Round 72

FINAL Matchups

Updated 1/1/18

Congratulations to Greg Hultgren atop the ladder AGAIN!

Round 72 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Greg Hultgren (Axis) vs John Lindley (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

2. Bob Hamel (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

3. Andy Gardner (Allies-2.0) vs Richard Beyma (Axis). Axis Victory

4. Rob Drozd (Axis) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

5. Lee Kendter (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

6. Bruce Monnin (Allies-2.0) vs Mike Kaye (Axis) Axis Victory

7. Dennis Nicholson (Allies-1.0) vs Mike Brophy Axis. Allied Victory

8. Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

9.  Tim Tow (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Jameli (Axis) Axis Victory

10. Avi Solomon (Allies-1.5) vs John Pack (Axis) Allied Victory

11. Dave Elkin (Axis) vs Mercia Pauca (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory by 4.5

12. John Sharp (Axis) vs Daniel Blumentrit (Allies-1.0) Axis Victory


Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Mircea Pauca (Axis) Allied Victory

Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5) vs Ken Pascoe (Axis) Allied Victory*

Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) vs  Ken Pascoe (Axis) Allied Victory*

Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-1.5) vs Lee Kendter (Axis) Allied Victory

Ken Pascoe (Allies-1.5) vs Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) Axis Victory

Allied Victory    10    Axis Victory   7   Tie

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon


42 Comments to “Round 72”

  1. Greg Hultgren’s Axis defeated John Lindly’s Allies in another close one. This game was difficult due to the fires near my home. Special thanks for John for his patience as we used our entire 60 days to play this one.

    The good news is that all of my family survived the fires and no one lost their homes. Refuges from Santa Barbara were in my house for awhile, which caused significant distraction to important things like playing games ;-).

    I have played John twice now and each time he evidences that he is a gentleman. Also, he has come very close twice to beating me. I fear our third play ;-).

  2. Bruce conceded at the end of turn 6; my Axis were up 6 POC before bid of 2 for Allies was taken into account. my turn 6 subs disabled convoy 2A from NATL, meaning only one convoy would be able to reach Russia

    Will play next round; thanks for running the ladder

  3. Mike Kaye won our game a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully he will post details here someday.

  4. Jonathan Lockwood (Axis) had defeated Ken Pascoe (Allies 1.5) in a rematch of our previous extra match during Round 72, this time with the sides reversed with the same handicap. This game was a classic example of what I call a Type IV game, one in which you have comparatively good luck and your opponent has comparatively bad luck overall. Ken started out well enough with a “balanced carnage” deployment that left no clear good choices for the Axis. The Axis therefore spent Turn 1 and Turn 2 building up its forces, sinking the Ark Royal on Turn 2 while the Allies sank an Italian cruiser on Turn 1. I believe the major turning point in this game was the devastating defeat of the Allied fleet in the Barents on Turn 3 when the Axis came out with 10 ships against a weaker Allied force that had failed one speed roll as well, after which the succeeding turns were a series of cascading disasters for the Allies due to increasing casualties, a full strength U-boat fleet which stayed at full strength from Turn 4 on, and above average combat luck for the Axis, especially for the Italians in the SATL, which managed to take over the SATL twice with the help of 7 U-boats each time.  The game went the entire 8 turns, and at the end, the Axis controlled the Baltic, Med, North Sea, and South Atlantic, with relatively isolated British and American fleets in the Barents and North Atlantic. If not for the 10 POC limit rule, the Axis would have ended the game with a 22 POC cumulative lead (23.5 POC with handicap applied.

    This was a subsequent match between Ken and me.

