Congratulations to Vince Meconi, our new man on top of the ladder!


FINAL COPY UPDATED April 29th, 2021.

1 Bob Hamel (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies-1.50. Allied Victory

2 Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Bruce Monnin (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

3 Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) Axis Victory

4 Tal Seaman (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies-2.5) Axis Victory

5 John Sharp (Allies-1.0) vs Tim Tow (Axis) Axis Victory

6 Scott Beall (Allies-2.0) vs Greg Smith (Axis) Axis Victory

7 Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) vs Mark Bayliss (Axis) Axis Victory*

8 Phil Watkins (Allies-1.5) vs Hilton McManus (Axis) Axis Victory

9 Mike Kaye (Axis) vs Eric Anderson (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory

10 Tom Thornsen (Axis) vs Lee Kendter (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

11 Ken Pascoe (Axis) vs Pete Schelling (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

12 Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-2). Axis Victory

13 Jacob Anderson (Allies-1.5) vs Nicholas Markavitch Axis)

14 Avi Solomon (Axis) vs Dave Elkin (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory*

15 Rick Vrost (Axis) vs Robert Drozd (Allies-1.0) Allied Victory

16 Dick Jarvenin (Axis) vs Bob Jameli (Allies-1.0) Allied Victory

Extra Games

Allied Victories 4 Axis Victories 11 Ties

47 Comments to “94”

  1. The Axis & Allied dice (except nuclear ASW) joined together to defeat Eric Anderson’s Allies.
    Eric bid 1 for the Allies, and it didn’t start out all that well for the Axis
    Turn 1: Axis went to SATL and controlled the area, but lost Gneisenau, Spee & Scheer in exchange for one BB sunk and one maxed while Luftwaffe put the Hood down in the Barents; Axis +3
    Turn 2: Blucher + 4 It CA went to (relative) safety in Med while Hipper & Scharn went to Barents vs Ark, POW, Repulse, 5 CA (KGV failed SR) with the rest of the German fleet (such as it was) while all four Uboats were sunk in SATL by 8 ASW. Germans took 1 damage to Bismarck while sinking POW, Repulse, 3 CA. Axis to +4
    Turn 3: Germans again to Barents 6 ships vs KGV, DOY, 2 CV (Valiant failed SR) while solitary uboat trained in the otherwise empty Baltic; Bismarck took 3 more damage; Brits lost CV, DOY, 4 CA; Axis to +5
    Turn 4: Germans split fleet: Bismarck repaired; Scharn + 2 x CA to NATL vs lone Texas; Tirp, Lutzow, Zepp to Baltic vs Marat; LW sank Ark Royal and Convoy in Barents, Baltic: Marat & Lutzow went down together, as did Scharn & Texas in NATL; Axis + 8; we continued to see how much ground Eric could recover
    Turn 5: rebuilt Uboat fleet to NATL vs deck, convoy, Ami CA, losing 1 sub; Brit air sank Zara in Med; German fleet to otherwise empty Baltic; no change in POC
    Turn 6: 7 subs to North Sea vs 11 ASW while Fleets train in Baltic & Med; 3 subs sunk, but North Sea opened
    Turn 7: 5 subs to North Sea vs 8 ASW: 2 sunk, 3 disabled; German fleet to NATL vs 2 CV, WA, Anson, 2 x US CA (while New York, Wichita listened in on the radio); Anson maxed by Zepp air; rd 1: damage to Tirp & Bismarck (2 & 3), Zepp disabled in exchange for all three US ships sunk, leaving convoy, maxed Anson & 2 CV left in area; decided we had seen all we needed to

  2. I played Philip Watkins during round 94. Philip bid 1.5 to play the Allies and I took the Axis.

    Props to Philip for playing a Med strategy and looking for combat on T1. As the Axis, there have been too many games where the Italian BB’s never get a chance to fight. From what I recall, fight was pretty inclusive in the Med, but I did sink 3 R class vs losing 1 Italian. The RN also crippled with 5 and 6 hits the Littorio and VV. But, the RN did hold the Med.
    The Germans oiled in the North Atl, with the Scharnhorst failing and heading to the NP.

    On T2 the oiled Gneisenau, Lutzow, Blucher and Hipper joined the Italians in the Med and was able to sink the Nelson and another R class, and bottle the rest of the fleet up in Malta. From there it was a bit of cat and mouse, as the RN stayed in Malta, while the KM was racking up points in other areas.

