lead to 6 POC (3.5 POC Allied lead with handicap applied), since the Allies decided to land Convoy 3C in England rather than risk the Barents. On Turn 7, the Axis sortied again into the Barents with Bismarck, Tirpitz, Lutzow, Adm Scheer, Graf Zeppelin and Gneisenau (-5) supported by Axis LBA while leaving Scharnhorst (-5) to occupy the Baltic unopposed. At the same time, Zara and Gorizia, supported by 5 U-boat wolfpacks, challenged the British in the SATL, which consisted of Royal Oak, Royal Sovereign, and Eagle. The Axis were able to take the Barents with only the loss of the Lutzow after several rounds of relatively close surface combat. Meanwhile, Allied ASW in the SATL sank 1 U-boat wolfpack and disabled two more to leave only two U-boats to break control and return fire. However, the two U-boats then disabled BOTH Roya Oak and Royal Sovereign to the neutral port, leaving only the Eagle to defend against the two Italian cruisers. The cruisers were able to disable the Eagle to the neutral port and take control of the SATL as well. As a result, the Axis gained 6 POC on Turn 7 (8 POC for control of Baltic, Med, Barents, and SATL to the Allies North Sea and NATL) to bring the cumulative POC count to 0 POC (2.5 POC Axis lead with handicap applied). This essentially sealed the game in favor of the Axis, with Turn 8 being played out for interest’s sake, but leaving the final score unchanged. Our joint conclusion is that building up the Axis surface and U-boat fleet from the start is indeed a viable strategy for the Axis, even if the Axis is not able to inflict a decisive defeat on the British in the Barents on Turn 4.

  3. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.5 POC) has defeated Mircea Pauca (Axis) in the first of two extra matches during Round 75 wherein we agreed to play both sides with a 2.5 POC handicap as the Allies, further stipulating an automatic speed roll failure of one 3-3-6 on Turn One. The Allies repelled an Axis foray into the Barents on Turn One with relatively equal losses, then held the blockade on Turn 2. On Turn 3, the Axis successfully challenged the blockade on Turn 3 in the Barents when the Allies failed two speed rolls, but still took substantial losses in both combat and pursuit. The Axis were therefore unable to exploit their advantage on Turn 4 when the Allies successfully reinforced the Barents with a 4-4-4, the Howe, and Convoy 1A. From there on it was all Allies as all three convoys made it through to Murmansk while fending off both U-boat and Axis LBA attacks.

  4. Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) has defeated Rick Virost (2.5 Allies) in an extra round rematch of our Round 75 match. The Axis was able to exploit a weaker than expected Turn 2 Allied deployment in the Barents to inflict a sound tactical defeat on the British surface fleet. This compelled the Allies to abandon the Barents on Turn 3 in order to regroup, which in turn allowed the Axis to repair damage. The Axis were eventually able to sink two more convoys, sealing the game for the Allies.

  5. From: Richard Beyma


    After a miraculous first turn for the Allies with dice, the Germans soldier on admirably, conceding on turn 7. I have won as the Allies with +10 POC on Turn 7.

    From Mike: Miraculous explained:

    After standard Allied deployment to Barents, Allies failed one 336 SR by rolling 6, 5 (note that!); Germans sent entire fleet to the Barents. Allied air sank 357 and 225, disabled a 357. At the same time, in the Med, Allied air sank a CA and BB while disabling a CA. When the smoke cleared from Barents surface combat, the disabled 357 was the only German survivor (of seven surface) while the Allies suffered the terrible loss of one 117 and maxing of a 336.

    German ineptitude reached another high while badly losing an even fight in the Med (turn 5?) while the Germans showed their marksmanship by maxing and disabling a Russian BB with 12 bonus shots. That BB sailed again after repair to again stick the Kriegsmarine with a sharp stick in the eye by forcing the Kriegsmarine to protect the Baltic.

    Such results were not anticipated, or as Emperor Hirohito, said (with two word changes—in parens) “the war situation has developed not necessarily to (our) advantage, while the general trends of the world have all turned against (our) interest.”

  6. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeated Jim Bodenheimer (Allies; bid 1.5) by 1.5 net (raw score 0) in a post-Ladder rematch.

