4/01/2020 to 5/31/2020


Updated 05/04/2020

Congratulations to Robert Frisby, STILL King of the Ladder!

1  Robert Frisby (Allies-1.0) vs Mike Brophy (Axis) Axis Victory Mike takes the TOP!

2. Denis Nicholson (Allies-2.0) vs Richard Beyma (Axis) Axis Victory

3. Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

4. Lee Kendter (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

5. Andy Choptiany (Allies-2.0) vs Mircea Pauca (Axis) Axis Victory

6. Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5) vs Greg Hultgren (Axis) Allied Victory

7. Tal Seaman (Axis) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory 

8 Bob Hamel (Axis) vs Robert Dragan (Allies-1.0)* Axis Victory

9 Robert Drozd (Axis) vs Bruce Monnin (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory by 3.5

10 Mike Kaye (Allies-2.0) vs Rick Vrost (Axis) Allied Victory

11 Ken Pascoe vs Pete Shelling Ken Pascoe wins (6/08/2020)

12 Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5) vs Tim Tow (Axis) Allied Victory Turn 7

13 John Pack (Allies-1.5) vs Hilton McManus (Axis) Allied Victory

14 Mike Ussery vs Bob Jameli

15 Scott Beale  (Allies-1.5) vs John Sharp (Axis). Allied Victory

16 Dave Elkin (Allies-1.0) vs Eric Anderson (Axis) Axis Victory

Extra Games

Allied Victories        8                      Axis Victories         6                       Ties

47 Comments to “86”

  1. Ken Pascoe’s Axis pulled out a narrow Turn 8 victory over Pete Shelling’s Allies (bid 1). Turn 1, Pete went to the Med with 7 BB, 2 cruisers and Glorious, ignoring Barents. Ken countered with all Italians and sent the bulk of the Germans to the North Atlantic versus Hood, four cruisers, and Ark Royal. Germans won, Axis 3 POC. Turn 2 Allies held the Med with 5 BB and built up North Atlantic and North Sea while holding South Atlantic with four cruisers and Courageous. Italians stayed home to repair while Germans pushed into the North Sea. Germans won, 6 POC but they and Italians were each down 4 ships by then. Turn 3 Allies held Med, NA, NS, SA; Italians stayed in port and Germans hid in the Baltic. Axis 5 POC. Turn 4 Allies went into Barents in force with 4 BB, 4 cruisers, Ark Royal, and convoy 1A. South Atlantic was weakly held with a damaged cruiser and Victorious. Italians came out to fight and Germans pushed into North Atlantic to stop Convoy 2B while sending 4 subs to South Atlantic. Germans won, convoy disengaged; Axis 3 POC. Turn 5 Allies put strong forces in the Med, NS, NA (including convoy 2A), and Barents with a token force (Victorious and damaged Cumberland) in SA. Italians sailed the Med while German ships hid in the Baltic. Five U Boats attacked the North Sea; 3 sunk, 2 disabled. Axis 2 POC. Turn 6 Allies abandoned the Med while two ships repaired in Malta. Strong forces in NA, NS, Barents, and two BB added to South Atlantic. Convoy 2B in NA and 3C in Barents. Italians claimed the Med with 2 BB and repaired Littorio and Zara. Germans pushed into Barents with all ships, leaving Baltic unclaimed. Convoy 3C disabled, Germans take Barents. Axis 1 POC. Turn 7 Allies continued repairing in Malta and concentrated forces in NA, NS, Barents including Convoy 2B. Italian BBs sailed in Med while Zara and six U Boats went to SA against Anson, Cumberland, Victorious. Both Russians finally came put to play. Tirpitz and Prinz Eugen hunted Russians while other Germans repaired. Germans disabled, Russians sunk, Convoy landed. Anson disabled by U Boats, Zara disabled by air; Allies 3 POC. Turn 8 Allies came back to the Med with three BB plus gained an Italian from takeover. NA was full of Americans while the Royal Navy was strong in NS and Barents and Warspite, Anson, Cumberland, Victorious in SA. Post-takeover Impero sailed to SA and all Germans went to Barents. Impero won South Atlantic, U-Boats disabled Convoy 3C, Germans took Barents. Axis 1 POC counting the bid. Thanks very much to Pete for a great game!