    Final straw came when no USN forces arrive on T4 and the convoy is sunk with a LBA only attack on the Barents.

    As I mentioned to Greg, Philips dice were awful, as he only had success against the U boats. My dice were more than adequate. Here is an example. See if you can tell who got the better of this exchange? Especially proud of the Andrea Doria, although to make things fair, we used practice rounds for hit points.

    Seriously, Philip is always a gentleman when we play, even though he wants to scream.

    Thanks again, Philip.

    > Rodney->Gneisenau
    > #5-6

    Roll: 5 1 3 4 3 (No hits, disabled)

    > Hood->Lutzow
    > #4-6

    Roll: 1 5 1 5 (No hits, disabled)

    > Revenge->Blucher
    > #4-6

    Roll: 4 1 2 5 (No hits, disabled)

    > Cumberland->CdC d3
    > #1-6

    Roll: 3 (No hits, no disables)

    > Nelson->VV d5
    > #5-6

    Roll: 3 5 1 5 1 (No hits, disabled)

    > Devonshire->GC
    > #1-6

    Roll: 1 (No hits, no disables)

    > Sussex->AD
    > #1-6

    Roll: 1 (No hits, no disables)

    > Eagle->Fiume d1
    > #1-6

    Roll: 5 (No hits, disabled)


    > Gneisenau v Hood
    > #3-5

    Roll: 4 1 1 (No hits, disabled)

    > VV[-5] v Revenge
    > #4-6

    Roll: 6 6 2 1 (2 hits, no disables)
    Hits: 3 3 (6 Damage)

    > AD v Nelson
    > #4-6

    Roll: 6 6 3 6 (3 hits, no disables)
    Hits: 2 3 1 (6 Damage)

    > GC v Rodney
    > #4-6

    Roll: 6 5 1 1 (1 hit, disabled)
    Hits: 3 (3 Damage)

    > Pola v Cumberland
    > #1-6

    Roll: 1 (No hits, no disables)

    > Lutzow[-1] v Sussex
    > #2-6

    Roll: 4 1 (No hits, no disables)

    > CdC[-3], Fiume[-1] v Devonshire
    > #2-6

    Roll: 2 2 (No hits, no disables)

    > Gorizia v Eagle
    > #1-6

    Roll: 5 (No hits, disabled)

    > Blucher v Ark Royal
    > #1-5

    Roll: 1 (No hits, no disables)


  3. David Elkin (Allies, 1.5 POC) surrendered to Avi Solomon at the end of Turn 7 as Axis POC was close to 10 and would have reached at least 10 by the end of Turn 8. I think that we have not played each other before.

  4. Greg Smith (Axis) defeated Scott Beall (Allies-2.0). Scott surrendered in turn 5 when Convoy 1a was disabled for the second time in as many turns. U Boats sunk Convoy 2b in Turn 4. Allies had no reasonable expectations to win even if they were successful in the Med. Axis ships had sunk three fast capital ships and had only lost one 1-2-7.
    The dice did it again!

  5. 14TH WAR AT SEA TOURNAMENT BEGINS IN MAY: Darren Kilfara and defending champion Jonathan Lockwood will once again jointly GM the tournament, which we expect will move along very quickly given that last year’s tournament was completed in little over four months. Each round will last no more than two-and-a-half weeks; the expectation is that all games will be played via email, and via text exchange as the default method (although CyberBoard or VASSAL files can be exchanged if both players agree to do so), although real-time games may be played VASSAL if both players agree. As was the case last year, the tournament will again consist of a double-elimination Preliminary Stage (similar in many respects to the usual WAS Swiss tournament format) followed by a single-elimination Knockout Stage – full details can be found on the tournament website at https://waratsea.jimdofree.com/. If you are interested in participating in the tournament, please email Jonathan at jsl552009@hotmail.com no later than 28 April.

  6. After bidding 1.5 POC for the allies, Lee Kendter, Jr. has conceded to Tom Thornsen’s Axis on turn 6. We have competed against each other in a prior round.

    The allies got off on the wrong foot as the Royal Navy went into the Barents Sea on turn 1 but left the HMS Hood in the North Sea. The Kriegsmarine sortied and sank both HMS Renown and HMS Repulse along with three CAs losing only SMS Graf Spee in two rounds of combat for an Axis +1 POC.

    On turn 2 the HMS Prince of Wales failed its speed roll to the Barents Sea and the Kriegsmarine again sortied but without SMS Scharnhorst and SMS Adm. Scheer which were under repair and the wrecked SMS Adm. Hipper on patrol in the Baltic Sea . This time the Allies got the better of the combat results and won the Barents Sea exchanging another CA for the SMS Prinz Eugen.