  5. Jim Kramer (Allies) has defeated Ken Pascoe (Axis) in an extra game. Jim bid 1.5 for the Allies and opened with his usual Barents in 2. On T1 Ken kept his German fleet out of battle but did commit his subs to opening the NS. Allied ASW sank all 3 subs and LBA sank an Italian CA. As played the Axis starts at +2 POC. T2 sees combat in the NA but the allied force holds on with both sides taking small losses. The Allies hold Barents, NA, SA and NS to pick up a POC for T2. T3 sees repairs by both sides and Convoy 1A sailing. The Allies again picked up a POC to return the game score to 0. T4 has 1A sent to the Barents and 2B in the NA. The Axis responded with 3 subs in the NA and with no USSR presence in the Baltic the 10 German ships go to the NS facing 8 BB’s and 2 CV’s. Combat sees 2B disabled and the Germans win in the NS with some losses on both sides. Convoy 1A does get to Russia so the game score stays at 0. For T5 the Allied deployment withdrew to the NA, NS and SA with the exception of 2 BB’s in the Barents. Again no USSR ships sail but Washington joins for the US guarding the sailed 2B . The Axis sends the 5 subs he has to the NA, patrols the Baltic and the MED, and sends his 2 BB’s, 2 BC’s and his CV to the Barents. In combat the UK Barents BB’s are sunk at the cost of a German BC. In the NA allied ASW strikes heavily with 4 subs sunk and the other disabled. In addition an Italian CA was damaged by LBA. POC at turn’s end was again at +2 Axis. T6 was the critical turn in the game. Convoy 2B moves to the Barents joining 2 CV, 3 CA, Hood and 4 KGV’s The NA has 3B, Washington and Wichita, Repulse and Renown, Rodney, Exeter and Ark Royal. The SA has a damaged 4-4-4, 3 CA’s and Eagle. Holding the NS are 5 BB’s a CA and 2 CV. Ken’s Axis response sends his LBA and 4 subs to the Barents, the 3 Italian CA’s to the SA, Graf Zeppelin holds the allied free Baltic and his 2 BB’s, the BC and 2 PB’s move to the NA. One PB fails it’s speed roll reducing the NA fleet. Combat sees the SA held by the Allies with an Italian CA sunk and the others disabled. In the Barents, ASW sinks 3 subs and disabled the fourth. Axis air hits all 3 targets, convoy 2B and the 2 CV’s but sinks none with 2B suffering 3 points of damage. In the NA combat, after 2 rounds and many ship disables, Wichita, Ark Royal and 3C square off against Admiral Scheer. AS scores the first hit on Wichita but does not sink her. That allows for the disabling of AS in a later round. The Allies hold the 4 areas patrolled and land both convoys for 8 POC. This counters the 3 Axis POC earned and moved the game score to +3 Allies. T7, no Soviets again and only 2 subs to contend with, Allied deployment has strength in the NS and Barents, a SA force counters to the 2 Italian CA’s left, and 3 US ships in the NA. No Germans go to the Baltic, 2 subs to the NA. Combat in the SA and NS result in allied victories and another allied POC earned. T8 and again no Soviets, combat results in no POC change. The final score of +4 Allies was reduced by the bid to +2.5. The great luck for the allies on T6 of winning 4 areas and getting both convoys thru made the game for me. If you change the Barents and/or NA results to Axis victories the game is Ken’s. This being my first game against Ken my thanks to him for a tough well fought game.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  6. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 1.5) has defeated Lee Kendter’s Axis in a close match that went 7 turns before the Axis finally conceded. Lee responded to my Allied deployment by building up the Axis fleet and looking for an opportunity to either break out in the Barents (if the Allies failed speed rolls) or using the U-boats to break the North Sea blockade. The blockade stayed firm through Turn 5, with the only significant action being the Axis sinking of Convoy 1A on Turn 3, and a failed breakout attempt with 6 U-boats in the North Sea on Turn 5 versus 18 ASW. Lee then struck with 10 ships and 6-boats in the North Sea on Turn 6, leaving Blucher to garrison the Baltic. One U-boat survived to neutralize the blockade, in the process sinking the Glorious. Lee’s Axis then controlled the North Sea and inflicted heavy damage on the British fleet, including sinking the Victorious in pursuit, but losing 4 German ships in the process, weakening his chances for successfully exploiting the breakout on Turn 7. The Allies used a balanced deployment on Turn 7 to present no obvious good choices to the Axis. Lee chose to sortie to the SATL with 6 German ships and 4 Italian cruisers, but Bismarck (-1) failed its speed roll and went back to Germany, where Allied LBA missed an opportunity to inflict additional damage. In the ensuing surface combat, the Axis resigned after the initial British volley sank 4 ships and disabled 2 more, so that the Axis chances for victory on Turn 8 were virtually nil after Convoy 3C successfully evade Axis LBA and put in at Murmansk. The Axis then conceded before returning fire, leaving the Allies with a 6 POC cumulative lead by the end of Turn 7 (4.5 POC with handicap). Lee played an excellent game, using his U-boats to good effect, but the heavy losses he took on the Turn 6 breakout were the deciding factor. We have played before.

  7. Bob Jamelli as the Axis defeats Tim Tow (1.5 bid) as the Allies. A decisive battle in the Barents on turn 7 made it difficult for the Allies. The loss of the area and a hobbled convoy c disabled back to the USA put the POC at 4 (5.5) with 1 turn to go.The Axis had five ship and 7 UB left.

