July 1,2020.  Round 5

Mike Brophy (Allies-1.0) vs Greg Smith(Axis)


June 15, 2020.  Round 4

1 Rob Drozd (Allies -1.0) vs Mike Brophy (Axis) Tie!  Mike advances

Greg Smith  BYE

Last Updated June 17, 2020


Round 3 Matchups (FINAL)

Last updated 6/15/2020

1 Richard Beyma (Allies-?) vs Rob Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory

2 Mike Brophy (Axis) vs John Sharp (as eliminator) (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

3 Greg Smith (Allies-1.5) vs Greg Hultgren(Axis) Allied win by virtue of a lucky T7

4 Lee Kendter (Allies-2.0) vs Mircea Pauca (as eliminator) (Axis) Axis Victory


Allied Victory    1                        Axis Victory          3                   Ties



1 Ricard Beyma (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies) Axis Victory

2 Avi Solomon (Allies-1.5) vs Rob Drozd (Axis) AXIS VICTORY

3 Mircea Pauca (Allies-1.5) vs Mike Brophy (Axis) Axis Victory by 1.5. Convoy Disabled Turn 8!

4 Gregory Smith (Axis) vs Robert Dragan (Allies-2.0) Axis Victory when Convoy 3c sunk in NA

5 John Sharp (Allies-1.5) vs Gregory Hulgren (Axis) Axis Victory

6 Lee Kendter (Allies-0.0) vs Robert Jameli (Axis). Allied Victory


Allied Victory          1                  Axis Victory          5                   Ties


March 20, 2020.  Final Round 1 Matchups

Last updated 5/9/20

 ( Matches are according to current AREA rank, split into top and bottom 12.)

I don’t have any way of knowing how much time we need so Finish as soon as you are able.

Players in the Left column play those in the Right column.  Right column bids first. Report your results in the Comment Box below.

1 Darren Kilfara (Allies-2.0)                          7 Richard Beyma (Axis) Axis Victory by 1.0

2 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5)                8 Avi Solomon (Axis) Axis Victory

3 Karl Bodenheimer (Allies-2.5)                   9 Mircea Pauca (Axis) Axis Victory T4

4 Robert Hamel (Axis)                                  10 Michael Brophy (Allies-0.5) Allied Victory T6

5 Michael Kaye (Allies-1.5)                           11 Robert Drozd (Axis) Axis Victory by 0.5!

6 Vincent Meconi Allies-2.0)                         12    Michael Ussery (Axis) Allied Victory

13 Gregory Smith (Axis)                                24 Eric Anderson (Allies-0.5)  Axis Victory Turn 7*

14 John Pack (Allies-1.5)                                23 John Sharp (Axis) Axis Victory

15 James Kramer (Allies-1.5)                        22 Lee Kendter (Axis) Axis Victory Turn 8

16 Jim Bodenheimer (Allies-1.5)                   21 Robert Jameli (Axis) Axis Victory Turn 8!

17 Gregory Hultgren (Allies-1)                        20 Talmadge Seaman (Axis) Allied Victory

18 Robert Dragan (Allies-2.0)                       19.Daniel Blumentritt (Axis) Allied Victory

Allied Victory      4                                               Axis Victory    8








42 Comments to “SE”

  1. SE
    July 1,2020. Round 5
    Mike Brophy (Allies-1.0) defeats vs Greg Smith(Axis)

    The German fleet sailed to the North Atlantic on T1, defeating the single Allied ship there, and picking up 3 POC.

    With the blockade intact, only the u-boats sailed on T2, denying Allied control of the North Atlantic.

    The Marat sailed to the Baltic on T3, but was met with only u-boats. The German fleet and LBA sailed to the Barents to fight the Allies there. Allied CVs in the Barents sent two German BBs home, sunk a pocket BB and damaged the Bismarck. Axis LBA crippled the Hood and sent to Russia the KGV. With only 5 ships left the Germans withdraw, and the Allies pick up 2 POC (now at Axis +1).