    Other than an engagement in the Baltic Sea that sank the October Revolutia, Turns 3-5 were ASW, U-Boat and Air Strike turns. Most of the allied naval strength was deployed to the Barents and North Sea to maintain the blockade, leading to Allied ASW being less than stellar but sufficient to ‘scare off’ enough submarines that one convoy made it to Russia on turn 4 with another disabled.

    With all ships repaired, the Kriegsmarine sorties into the Barents Sea on turn 6. After the exchange of Air Strikes and two rounds of surface combat the Royal Navy had lost three battleships and two cruisers sunk and a fourth battleship wrecked sinking only the SMS Bismarck in return. With only the CA HMS Norfolk available as escort for the two carriers and SMS Gneisenau and SMS Graf Zeppelin ready to pursue the Allies resigned. The POC score would be even at the end of the turn and the U-Boat fleet was still at maximum strength and keeping the convoys at bay along with denying allied control of the N. Atlantic.

  7. Tim Tow’s Axis soundly whipped John Sharp’s Allies in their WaS match. Tim played a great game, conserving his Kriegsmarine well, only losing two German ships during the game. His U-Boats were particularly effective, in Turn 5 rolling double boxcars against two of three 444s in the South Atlantic, sinking those two. The last three turns Tim didn’t need his U-Boat reinforcements as the ASW was weak and ineffective. After T6 with the POC at Axis +9, the Royal Navy and USN both badly depleted and a bid of one to the Axis, John conceded the game.

  8. Jim Bodenheimer’s Axis defeated Dennis Nicholson’s Allies (bid of 2.0) after 3 turns by surrender. Dennis went for the Med gambit from the start choosing to relinquish Barents on all three turns. The dice were against this strategy from the outset and the Allies were unable to gain control of the Med while losing a lot of battleships. Early on the damage was well shared by both the Brits and Italians but by the end of turn 3 it was obvious how the dice voted when the Italians sank 3 of the 4 Allied ships with nothing but cruisers and crippled battleships. The POC at the end of 3 was Axis 7 before Allied bid of 2.0. We have played WAS together in the past.

  9. Robert Drozd (Allies, bid 1.0) defeated Rick Virost (Axis) in a shortened Match 15 of Round 94. Turn 1 was quiet, with only LBA attacks. Turn 2 broke the back of the Axis during a battle for the Barents. In the carrier airstrikes by Ark Royal three 5’s were rolled, disabling all three large Axis battleships (Bismarck, Gneisenau, and Scharnhorst) before the surface battle began. During the ensuing “clean-up action” all three pocket battleships were lost along with one cruiser at a cost to the Allies of three cruisers plus Repulse. The Axis fleet tried to overcome this one-for-one exchange of ships during a Turn 3 battle in the Baltic by crushing a single Russian battleship with the full force of the remaining Axis surface fleet. However the Russian rolled a boxcar and sank Scharnhorst, continuing the one-for-one exchange rate. To save valuable gaming time the Axis conceded at the end of Turn 3. Luck was a very major factor in this Allies victory.

  10. Okay, while the goings good!!

    Many thanks for Jim for the write up.

    Poor Allied ASW through out the game enabled the U Boats to dominate, firstly sinking convoy one and then picking of the cruiser screen to reduce ASW even more.

    The DKM having won the NA in turn 2 and oiled all four still at sea, still had to return to safer waters and then supported the U Boats with a raid and run strategy in the Barents.

    Allied pursuit also was very poor. T5 seeing Bismarck being pursued by a jubilant British force of Howe, POW, KGV and DOY only for them to see 15 shots sail wide, long or short, just one hit , though the damage two did mean the soup had to redone in the canteen! A disabled Bismarck slipped away under all the British smoke to menace again.
    Six allied cruisers sank whittling the ASW away for the later turns

    Another German dash to the Barents on T7 saw what would have been a pyric victory, facing a costly withdrawal the allies managed to assist the DKM cause by disabling 4 of the 5 targets, again Bismarck, Tirpitz, Graf Zeppelin amongst those who slip away

    T8 saw the allies needing to get two convoys home, one to the UK and win the Med, Not needing the Italians the NA convoy succumbs to the U Boats.

