Round 79

Updated 3/1/2019

Karl Bodenheimer is our new king!

1 Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) vs Mircea Pauca (Allies-2.5) Axis Victory by 2.5!

2. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Bill Thomson (Axis) Allied Victory by 0.5!

3. John Pack (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

4. Andy Gardner (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Hamel (Axis) Allied Victory

5. Mike Ussery (Allies-1.5) vs Rob Drozd (Axis). Allied Victory

6. John Lindley (Axis) vs Bruce Monnin (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by the bid!

7. Robert Frisby(Axis) vs Jeff Lange(Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

8. Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) vs Hilton McManus (Axis) Allied Victory by 2.5!

9 Greg Smith (Axis) vs Richard Beyma (Allies-2.5) Axis Victory

10. Rick Vrost (Axis) vs Andy Choptiany (Allies-2.0) Allied Victory

11. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 6*

12. Mike Kaye (Axis) vs Tim Tow (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 0.5!

13. Dave Elkin (Allies-1.5) vs Greg Hultgren (Axis) Axis Victory

14. Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) vs Phil Watkins (Axis) Axis Victory

15. Lee Kendter (Allies- 0) vs Ken Pascoe (Axis) Axis Victory

16. Mike Brophy (Axis) vs John Sharp (allies-?) Axis victory

17. Bob Jameli (Allies-1.0) vs Tom Thorsen (Axis) Allied Victory


18. Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) vs Mircea Pauca (Allies-2.5) Axis Victory by 0.5!

Allied Victory    8           Axis Victory     10        Tie.

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

44 Comments to “Round 79”

  1. Greg Smith (Axis) defeated Richard Beyma (Allies-2.5) by concession in Turn 5. Oh, what an indignity for Richard! From Turn 2 when an Axis LBA sank the Hood in the Barents until Turn 5 when the Italians rebuffed a Med incursion by sweeping away all the Allied ships in one round, the dice were cruel to our fallen King of the Ladder. In Turn 3 Richard reinforced the Barents with ships normally in the North Sea. I saw that as an opportunity and sent all Axis ships there to break the blockade early. I knew that I was taking the chance of losing lots of German ships to the big guns of Rodney, Nelson and company, but I also knew I wasn’t going to beat Richard without giving my dice a chance to make an opening for me. The dice sure did this time. The North Sea Battle battle saw the Allied BBs sunk, damaged and disabled by the second round. Only the Tirpitz sank in the Allied fire. From then on I had it easy. For Turn 4 Richard got no help from the Russians, but the Washington sailed from the USA. Richard “fortified” the Barents to protect the Convoy 1A and the North Sea to protect against another blockade-breaker there. That left few ships for the Atlantic zones. North Atlantic had only the Washington with many Cas and the Glorious. He left the S Atlantic naked. Greg flagged the S Atlantic with the one Italian who survived a Turn 3 U Boat Ca raid there in Turn 3. The North Atlantic action started with the Zep Sinking the Washington with a “boxcar” hit! Just like the Hood in Turn 2. In the ensuing combat rounds the Germans bonus shots sank or disabled the Cas and the Eagle. Only two smaller German ships were sunk. The PoC soared to 7 plus the bid of 2.5. The game was really over then. Richard tried one more long shot sending two BBs and three Cas to the Med with both the Victorious and the Formidable. Before deploying those, Richard pointed out to me that I could return German ships in the North Atlantic to France. What a sportsman-like thing to do! I was tempted to take him up on that, but I had ships to repair and was worried the Russians may come out. If he wanted to send a big force to the Med, that would leave a weaker North Sea. I could attack there from Germany and without the speed rolls. For his opening in the Med Richard had an air attack on every Italian ship. He sank one and crippled another. The Axis LBA struck back and disabled one of the Allied BBs. The first round of Allied Combat whiffed while the Italians sank or disabled every Allied ship but the Formidable. At the end of Turn 5 the PoC was still at 7+2.5, Richard conceded. It’s always fun to play against Richard, even when my dice are not as hot as they were this time. Thanks Richard. I hope we meet again on your climb back up to the top!

