Round 76

Updated 7/15/18

Congratulations to Richard Beyma, hanging on to the top of the ladder.

FINAL Round 76 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Richard Beyma vs Jim Bodenheimer

2. Rob Drozd (Axis) vs Ken Pascoe (Allies-1.5). Axis Victory

3. Rick Vrost vs Pete Shelling

4. Karl Bodenheimer vs Jeff Lange

5. Vince Meconi vs Greg Hultgren

6.   Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) vs Phil Watkins (Axis) Allied Victory

7.  Mike Brophy vs Bill Thomson

8. Mike Kaye vs Mircea Pauca

9.  Tim Tow vs Andy Choptiany

10. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Jamelli Axis. Allied Victory by 4.5.

11. Bruce Monnin (Axis) vs Bob Hamel (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

12. Mike Ussery (Allies-1.5) vs Lee Kendter (Axis)

13. John Sharp (Axis) vs Greg Smith (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

14. Avi Solomon vs Dave Elkin

15, Tom Thornsen (Axis) vs Robert Frisby (Allies-2.0)


16. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Mircea Paula (Axis)

Allied Victory

17. Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) vs Mircea Paula (Allies-2.5)

Allied Victory

Allied Victory  5     Axis Victory   2      Tie

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon


40 Comments to “Round 76”

  1. I will play.

  2. As will I.

  3. I’m sick and tired of this game. It doesn’t reward good play, only good dice. The sobriquet Yahtzee At Sea is 100% accurate. I can’t buy a die roll lately. And when I say lately, I mean the last 3 years. The dice servers must be rigged. It’s disgusting. So because of all of the above I hereby announce that I’m…signing up for Round 76! 8^)

  4. Vince,

    I agree, so I’m in, too.

    John Sharp

  5. Rick Virost will play in Round 76 (starting in late June or early July).

  6. count me in

  7. I will play, Please change my email to All others are outdated.

  8. I will skip round 76.

  9. I will play

  10. Count me in (loved your comment, Vince!)

  11. I will play round 76.

  12. In for Rd 76

  13. I’m IN for round 76.

  14. Hum, don’t see that I asked to be in next round – please add me in

  15. Add my name to the list of players in Round 76.

  16. I’m in for rd 76.

  17. I’ll go it again. Thanks for running the ladder

  18. Sitting round 76 out – see you in the next one.

  19. count me in

  20. I am in for another lesson as well

  21. Playing, Round 76!

  22. i am in

  23. Yes, I will play in Round 76. Thank you for keeping keeping it organized!

  24. I’ll skip this round

  25. Since John Pack is out, I am in 🙂

  26. Hi Greg. Thanks for running the ladder. I am out this round.

  27. I am in for 76

  28. Yes I am playing in 76. will look for Mike Brophy’s email

  29. Finally, a Bodenheimer is playing for the top spot. Roll good bro.

  30. I got a turn 1 KO on Phillip Watkins. I took the Allies for 2 POC bid. I failed a speed roll so the Germans came out into
    the Barents. Bad choice. I sunk all 5 small ships and disabled the 2 big ships to take the area as well. So he surrendered .

  31. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies; bid 2.5) defeated Mircea Pauca (Axis) in the third game of our off-Ladder test series – by 3.5p net (6p raw).
    In response to Jonathan’s new Barents-in-1 implementantion, my German fleet accepted the blockade and stayed home to grow in T1-2. In T2 I took the risk with 4U and opened NSea against 11 ASW – but 2U were sunk.
    T3: Big battle in NATL. Germans lose Scharnhorst and two damaged ships, vs British 2BB,Eagle and convoy.
    T4: Try again to open NSEA: 5U vs 14 ASW, failed with heavy loss of 3U.
    T5: Luftwaffe very luckily sinks Convoy 2B in Barents (and fleet sinks Marat with only a disable). Total score 1 Allied, position looks great for Axis with a 10-ship fleet.
    T6: Germans too timidly send the 7U wolfpack to SATL, without adding the 4 Italian cruisers (just as well; no British BB’s were harmed by the subs). Missed the clear opportunity to open NSEA at 7U vs 17 ASW which would have maximized the threats of German surface ships.
    T7: NSEA opening attempt is harder now, 7U vs 20 ASW and fails. Fleet stays in Baltic and vaporizes Okt. Rev. while losing Graf Spee. Luftwaffe sinks Ark Royal but Convoy 3C lands in Russia.
    T8: Desperate clashes in NSEA and SATL (6U+4 Italians). In each I know the Axis are sizably inferior, but need one victory. Axis lose both.
    Total score 6 Allied (raw) so Jonathan wins by 3.5 net.