    On T4 the u-boats denied Allied control to both Atlantic areas, as they are lightly defended. The German fleet sinks the Marat, and its LBA sinks Convoy1A and an accompanying CV. Axis gains 1 POC due to area control (now at Axis +2).

    On T5 the u-boats break control of the Barents, while the fleet sinks the Okt Rev. Convoy2B proceeds to the Barents.

    On T6, most of the US ships are in, and protect the North Atlantic with some British help. The u-boats are sent to the Barents once again, as the Axis fleets rest up and repair. And then tragedy struck! With 16 ASW on 7 u-boats, 5 were sunk and 2 were disabled. The LBA missed Convoy2B and the score shifted to Allies +2.

    On T7 the 3 u-boats are sent to the North Atlantic, and elude the 9 ASW there. They take two shots on Convoy3B, but miss. The German fleet sails 7 of its 8 ships to the North Sea, hoping to defeat the 8 Allied BBS there. After round 1 it was 5 on 5, Bismarck and Tirpitz were badly damaged, and there was not going to be a “miracle in the North Sea”.

    With only 3 u-boats for T8, and a badly mangled fleet the Axis conceded, even before the convoy put into England, ending the score at Allies +3.

  2. 1 Rob Drozd (Allies -1.0) vs Mike Brophy (Axis)
    Mike’s Axis won on a tie!! The POC was fixed on Axis +2 for the longest time, after Convoy1A made it thru. Convoy2B was sunk by Axis LBA, and Convoy3A was disabled in the N Atlantic. On T7 Convoy3A returned to the N Atlantic, and at the end of the turn it put into England for 1 POC (now Axis +1). The Brits tried for the Med on T8, The Axis fleet vacated the Baltic, and failed to win the fight in the North Sea. With the Axis LBA & U-Boats in the Med, it was all or nothing. Fortunately the Italians prevailed, the Allies gained 2 POC due to area control, and the final score wound up at Allies +1 = tie = Axis Victory. Really close game…

  3. 2 Mike Brophy (Axis) vs John Sharp (as eliminator) (Allies-1.0) This one was a real nailbiter (NOT!). Mike started his Axis on a run to an early lead, building up to Axis +7 right away. Mike never let up the pressure, maintaining that Axis +7 unitl T6. Sinking Convoys 1A and 3C helped him cement a solid win by the end of T6. With no more convoys and little chance of taking both the Baltic AND the Med, John’s eliminator Allies folded their cards, eliminated.

  4. Robert Drozd (Axis) has defeated Richard Beyma (Allies for 1.5 POC) after 4 turns. The Allies lost 5 BBs, 5 CAs, and 3 CVs, while sinking only Lutzow and Prinz Eugen. The lopsided attrition was largely due to the Axis LBA. With its 12 shots, no actual damage was inflicted, but 6 BBs were disabled, thus giving the Axis the edge in every battle by removing key offensive power from the Allies’ Round 1 salvos. Axis had a lead of 5.0 POC before the bid adjustment after Turn 4.

  5. Mircea Pauca (Axis) defeats Lee Kendter (Allies, bid 2) by concession in Turn 7, playing as Eliminator in round 3 of the SE tournament. We have played before WAS for AREA.
    T1: Barents-in-2, Axis sail in free areas. RAF sinks Pola. POC 2 Axis.
    T2: NATL battle, Germans end in control, sink 2BB,1CA vs Bismarck and 2 damaged ships. Gain 2 PoC, total 4 Axis.
    T3: German fleet crush Marat in Baltic, vs a inconsequential disable. The 5U wolfpack scatters (disables) Convoy1A in North Atlantic, causing port bottlenecks next turn, while losing 2U. Same 4 Axis.
    T4: Germans stay home in Baltic, the Allied blockade is strong! 5U again try North Atlantic, this time lose 3U (ouch!!!) for barely uncontrolling it. Same 4 Axis.
    T5: Germans home again. He111 in Barents sinks Ark Royal. 4U in South Atlantic damage Warspite. Convoy 1A unloads. Allies gain back 3 PoC, total 1 Axis.
    T6: Germans in Baltic sink Okt. Rev. by Graf Zeppelin’s airstrike alone. 7U desperately mass to open Barents (16 ASW), disabling the Convoy but lose 3U again. Stukas sink Renown. Same 1 Axis.
    T7: Axis continue struggling, take two hard risks, one needs to succeed to stay in the game. German fleet defeats the slightly inferior Allies in Barents (sink 3BB,4CA vs 4 smaller ships; surrender comes before reaching Convoy 3C). In South Atlantic, 5U weaken enough the 3BB (1 disabled, 1 crippled) for 3 Italian cruisers to prevail (losing 1CA vs 1BB).
    Lee considers situation a ‘math lock’ and concedes. Thank him for the fast and fair play!
    Swings of luck helped somewhat the Allies early (effective ASW enforcing the blockade by postponing U-boat domination) and the Axis even more in the end.