  2. Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies (2.5 POC bid) have defeated Bill Thomson’s Axis on Turn 8 by a final POC margin of .5 POC after the bid. This was a tense and exciting game from start to finish. The Axis challenged the Allies in the Barents on Turn 1, but were repelled with the loss of Scharnhorst, Lutzow, Blucher, and Graf Spee (the latter in the pursuit by 4 British cruisers following the first round of combat). The British lost Cumberland, Dorsetshire, and Ark Royal (the latter from an Axis LBA strike prior to surface combat on Turn 1). From Turn 2 on, the game became a contest between Axis LBA and U-boats versus Allied LBA and ASW, since the German fleet was effectively bottled up in the Baltic due to initial heavy losses. The U-boats acquitted themselves well however, sinking both Convoy 2B and Convoy 3C, while Convoy1A managed to land in Murmansk to provide what would eventually be the margin of victory. Axis U-boats managed to trim the Allied lead to .5 POC after the bid on Turn 5 by decontrolling the NATL and SATL. Allied ASW came through on Turn 6 by sinking 4 U-boat wolfpacks with 12 ASW, but the remaining 3 U-boats took revenge by sinking Convoy 3C. This meant that the game would come down to whether or not Bill’s 5 U-boats, split 3 and 2 respectively between the NATL and SATL, could successfully decontrol both areas against 9 and 5 Allied ASW respectively on Turn 8. The probability of this occurring was just over 20%, but it was Bill’s best shot for instant victory by .5 POC. As it happened, the 9 Allied ASW came through by sinking all three U-boats in the NATL, making the 2 U-boats in the SATL essentially irrelevant. Subsequent surface combat in the SATL and Barents also went heavily in the Allied favor, despite the Axis having disabled the KGV and Anson before surface combat. (Allied airstrikes had sunk the Adm Scheer and hit the Gneisenau for 3 points damage). A close and well played game on Bill’s part, despite his heavy initial losses on Turn 1 compelling him to adopt a passive stance with the German fleet until Turn 8. We have played before. I am looking forward to an exciting championship match with Karl during Round 80!

  3. My Axis edged Dave McCarty’s Allies by .5 POC after the full 8-turn game. Raw POC was 1.0 Allies with an Allied bid of 1.5

    All Germans went to Barents on turn 1 and held it. T3, the Italians tried the SATL with the German subs and were repulsed, running to France. Convoy 1A ran the gauntlet to get to Russia and put the Allies +2 on turn 4

    T5 was the critical turn: while the Barents LBA disabled convoy 2B and the Germans dispatched Marat in Baltic, the two surviving Italian CAs went to NATL, again with the Uboats, which disabled one BB and the deck, leaving one BB and one CA for surface combat. Both Italians combined to disable the BB while one of them was sunk. The Pola then lasted several rounds with the remaining Brit CA–on the 3rd one-on-one round, Pola dodged Brit fire while hitting for 1 damage and dodged & hit again for one more on the 4th one-on-one round to put the Axis back up 1 POC.

    T6 saw the Uboats (six engaged, 2 disabled) disable a convoy in the NATL while the Germans got repulsed from the Barents with all ships; POC went to 0

    T7 saw 6 Uboats only suffer two disabled, while sinking the next convoy

    T8: Germans dispatched Okt. Rev in Baltic; 7 subs engaged the lightest ASW screen of 10 (all others were 11) in SATL, losing only one sub sunk, one disabled. Allies landed last convoy in England to gain 1 POC, but fell .5 short after the bid

  4. Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) defeats Mircea Pauca (Allies 2.5 bid) to stay on top of the ladder.

    T1 started off with Allies holding the Barents against the German fleet. +2 Allies, Axis .5 after bid.

    T2 was quiet, but Germans lost 3rd ship while being repaired. +1 Allies, Allies +.5 after bid.

    T3 quiet, Germans waiting for U-boats to build up. +1 Allies, Allies +1.5 after bid.

    T4 U-boats unsuccessful in breaking blockade, 3 lost. +4 Allies, Allies +5.5 after bid.

    T5 LBA comes through on convoy and U-boats get lucky to break blockade. Even, Allies +5.5 after bid.

    T6 Battle in NATL won by Germans and also get convoy. +3 Axis, Allies +2.5 after bid.

    T7 Battle in SATL won by Germans. Fleet in Neutral port. +3 Axis, Axis +.5 after bid.