  2. Game 12 was Allied victory

  3. Jim Kramer (allies – bid 1.5) has defeated Avi Solomon (axis) in a game that went 7 turns. Jim used his preferred Barents in 2 opening.

    T1: Uneventful with no damage to either side. POC is 5 to 3 Axis. Game score +2 Axis.

    T2: Allied deployment. NA – 5 BB and a CV. SA – 2 BB, a CA and Eagle. NS – 5 BB, 3 CA, 2 CV. Barents – 2 BB, 3 BC, 4 CA, Ark Royal. The 4 speed rolls (2 BB and 2 BC) were successful. The axis chose to send all DKM forces to the Baltic and split patrolled the MED (2 BB, 2 CA at sea). Allied LBA miss in the MED, axis LBA in the Barents hit Renown for 1. POC is 4 to 3 allies for the turn. Game score +1 axis.

    T3: Marat sails in the Baltic. Allied deployment. NA – Convoy 1A, 3 CA, 2 CV. SA – 3 BB and Eagle. NS – 8 BB, 2 CV. Barents – 5 CA, Hood, Ark Royal, POW, DOY and Repulse succeeding speed, KGV, QE and Renown (1d) Failing speed. Axis patrol MED as before, send 5 subs to Baltic against Marat and the DKM fleet and LBA to the Barents, Allied LBA and ASW score no hits and Ark Royal misses in the Barents. Axis subs sink Marat, LBA miss in the Barents. Barents allied surface round 1: Bismarck (7d – disabled), Tirpitz (1d), Scharnhorst (disabled), Gneisenau (3d), Prinz Eugen (disabled) – axis fire: POW (disabled), DOY (1d – disabled), Hood (4d), Repulse (3d), 2 CA (sunk), 1 CA (disabled). Allied forces retreat. During pursuit Hood, Repulse,a CA and Ark Royal are sunk and the last CA is disabled. The DKM sees Lutzow sunk. POC is 4 to 3 axis. Game score back to axis +2. Convoy 1A moves to the Barents.

    T4: US BB NY comes out. Allied deployment. NA – NY and 4 UK BB (includes Nelson and Rodney). SA – 2 BB, a CA and Eagle. NS – 6 BB, a CA, 3 CV. Barents – Convoy 1A, 4 BB (DOY 1d), Renown (1d), 3 CA and a CV. Axis send the LBA and 7 subs to the Barents. patrol the MED as before, repair Bismarck and Tirpitz and send the rest of the DKM to the Baltic. Combat sees allied LBA miss the BB’s in Germany but the ASW (14 rolls) is devastating with all 7 subs eliminated, 6 are sunk. Axis LBA disable Renown and the CV but critically roll a 4 vs convoy 1A. With the subs gone and 1A getting thru, POC for the turn is 7 to 3 allies. Game score now +2 allies.

    T5: Texas and Augusta commit. Allied deployment. NA – 3 US ships, convoy 2B and a CV. SA – 3 BB, a CA and Eagle. NS – 8 BB, 2 CV. Barents – 6 BB (DOY 1d, Anson and Howe make speed), Renown (1d), 4 CA, 2 CV. Axis repair Gneisenau, send all DKM fleet units to the Baltic and continue the MED patrol as before. Both LBA, allied MED, axis Barents, cause no damage. POC of 4 to 3 allies sees game score move to +3 allies. Convoy 2B moves to the Barents.

    T6: Washington and Tuscaloosa come out. Allied deployment. NA – 5 US ships and convoy 3C. SA – 3 BB and Eagle. NS – 8 BB, a CA, 3 CV. Barents – 6 BB (DOY 1d), Repulse (1d), 4 CA, 2 CV and convoy 2B. Axis patrol the MED as before, send 6 subs to the NA and the entire DKM and LBA to the Barents. Allied LBA miss again in the MED. The 8 ASW sinks 2 subs and disables 2. In the Barents 4 CV strikes disable both Bismarck and Gneisenau. Axis airstrikes hit POW for 1 damage. The remaining 2 subs sink convoy 3C. Barents surface round 1 allies fire, Tirpitz (5d – disabled), Scharnhorst (disabled), Graf Zeppelin (sunk), Graf Spee (sunk), Adm. Scheer (sunk), Adm. Hipper (disabled), axis fire, KGV (3d – disabled), Howe (disabled), POW (hit for 4d, crippled), QE (sunk), Renown (disabled), a CA (disabled). With only 2 CA remaining the axis retreat. No pursuit is made. With convoy 2B successful, POC for the turn is 6 to 2 allies. Game score moves to +7 allies.