  6. John Sharp (playing as Eliminator ONLY) plays the Allies after bidding 1.0. Mike Brophy gets the Axis and the 1.0 POC addition at the end of the match.

  7. John Sharp (Allies, bid 1.5 POC) lost to Greg Hultgren’s Axis in seven turns. Greg locked it up after crushing the Royal Navy in the Barents and sinking the last convoy in the Barents Turn 7, locking up the game. Nice job, Greg!

  8. Summary of Game 4 (Greg Smith, Axis), vs Robert Dragan (Allies, -2.0)

    T1 Axis sent most of the Germans to the N. Atl., Lutzow and 3 U-boats to the Baltic. Germans sank 3 BBs and the Eagle and disabled the Ramilles with 3 damage to win the area. On Adm. Scheer sunk. T1 ends with Axis POC at 3.

    T2 not much action, Graf Spee repaired, most Germans to the Baltic, POC remained at Axis 3.

    T3 Okt. Rev. deployed to the Baltic with the German fleet following. U-boats sunk Okt. Rev. before the surface round. Axis LBAs damaged the Hood and Repulse in the Barents. Allies picked up a POC to move it from Axis 3 down to 2.

    T4 Axis U-boats opened up the N. Sea. LBA disabled Convoy 1A back to U.S. Axis POC remained at 2.

    T5 Germans and Italians met in the S. Atl. to challenge 4 BBs and the Courageous. British scored some hits to disable the Scharnhorst with 4 damage and 4 damage to the Tirpitz but Axis prevailed by sinking 2 British BBs and disabling the other 2 to the Neutral Port. Convoy 2B landed in Russia but with Axis controlling S. Atl., Baltic, and the Med, N. Sea still neutral, Axis POC goes from 2 back up to 3.

    T6 Allies did not get to deploy the Marat the the Baltic. TX, Tuscaloosa, Wichita, Augusta, Formidable, and Ramilles escorting Convoy 3C in the N. Atl. the Germans and Italians in France went to the N. Atl. U-boats again neutralized the N. Sea. In 7 rounds of combat in the N. Atl. with each side trading hits finally in Round 8 the Graf Zep and Zara sunk Convoy 3C. Convoy 1A in the Barents was able to land in England but with the Axis controlling N. Atl., Baltic, and the Med. Axis POC went from 3 up to 4.

    T7 with the Allied fleet beat up worse than the Axis, all 3 Convoys in the graveyard, and a bid of 2.0 to play the Allies the Allies conceded to the Axis.

    Happiness to Greg Smith as the victor in our game!

  9. Lee Kendter (Allies-0.0) vs Robert Jameli (Axis) just ended with Bob conceding T7.
    I played Barents on 1. Bob came out to the North Sea, and managed to get control. However, the attrition was terrible with 4 German ships sunk.
    T2 was quite, as I had to concede Barents. Germany got to plus 5.
    T3 saw a fight in Nao with Bob trying to get to the convoy. The Italians also sailed into Sao. I barely held Sao with just the Eagle left. Nao held easily. At this point 7 dead Germans, and 3 dead Italian CA.
    T4 – to T6 were quite with me shifting slow movers up to Barents, and fast ships back to England.
    T7 I swung all fast to the Med. Italy lost badly in the Med. Bob tried to for North Sea again. The badly damaged convoy limped to port. I gained 7 PoC to Axis zero. I was at 3 PoC allies, and Bob conceded. If the game went to the final turn I most likely would have gotten Med again.