    T8 Axis confident they can send one ship left in Germany to Baltic and Neutral out one area with U-boats to win. But both Russians come out to mess it all up. Since sending all U-boats to Baltic would force Axis to have a must win someplace else wouldn’t work. Sent 2 U-boats to Baltic and 3 to SATL to help fleet fight. Russians sunk one U-boat and won the battle of Baltic, but area was Neutral. Axis then had to win SATL. Should have been an even battle but lucky German rolls had it over quickly. Fun game. +2 Axis, Axis win 2.5 after bid.

  5. Jim Bodenheimer (Allied) played Avi Solomon for the first time. The bid was 1.5 for the Allies and at the en of T8 the POC was 6 for the Axis. Jim’s bad luck turned too late for him to save the game.

  6. John Lindley’s Axis defeated Bruce Monnin’s Allies in a very close contest that could have gone either way. Bruce bid 1.5 POC to play the Allies. The game ended in tie with the Axis gaining the victory due to the 1.5 bid. This was the first game between us.

  7. Andy Choptiany( Allies) defeated Rick Virost (Axis) after 5 turns. The bid for the Allies was 2 POC. The Axis received very devastating dice which led to a 9 POC deficit before the bid after turn 5 bringing about their capitulation. This is the first time Rick and I have played.

  8. Andy Gardner’s Allies (bidding 1.5) sneaked by Bob Hamel’s Axis. Wild dice swings had us each thinking we were on the cusp of victory. Hey, it is WAS after all. We played all 8 turns.

  9. OOPS! OOPS! OOPS! My bad….. The final score of my game VS Hilton McManus was Allies +4 adjusted by the 1.5 bid to a final score of Allies +2.5.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  10. Jim Kramer (allies 1.5 bid) has defeated Hilton McManus (axis) in n 8 turn game. I played my usual Barents in 2 giving up a +2 POC lead to the Axis to start T1. Allied LBA on T1 was ineffective,

    T2: Allied deploy 5 R-class BB and Glorious to the NA, Valiant, Warspite, Exeter and Eagle to SA, Rodney, Nelson, 3 4-4-4, 3 CA and 2 CV to NS and Hood, Ark Royal, 4 CA, KGV, POW, Renown and Repulse (all 4 pass speed) to the Barents. The axis response kept the Italians in Italy-MED, Graf Spee in the Baltic and the 4 subs and remaining German ships (BB, 2 BC, 3 CA 2 PB) went to the NA. Both Pockets failed speed. In combat allied LBA miss the Pockets in Germany, axis LBA Cripple Ark Royal. In the NA allied ASW disabled a sub and the sub return fire cripples Ramillies. The UK CV misses on both attacks. UK surface fire disables Scharnhorst, hits Gneisenau for 3 and Bismarck for 2. German return fire sinks Royal Oak, cripples and disables Royal Sovereign and hits Revenge for 1. The allies chose to retreat with the 3 BB’s staying together and CV Glorious going alone. The axis pursue Glorious and sink her. POC is 6 to 3 axis and the game score now goes to +5 axis.

    T3: Marat is available and sails into the Baltic. UK deploys 3 4-4-4 and Eagle to SA, Convoy 1A, Exeter, Courageous and the crippled Ark Royal to the NA, 2 5-5-3, 2 4-4-4, 2 4-4-3 (1 damaged) 3 CA and a CV to NS and the Barents has Hood, 4 CA, Victorious, 3 4-5-6 and 2 3-3-6 (all make speed). The 2 crippled 4-4-3 repair in England. Axis again keep the Italians in Italy-MED, place 5 subs in the NS, LBA to the Barents, repair Bismarck and Gneisenau and sail the rest of the fleet (BB, BC, 3 PB, 3 CA) against the Marat. Allied ASW is good with 2 subs sunk and the rest disabled. LBA misses the repairing ships in Germany, axis LBA miss in the Barents. In the Baltic Marat sinks Scharnhorst before being sunk herself. Convoy 1A will move to the Barents so POC is 4 to 3 allies with the game score is reduced to +4 axis.