    Jim used the same Barents-in-1 opening with thin Barents (3BC,5CA,Ark) and I responded the same way by pouncing upon it with the intention to destroy the British fast fleet quicker than the (only) German fleet.
    This time luck was more like predicted and Germans controlled the Barents on Turns 1,2,3,4,5 and sank Convoy 2B. Jim was quite reluctant to bring the slower 444’s with their 50/50 speed rolls.
    On Turn 6 a battered German fleet (7 ships, of which 5 damaged) was finally defeated in Barents (again!) by slightly inferior Allies. Convoys 1A and 3C managed to get to Russia – too little, too late.
    On Turns 7,8 Germans were content to keep the Baltic against valiant Soviets.

  7. Phil W got the Allies with a bid of 1.5 and overcame Avi S by the slimmest of margins – 0.5vp.

  8. Jeff Lange vs Bob Hammel has completed after a hard fought match. Early lucky rolls by Lange’s Allied side hindered the full employment of AX naval forces, but Bob’s handling of what remained left things in doubt until T7 when the Allied 2nd convoy made it into Russia and sealed the win for Lange.

  9. Rob Drozd as Allies (bid of 1.5 POC) defeated Tim tow’s Axis forces in 8 turns by a margin of 5.5 POC after the bid.

  10. Mike Brophy (Axis) defeated Dave Elkin (Allies) with a final Turn 8 score of Axis +4 POC (+5 with the bid).

  11. Vince Meconi’s Axis defeated Mike Ussery’s Allies (bidding 2) with a Turn 3 resignation. It was not a contest of skill. Mike’s Allies sank 3 Axis ships in the S. Atlantic on Turn 1, although the Axis did win the area. After that it was all Axis dice all the time. On Turn 2 in another S. Atlantic battle a 225 and 2×117 took out 2 Allied 456s for a 4-POC swing. Turn 3 was more of the same; before the turn even ended the Allies were down 3 carriers, 7 battleships, and a cruiser. We have played previously (3 times in the last year, in fact).

  12. Ken Pascoe (Axis) defeated Andy Choptiany (Allies, bid 1.5). This was our first match. On Turn 1, Andy set out a fairly balanced deployment, with two carriers in the North Sea and a strong force in the Barents. German ships sortied to North Atlantic and U-Boats went to South Atlantic. A single German ship remained in the North and a single U-Boat denied POC. Axis +4 POC. Turn 2, Andy left North Atlantic unpatrolled to beef up forces in South Atlantic, North Sea, Barents. German ships and U-Boats stayed home. Axis +4 POC. Turn 3, Andy made a strong showing in the Barents and North Sea, with weaker forces in the Atlantic. Eagle and Courageous guarded Convoy 1A, while three battleships and Sussex patrolled without a carrier. Axis took a risky move: All German ships against 8 battleships and two carriers in North Sea, and four Italian cruisers supported by four U-Boats in South Atlantic. The North Sea was a three-round bloodbath leaving many ships sunk plus a few disabled with damage. Crippled Gneisenau held the sea. In the south, all British ships were disabled, while two Italians were sunk. Axis +10 POC; Andy conceded while Ken nervously counted his few remaining German ships.

  13. Greg Hultgren (axis) has defeated Jim Kramer (allies – bid 1.5) with Jim conceding in T7. As the allies I again tried my MED in 2 play.

    T1 had Nelson, Rodney and QE in Malta with the rest of the fleet dispersed to defend the NA, SA and NS. Greg took the offered 2 POC start without combat. The only damage caused was by axis LBA putting 4 damage (ominous result) on Nelson.