  10. 3 Mircea Pauca (Allies-1.5) vs Mike Brophy (Axis) Axis Victory
    The Axis won with the bid (after a final score of 0 POC), and a German victory on T8 in the Barents, disabling the 3rd convoy. This Axis ran the score up to 7 with early victories in the Atlantic. 1st convoy got through on T4, but the 2nd convoy got disabled twice in the N Atlantic. 2nd convoy finally got thru on T7, and on T8 the 8-ship German navy bested the 14-ship Allied fleet in the Barents. Lucky Germans!!

  11. In Round 2 of the tournament, Solomon vs Drozd, Avi gave up 1.5 POC to play the Allies. Turn 2 started with Renown missing the speed roll to the Barents and 3 airstrikes from both sides whiffing. Allies took 19 shots that disabled Bismarck and Scharnhorst, but 3 hits only produced a total of 5 damage and no ships were sunk. The return fire disabled Repulse and a CA, but also sunk Hood, KGV, and 2 CAs. Turn 2 POC was at Axis 4 before the bid adjustment. With future prospects in the Barents looking dim for the Allies, Avi conceded to Rob’s Axis.

  12. Greg Hultgren gets 1.5 POC to play the Axis vs John Sharp’s Allies in their match.

  13. Vince Meconi’s Allies, bidding 2.0, defeated Mike Ussery’s Axis. We have played previously. My first round SE game closely resembled my most recent Ladder game, in that the Allies were extremely fortunate on Turn 1. The Axis sailed into the Barents, suffered heavy casualties, and lost the area. Mike played well thereafter but just couldn’t overcome the “disaster” — his word — on the first turn. The Axis resigned on Turn 6.

  14. In Kaye vs Drozd, Mike took the Allies with a bid of 1.5. We went 8 turns with Rob’s Axis winning by the slimmest of margins: 0.5 POC.

    After Turn 3, the Axis had a 5 POC lead, but could not stop the convoys from reaching Russia. Axis was able to open up the North Sea on Turn 5 and controlled SATL on Turn 6 to offset one of the convoys reaching Russia.

  15. 4 Robert Hamel (Axis) 10 Michael Brophy (Allies-0.5)

    The Allies got the 2nd convoy through the Barents in a withdraw by the Allied fleet. The heavily damaged Bismarck could not pursue, so a single 127 tried to get through the Allied cruiser & carrier screen. Allied fire sunk the 127, letting the convoy withdraw to Russia. At the end of turn 6, the Allies had a 1.0 POC advantage (minus 0.5 bid). With only 3 damaged German ships and 0 Italian cruisers, the Allies conceded.

  16. Robert Dragan’s Allies have defeated Daniel Blumentritt’s Axis; bid was 2 for the Allies, game ended on Turn 7.

    On Turn 1 I went full-hog into the Barents and Ark Royal responded by sinking Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and Graf Spee with the first 3 combat dice of the game! I had pretty much lost the game right then and there but I wasn’t going to surrender quite so easily. My own airpower got a disable and then we traded cruiser sinkings in the surface round.

    Most of the rest of the game was sitting in the Baltic and waiting. My LBA and uboats got some potshots in but sank nothing at all, and my u-boats failed to break the blockade on Turn 4 as well. LBA did disable Convoy 1A, but 2B got to Russia unscathed. The only thing that really went well was sinking 1 Russian and crippling the other without taking any damage.

    Robert ended up putting both 1A and 3C into England for 1 POC each. This was a wise move in my opinion even though it kept me in the game longer, because it meant they didn’t have to risk getting sunk and having them earn 0 POC, and it got him to the maximum of 10 POC by the end of Turn 6, when my uboats did decontrol the North Sea to open up a slight chance for me to salvage a tie.