    T4: US/USSR rolls have no Soviet help but Washington, NY, Tuscaloosa and Wichita come on for the US. Allied deployment, NA has the 4 US ships, Convoy 2B and Eagle. SA has 3 4-4-3 and 3 CA, NS has 2 5-5-3, 5 4-4-4, the damaged Revenge, 2 CA, Courageous and Ark Royal (crippled). Barents has Convoy 1A, Hood, 3 4-5-6, 2 3-3-6, 3 CA and 2 CV. Anson attempted to join in the Barents but failed speed, to Russia. Axis respond with 5 subs to the SA and the German fleet (2 BB, a BC, 3 PB, 3 CA and the CV) with LBA support in the Barents. The Italians again stay home. No ships patrol the Baltic. Allied LBA miss in the MED, ASW sink 2 subs and a Barents CV disables Gneisenau. The subs return fire damage CA Exeter. Axis air in the Barents only score a hit on the convoy but for 3 damage, 4 heavies were missed here. Surface combat sees the UK hit and disable Bismarck (2), Tirpitz (4) and Adm. Scheer (1). Lutzow is sunk and Adm. Hipper and Graf Zeppelin are disabled. Axis return fire sinks POW and hits and disables KGV (1). DOY, Hood and Repulse are also hit but for only 1d each. The remaining axis ships retreat, 2 CA together and a PB separately. Allied pursuit only score disables against the CA’s (3 CA VS 2 CA) but do sink the Graf Spee. Axis return fire sinks a CA and puts 2d on Renown. Convoy 2B will be moving to the Barents so with convoy 1A surviving POC is 6 to 2 allies. Game score is now back to 0.

    T5: Availability rolls sees Augusta join the US force, no USSR. NA has 5 US ships with the damaged Exeter, SA has 5 4-4-4 and Eagle, NS 2 5-5-3, 4 4-4-3 (1 damaged), 4 CA and 2 CV and the Barents has convoy 2B, 4 4-5-6 (2 with 1d and Howe making speed), Hood (1d), Repulse (1d), Renown (2d), 2 CA and 2 CV. Ark Royal repairs this turn. Axis repair Bismarck, Tirpitz and Adm. Scheer and send 3 subs to the SA and 2 to the NA. The remaining German ships (a BC, 3 CA and the CV) are in the Baltic. The Italians again stay home. Allied LBA attack the repaired Germans but miss. ASW fairs much better with a disable in the NA and 3 sunk results in the SA. The remaining NA sub sinks Exeter. Axis LBA misses in the Barents. Another convoy thru to Russia and POC of 6 to 3 allies. Game score is now allies +3.

    T6: US/USSR rolls has Texas come on and O.R. available so she sails to the Baltic. NA has the 6 US with convoy 3C, SA has 4 4-4-3 (1 damaged) a CA and Eagle, NS has 2 5-5-3, 5 4-4-4, 2 CA and 3 CV and the Barents again has 4 4-5-6 (2 with 1d), Hood (1d), Repulse (1d), Renown (2d), 3 CA and 2 CV (including the repaired Ark Royal). The axis send 3 subs to the SA and 2 to the Baltic. The surface fleet (2 BB, a BC, a PB, 3 CA and the CV) joins the LBA in the Barents. Italians stay home. In the Baltic O.R. misses her ASW roll and is sunk by the subs. Allied ASW in the SA only gets a disable and the 2 subs miss Eagle. Allied LBA attack the Italians sinking a 4-3-5. Allied CV strikes in the Barents hit Bismarck for 5d and Gneisenau for 1d. Axis air disable Hood and Renown and hit the damaged DOY raising her total damage to 4. In surface combat allied fire disable Bismarck (5d) and Blucher, hits Tirpitz for 8d and cripples Gneisenau and Adm. Scheer is sunk. Axis fire sinks Anson, DOY and Repulse, KGV is crippled and disabled and Howe is hit for 3d. The allies chose to retreat (1 BB, 3 CA and 2 CV) in a group. There is no axis pursuit. Convoy 3C will move to the Barents. POC is 4 to 2 axis with the game score reduced to +1 allies.