  8. Dennis Nicholson defeated Mike Brophy in our match. My Allies were up by 7 after turn 6 (+5 after the bid). the game was basically over when the Germans went to the South Atlantic on turn 1 with all but 1 2-2-5. He failed both speed 5 rolls, then lost all 8 Axis ships and the area, locking the failed speed roll ships in the neutral port.

  9. [Report written again – first report got somehow deleted]
    Mircea Pauca (Allies, bid 1.5) defeated David Elkin (Axis) by 4.5 points after bid (6 raw). We have played WAS for AREA before.
    T1: Against my standard Barents-in-1 David challenges SATL with all 8 fast ships (but all 3 pocket battleships remain in Baltic). Germans lose a battlecruiser and two cruisers while sinking 2 British, and Italians remain to fly the flag. Luftwaffe also sinks Ark Royal and a battlecruiser! Score Axis +3 (raw).
    T2: Italy controls again SATL after 4U giving excellent support – they sink 2BB, then Rodney is crippled. Italians lose 2 cruisers. Axis gains 3 PoC, total +6 Axis
    T3: Third victory for Italy in SATL, more great support from 5U, they disable 2BB before the big guns. In a final Battle of the Cripples, Rodney and Gneisenau sink each other. Germans fight separately in Barents (but diverting a cruiser to Baltic). They lose Lutzow and Spee, sink only a cruiser and fail to control. Change +3 Axis, total +9 Axis.
    T4: Marat valiantly sacrifices against the whole remaining German fleet, and sinks Scheer too. Stukas sink Convoy1A. In NATL, 7U vs 9 ASW cannot harm Convoy2B but disable 2 other ships. Italians valiantly sortie from the Neutral port to SATL, only 1 of the 2CA is sunk. Score stays at +9 Axis.
    T5: My British are desperate enough to recoup the score, with a convoy lost the only chance is to enter the Med. Of 7BB,2CV sent only 1BB fails the speed roll.

  10. This was an “Extra Match” first because Greg Smith (webmaster) had an odd number of ladder participants and had sat out, and second because I (Rick Virost) had forgotten to sign up for Round 72 in time. Greg played the Axis after I offered 1.5 POC for the Allies. Game played to the full eight turns, with the last turn played in person as Greg came by the house to show me how to better use VASSAL. Final score was +5 Allies (+3.5 Allies with bid). Major factor in the match was the very effective Allies ASW, sinking between one to four U-Boats each turn the subs were in a war zone. This plus problems with Axis LBA pilots allowed all three convoys to reach Russia. Six U-Boats finally managed to break the North Sea blockade (with one survivor), making for major surface battles in the South Atlantic for Turns 7 and 8. This was the first time we had played each other.

  11. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 1.5 POC) has defeated Ken Pascoe (Axis) in an “extra” Round 72 match for AREA purposes only. Unlike the previous two opponents during this round, Ken elected to stay in port on Turn 1 and build up. However, once he saw the Allied blockade established on Turn 2, he decided that further delay in attacking could not be afforded, and came out in force in the Barents against a slightly superior Allied blockading force that had made all of its speed rolls. The Axis lost 4 ships in that battle, including the Bismarck, to only 2 ships for the Allies, along with crippling the Hood with 4 points damage. From that point, the Axis was forced to rely heavily on aggressive use of its U-boat fleet to stave off the Allied convoys, which worked until Turn 5, when Convoy 2B managed to get through to Murmansk to give the Allies a 1.5 POC lead after handicap applied. When the Axis came out on Turn 6 in the Barents for a second time, they were facing a clearly superior Allied fleet, which was able to ram through Convoy 1A (albeit with 3 points damage from Axis LBA) and neutralize the U-boat fleet in the NATL to increase the Allied lead to 7 POC (5.5 POC Allied lead with handicap applied. The Axis resigned at the end of Turn 6. Better luck in the first Barents battle on Turn 2 would have made this a much closer game.

    This was our first match against each other, with the possibility of a rematch during December with opposite sides if time and opportunity permit.

  12. Bob Hamel vs Jim Kramer Bob was Axis (of course) and Jim was Allies
    bid was 1.5 for Allies

    We played until mid turn 7

    Axis at 5 POC at end of turn 6

    On turn7

    Axis will control Med

    Allies will control N. Sea and N. Atlantic

    S. Atlantic is de-controlled by subs

    In the Barents – the Axis fired 5 air shots in Barents and the only 1 hit was the Convoy – killing it.

    We did not fight the Barents battle as Jim resigned. – Axis would have won by 4 before the bid anyway without

    convoy landing and Barents battle.

    jim lost A LOT of carriers (only had 3 left) so with all 7 subs game is now a math lock.