    If on Turn 7, my 6 remaining uboats could decontrol 1 area and my surface fleet could stick 1 ship in the Baltic while also winning either North Atl, South Atl, or North Sea, I would win that turn 6-2, gaining 4 POC to end the turn at -6. If I could then repeat the feat on Turn 8, I’d end the game at -2 which would be a tie after the bid. My uboats got the decontrol in the Barents but my surface fleet failed in its bid to control South Atlantic, and that was that.

    Full tally of damage inflicted by my airstrikes from LBA/Graf Zeppelin, and U-Boats:
    3 on Hood
    4 on Maryland
    3 on Marat
    2 on Victorious

    Over the whole game they didn’t manage to match the 15 points of damage Ark Royal did to me on Turn 1 before I’d rolled a single die!

  17. Lee Kendter (axis) has defeated Jim Kramer (allies – bid 1.5) in a game that went to the 8th turn. Jim had a mathematical chance to win but gave up when axis u-boats negated the possibility of MED control and the last convoy was disabled in the Barents.

    T1: Jim opened with his preferred Barents in 2. Lee took the offered +2 POC start. In an oversight Lee failed to sail any of the Italian CA’s to the MED. Allied LBA attacked them in port with the wild result of 2 sunk and the third damaged. Lee was not enthused with fire results like that. POC score +2 axis.

    T2: Force deployment sees combat in 4 areas. MED – Allied LBA misses. Barents – Axis LBA misses. SA – A BB, 2 CA and Eagle take on 4 subs. ASW sinks 2 and disables a third with the remaining sub missing. NA – Allies have Nelson, Rodney, 3 R-class BB and Glorious to take on the DKM fleet without Lutzow patrolling the Baltic. Allied airstrikes miss. In 3 surface rounds the allies lose Nelson, Revenge, Ramilies and Glorious. Axis lose Scharnhorst and Scheer. Damaged surviving allies Rodney (3) and Resolution (2), axis Gneisenau (5) and Bismarck (6). Allies control Barents and NS, axis control NA, Baltic and MED. Score 6 to 2 axis with game score now +6 axis.

    T3: The O.R. sails in the Baltic. Allied deployment elsewhere sees NA – convoy 1A defended by 2 CV and a CA, SA – 2 BB, 2 CA and Eagle, NS – 7 BB (2 damaged), 2 CA and a CV, Barents – 3 BB (2 fail speed), 3 BC, 3 CA and Ark Royal. Axis repair Gneisenau (fully) and Bismarck (3) with fleet to Baltic. Combat sees allied air in Germany put 2 damage on Bismarck. Axis air causes no damage in the Barents. In the SA 3 subs see 1 sunk and 1 disabled with the remaining sub missing it’s shot. Baltic, O.R. sinks Graf Spee and is sunk in return. POC is 3 to 3 for the turn. Convoy 1A will move to the Barents.

    T4: Deployment rolls see 2 US CA come on. Allied deployment, NA – Convoy 2B, 2 CV and 3 CA (2 US), SA – 2 BB, 3 CA, Eagle, NS – 8 BB (2 damaged), 1 CA, 1 CV, Barents – Convoy 1A, 3 BB, 3BC, 3 CA, Ark Royal. Axis fleet to Baltic with Bismarck repaired and 4 subs to the SA. Allied LBA do no damage in the MED. ASW sink 2 subs and disable a third. Axis air and the sub score big with Eagle and Ark Royal sunk, a CA damaged and the Convoy disabled back to the US. POC is 3 to 3 for the turn again. Convoy 2B to the Barents.

    T5: NY is deployed. Allies have NA – Convoy 1A, 2 CV, 3 US ships, SA – 2 BB, 4 CA, NS – as T4, Barents – Convoy 2B, 4 BB (1 speed passed), 3 BC, 3 CA (1 damaged) and a CV. Axis fleet to Baltic, 4 subs to SA and Barents get LBA. Italians in MED of course. Combat sees ASW sink a sub and disable 2. LBA in the MED sink a CA and an old BB. Axis fire sees the sub miss it’s shot but the LBA’s single hit critically sinks the convoy. No game score change again. Convoy 1A back to the Barents.