    T2 allied placement in NA 4 R-class BB, a CA and Ark Royal. The NS had 5 BB, 3 CA and 2 CV. SA had 2 BC, a CA and Eagle. In the MED the 3 Malta BB’s were successfully reinforced with LBA, KGV, POW, Hood, 3 CA and a CV. The axis response placed 4 subs in SA and PB’s in the Barents and Baltic, The Italian fleet sailed into the MED and the remaining 7 German ships headed to the NA. Both Bismark and Graf Spee failed their speed rolls (rolls of 5 and 6). ASW killed 2 subs and disabled 1, the remaining sub missed. In the NA, Ark disabled 2 German CA. In surface combat the other German cruiser was sunk and a BC disabled with 1 R-class BB crippled by return fire, Germans retreat. The tone of the game turned in the MED. Allied air hit a 4-3-5 for 2 and disabled another. Axis air now made use of the high die roll trend sinking Nelson AND Rodney. Surface combat sees the allies cripple 2 4-3-5 (disabling 1) and disable a 4-6-6. Axis return fire stayed hot with QE and POW sunk, KGV and Hood crippled. With such devastating damage I retreated the 3 CA and CV from the MED to England. My 2 cripples were sunk by pursuit fire. The axis now had a +5 POC lead without the bid.

    As the allies I did not feel I could continue to attack the MED and give the Germans freedom to act and I needed all 3 convoys to make Russia. I held my forces in the NA, SA and NS trading points for ships. By T5, with the axis about to max out on POC, I sailed convoy 1A with some US/UK protection and heavily defended the SA and NS against 7 subs. Greg again held back and maxed out the POC.

    T6 sees 1A in the Barents with 3 CA, 2 CV and making speed 3 KGV’s and 2 BC. The NA has 2B, 4 US ships (3 BB), 2 UK BB and Ark Royal. The SA has 3 CV and 3 surface ships. The NS has 6 BB, 3 CA and a CV. A USSR BB also sails. Greg sends the 7 subs to the NS and the German fleet to the Baltic. His LBA in the Barents misses its shots. Allied LBA finally scores another hit in the MED but only damages a CA. ASW sink 2 subs and disable 2. Sub return fire misses but the NS is now open. The Soviet BB goes down causing no damage. The allies gain 3 POC reducing the game score to +7 axis.

    T7 and with the NS open I tried to balance my allied force as best I could. Barents, 2B, 3 BB, 2 BC, 2 CA, 2 CV – NA, 6 US ships, 3C, Ark Royal – SA, 4 BB, 4 CA, a CV and Eagle. – NS, 5 BB, 2 CA, 2 CV. The remaining Soviet BB also sailed. Axis response was Italians stay in the MED, LBA to the Barents (missed again), 6 subs and a CA to the Baltic (USSR BB survives for combat) and the rest of the German fleet (9 ships) to the NS. NS air, UK disable a BC and a PB, axis disable a BB. In surface combat the UK disable a BB and another PB. Axis return fire sinks 3 BB and 2 CA and the game was now a lock for Greg.

    A very disappointing game for me and not a true test of the MED in 2 with only 1 axis ship and 5 subs sunk the entire game. I know I avoided combat after the T2 calamity and perhaps I should have pushed the MED option on T3 and T4 but for this game almost all my combat rolls were sub-standard. Greg was able to sit back, gain POC and choose his the time to fight with favorable force.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  14. Jim Bodenheimer’s (Allies) defeated Mircea Pauca’s Axis in a bloody fight that ended in turn 5 with Mircea’s concession. Allied fires were particularly devastating to the German pocket battleships early in the game and the loss of Bismarck along with numerous disables in turn 2 crippled the Axis effort. Although Allied ASW was devastated with the loss of all nut one cruiser early on, ASW remained effective and the UBoat threat never materialized. A fun game all around!

  15. Pete Shelling (Allies) defeated Bob Jamelli , after Bob’s Turn 2 concession. Pete played Big Med, and attempted to crush it with the entire Italian navy, leaving the cruisers back as well. The even battle was very bloody, but the Allies prevailed while the German surface ships also lost an even battle battle in the North Sea. Allied gunnery was superior, and this continued through turn 2 so the Axis were left without many ships and an early POC deficit to show for it. Bid was 1.5 Allied

  16. Vince Meconi’s Allies (bid 1.5) whipped up on John Sharp’s Axis (accepting the 1.5 POC to no avail) in a six-turn rout. John tried twice to pit seven U-Boats against the North Seas Fleet blockade, and both times Vince’s ASW scored enough 6’s and 5’s to thwart the evil Kriegsmarine attempts with 5’s to spare. Final POC – Allies +10, and should have been +15 or so. Britannia rules the waves once again!

