Round 78

Updated 12/27/2018 

FINAL! Round 78 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

Congratulations to Richard Beyma Still atop the ladder!

1. Richard Beyma (Allies-2.5) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) Axis Victory

Karl is our new king!

2. Rick Vrost (Allies-2.0) vs Mircea Pauca (Axis). Axis Victory

3. Andy Choptiany (Allies-3.0) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) Tie!  Axis Advances

4. Bill Thomson (Axis) vs Avi Solomon (Allies -1.5). Axis Victory

5. Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-?) vs John Pack (Axis). Axis Victory

6. Vince Meconi (Allies-2.0) vs Mike Kaye (Axis) Allied Victory by 3!

7. Tim Tow (Allies-?) vs Bob Hamel (Axis) Axis Victory

8. Mike Ussery (Allies-1.5) vs Dave Elkin (Axis) Allied Victory

9. Rob Drozd (Axis) vs Greg Hultgren (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

10. Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) vs John Lindley (Axis) Axis Victory

11. Bruce Monnin (Axis) vs Lee Kendter (Allies-?) Axis Victory

12. Robert Frisby (Allies-?) vs Ken Pasco (Axis) Allied Victory by 4

13. Jeff Lange (Allies-1.0) vs Mike Brophy (Axis) Allied Victory by 2!

14. Bob Jameli (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

15. Tom Thorsen (Allies-2) vs Hilton McManus (Axis) Axis Victory by the bid!


16. Robert Frisby (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) Allied Victory

17. Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) Axis Victory

18. Mircea Pauca (Allies-2.0) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Axis)

Allied Victory         6      Axis Victory   10     Tie.  1

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

44 Comments to “Round 78”

  1. Rd 78
    Michael Ussery’s allies gave a bid of 1.5 POC to David Elkin’s axis. after 8 turns the allies won by +9 before the bid was applied (+7.5 after bid was applied). This was not the result of any great skill on my part, but rather good luck in getting 2 convoys to Russia and 1 to England (lousy luck for David)

  2. Bob Hamel (axis) vs Tim Tow:(allies)

    our WAS game is done.

    Going into turn 8 the Axis were ahead by 8 before the bid.
    at BEST before the bid the Allies would gain 4 with on convoy going to England and one to Russia
    but the Barents is questionable as Germans are about even with Allies forces there.

    Anyway, Thanks for the ladder GM duties and I’ll be interested in getting in on the next round

  3. John Lindley’s Axis defeated Dennis Nicholson’s Allies in our game. Dennis had bid 2 POC to play the Allies. The game was quite close with several bloody battles but the Axis gained a 6 POC (8 with bid) lead after turn 5. With only 2 convoys remaining, it was too much for the Allies to overcome.

    This was not our first game.

  4. Vince Meconi’s Allies defeated Mike Kaye’s Axis in Round 78. The Allied bid was 2.0. The Axis started off quite well, winning the South Atlantic on turn 1 and the North Atlantic on turn 2 for a 6-POC lead, before the bid, after just 2 turns. With favorable attrition, the Axis looked to cruise. But then, the dice gods decided to put their thumbs on the scale and it was all Allies (with one exception) from then on. ASW, airstrikes, surface gunnery, the Allies could hardly miss. The Axis hung on bravely for all 8 turns but the final margin was +3 Allies after the bid. The one exception to unbeatable Allied dice occurred on turn 5 when 4 Italian cruisers and 4 U-boats won the N. Atlantic against the Ark Royal, Rodney, Anson, and Wichita. Had it not been for that exception, the Axis could not have lasted much longer. What was interesting was that after one round, all the gunnery ships had been removed except for the Zara and the Wichita. 8 (!) rounds later, the Zara finally disabled the Wichita, then pursued and sank the Ark Royal with a single shot. It’s not too often a game of War At Sea hinges on a key battle between the Americans and the Italians!

  5. Greg Hultgren played the Allies with a bid of 1.0 POC. The Axis victory was largely due to the LBA disabling Convoy1A in Turns 4 and 6. One U-Boat survived the ASW in the North Sea on Turn 5 to force the Allied resources to be spread over 4 areas for Turn 6. I elected to contest 5 BBs and the Eagle in the SATL with 2×496, 357, 127 and 4×117. The Eagle’s airstrike put 6 damage on the Bismarck and Allied surface fire put max damage on Gneisenau, disabled Bismarck, disabled Tirpitz with damage, and disable 2 Italian CAs. Axis return fire was also effective putting 3 damage on Nelson, sinking Barham and Royal Sovereign, and disabling Malaya and Ramillies. Round 2 saw the Nelson and Admiral Hipper sink each other and the Axis eventually prevailed. The POC advantage was an insurmountable 9 for the Axis at the end of Turn 6.