    T6: For the turn, Washington and Marat sail. Deployment NA – Convoy 3C, 4 US ships, 2 CA, SA – BB, 2 CA, a CV, NS – 7 BB, Hood, 2 CA, 2 CV, Barents – Convoy 1A, 4 BB, 2 BC, 2 CA (1 damaged), a CV. In addition Rodney (3d) and Resolution (2d) sail to the MED and fail speed going to Malta. Axis send 6 subs to the NA and the fleet to face Marat in the Baltic. Combat sees ASW sink a sub and disable 3. MED LBA score no hits. Axis fire sees the subs disable the convoy, LBA sink the damaged CA and the Zeppelin sinks Marat with her airstrike. With the convoy POC is 6 to 3 allies. Game score now +3 axis.

    T7: The remaining US CA comes out. Deployment: NA – Convoy 3C, 5 US ships, a CA, SA – A BB and 2 CA, NS – 6 BB, 2 CV, Barents – 4 BB, 2 BC, a CV, MED – LBA, 2 damaged BB’s, Hood, 4 CA, a CV. Anson tried to sail in but failed speed and went back to England. Axis send LBA and 6 subs to the MED joining the Italians 4 new BB, 3 old BB and a CA. The DKM leave Prinz Eugen in the Baltic and sail the remaining ships (2 BB, a BC, 2 PB, 2 CA and the CV) to the Barents. Combat: MED – ASW sink 2 subs and disable 1. Subs miss their return fire. Allied airstrikes cripple Roma and damage a 4-3-5. Axis air disable the damaged Rodney (3). Surface rd1 – Allies disable a CA and old BB. Italian fire sink 2 CA and disable Hood, the damaged Resolution and 2 CA. The CV then flees. Combat Barents – Axis air disables DOY. Surface rd1 – Allies sink the PB, damage and disable Bismarck (3) and disable the BC and a CA. Axis fire sinks POW, disables Howe, Repulse and Renown and damages KGV (4). The allies retreat and during pursuit the Tirpitz is damaged for 5 with both the separately retreating KGV and the CV sunk. POC for the turn is 5 to 3 axis. Game score is now +5 axis. Convoy 3C will move to the Barents.

    T8: The last US ship comes on. The allies can still win the game but must get convoy 3C thru and hold the 5 zones they patrol. Allied deployment: NA – 6 US ships, SA – 2 BB, a CA and a CV, NS – 5 BB and a CV, Barents – Convoy 3C, 2 BB, 2 BC and a CA, MED – LBA, 2 damaged BB, Hood, 3 CA, a CV and Anson (making speed). The axis responded with a CA in the Baltic, fleet units (2 damaged BB, a BC, 2 CA and the CV) to the Barents, MED – LBA, 5 subs, 3 new BB, 3 old BB (1 damaged), a CA and the crippled Roma. Combat: MED – ASW sink a sub and disable 2. At this point the game could no longer be won by the allies based on the bid. Later combat rounds in the MED and the Barents went towards toss up results but the Barents convoy was disabled with rule 14.8 notably coming into play. An allied resignation followed.

    Early on Lee was lamenting his poor results with his air and subs and my above average ASW. Later in the game his single shot fires caused critical damage that made the allied position less and less tenable. Finally on T7 and T8 the allies had to venture into the MED to contest the area. Both forays there were not successful. Of note to me was a mistake I saw Lee making on T8 by sending the 5 subs to the MED. He risked them to the 10 ASW rolls I had there when the NA and SA both only had 6 ASW strength. The 5 subs would have been better positioned there as he only needed to deny me control of one of the 5 areas to win. A game of ebb and flow throughout.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  18. In the middle of T4, Tal Seaman’s Axis threw in the towel against Greg Hultgren’s Allies. Greg bid 1 to play the Allies. Without going into great detail, the main sea battles were in the SAT, with the freakish result of the entire Axis fleet being stuck in Neutral Port at the end of T3, sans the Graf Zep which had just arrived. This resulted in an Allied big boat convention in the SAT which was at that moment controlled by the Allies. After one round of ship rolls, Tal graciously ended it. At all times, Tal was a gentleman. I look forward to playing him again sometime in the future. Stay safe all 😉

  19. Hi John,Sharp,

    Yes, you figure correctly. So it’s time for the Allies to surrender. We’ll sign on the decks of Gorizia.