    We play the med out which is a powerful Italian win , who go on to dominate the seas for decades [ sorry got carried away their ! ]

    Thanks for a great game Jim

  11. Well I’d like to comment of my game with Jim Kramer but having posted it twice, it still does not appear! So just seeing if this does!! Is their something I should be doing! apart from cussing that it is!

  12. Mircea Pauca (Axis) has defeated Bruce Monnin (Allies, bid 1.5) by surrender in Turn 6. We have played before WAS for AREA.
    T1: Bruce’s new classic Barents-in-1 was answered by Germans massing in North Atlantic (7 ships sent vs 4x 44x) and the U-boats trained in the Baltic. Lutzow failed the speed roll then was crippled by bombing in German port. In NATL Germans sunk all 4 BB’s vs only Scheer. Score 2 Axis raw.
    T2: Facing a strong blockade Germans stayed home in the Baltic and Lutzow repaired. Planes from Norway sank Ark Royal and damaged Renown. 4U caught a single carrier in NATL, they disabled one another. Same score, +2 Axis.
    T3: German fleet sinks Okt. Rev. at loss of Graf Spee. 5U mass in SATL (4 ASW) and sink Sussex. With NATL left empty, Axis gained 1p, total 3 Axis raw.
    T4: German fleet sinks Marat at no loss. Stukas sink 1CV,1CA. Full 7U wolfpack opens NSEA (13 ASW), lose 1U and hit nothing. Same 3 Axis raw.
    T5: Wide choice for Germans. In Barents German airstrikes miss but 7U sink Repulse and Formidable at loss of 3U from the 14 ASW. 9 surface ships mass in NSEA, sink 4BB,2CA,2CV vs Lutzow, Hipper, crippled Scharnhorst. Despite Convoy1A arriving in Murmansk, score stays same 3 Axis raw.
    T6: NSEA is kept open by 7U vs only 8 ASW, Renown vs 2U sunk. Scharnhorst repairs in Ludwigshafen, British bombing misses it. With both sides thinned, German fleet (6 ships) finds the weaker NATL (2BB,3CA). Their advantage lessens with Tirpitz missing speed roll but US gunnery only puts another scratch on Bismarck. At this point the Allies surrender. With all the Convoy 2B arriving, score would have stayed the same, 3 Axis raw (4.5 after bid)

    Thanks to Bruce for his swift and fair play! I wish him similar good luck to mine in following games 😉

  13. Mark Bayliss (Axis) has defeated Jim Kramer Jr. (Allies bid 1.5 POC) to win their RD94 ladder game. The game went the full 8 turns before being decided.

    The Allies were deployed in Jim’s favored Barents in 2 play. Axis forces did not challenge anywhere so allied LBA was the only combat rolls with 1 point of damage placed on an Italian 4-3-5. Game score +2 axis.

    On Turn 2 allied deployment sees the 4 Barents speed rolls (2 BB, 2BC) successful. Barents has those 4 ships with Hood, Ark Royal and 5 CA. NS has 6 BB, 2 CA and 2 CV. SA has 2 BB a CA and Eagle. NA – Nelson, Rodney, Royal Oak, Royal Sovereign and Courageous. Mark kept the Italians at home and patrolled the Baltic with a 2-2-5. The remaining 8 German ships and 4 subs went to the NA. One 2-2-5 failed speed. Allied LBA miss 3 Italian ships and the NA ASW only scores a single disable. Axis LBA in the Barents score a single disable but the subs sink Courageous before she can launch airstrikes. In surface combat round 1 Scharnhorst is sunk, damage to Gneisenau (3) and Bismarck (2) with Gneisenau also disabled. Axis fire sinks Nelson and Rodney and cripples Royal Oak. In the second round Royal Oak and Graf Spee are disabled and Royal Sovereign is sunk. The axis pick up 3 POC on the turn with the game score advancing to +5 axis. Mark decided to oil his 4 remaining ships (Bismarck and 3 CA) which succeeded.