    I am in for 76 (as previously stated).

  17. John Lindley (Allies) defeated Lee Kendter (Axis) in a very tight came that went the full 8 turns (Bid was 1.5). Turns 1-4 saw mostly air strikes with the RAF knocking out 3 Italian cruisers and the Luftwaffe only getting 1 Brit cruiser (took 2 hits to down her) – 3 U-Boats of 5 survived 7 ASW and sank the first convoy on turn 3. T5 saw 20 ASW unable to secure the North Sea blockade while the Luftwaffe came to life in the Barents and took down the Ark Royal and Norfolk. With the North Sea open on t6, the Russians both finally got a chance to enter the fray. The Germans sent Bis, Tirp and the 3 pockets to battle them while the rest of the german fleet ventured into the SATL which to meet 4 Brit battleships. While 16 ASW had a great victory in the North Sea (6 subs sunk/1 disabled), the joy was short-lived as the Graf Zep sunk 1 BB and disabled another in the SATL. Things then got worse for the Allies as both Russians and the remaining 2 Brit BBs were sunk while getting no hit on the German fleet. T7 saw a large battle in the North Sea with the Germans again coming out of it for the better – POC now changed for the first time since turn 1 and went +2 Allies down to zero (before bid). T8 saw the depleted Brits trying to hold on to all 4 areas – the Germans went into the Barents and had good luck with the air strikes by disabling 2 Brits battleships vs. 1 pocket BB disabled by the RAF. Surface combat was bad for both sides but after 3 rounds things were whittled down to a few ships. It finally came down to convoy 3A and 2 screening carriers against the last German ship which was disabled giving the Allies the victory. The luck in the game swung back and forth and could have gone either way for sure!

  18. Rick Virost (Axis) defeated Jonathan Lockwood (Allies, bid 2.5). This was our second match (but first in a long long time.) U-Boats kept the POC count at zero for the first three turns, even managing to disable Convoy 1A in the North Atlantic on Turn 3. Major sea battle in the North Sea on Turn 4 was won by the Axis, sinking five of the eight Allies battleships, crippling another, almost crippling Rodney, and disabling survivors in two rounds of surface combat. The few Axis ships remaining at sea took refuge in France, which allowed a multi-national combined arms attack (on, over, and under the water) with very favorable dice rolls to overcome the Allies defenders in the South Atlantic on Turn 5. Meanwhile Axis LBA sank the delayed Convoy 1A in the Barents. Given the 8.5 POC Axis lead (with the bid) at the end of Turn 5, and with only two convoys remaining, the Allies conceded.

  19. Yes, I confirm I am playing.

  20. Count me in!

  21. I would like to play this round.

  22. I’m in for this round

  23. I will skip this round. Let me know when the next approaches!

  24. I’m in for rd 75

  25. bob jamelli late but ib

  26. Will be glad to play. Thanks for running the ladder!

  27. Hi Greg! Thanks for running the ladder! Unfortunately, I can not play in round 75.

  28. Rick Virost will play in Round 75, starting on 5/1/2018. Thanks Greg for keeping this War at Sea ladder going.

  29. I will play as well

  30. Jim Kramer is in for round 75.

  31. I will play in round 75.

  32. I will play in round 75.

  33. I’m in for Round 75

  34. Playing Round 75.

  35. Playing round 75

  36. Avi Solomon is in for Round 75.

  37. I also will play Round 75.

  38. To Tom Thornsen:

    If you are interested in an extra match during Round 74 (for AREA rating only, not for ladder position), I would be happy to play you as the Allies with my taking a 1.5 POC handicap. If you are interested in such a game to help get you back in practice, please email me soonest at I look forward to hearing from you!

  39. Count me in.

  40. I am in for R75

  41. Win or lose I’m in for the next round

  42. I’m in for R75.

  43. I will play.

  44. It has been a long time since I last played this game. Too long. Let’s join the ladder this round and see how much I remember…or have forgotten.

  45. Likewise me as well.

  46. I will play.

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