  6. Tom Thornsen and I just wrapped up our game. Tom played Allies and I played Axis. It was a very close game with a 2 point Axis Victory. I had to defeat Convoy 3C to win on the last turn. Tom used a Mediterranean strategy which certainly gave me an advantage. I definitely enjoyed the game and will participate in Round 79.

  7. Today Robert Frisby (Allies) defeated Ken Pascoe (Axis) by 4 POC in a hard fought match featuring heavy losses on both sides. The Axis took an early lead by controlling the South Atlantic on turn one, sinking four British BBs and a CV while losing only two pocket BBs. On turn four the Axis took control of the South Atlantic again, but lost six German ships in a major naval battle in the Barents. The first two convoys reached Russia and the third one reached England. The Allies led by 3 POC at the start of turn eight, and the three remaining German ships were unable to take control of the Barents. The Allies lost 17 British ships (4 CVs, 10 BBs, and 3 CAs) and both Russian BBs. The Axis lost 9 German ships (Tirpitz and Scharnhorst surviving), 10 U-boats, and all four Italian cruisers.

  8. Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) has tied Andy Choptiany’s Allies (3.0 POC handicap bid) at the end of Turn 8, advancing by rule on the WAS ladder that stipulates that the Axis wins all games that are tied at the end of the game after handicap is applied. This was a very exciting match, one in which Andy countered Jonathan’s initial bid of 2.5 POC for the Allies with his own bid of 3.0 for the Allies. I decided to accept Andy’s bid, knowing that the “Axis wins ties” rule would force Andy to win by 4 POC in order to both win the match and advance on the ladder. As it happened, the Axis was able to take advantage of poor Allied speed rolls to the Barents on Turns 2 and 3 to sortie with its entire German surface fleet and achieve a 4 POC lead (7 POC with handicap applied), albeit with the loss of 2 pocket battleships and a light cruiser while inflicting substantially heavier casualties on the Allies. The Allies managed to get Convoy 2B through to Murmansk on Turn 5 after Convoy 1A had been disabled back to the US on Turn 4 by Axis LBA. A full strength U-boat fleet enabled the Axis to disable convoys in the NATL back to the US on Turns 5 and 6. This meant that the Allies could only gain a maximum of 4 POC by the end of Turn 8, since the final convoy would only be in the NATL on Turn 8. Axis victory would thus hinge on its full strength 7 U-boat fleet decontrolling the weakest sea area on Turns 7 and 8 while having to control only the Baltic and Med with its surface fleets in order to lock down a tie game result. The Allies left only a 4-4-4 and 3 4-4-3s patrolling the SATL on Turn 7, so the Axis decided to both decontrol the SATL with 7 U-boats and try for a really cheesy instant win by sending out the Zara with the U-boats. The U-boats sank one battleship and disabled two more before surface combat, leaving the Zara and the Valiant in a one on one contest for control of the SATL. Fortunately for the Allies, the Valiant sank the Zara and ruined its bid for cheap glory. On Turn 8, the 7 U-boats once again automatically decontrolled the SATL, which was guarded by the Eagle and two 4-4-3s, not enough to give the Allies even a remote mathematical shot at controlling the area. The Allies did manage to preserve a tie by defeating a 7 ship Axis force in the Barents, with the Adm Hipper occupying the Baltic for the necessary POC to preserve the tie for the Axis. Allied airstrikes were decisive, disabling both the Bismarck and Tirpitz back to Germany prior to surface combat, while Axis airstrikes only managed to put 2 points of damage on Convoy 1A. The remainder of the Axis fleet was defeated in four rounds of surface combat, allowing Convoy 1A to put in at Murmansk. With Convoy 3C putting in at England, this gave the Allies the 4 POC gain they needed to achieve the tie. This was certainly a most exciting match, and one of the rare examples where playing for a tie is actually the best course of action.

  9. Jeff Lange (allied with a bid of 1.0) defeated Mike Brophy (axis) with end POC of +3 Allied before bid and +2 Allied final score.

    Mike had me on the ropes for most of the game at one point having a +10 POC lead. I normally don’t attack the Med on T1 but was trying a new strategy. Mike did everything right in not engaging the Med and attacking the SAO.

    In the end fortuitous rolls for the Allied resulted in having all three convoys make it into Russia. It went down to the final turn and the final round of rolls to make it happen. Mike played perfectly in building his lead, even one roll change would have ended the game with his Axis prevailing instead of my Allied side.

  10. Jim Kramer (Allies – bid 1.5) has defeated Bob Jamelli (Axis). I used my preferred Barents in 2 plan giving the Axis a +2 POC start on T1. The only combat result on T1 was the Allied LBA sinking an Italian CA in the MED.