    T7. Deployment, NA 6 US and Nelson, SA 4 4-4-4 and Eagle, NS has Rodney, 4 4-4-3 (1 damaged), a CA and 3 CV and the Barents has convoy 3C, 5 CA, 2 CV and 3 damaged ships, Howe, Hood and Renown. QE attempts to join the Barents force but fails speed, to Russia. KGV repairs 2d in Russia. Axis send 3 subs each to the NA and SA, LBA to the Barents, 3 CA and the CV to the Baltic. Italians still holding MED. Repairs are made to Bismarck (5d – complete), Tirpitz (2d – now 6d) and Gneisenau (1d – now 4d). Allied LBA attack the ships in Germany again damaging Bismarck (1d). ASW sink 1 sub in each NA and SA and disable a NA sub. Axis subs and LBA miss all targets. The 3rd convoy is successfully thru to Russia and POC of 5 to 3 for the allies takes the score back to +3 allies.

    T8: Deployment, NA 6 US ships and Courageous, SA 4 4-4-3 (1 damaged), a CA and CV, NS 2 5-5-3, 4 4-4-4, Eagle and Ark Royal, Barents has 5 CA, 2 CV, QE and 4 damaged ships KGV (3d), Howe (3d), Hood (1d) and Renown (2d). Axis send 2 subs to the NA, 3 subs and 4 Italian CA to the SA, Gneisenau to the Baltic and the remaining Germans (2 damaged BB, 3 CA and the CV) to the Barents with the LBA. Italian BB’s hold the MED. Allied LBA are not significant. Allied ASW clear the subs in both NA and SA. Allied CV strikes miss the Italian CA’s but in the Barents a German CA is sunk and another is disabled. Axis air in the Barents disable QE. In the SA it takes 2 rounds of combat for the allied BB’s to eliminate the Italian CA’s to hold the area. In the 1st Barents surface round the 4 German ships are disabled or sunk thus ending the game. POC for the turn is 4 to 3 allies. Final game score is +4 allies.

    I do not remember having played Hilton before and he gave me a very tough time. He stated he had not seen the 3 area, Barents in 2 start before and wondered if some attack on T1 might have worked. I think I did well to escape battles on T2 and T6 with minimal losses and his LBA hitting but not sinking convoy 1A on T4 was very fortunate. Normally with this play I hope to not need to send all 3 convoys to Russia but it was necessary here. Again the change of a die roll here and there could have changed the outcome of the game.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  11. Sharp (Allies) vs Brophy (Axis) – Brophy wins big! Mike played a superb Axis game, pegging POC at 10 at the end of seven turns. His U-Boats were unstoppable, and his shooting top notch. Congratulations, Mike!

  12. Ken Pascoe’s Axis (no bid) defeated Lee Kendter’s Allies with a turn 4 resignation. On Turn 1 Allies moved to the Barents and Axis attaked the North Atlantic. U-Boats stayed home. Each side lost two ships and the remaining Axis ships were disabled. Allies +1 POC. On Turn 2, Allies dangled a lone carrier in the North Atlantic, behind solid forces in the North Sea and Barents. U-Boats denied control of the North Sea while Axis ships stayed in Barents and the Med, or repaired in Germany; POC unchanged. On Turn 3, Allies abandoned the North Atlantic, keeping Convoy 1A in port. Forces in South Atlantic, North Sea, and Barents were beefed up, but Renown and KGV failed speed rolls. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya sailed to contest the Baltic. Axis sent Admiral Hipper to claim the North Atlantic, and Lutzow plus 3 U-Boats to clear the Baltic. Okt Rev got disabled. In Barents, Axis LBA went well after that, and Axis gunnery won the sea. Axis +5 POC. By this time Allies had lost nine ships to Axis two ships and two U-Boats. On Turn 4, Allies hoped for significant American and Russian reinforcements, which did not appear. Allies resigned before deployment. We have not played previously.

  13. Gregory Hultgren’s Axis has defeated Dave Elkin’s Allies who gave Greg 1.5 POC to play Allies. The early game was marked by significant success by Dave’s Allied Fleet, but at the expense of the loss of his ships. Meanwhile, Greg kept a viable access fleet together into the late game. Eventually the attrition of the Allied Vessals allowed Greg’s Italian Cruisers to pop into the South Atlantic late game. By the end of turn 7, POC was at +3 Axis even though two convoys had made it to Russia and a third had the potential to arrive in Russia on T8. But at the end of T7, the Axis held a firm grip on the South Atlantic with 5 ships in Neutral port to deploy on T8. The Axis also held the Med and the Baltic Sea, so it was clear that the Allies could not get the POC needed to save the day; especially because the attrition of Dave’s fleet was too great. Again, Game ended with Axis +3 or Axis 4.5 after bid.