    On Turn 3 allied deployment must take in account the 4 oiled ships. SA – 2 BB, 4 CA and Eagle. NS – 4 BB, 2 BC and 2 CV. NA – 3 BB (including the crippled Royal Oak) a CV and convoy 1A. Barents – Hood, Ark Royal, 4 CA and 3 KGV class BB where 1 fails speed to Russia. Marat is also available and sails in the Baltic. Mark sends 5 subs to the NA. The Italian fleet is split on MED patrol. Gneisenau repairs and the rest of the DKM (8 ships) move to the Baltic. Allied LBA sinks 2 Italian CA’s but ASW is weak sinking a single sub. Axis LBA cripple Ark Royal and disable a KGV. The subs score sinking convoy 1A. In the Baltic Marat puts 11 damage points on Graf Spee before being sunk. POC is 3 to 3 for the turn, no game score change

    On Turn 4, the Allies continued to maintain the blockade, while Okt. Rev. activated in the Baltic. Deployment: SA – 3 BB and 2 CA. NA – 3 CA and Eagle. NS – 6 BB (Anson is here) and 2 CV. Barents – 3 KGV, 3 CA, Hood and Formidable. The 2 3-3-6 move north but 1 fails speed to Russia. Ark Royal repairs in Russia. Convoy 2B stayed in port. Mark keeps the Italians patrol split. His 6 subs move to the NA. The Bismarck repairs and the remaining DKM ships move to the Baltic. Allies LBA attack Italy, no hits. ASW is also all misses. Axis subs now sink Eagle, Barents LBA sink Hood and Repulse and Graf Zeppelin air takes out Okt. Rev. a very productive set of rolls. POC is still 3 to 3 so the game score does not change.

    Turn 5 and the Allied blockade is still there. The US adds Washington and 2 CA to the fight. They are joined in the NA by 2 UK CA’s. SA – 2 BB and 3 CA. NS – 7 BB and 3 CV. Barents – Ark Royal and Illustrious, 3 CA, 3 KGV BB and Renown. Anson and Howe sail to the Barents with Anson failing speed to Russia. Convoy 2B continues to shelter in port. The Axis has to delete a sub because of the 7 sub deployment limit. The 7 subs go to the NA. The Italian fleet continues the split fleet patrol in the MED. Mark places a CA in the Baltic and sends the remaining 8 German ships (2 BB, BC, 2 PB, 2 CA and the CV) to the Barents joining the LBA. Allied ASW score a single disable. LBA in the MED miss all shots. The CV’s in the Barents have good success with Bismarck again damaged (2) and Tirpitz and the 2 PB disabled. Mark spreads his subs fire to sink the 2 US CA and a UK CA. Axis Barents air disables Ark Royal and sinks Renown. Surface combat has the allies sink Gneisenau, and the 2 CA. Several shots were taken at the engaged Graf Zeppelin without any hits. Mark’s return fire concentrated on the 3 CA sinking them. The Germans retreat with Bismarck (2d) pursued by 4 KGV BB’s. Pursuit fire sees an addition 2 damage placed on Bismarck with a disable also scored. Bismarck’s return fire only results in a disable. POC for the turn again is 3 to 3, no change.

    Turn 6 and no additional US ships appear. Allies deploy to the SA – 4 R-class BB. NA – Convoy 2B, Washington, 2 CA and 2 CV. NS – 5 4-4-4, a CA and 2 CV. Barents – 5 KGV class BB, a CA and Ark Royal. Axis – Italians as before, 7 subs and the LBA to the Barents, repair Bismarck and send the remaining 5 DKM ships to the Baltic. Again Mark had to remove the 3 subs destined to reinforce as he still has 7 in the game. Combat – Allied LBA cause no damage to the Italians. ASW sink a sub and disable 2 more. Axis subs cripple Ark Royal again. LBA only damage the CA Sussex (1). Again no change in the game score. Convoy 2B will move to the Barents.

    Turn 7 and the Barents is open. The remaining 3 US ships, 2 BB and a CA join in. Allied deployment: SA – 2 BB, 2 CA and a CV. NA – The 4 US ships, a BB, a CA, a CV and convoy 3C. NS – 6 BB a CV and making speed from the Barents the crippled Ark Royal. Barents – 5 KGV BB, the damaged Sussex, a CV and convoy 2B. Mark keeps the Italians split as before. The 7 subs go to the SA and a CA patrols the Baltic. The remaining 5 German ships with the LBA go the Barents (2 BB, 2 PB and the CV). Allied LBA score no hits against the Italians. ASW sink 3 subs. The Barents CV damages Bismarck (4). Axis subs sink CV Glorious. Axis Barents air disable the carrier and convoy 2B. Allied surface fire sinks PB Lutzow but only scores disables on the remaining 4 German ships. German return fire damages 3 BB, Anson (4), Howe (2) and DOY (2). The blockade is back on. Again the game score does not change. With convoy 2B disabled back to the USA drastic measures will be needed on T8. Convoy 3C moves to the Barents.