    T2: Allies deploy as follows, SA – QE, Exeter, Glorious and Eagle. NA – Nelson, Rodney, Valiant, Warspite, Revenge and Courageous. NS – 4 4-4-3, 2 4-4-4, 2 CA and Ark Royal. Barents – Hood, 5 CA, Formidable and speed rollers KGV, POW, Repulse and Renown. POW failed speed back to England. The Axis response sees the 3 Italian CA and 4 subs go to the SA, Prinze Eugen to the Baltic and the remaining German ships (8) go to the Barents. Combat: MED – Allied LBA miss 3 4-3-5. SA – Allied ASW (8 shots) sink 3 subs with the surviving sub disabling the QE. Allied CV’s sink 2 Italian CA. Surface combat sees 3 rounds with Exeter and Eagle finally disabling the CA Pola without them being hit. Barents – The Formidable sinks Scharnhorst and disables Bismarck. Axis LBA attacked 3 CA missing all. Surface combat sees the Allies sink Blucher and Graf Spee, damage and disable Gneisenau (1d) and Adm. Hipper (2d). Axis return fire sinks 2 CA, disables Renown and damages KGV (3d). Adm. Scheer and Lutzow split up in retreat. Allied pursuit is divided giving 5 shots at each but results in only disabling both ships. Axis return fire hits both Hood and Repulse but only for 1d each. POC is 3 to 3 for the turn with no change in game score.

    T3: Both USSR BB are available. Allied deployment, SA – 2 4-4-4, Repulse (1d), Glorious and Eagle. NA – 4-4-4, 2 CA Courageous and convoy 1A. NS – 5 4-4-3, 2 5-5-3 and Ark Royal. Barents – 4 CA, 2 CV and speed rollers Hood (1d), POW, DOY, Renown, Valiant and Warspite. Only Warspite fails speed and goes to Russia. Baltic – Both USSR BB sail. KGV repairs in England. Axis send Pola back to the MED to join patrolling Italian BB’s. The Gneisenau and Adm. Hipper repair with the remaining German ships (2 BB, 2 PB and a CA) sent to the Baltic. The 2 subs stay in port. Combat: Allied LBA attack the German ships in port sinking the Adm. Hipper. The USSR BB fire at the Prinz Eugen and Adm. Scheer but only get a disable on the Scheer. Axis LBA do well in the Barents sinking Renown and putting 3d on Valiant. Axis fire in the Baltic sinks Marat but only disable O.R. POC is 4 to 3 Allies for the turn reducing the game score to +1 Axis. Convoy 1A will move on to the Barents.

    T4: US/USSR rolls see Wichita come into play. O.R. is not available Allied deployment, SA – 3 4-4-3 and Eagle. NA – the Wichita, 2 CA, 2 CV and Convoy 2B. NS – 2 5-5-3, 3 4-4-4, 2 4-4-3, a CA, Glorious and Courageous. Barents – Convoy 1A, 3 CA, Ark Royal, POW, DOY, Warspite, Valiant (3d), Hood (1d), speed rolls KGV and Anson. KGV fails to Russia. Repulse repairs in England. Axis deployment has the German fleet (2 BB, a BC, 2 PB, a CA and the Graf Zeppelin) in the Barents. The Italian BB’s patrol the MED with the Pola staying in port. The 4 subs go to the SA. Combat: Allied LBA miss the Pola but the 6 ASW rolls in the SA clear the subs out with 1 sunk and 3 disabled. Axis LBA in the Barents miss the convoy and Hood and add a point of damage to the Valiant crippling her. Both convoys will land, 1A in Russia and 2B in England. POC for the turn is 8 to 3 Allies. Game score is now +4 Allies.

    T5: US/USSR rolls again see O.R. stay in port but the US has the 3 BB and another CA come on board. Allied deployments, SA – 3 4-4-3, Illustrious and Eagle. NA – 5 US ships, a UK CA and Victorious. NS – 2 5-5-3, 3 4-4-4, 2 4-4-3, 2 CA, Glorious and Courageous. The crippled Valiant sails for the NS, automatically fails speed and puts into England for T6 repairs. Barents – 3 CA, Ark Royal, Formidable, Warspite, 4 4-5-6 and speed rolls for Howe and Repulse. Repulse fails to Russia. Hood stays in the Russian port to repair. The Axis again deploy as per T4 but keep the 5 subs in port this turn. Allied LBA again miss Pola and Axis LBA miss it’s 3 Barents targets (2 CV and a BB). POC is 4 to 3 Allies with the game score advancing to +5 Allies.