    T7: No new ships commit. Allied deployment. NA – 5 US ships. SA – 5 R-class BB. NS – 6 BB, Eagle, 3 CV. Barents – Anson, Howe, DOY (1d), KGV (3d), Repulse (1d), 5 CA, 2 CV. POW repairs in Russia. Axis repair Tirpitz and send the remaining DKM ships (BB, 2 BC, 3 CA) to the Baltic. LBA to the Barents. The Italian BB’s patrol the MED with the 4 CA and the 5 subs moving to the SA to challenge the UK BB’s. Allied LBA miss Tirpitz in Germany but the ASW again stay hot sinking 3 subs and disabling 1. Axis LBA in the Barents sink KGV. The remaining SA sub misses it’s shot. In surface combat 2 Italian CA are sunk and the other 2 disabled. Axis return fire cripples a BB and puts 1 damage on another. POC for the turn is a 3 to 3 push. Game score stays at +7 allies. At this point Avi resigned.

    The game saw few surface battles. T3 saw the axis win in the Barents with good attrition results (6 allied ships sunk to 1 axis) but damage to the German fleet limited T4 options. T6, with the allied CV’s getting 2 big disable results, went to the allies with a 3 to 1 sunk advantage including the engaged Graf Zeppelin. T7 was an uneven fight from the start for the axis but had to be tried. Both sides LBA results were negligible. The overriding advantage for the allies turned out to be very good ASW rolls in the UK zones. T4: Barents – 7 subs, 14 shots, 6 sunk and 1 disabled. This result restricted any T5 sub deployment. T6 sees 8 shots sink 2 subs and disable 2. While the remaining subs sinking convoy 3C was a concern, 2B’s arrival in Russia more than compensated. Then on T7 the last attempt in the SA saw 5 ASW sink 3 subs and disable 1. Truly great ASW for the allies.

  4. Vince Meconi’s Allies, bidding 1.5, have defeated Greg Hultgren’s Axis. We have played previously.

    Some games are decided on the very first turn, and this one probably fits in that category. Against a Barents on 1 opening, Greg’s Germans elected to battle in the Barents. Things went poorly for the Axis as they lost the area, with a 357 and 225 sunk and 2 other ships damaged against Allied losses of 3 cruisers and no ships damaged. On top of that, Allied LBA sent 2 Italian cruisers to the bottom of the Mediterranean. What made it even more shocking was that the Allies prevailed in the Barents even after both 336 battlecruisers failed their speed rolls. But the Ark Royal sank a 357 and disabled a 225, while the German LBA fanned; then, the surface gunnery favored the Allies too. Greg made a game of it thereafter but that turn 1 hill was just too steep to climb; the game ended with a turn 7 resignation.

  5. Mike Kaye (Allies, bid 2.0) defeated Rick Virost (Axis) in Match 10 of Round 86. Rick conceded at the end of Turn 6 with the Allies holding a commanding 9 POC lead (7 after the bid deduction.) U-Boats were able to disrupt Allies sea area control only twice, and were able to sink one convoy. However, Mike was masterful in his dice rolling, eliminating 12 U-Boats in 41 rolls (29% deadly effective) over the course of the six turns. He then crushed the entire German fleet in a fatal North Sea encounter on Turn 6 where he sank seven of the eleven ship fleet (including three of the four “biggies”), while losing only three ships (two due to LBA air strikes) over the course of the entire game. A complete victory for the Allies.