    On Turn 8 the MED must be contested. Allied deployment: Barents – 3 damaged 4-5-6 (4,2,2), the damaged Sussex, a CV and convoy 3C. NA – The 4 US ships and convoy 2B. SA – 2 4-4-3 and the crippled Ark Royal. NS – 2 4-4-3, a CV and attempting speed from the Barents KGV and POW. POW fails. Going to the MED – LBA, 2 CV, 3 CA and 5 4-4-4 BB. Getting some luck, only 1 4-4-4 fails speed. Mark deploys his 5 subs to the NA, a CA to the Baltic, 4 DKM ships to the Barents (Bismarck 4d) and the Italian fleet (8 BB and 2 CA) with the LBA meet the UK in the MED. Allied ASW sinks a sub. Barents CV air strikes are misses. Allied MED air disables a 4-3-5. Mark’s subs now score a hit that sinks convoy 2B. This effectively ended the game but we played out the turn. In the Barents the combat reduced the forces to the convoy defended by the undamaged CV against a damaged pocket battleship. The convoy finally dispatched the German on combat round 4. In the MED axis LBA disabled 1 BB and damaged another. Surface combat went 2 rounds. In round 1 the UK forces removed 3 BB’s from the battle. Italian fire took out the 3 British battleships. In round 2 the remaining UK CA’s disabled another Italian BB before being dispatched by return fire. With the convoy making Russia the turn score was 6 to 3 allies. This reduced the game score to axis +2, adjusted to +3.5 by the bid for the axis win.

    All in all a compelling game but the allies lack of effective ASW and LBA allowed the German U-boats to be effective counter balances to the allied fleet and the Italian fleet stayed intact. The subs and the axis LBA picked off several key ships during the game making allied moves more and more problematic. The disable of convoy 2C on T7 really made any allied chance of victory, a long shot before, then virtually impossible.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  14. Vince Meconi’s Allies, bidding 1.5, defeated Bob Hamel’s Axis. We have played many times previously. It was not exactly a contest of skill; we didn’t even finish turn 4. The Allies opened with Barents on 1 and both British BCs passed their speed rolls. Normally the most aggressive of Axis players, Bob surprised me by keeping the Germans in the Baltic and the Italians in the Med. On turn 2, the Axis saw opportunity when 3 British capital ships failed their speed rolls to the Barents. However, although the Axis won the area, attrition favored the Allies, who lost a 456 and 3×117 compared to the Germans, whose 2×357 and a 225 were sunk (along with an Italian 117 sunk by the LBA in the Med). To make matters worse, the Bismarck took -8 damage and two 127s were wounded, leaving the Germans nobody fast enough to pursue the fleeing Ark Royal and British CAs. Turn 3 was more bad news for the Axis as first all 5 British capital ships passed their speed rolls to the Barents, and the Marat went down in the Baltic but took the Prinz Eugen with her, a trade the Allies are happy to make any time. Worse, the Axis’ 5 U-boats tried to break open the North Sea (about a 50-50 chance) but Allied ASW sank every one of them. Now the Axis were really in trouble as the game moved to turn 4. The dice gods continued to abandon all pretense of objectivity. Allied ASW removed both U-boats from the S. Atlantic. The climactic battle in the Barents was a rout in favor of the Allies. The two Allied carriers disabled a 496 and a 225 and sank the Graf Zeppelin, and damaged the other 496 with their airstrikes. In return, all the Axis could do with their 5 airstrikes was disable Convoy 1A. Allied first round gunnery sank every remaining German ship, causing the Axis to resign without bothering to fire back.

  15. I’m in for 94; thanks for running the ladder

  16. In for 94

  17. I’m in for 94.

  18. I’m in the mix….

  19. Avi is in for Rd 94.

  20. I will play

  21. I’m in for Round 94.

  22. i am in

  23. I’m in!

  24. I will play Round 94.

  25. I’m in for rd 94.

  26. I will play in Round 94. Prefer a quick match via online Vassal if opponent agrees. Thanks for running the ladder, Greg!

  27. Greg, I am in for round 94.

  28. I’m in for Round 94

  29. I’m in this time! i

  30. Playing

  31. I will play round 94.

  32. Yet again the old sea dog says, set sail. I am in for 94

  33. I will skip this round. Thank you, Greg!

  34. I will play in the next round

  35. In for 94. Greg, thanks for running.

  36. Passing on round 94

  37. I am IN for round 94

  38. Rick Virost will play in Round 94 (starting in mid-March???)

  39. In for Round 94 as well.

  40. I’m in for 94.

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