  32. Mircea Pauca (Allies; bid 2.5) defeated Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) in the 4th game of our off-Ladder test series – by 1.5p net (4p raw).
    I mirror Jonathan’s opening which has been great so far.
    T1: Stukas sink Ark Royal!
    T2: I leave NATL empty to keep enough blockade forces (which was tested as POW missed the speed roll, they were barely deterrent). Stukas sink Formidable too!
    4U+4 Italians try SATL vs 3BB,Eagle, they lose 1U and 2 Italians sunk vs no British. A bit doubtful this sortie I’d say, but would have added pressure on NATL and convoy if it went better for the Axis.
    T3: SATL again, 4U+2 Italian vs 2BB,Eagle, they lose again (2U and 1 Italian).
    T4: Barents huge battle with convoy1A as stakes. British hold in the close 5-round battle, losing Repulse and 5 cruisers (and lots of damage on BBs) and sink Lutzow, Spee, Blucher (and lots on damage on heavies, two crippled). Last Italian suicides along with 1U sunk.
    T5: Barents large battle again while the two crippled BB patch up in Murmansk. This time Germans win control and sink Convoy 2B, Hood and Kent whie losing Gneisenau and Scheer. 5U in a POC-picking sortie vs 5 ASW in SATL, they lose 1U.
    T6: Stukas sink two damaged BB’s of the Barents blockade. The 7U wolfpack senses weakness in NATL convoy escort (9 ASW – generally very short overall) but only disables it.
    T7: Reduced German fleet sinks Okt. Rev. at the cost of Hipper. The wolfpack strikes NATL again (10 ASW now) for the convoy, inflicting 3 damage but it continues towards Russia. Lucky convoy!
    T8: Barents. 7U vs 17 ASW, smaller German fleet vs larger, battered Allies guarding the precious last ships with the vacuum tubes. The wolfpack is shattered (6U sunk, 1U disabled) so it could not help. The surface battle came surprisingly close after better Stuka strikes – then Tirpitz and Zeppelin’s guns having to fight through two carriers as extra screens for the convoy. Ultimately Allies win (Dorsetshire’s torpedoes) and deliver the vacuum tubes for radios to equip new Tank Armies for the summer counteroffensive that finally liberated Mother Russia – Op. Bagration.
    Germans may have won it if not holding back Eugen in the Baltic…
    Final score 4 Allied raw, so I win by 1.5 points.

    (We have played WAS for AREA before many times)

    These two games have refined the Nash equilibrium between Jonathan’s Barents-in-1 and the stay-and-grow Axis continuation. Luck still remains in subtler forms, mainly losses to ASW and airstrikes. Proper timing of cooperation between Doenitz’s submarines and Raeder’s fleet becomes even more important – and Allied ways to disrupt it.

  33. In Drozd (Axis) vs Pascoe(Allies), Ken bid 1.5 to play the Allies and went with a Mediterranean strategy. The Allied airstrikes underperformed and the Italian fleet fought fiercely to control the Med for the first 4 turns. By then, the Brits lost several CVs and other ships while the Axis had accumulated a 9 POC lead. With the North Sea under Axis control and only 2 convoys remaining, Ken conceded.

  34. Bruce Monnin’s Axis defeated Bob Hamel’s Allies by 1.0 POC (2.5 POC after bid).

    The Allies won Turn 1 combat in the Barents and had great ASW the first 2-3 turns. Then the dice turned. The Axis kept contesting the Barents, winning thanks to poor Allied speed rolls and an advantage for the Luftwaffe over the RAF. What looked like a nail-biter changed when the Axis unexpectedly won a Turn 6 combat in the South Atlantic, when they were sent there just to kill future ASW.

  35. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 1.5) has defeated Bob Jamelli’s Axis in a match that was close until the final turn. The Axis came out in the SATL initially and took it, but at the cost of a pocket battleship and a German and Italian cruiser sunk, Gneisenau and Graf Spee disabled to the neutral port, and the Scharnhorst (-5) and Adm Hipper remaining at sea to oil in order to escape back to Germany for Turn 2. The Allies managed to get Convoy 1A through to Murmansk, but Axis U-boats would sink the next two convoys to keep the score close. The Allies were able to keep the main fleet in Germany (7 ships) separated from the remainder of the Germans and Italians making their way out of the Med in an effort to threaten the SATL and NATL. The failure of the Graf Spee to speed roll to the NATL from the neutral port on one turn and being trapped in the neutral port the next turn would result in the loss of 2 POC for the Axis. By the beginning of Turn 8, the Axis had 7 German ships in Germany and a full strength U-boat fleet, but were trailing by 4 POC (2.5 POC with handicap applied). In a desperate gamble to overcome the Allied lead, the Axis sent 6 ships to challenge the North Sea fleet of 6 battleships and 4 aircraft carriers (including Eagle), split its 7 U-boats between the NATL and SATL to try to deny both areas (they succeeded), and took a big risk by leaving the Prinz Eugen in the Baltic to hold off the newly activated Okt Rev from taking control. The Allied and Axis airstrikes in the North Sea all missed their targets, and the British were able to disable or sink the entire Axis task force, leaving only the Eagle to escort the other three aircraft carriers home to England. But the Okt Rev performed most heroically on Turn 8, sinking the Prinz Eugen and taking 2 damage from its final return fire to seize control of the Baltic for the Allies and extend the final Allied cumulative lead to 6 POC (4.5 POC with handicap). A most exciting finish to a game that stayed close most of the way.

  36. Greg Smith (Allies) has beaten John Sharp (Axis) in their WaS match. Greg had won before T8, but John wanted to play it out further just in case a loooooongshot might make its appearance. Alas, three airstrike fives out of five dice disabled 60% of the Kriegsmarine in the Barents T8 to pound that last nail firmly into the coffin. Congratulations to Greg!

  37. Avi Solomon has won his ladder match against David Elkin. The score was Allied 4 POC at the end of Turn 7 and unlikely to change by Turn 8. The bid was 1.5 POC for the Allies so Avi won by the small margin of 2.5 POC. This was the first time both of us played against each other.

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