  6. Bob Hamel (Axis) victorious over Robert Dragan (Allies -1.0) after these events:

    Turn 1 – not much action, Germans went to Baltic, Allies POC +1 end of Turn 1
    Turn 2 – in the Barents, Luftwaffe sinks the Renown, disabled KGV before the surface round. At the end of Turn 2 Ark Royal, Hood, all 8 British 1-1-7’s sunk. Allies manage to get 6 damage on the Bismarck and disable a few other Germans. Axis +1 POC.
    Turn 3 – Marat sunk, Bismarck repaired, Germans mostly full strength, only Lutzow and a U-boat sunk during Turn 3.
    Turn 4 – Okt. Rev. and all US fail deployment rolls. In S. Atl. U-boats sink the Eagle. Axis LBA disabled KGV to Russia. At Turn 4 end Axis sinks POW, DOY, Formidable, Victorious, AND Convoy 1A. Germans near full strength. Axis POC goes to 3.
    Turn 5 – Barham and Malaya fail speed rolls to the Barents to try to escort Convoy 2B. Only NY and Tuscaloosa can come out to N. Atl. Okt. Rev. also stuck in Leningrad. By the end of Turn 5 Allies manage to sink the Scharnhorst and Zara, but the stronger German forces sink Convoy 2B and the Glorious. Axis POC goes to 8.
    Turn 6 – Allies fail to score any significant damage to the Axis which sinks the Malaya, KGV badly damaged, and Barham disabled from the Barents.
    At the end of the first round of Turn 6 combat Robert concedes his Allied forces to Bob Hamel’s Axis to lock up the Axis victory.

  7. Beall (Allies -1.5) vs Sharp (Axis, +1.5) – Scott played an excellent Allied game. His ASW rolls on Turns 6 & 7 were the best I have seen in a long while. The game started with trouble for the Kriegsmarine, which ventured into the Barents – unsuccessfully. From there things went downhill. Over the remaining turns before the Axis surrender, two pocket battleships fell to the Russkis, the Royal Air Force took out Scharnhorst and two Regia Marina cuisers, on T6 17 ASW killed four U-Boats and disabled three. On turn 7, a mere 13 ASW killed the four remaining U-boats and even had 5’s to spare, locking up the game for the Allies. Nicely done, Scott!

  8. Jonathan Lockwood’s Allies (1.5 POC bid) have defeated Lee Kendter’s Axis with an Axis resignation near the end of Turn 3. The Allied blockade was in force with low losses, and the Axis chances were crippled by the loss of 2 POC due to Gneisenau (with 3 damage) being trapped in the neutral port on Turns 2 and 3, one of which resulted from a failed speed roll to the NATL on Turn 2.

  9. 1 Robert Frisby (Allies-1.0) vs Mike Brophy (Axis)
    Axis took S Atlantic on T1 with no losses, costing the Allies a CV and 2 BB. Axis took N Atlantic on T2 losing a BB & CA, costing the Allies another CV, 2 BB 1 CL. A 3rd CV was lost due to Axis LBA. So, the Axis was getting the upper hand, and then it hit the fan… the 3 BBs headed to the Barents on T3, all rolled 6’s!!! The Axis won the ensuing battle of the Barents, and had enough u-boats to open up the S Atlantic, due to the diminished ASW power. On T4 the Axis employed a pincer movement on the N Atlantic, by deploying ships from Germany & France to defeat the Allies there, sinking the 2nd Convoy. The 1st convoy did manage to make it to Russia. The Allies conceded the game at the end of T4, with the POC at Axis +8, and only 1 remaining convoy. Tough game Robert.

  10. Rob Drozd (Axis) defeated Bruce Monnin (Allies – 1.5 POC). After Turn 8, the score was Axis 2 (3.5 with adjustment).
    Axis avoided surface combat (except for Russians) until Turn 6. U-Boats opened up the North Sea on Turn 5 with Allies having a 3 POC lead going into Turn 6. Axis went with a daring move to both Atlantic zones.

    The 4 BBs and CA the Allies had in SATL were met by 7 U-Boats, 4 Italian CAs, the Graf Zeppelin and the speed rolling Admiral Scheer. 7 U-Boat shots did nothing, but 2 airstrikes disabled Warspite. Round 1 for the Allies only put 1 damage on Scheer and disabled 2 Italians, while Axis shots sunk Revenge, disabled Valiant, and put 2 damage on Royal Sovereign. In Round 2, the Allied fire put 1 damage on the Graf Zeppelin while Axis fire disabled Royal Sovereign. This sent the Kent into withdrawal. In the pursuit Fiume was disabled And Kent sunk.