    I thank Dave for the game. It was truly one of the more interesting games I have played on the ladder.

  14. Michael Ussery’s allies have defeated Rob Drozd in our Rd 79 Ladder match. I bid 1.5 for Allies, adjusted score was +1.5 Allied after the bid was applied. One convoy survived and made it to Russia. On T7 the Uboats denied control to North Sea which allowed a T8 Axis flag in S ATL on T8 but it wasn’t quite enough. Rob and I have played before.

  15. Clarification to my previous message, which is intended for Robert Dragan, not Robert Frisby (sorry about the mixup!) If you wish to play me in an extra match during Round 79, please email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!

  16. Vince Meconi’s Allies, bidding 2.0, defeated John Pack’s Axis with a turn 7 resignation. My friend and worthy opponent John likes to say, “It’s not whether you have luck, it’s whether you can use the luck you have.” Although I quote him often, in this case the Allied player didn’t need to know how to use the luck he had, he just had to know the rules of the game in order to win. The fun started on turn 1 when the Axis did not come out except for deploying the 3 U-boats. The limited Allied ASW sank all 3. With the blockade and no U-boat worries on turn 2, the Allies overloaded the Barents with 2 carriers, the Hood, 6 cruisers, and 6 speed rolling BBs. However, 4 BBs failed their speed rolls and then the Axis opted to roll their LBA first and put max damage on 2 more BBs. At that point it looked like the dice had already evened out, as the Allied surface lineup was down to the Renown and 8 cruisers against all 9 German ships. However, when the smoke cleared, both sides had lost 4 ships and the Allies were able to retreat their carriers without being fired on. That ended up being the only turn on which the Axis broke the blockade. From that point on, Axis shooting was excellent when it didn’t matter: their LBA and U-boats sank 4 carriers, a battleship, and 4 cruisers. But the Allies won every surface battle, landed all 3 convoys, and provoked an Axis turn 7 concession. We have played previously.

  17. Today Robert Frisby (Axis) defeated Jeff Lange (Allies/bid of 1.5 POC) on turn three of round 79 when the Allies conceded defeat. The Allies pursued a Mediterranean strategy on the first three turns, which allowed the Germans to control the Barents each turn and the North Atlantic once. Although the Allies managed to control the Med on one turn, they suffered much higher losses than the Axis due to poor dice. The Germans did not lose a single surface ship and only two U-boats were lost. The Italians lost three BBs and two CAs; however, the British lost 5 BBs and four CAs. With a 6 POC deficit at the start of turn three (not counting the bid), and a good chance of falling farther behind at the end of turn three, the Allies conceded.

  18. Robert:

    If you like, I can play you in an extra match during Round 79. It will not count for ladder purposes, but it will help you get needed practice. Send me your opening bid if you are interested. We have never played before, so it would be a most interesting match.

  19. I am interested in playing a WaS game by email some time. I have a potential opponent lined up but I am not officially entered into round 79. The last WaS game I played was a face-to-face game using a game box from the 1970’s. Before this recent game it was 20 years since I last played War at Sea (WaS). Has everybody been playing the new variants that I have seen posted? Those adjustments appear to balance the game back toward the Axis which I think is a good thing in the early moves.

  20. I’m in for rd 79.

  21. count me in

  22. I am in for Round 79 as well. Thanks

  23. count me in for Rd 79

  24. I’m here! I’m here! I will reup for another tour of duty.

  25. I’m in for R79.

  26. I’ll play

    thanks for running the ladder

  27. I am in for round 79

  28. Put me in, boss!

  29. I will play.

  30. In for seven nine.

  31. I will play.

  32. I will play in Round 79.

  33. I too will play round 79.

  34. I will play in round 79 too.

  35. I’ll play Rd 79

  36. I’m in for next round

  37. I will play in Round 79

  38. I will play in round 79.

  39. Rick Virost will play in Round 79 (January/February 2019).

  40. Leaping into Round 79 like the eternal optimist that I am. 🙂

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