Round 80

Final Matches

Updated 5/2/2019

Congratulations to Jonathan Lockwood, our new King of the Ladder!

1 Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) Allied Victory in TWO!

2. Vince Meconi (Allies-2.0) vs Andy Gardner (Axis) Axis Victory

3. Mike Ussery (Axis) vs John Lindley(Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

4. Robert Frisby (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

5. Greg Smith (Axis) vs Andy Choptiany (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory by ONE PoC

6. Avi Solomon(Axis)  vs Mike Kaye (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory*

7. Greg Hultgren (Allie-1.5) vs Phil Watkins (Axis) Allied Victory

8. Ken Pascoe (Axis) vs Mike Brophy (Allies-1-5) Axis Victory*

9 Bob Jameli (Allies-2) vs Mircea Pauca (Axis) Allied Victory

10. John Pack (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Hamel (Axis). Allied Victory

11. Rob Drozd (Axis) vs Bruce Monnin (Allies-?) Allied Victory

12. Jeff Lange (Allie-1.5) vs Hilton McManus (Axis) Axis Victory

13. Richard Beyma (Axis) vs Rick Vrost (Allied-1.5) Axis Victory

14. Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) vs Tim Tow (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

15. Dave Elkin (Axis) vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

16. Lee Kendter (Allies-1.5) vs John Sharp (Axis) Axis Victory



Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Robert Frisby (Axis) Axis Victory

Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5) vs Avi Solomon (Axis) Allied Victory

Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.0) vs Robert Frisby (Axis) Allied Victory

Allied Victory       10       Axis Victory    9         Tie.

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

47 Comments to “Round 80”

  1. Sorry for the delay. A classic dice at sea game went against Vince. I think it was over after T4. Vince could not get a hit and I got nothing but hits. Vince resigned.

  2. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeated Bob Jamelli (Allies, bid 2.0) by concession after Turn 5.

    T1: A peculiar Med opening with strong blockades and empty NATL and SATL. I go for those easy points. (all 3 pocket battleships to return to Germany, all fast ships to Neutral port). Luftwaffe sinks Dorsetshire and damages minimally Hood. Score (raw) 4 PoC for Axis.
    T2: Hood repairs(!) while Barents gets only a raid of 7CA+Ark. Bismarck, Eugen and 3x 2+25 come to defeat them with lots of disables and only Kent sunk and Bismarck damaged-6. Axis fast ships control the empty NATL then return to Germany, while 4U uncontrol SATL at no loss. Axis gains 3 more PoC, total 7.
    T3: Bismarck repairs while all other Germans fight the weak Barents again (Hood,6CA,2CV). Tirpitz is sunk and Scharnhorst crippled while sinking Hood and 3 CA. SATL is again easily uncontrolled by 5U. Allies weaken the Med enough that Italians fight too. British lose 2BB,Eagle and sink 1BB,1CA. Axis gains 2 PoC, total 9.
    T4: To allow a very strong escort of Convoy1A in NATL, Allies leave Barents and SATL empty. 3 British BB hide in Malta. 7U open NSEA (13 ASW) while losing only 1U. Axis would have gained 7 PoC but the economy has place for only 1, reaching the maximum total of 10 PoC.
    T5: One Soviet is finally ready but is neutralized by 2U. Germans defeat the not too strong Convoy1A force in Barents(4BB,3CA,Ark) sinking 2BB and the Convoy but its destroyers sink Gneisenau! 5U open again NSEA while losing 4U (finally good effect of 11 ASW, too late to matter). Axis would have gained 2 PoC, total max. 10.

    Bob Jamelli agreed the Axis will win certainly from here. We tentatively started a bit of
    T6: Axis have large advantages vs the Med and Barents group with Convoy2B (one fast battleship failed its speed roll, 2 were disabled by Stukas), it would be too miraculous for the British to win even one – and still not enough.

    Thank you to Bob for being a patient and gracious opponent!

  3. John Lindley’s Allies defeated Mike Ussery’s Axis forces in 7 turns.

    John bid 1.5 to play the Allies. Luck was in favor of the Allies throughout the game and by the start of turn 7, the Allies had a pretty comfortable lead of 7 POC (5.5 with bid). The Axis had broken the blockade on turn 6 so sailed with most of the fleet (Lutzow was in the Baltic to contend with both Russians) to face the Americans along with Hood and 2 Brit cruisers . They needed to remove the convoy in the Barents and win the NATL but neither was in the cards and Mike resigned.