    The Allied fleet looked impressive with Washington, Nelson, Rodney, Resolution, Tuscaloosa, Sussex, Glorious, and Convoy3C there. Bismarck and Tirpitz made their speed rolls to join Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and 3×127 in the fray. Glorious started the NATL battle with 2 whiffs. The Allies 22 Round 1 shots produced no hits, but disabled Bismarck, Tirpitz, and Scharnhorst. The Axis return fire sunk Nelson, Rodney, and Glorious, crippled Washington, and put 1 damage on Resolution. In Round 2, Resolution hit Gneisenau twice for 4 damage, and the other 4 shots disabled Blucher and Prinz Eugen. Axis return fire sunk Resolution, Washington, and Sussex. Round 4 saw Hipper disabled and Tuscaloosa sunk. In Round 5 Convoy3C hit Gneisenau a third time and the 1 damage crippled it, but the return fire sunk the convoy.

    Axis LBA in the Barents whiffed on Convoy2B, but Axis picked up 3 POC for the turn to get back to a 1.5 POC advantage after the bid adjustment.

  11. Karl Bodenheimer (Allies) defeats Tim Tow (Axis). Bid 1.5 for Allies. Axis concedes on T7.
    Allies instituted the blockade from T1. Axis came out to Barents on T5 but Allied shooting won the area, probably shouldn’t have. Axis attack again the next turn but it is hard to beat Ark Royal disabling the three top Axis ships. Not to mention ASW in the Atlantic sinking 6 of 7 U-boats. Another good game of Dice at Sea.

  12. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeated Andrew Choptiany (Allies, bid 2.0) in 4 turns – again with copious help from tactical luck.
    T1: a different-than-usual Barents-in-1, would have been very vulnerable if any battlecruiser failed Speed Roll but they didn’t, so I stayed home in Baltic with everything. LBA sink Renown and Gorizia. POC 1 Allied raw.
    T2: Repulse misses SR, so I try Barents with only slight advantage to control it (and massive advantage to sink, as usual due to radar bonus). Sunk 1BB,3CA vs 2 German CA, also damaged heavily 2BB. NATL uncontrolled at cost of 1 U. Axis gains 2 PoC, total 1 Axis.
    T3: Allies leave Barents empty with all the rest too strong to contest, while Hood and Bismarck repair their critical vs scratch damage. Germans take the flag and sink Marat in the Baltic with 4U alone (but 3 heavies were ready if needed). Axis gain 2 more PoC, total 3 Axis.
    T4: Allies advance to Barents with Convoy and moderate escort but 2 of the 4 BB’s missed SR. Germans jump on the opportunity, sink 1BB,4CA vs one pocket battleship. Allies concede in the lopsided situation remaining.
    Thanks to Andy for the quick and fair play!

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  22. Rick Virost will play in Round 86 starting 4/1/2020.

  23. I will play Round 86. Thank you for keeping keeping it organized!

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  39. I will play round 86.

    • Jim Bodenheimer’s Allies, bid 1.5 POC, have defeated Tal seaman’s Axis at the end of a full game with a score of 10 before bid. Turn 1 Tal’s Axis took the South Atlantic, sinking 2 old British BBs and cruiser while losing both fast cruisers, damage to Scharnhorst, and all surviving German ships disabled to South America. POC Axis +2. T2 was an all out slugfest in the Barents with the Allies cleaning the Axis clock. It began with Allies sinking 3 of the 4 UBoats sent into the battle and disabling the other. When the smoke finally cleared Axis had lost Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Scheer, Lutzow, Eugen and Gorizia while the Allies lost Prince of Wales. POC 0. Turn 3 was quiet with the Allies losing a cruiser to air in the Barents. POC Allies +1. Turn 4 was also quiet with the Germans staying in port and the first convoy getting through. POC Allies +6. T5 was a bright spot for Axis air, sinking the Ark Royal and disabling the second convoy back to the USA. POC remained Allies +6. In T6 Marat confronted Tirpitz and a lightly damaged Bismarck. The battle ended with Tirpitz hit hard and Marat damaged and disabled. Spee was critically damaged while sitting in port. POC still Allies +6. T7 saw the 4 remaining German ships take on the damaged Marat. With only Zepp unscathed before the battle, the Axis only disabled the Marat while UBoats sank the convoy in the North Atlantic while the other convoy landed. POC Allies +9. Turn 8 began with Oktober Rev replacing the leaking Marat in the Baltic. Of the four German ships only Zepp was unscrathed. With Allied total losses limited to 3 battleships, 1 cruiser, 1 carrier, and 1 convoy, the valiant Axis conceded.

  40. I will play in round 86

  41. Leaping into Round 86 like the eternal optimist that I am.

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