    T6: US/USSR rolls see the last US CA added. O.R. still in port. Allied deployments, SA – 2 5-5-3, 2 4-4-3 and Eagle. NA – 6 US ships and Convoy 3C. NS – Hood, 3 4-4-4, 3 4-4-3, 2 CA, 4 CV, Barents – 5 4-5-6, 4 CA, Warspite, Repulse, Ark Royal and Formidable. Valiant repairs in England. The Italians patrol as last turn with the Germans sending the 7 subs to the NA, the Prinz Eugen to the Baltic and the LBA and the rest of the German fleet (2 BB, a BC, 2 PB and the CV) to the Barents. Combat: Allied again miss Pola. Allied ASW (9 shots) is very good with 3 subs sunk and 2 disabled. The remaining 2 subs miss 3C. In the Barents Allied CV’s disable Bismarck. Axis air has 4 hits sinking Hood and damaging POW (3d), DOY and Repulse (1d each). Surface combat sees the Allies do severe damage with Gneisenau, Adm. Scheer and Graf Zeppelin sunk, Lutzow crippled and disabled and Tirpitz hit for 6d. Axis return fire sinks DOY and Repulse, hits (3d) and disables Warspite and hits Anson for 1d. This one sided result led Bob to resign at this point seeing no chance to overcome the growing Allied POC total.

    Overall the good Allied ASW and air rolls kept the Axis from increasing the POC count early with the T2 combat results very telling. T4 then flipped the game score making the Axis options very limited. T6 sub and combat losses finished the Axis chances. My Barents in 2, as I hope it will work in most games I use it. My thanks to Bob for the game and Greg for continuing to run the ladder.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  11. Axis (Mircea Pauca) defeated the Allies (Rick Virost) by a POC of +7 Axis (+5 Axis without the bid). Axis ships controlled the North Atlantic on Turn 1, with each side losing only one battleship (Rodney and Scharnhorst). Axis took the POC lead then, and the marker never returned to the Allies side for the remainder of the game. The Axis controlled the North Atlantic again on Turn 4 (following a successful blockade break in the Barents on Turn 3 by five U-Boats.) In fact U-Boats were the dominant factor in this match, breaking the blockade again on Turn 6 in the North Sea, and sinking Convoy 3C in the North Atlantic on Turn 7. Correspondingly the Allies ASW had only one good turn, sinking five U-Boats and disabling up to four more in 18 rolls in the North Sea on Turn 4. Russian participation was almost nil, with only one ship making it out into the Baltic, and not until Turn 8. LBA was not very effective for either side, but better for the Axis (sinking Ark Royal and disabling one convoy in the Barents.) Allies LBA could not cause any ship damage in 22 rolls over the eight turns (no sixes). The game ended with a furious battle for the South Atlantic on Turn 8, where the Allies sank or disabled all of the German ships but were unable to remove three surviving Italian cruisers in seven rounds of surface fire. A fun game but one side had to win.

  12. Bruce Monnin vs Lee Kendter is over. I conceded that start of turn 7 when outside shot failed when I didn’t get the miracle ASW roll.

    Total dice failure in Salt turn 6 cost me the game.
    It was bad when 5 subs sunk 1, disabled 1, and damaged one. Above average hits for him.
    I follow up with my first surface round of 16 shots producing a single disable. Rest of rounds were mostly garbage.
    Germany went on to win the Satl with just a single Italian cruiser left.

    Some games nothing you do matter. The dice gods hate you…
    Until then I had a shot as I was setup for turn 8 med try to just barely win.

  13. Message for Tom Thorsen, Tom, can you contact me at
    Or, if anyone has Tom’s email, please forward.
    Trying to set up the game, and I may need a bit of help.

  14. I would like to play in the next round. Hilton McManus, New Orleans, LA

  15. I will play in Round 78

  16. I am in for Rd 78
    Michael Ussery

  17. I will play.

  18. I’ll dive in for round 78

    Thanks for running the ladder

  19. I’m in for rd 78.

  20. Rick Virost will play in Round 78 (Nov-Dec 2018).

  21. I will play in round 78 too.

  22. Sure, sign me up for another round.

  23. I will play

  24. Please count Avi Solomon in for Round 78 and thanks Greg for organising.

  25. John Sharp will NOT play this round

  26. I will play again-I am out of touch from 9-20 to 9-28

  27. Count me in.

  28. I’m in for next round please

  29. Round 78 is for me…..

  30. I’m in for round 78

  31. Count me in!

  32. Count me in for round 78

  33. I will play

  34. In honor of my finish in the recent WAS PBEM tournament, I am leaping in third. 😉

  35. Apparently I am the second 😉 and I agree with Vince. Thank you Greg S for all the work that you do.

  36. Am I the first?
    Thanks for all the work you do, Greg.

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