    This was not the first game between us.

  4. Mike Kaye (Allies for 1.5 POC) played Avi Solomon (Axis) I think for the first time. Mike conceded at the end of T7 with the POC at Axis 3 before the bid and after a lucky LBA shot disabled Convoy 3C in the Barents and a crippled Eugen survived to hold the North Sea, otherwise the situation could have been reversed. The German Fleet was relatively intact and would have sortied in T8 if necessary.

  5. Greg Hultgren’s Allies, defeated Philip Watkin’s Axis after an 8 turn slug fest. Though Phil experienced many poor rolls for the Axis, he was able to keep a statistical possibility for a win through the middle of T8. It was impressive to watch.

    Even so, after the T8 Axis Air rolls, the math was no longer there. So Phil conceded. Game ended mid turn 8 with POC at Allies +3 before the bid of 1.5 given up by Allies could be applied. After the air rolls, the landing of Convoy 3C plus the fact that the Axis did not have enough ships to patrol the open Baltic Sea, made the best result Allies +4 before application of the 1.5 bid GMH had given up to play the Allies (even assuming an unlikely Axis victory in the North Atlantic). If the Allies would have won the North Atlantic on T8, then Convoy 2B would have likely landed in England, plus the loss of three Axis pionts for the North Atlantic would have made the POC count even more tilted in the favor of the Allies.

    Game was interesting and well played by both sides. When that happens, the dice, as they did here, determined the victor.

  6. Axis (Richard Beyma) defeated Allies (Rick Virost) in a full 8-turn game. POC ended at +7 Axis (+8.5 Axis after bid). Axis controlled the South Atlantic on Turns 1, 3 and 7, with each victory inflicting heavy ship losses on the Allies. Two convoys were sunk (one by Axis LBA, the other by a four U-Boat torpedo attack that yielded three disables and a five damage sinking.) Allies were unable to control the U-Boat menace, while U-Boats were instrumental in tipping the balance in the South Atlantic on Turn 3. The U-Boats also contributed to the sinking of two of the four aircraft carriers lost. Axis LBA took out the other two aircraft carriers along with sinking Hood on Turn 1. Graf Zeppelin also had good shooting, gaining three damage on a battleship in Turn 7 and disabling a battleship in the Turn 8 attacks in the North Atlantic. The two Russian battleships were traded for Admiral Scheer. Allies only repaired one ship during the game, with the other damaged ships sinking during their combat rounds. One bright spot for the Allies was the shooting of the Americans on Turn 8, with all five surviving Americans disabling five of the six attacking Axis ships in the first round of surface fire.”

  7. Robert Frisby’s Axis forces conceded to Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies (2.0 POC bid) at the end of Turn 7, with the Allies holding an 8 POC lead (6 POC with handicap applied). Robert’s Axis forces made their initial foray into the SATL on Turn 1, leaving Blucher behind to garrison the Baltic, while 4 Italian cruisers and 3 U-boats joined them in the SATL against the Eagle and 4 4-4-4s. Adm Scheer failed the speed roll and based in Germany, where Allied LBA missed its shot. Allied ASW accounted for 1 U-boat wolf pack sunk and another disabled, leaving 1 to break control and return fire on the Eagle, missing its shot. In the ensuing surface combat, Eagle was sunk on the Allied side with the other 4 battleships disabled to the neutral port, Malaya and Valiant with significant damage. Adm Hipper and Lutzow were sunk on the German side, with Scharnhorst, Graf Spee and Gneisenau disabled to the neutral port, the latter with severe damage. The Axis took an initial 3 POC lead (5 POC with handicap applied) The Allies held all four areas on Turn 2, and the German-Italian task force made a risky foray into the NATL, losing 2 POC when both Gneisenau and Graf Spee failed their speed rolls and were trapped in the neutral port. The German-Italian task force took control of the NATL on Turn 2, sinking the Glorious and disabling the other 4 Allied battleships, but losing the Scharnhorst to the Allied return fire. The Axis lead increased by 1 POC to 6 POC with handicap applied, but their entire U-boat force was sunk by Allied ASW on Turn 2. The Gneisenau and Graf Spee were sunk when they came out on Turn 3, and the four Italian cruisers took refuge in France, where they would eventually be destroyed on Turn 6 when they came out to face 6 British battleships. The 6 ships of the German fleet would be trapped in the Baltic for the remainder of the game, so the game thus became a steady erosion of the Axis lead as they rebuilt their U-boat force while the Allies began landing convoys in Murmansk with no opposition other than Axis LBA. This game basically illustrated the high risk inherent in the Axis making their initial foray into the SATL on Turn 1.