    Figured I’d win in the Barents and lose in the Med… Of course, I figured some Italians would be scuttled or switch to the Allies… Guess that’s why they put dice in the box.

    Congratulations, John! Good luck in the next round.

    Greg, John’s Axis march all the way to a 10 POC lead. I mounted a comeback, but could only get one convoy through. So the final POC was 0 or better for the Axis – and the Axis get the 1.5 bid to win it all.

    John Pack

    John Pack played the Allies for 1.5 POC, giving 1.5 to John Sharp to play the Axis. The game started well for the Axis, scoring up 9 POC during the first few turns. Pack played the mediterranean strategy, but the Italians gave as good as they got. Pack staged a comeback despite losing many RN ships, bringing the POC at the end of T7 to Allies +1. The final turn saw the Regia Marina stay fully Axis – three of the remaining three Italian shipst all rolled 5 or 6, no Allied conversion, no scuttling. That and a figuratively hopeless foray by the Kriegsmarine’s last three ships into the Barents which turned into an unexpected two POC for the Axis, sealed the game. Only one of the three convoys made it to Russia, and that last 3C was hit for 1 damage. A twisty-turny game, full of unexpected dice results. Thank you John for persevering and giving us a great game.

  20. Richard Beyma’s Axis defeated my Allies in our first-round game by 1 POC after the bid, having won a pair of critical North Sea battles on Turns 7 and 8 – with the Allies having been significantly favored on T7, and probably 50-50 on T8. The Allies had wonderful ASW and SR luck all game, and all three convoys made it through to Russia, but the Axis won every surface battle pretty comfortably, and that was basically that. Great game, though!

  21. Mircea Pauca’s Axis defeated quickly Karl Bodenheimer’s Allies (bid 2.5) with substantial luck, cumulating to outrageous.
    T1: Barents-in-1, I hunt the 4x 44x in NATL. Two 44x sunk for only 2 damage on Gneisenau. He111’s also sink Hood off Barents. U-boats unpatrol SATL (4 ASW) without loss. +3 Axis POC raw.
    T2: Barents battle, sinking PoW, Repulse, 2CA vs Scharnhorst, Spee and 8 damage on Bismarck. 4 British CA run and I let them go. Axis gain 2 PoC, total +5 raw.
    T3: Barents again Lots of disables, Norfolk the only sunk(!). Germans withdraw. 5 U-boats in Baltic to counter Marat, only scratch it. Allies gain back 2 PoC, total +3 Axis.
    T4: Barents! Germans sink KGV DOY, Renown, Sussex vs disables only. Situation so lopsided (1CA,1CV,convoy vs 5 Germans) that Allies give up. 7U sink Convoy2 in NATL.
    Thanks to Karl for the quick, accurate and fair play!

  22. I’m In … woohoo Call me old one and done. Keeping my expectations low 😉

  23. Count me in!

  24. Count me in here.

  25. I am in for the Single Elimination tournament as well as for Round 86

  26. I am in for Round 86 SE, and if there is a separate regular ladder, that too.

  27. I’m in!

  28. I am in the SE tournament.

  29. I’m in — thanks for running ladder and tourney

  30. Avi will play.

  31. I am in! Matching? Don’t care. Any way you choose as you are the Big Dog.

  32. sign me up

  33. Tal’s in

  34. I’m in -Thanks Greg

  35. I will play

  36. Yes, I will play in Single Elimination of WaS (and in the regular Ladder too).

  37. I’ll play.

  38. Add me also

  39. I will play.

  40. Put me in, boss!

  41. I’ll play!

  42. Playing

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