  8. Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies (1.5 POC bid) were able to defeat Avi Solomon’s Axis in an extra match only after a long and difficult struggle to get a convoy through to Murmansk on Turn 8. Avi’s U-boats and LBA were instrumental in holding off the convoys from getting through to Murmansk until Turn 8, when Convoy 2B was able to punch through after a fierce surface battle. Convoy 1A was rendered irrelevant by being disabled twice by Axis LBA, and was eventually stuck in the US at the end of the game, while Convoy 3C was only able to make it to England. Although the Allies were able to blockade the German fleet after initial success, it was still enough of a threat to compel the Allies to maintain strong blockading forces, which in turn weakened Allied ASW defenses against the U-boats. A most interesting and challenging game.

  9. Ken Pascoe’s Axis defeated Mike Brophy’s Allies (bid of 1.5 POC) with Mike conceding at the end of Round 7. The score was Axis + 5 1/2 POC including the bid at that point. Allies started with a strong force in the Barents. Axis took a foray into the North Atlantic on Turn 1, winning that sea with one ship lost and three disabled (Axis +3 POC). Allies maintained a Barents presence on Turn 2. Following a successful oiling of three ships, the Axis went on to menace the South Atlantic with Italian help, losing Gneisenau and taking damage on others (Axis +6 POC). Allies brought a Russian to the Baltic on Turn 3, which prevented an Axis push into Barents. U-Boats harassed the South Atlantic while Italians ran back to the Med and Germans repaired in France. On Turn 4, Allies maintained a Barents presence while Germans repaired in France, Italians repaired in Italy, and U-Boats harassed the North Atlantic. LBA damaged Convoy 1A but it still got to Russia. On Turn 5 Marat sailed, so Bismarck and Tirpitz countered. U-Boats killed Convoy 2C in North Atlantic. The Allies held Convoy 3C back in USA on Turn 6 and patrolled four seas. Axis sent six U-Boats, Gneisenau and Scheer from France, and three remaining Italian cruisers to South Atlantic, where the Allies trounced them. Turn 7 saw Convoy 3C sortie. Seven submarines harassed the North Atlantic and ASW failures left five to attack the convoy. It was disabled with damage, able to gain at most 1 POC on Turn 8. That would not be enough to give the Allies victory, so Allies conceded. Thanks to Mike great game! This is the first time we have played.

  10. Today in an extra match during Round 80 Robert Frisby’s Axis defeated Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies (bid of 2.5 POC). The Allies conceded at the end of turn seven after the Luftwaffe sank Convoy 3C, which left the Axis with a 1 POC lead (not counting the bid) going into turn eight. The Luftwaffe earlier sank Convoy 2B. Convoy 1A made it to Russia. The Axis controlled the Barents on turn one, which gave them an early 3 POC lead and enabled them to attempt to control the North Atlantic on turn two. That attempt failed, and the German surface fleet remained bottled up in the Baltic for the rest of the game. The U-boats denied the Allies control of enough areas to give the Axis the 1 POC lead at the start of turn seven. Losses were relatively light. The British lost two CVs, two BCs, one BB, and two CAs. The Germans lost two CAs and six U-boats. The Italians lost a CA and the Russians lost a BB. .

  11. Robert Frisby VS Jim Kramer – The Allied players view. The tone of this game was decided by a pair of 6’s. With a bid of 1.5 as the Aliies I again used my Barents in 2 plan.

    T1 sees the 2 POC gift to the Axis with no LBA damage and sub action for the turn.

    T2 I deployed as usual with the Barents having Ark Royal, Hood, 5 CA and the 4 speed 6 heavies to make speed.
    The plan here is to force the Axis to go against the BB’s and CV in the NA. Unfortunately my first 2 6 die rolls were for KGV and POW speed. Robert jumped on the chance to attack my fast ships in the Barents leaving a CA behind in the Baltic. For the destruction of a single German CA I lost the 3 BC, 3 CA and Ark Royal. Allied fire also sank a sub and an Italian CA. With the subs decontrolling the SA the Axis gained another 3 POC.

    T3 had me pulling back to defend NA (Convoy 1A), SA and NS. I did sail the Royals BB’s to the Barents with the hoped for speed failure of both to Russia. A Soviet BB was available but did not sail and another Italian CA was sunk by LBA. Another free 2 POC to the Axis and a game score of 7.

    T4 has 1A move to the Barents to join the Royals, a CV, a CA and 4 KGV BB’s (1 failed speed). A Soviet BB moved to the Baltic. The Axis response sent 2 Pockets to the Baltic and the rest of the German fleet and subs to the NA (4 ships passed speed). In the Baltic the Soviet BB was sunk causing no damage. After ASW and LBA rolls ( a sub and an old Italian BB sunk) Allied forces of 3 BB and 3 CA (1 US) and a CV faced the threat. Remaining subs disabled the CV and Graf Zeppelin hit both BB’s attacked, crippling one. Surface combat had 2 BB and 2 CA sunk with the Axis losing another CA and the G.Z. G.Z. pursued a lone retreating CA and they sank each other. With 1A making it to Russia the POC was a 6 to 6 push.

    T5 and the Germans are blockaded. With enough force deployed to hold the blockade the German fleet goes to the Baltic. The 7 subs available go to the NA where 2B, a CV and 4 surface ships are there. ASW sink a sub and disable 2 more. Sub fire puts 3 damage on 2B. No other significant damage. Another POC push at 3 to 3.

    T6 has the damaged 2B in the Barents with 6 BB, a CA and CV. Convoy 3C is in the NA with 5 US ships, a CA and CV. The Germans again stay safe in the Baltic (no Soviet) and send 7 subs to the SA facing 9 ASW. ASW sink 2 subs. The remaining subs score disables but the most important disable result was in the Barents. LBA disabled 2B.
    Another 3 to 3 push.

    T7 and 3C is in the Barents defended as before, less a CA. Convoy 3B moves to the NA with 5 US and a CV. The NS has 4 BB, 2 CA and 3 CV. and the SA has a BB, 2 CA and a CV. At this point I must get the convoys thru and take the MED on T8 to win the game. I send 4 slow BB (Rodney and Nelson here) to the MED and all 4 fail speed to Malta. This will set up T8 MED action. The remaining Soviet BB also sails this turn. German forces move to the Baltic and 6 subs to the SA. SA ASW sink a sub with no damage inflicted to the Allies. In the Baltic the Soviet BB sinks a BC before being vaporized. MED LBA sink another old Italian BB, a positive result for my T8 plans. The game was effectively ended when Robert’s LBA again scored a disable on the Barents convoy forcing another 3 to 3 push.

    T8 went as Robert indicated with both convoys eliminated from scoring and the MED going to the allies.

    As I stated at the beginning, the game basically turned on that pair of “box cars” on T2. I still had the opportunity to win the game at the end but I no longer felt in control of my fate after the T2 results. My thanks to Robert for a challenging game.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  12. Today Robert Frisby’s Axis defeated Jim Kramer’s Allies (bid of 1.5 POC) in a game that went the distance. The final score was Axis + 5 1/2 POC including the bid. The Axis controlled the Barents for the first three turns and the North Atlantic on turn four, which enabled them to take a +7 POC lead by the end of turn four that lasted until turn eight. Turn two was pivotal in that favorable dice enabled the Axis to sink seven British ships in the Barents while losing only a cruiser plus some damage to other ships. The first convoy reached Russia, but on turn eight the Luftwaffe sank Convoy 2B in the Barents and the U-boats disabled Convoy 3C in the North Atlantic. The Allies seized the Med on turn eight, which reduced the Axis 7 POC lead to 4 POC. The Allies lost Ark Royal, three battle cruisers, two BBs, five CAs and the two Russian BBs. The Germans lost Graf Zeppeln, Scharnhorst, two cruisers, and six U-boats. The Italians lost two BBs and two cruisers.

  13. Game 16 Lee Kendter (Allies) vs John Sharp (Axis +1.5 POC) – John’s Axis took an early lead by seizing the South Atlantic on Turn 1. Lee responded by driving the Axis into the Med for the turns two through seven. John kept the U-Boats snatching POC from the North Atlantic, and as the convoys emerged, attacking them with the U-Boats out in the North Atlantic. With a 2 POC lead, the game appeared to tilt to the Allies when the seven T6 ASW factors in the NATL killed three and disabled one U-Boat, and the remaining three U-Boats got two damage on Convoy 2B. T7 saw the luck reverse in a big way when three U-Boats survived the NATL ASW and disabled Convoy 3C. The LBA in the Barents also came through and disabled Convoy 2B (-2), locking up the game for the Allies. As a side, the Allies saw only one Russian foray of one ship the entire game – only one five or six through turns 3-7 (didn’t roll for T8). The end result – John Sharp’s Axis win, net score minimum Axis +1.5 POC. Thank you, Lee, for a good game!

  14. In 80-14 Tim’s Allies with a bid of 1.5 prevailed in 8 turns with a final score of +2.5 Allied over Jim’s Axis. An Axis T1 foray to the North Atlantic was hamstrung when 2 pocket battleships failed their speed rolls allowing the Allies to control all 4 Northern Sea areas on turn 1. With the blockade in place until turn 7, the Axis could not break through. An Italian sortie to the South Atlantic supported by 7 U-boats against 3 British BBs failed when the U-boats did not come through.

  15. Robert Dragan:

    Contact me at if you would like to play an extra game during this round. It will not count for ladder ranking purposes, but will count as an AREA-rated game, and will give you a chance to get used to ladder game format and procedures. If interested, send me your opening bit for your preferred side.

  16. I will play

  17. Bruce Monnin’s Allies beat Rob Drozd’s Axis when the Axis resigned down 6 POC after turn 4. A total dicing.

  18. Correction to my report above. My five cruisers were screening the Ark Royal, not the Hood, which is both illegal and impossible, since the Hood had already been sunk during Round One. (It’s the Alzheimers, I tell you!) 🙂

  19. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.5) has defeated Karl Bodenheimer’s Axis to claim the ladder championship. The Axis challenged the Allies in the Barents with their entire fleet on Turn 1, which was the strongest Allied area, since Renown and Repulse had both made their speed rolls. Allied airstrikes disabled the Lutzow before surface combat, while Axis LBA disabled the Renown and hit the Repulse for 1 point damage before surface combat. The initial Allied volley sank the Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and Adm Hipper, while Axis return fire sank the Hood, Repulse, and Kent. The Allies stayed for Round 2 with 5 cruisers screening the Hood against the Axis Graf Spee, Adm Scheer, and Blucher. The Axis did not withdraw in hopes of taking out more Allied cruisers and the area, since the two sides were still equal in battle strength. The second Allied volley sank the Graf Spee and Blucher and disabled the Adm Scheer to hold the area, while the Axis return volley sank the Devonshire and disabled the Dorsetshire while putting 1 point of damage on the Suffolk. This gave the Allies a 2 POC cumulative lead (.5 POC Axis lead with handicap applied). The Allies established the blockade on Turn 2 and spread their ASW strength to force the Axis to use their 4 U-boats or lose another POC. The Axis responded with LBA in the Barents and sending their 4 U-boats to the NATL against 7 Allied ASW. The Axis broke control of the NATL with 1 U-boat at the cost of 2 U-boat wolf packs sunk, and the remaining U-boat missed its shot on the Formidable. The Axis conceded at the beginning of Turn 3 when Okt Rev activated, and the 3 remaining Axis U-boats confronted 12 ASW in the Barents, 11 ASW in the North Sea, and 10 ASW each in the NATL and SATL. The Axis were also facing Allied forces with clear surface superiority in both the Barents and North Sea, and 4 Italian cruisers facing the grim prospect of 4 British battleships in the SATL backed up by two aircraft carriers if they decided to make a foray there. I am not used to having combat results that good on Turn 1, but I will gladly take it, especially in a championship game. 🙂 Congratulations to Karl on having held the championship for two rounds, and best of luck to him as he makes his way back up the ladder in hopes to taking revenge against me in a future match.

  20. I will play in Rd 80

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  23. I will play round 80.

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  27. I will skip round 80,. Have to come up with a new plan. Old plan was just to collude with; I was betrayed in the end.

  28. I am in for Rd 80

  29. I’m in for round 80

    Thanks for running the ladder

  30. I will play in round 80

  31. I will play round 80

  32. Rick Virost will play in Round 80 (March-April 2019).

  33. I’ll play in Rd 80

  34. I can play in round 80. Thanks Greg!

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  42. I will play as well, in the hopes that I will be playing Karl. 🙂 (I’m such an optimist) 😉

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