  13. Ken Pascoe:

    I am available for a PBEM match if you wish. You may have the first bid. Contact me at

  14. in Rd 72, Karl Bodenheimer’s Axis has conceded at the end of T7 with a score of +7 Allied POC (before my bid of -1.5 is applied). Attrition was rough on both sides but winning a few crucial areas and a convoy getting through to Russia made the difference.

  15. I just signed up for Round 73, and am available for a game in Round 72 if there is one, or for an unofficial game with whoever has time. I’m new to PBEM so I need to see how it all works.

  16. Vince Meconi’s dice — I mean, Allies — defeated Lee Kendter’s Axis. The bid was Allies for 1.5 and we have played previously. The dice gods were all on one side. While Allied speed rolls were successful, the Axis LBA and U-boats scored exactly zero hits for the game. More bizarrely, Allied availability rolls were practically perfect. The Axis broke control of the North Sea on turn 4 but by that time not only had 5 US ships deployed, but also both Russians were available — for the 3rd turn in a row. The Axis threw in the towel after turn 5 with the Allied lead unassailable. Lee believes 25% of all WAS games are dice games — I think it’s more like 33%.

  17. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.5) has defeated Mircea Pauca (Axis) in an “extra” Round 72 match for AREA purposes only. Mircea decided to test the SATL with an all-out commitment of 7 German ships and 4 Italian cruisers (all 2-2-5s made their speed rolls) after noting that the Allied deployment was so balanced that it presented no really good options for the Axis on Turn 1. The Axis managed to take the SATL without the prohibitive losses that Rob Drozd suffered in our ladder match (see above report) but also failed to sink any British ships (although several were damaged and the Barham crippled) while having to lose the Adm Scheer to surface combat, the Graf Spee crippled with 2 points damage before being disabled, and the other German ships disabled to the neutral port to prevent oiling. This set up an Allied “Zugzwang” (German for “forced move”) deployment on Turn 2 that presented no good area for the German-Italian task force to run to. The Axis decided to fight it out in the SATL, but conceded before the end of Turn 2 when it became apparent that the addition of the Rodney, Nelson, and Queen Liz made the Allies too strong to overcome.

    We have played before.

  18. John Sharp
    November 4, 2017 at 2:44 pm (Edit)
    Daniel Blumentritt (Allies) played John Sharp (Axis) using the VASSAL server. The bid was by Daniel, giving John Sharp 1.0 POC so Daniel could command the Allied fleets. Daniel and John played six turns, at the end of which Daniel’s Allies surrendered. The sixth turn saw the final convoy sunk in the North Atlantic along with an Axis flag. That doomed the Allies as they could not generate enough additional POC to swing a victory. John’s LBA were hot, claiming more than two BBs and two CVs in the Barents alone. Daniel’s ASW had a tough time, rarely reducing the Axis beyond the maximum possible U-Boats. Final POC: Axis +2.0.

  19. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 1.5 bid) has defeated Rob Drozd (Axis). In response to the Allies latest Barents on 1 deployment, Robert elected to leave the Lutzow in the Baltic, send 3 U-boats to the NATL to decontrol the area, and sent the remainder of the German fleet and the 4 Italian cruisers to meet in the SATL against 4 British battleships and the Eagle. Both 2-2-5s made their speed rolls. Axis LBA put 2 points of damage on the Ark Royal. In the ensuing Turn 1 action, the Eagle’s airstrike sank the Graf Spee before surface combat. After 3 rounds of surface combat, the Axis took the area, but at the cost of losing the Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Blucher, and Italian cruisers Zara and Pola in exchange for sinking the Warspite and the Eagle. Adm Hipper and Adm Scheer were also disabled to the neutral port along with the Malaya (-1), Valiant, and Barham (-4). The Axis gained 4 POC on Turn 1 for a 5.5 POC lead overall with handicap applied, but at prohibitively heavy cost.

    On Turn 2, the Allies deployed in a more balanced fashion to take advantage of the heavy Axis losses and limit the escape options for Adm Hipper and Adm Scheer from the neutral port. The Axis chose to send Adm Hipper, Fiume, and Gorizia to the Med while speed rolling Adm Scheer to the North Sea in hopes of failing its roll in order to escape to Germany. Unfortunately, Adm Scheer made its speed roll and was subsequently sunk by 5 British battleships. In the meantime, the Axis made its main effort in the Barents by sending the Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, and Lutzow supported by 4 U-boats and LBA to challenge the Allied blockading force of the Hood and 8 1-1-7s supported by the Formidable. 12 Allied ASW sank 2 U-boat wolfpacks and disabled the other two to neutralize the U-boat threat. The Formidable’s airstrikes then disabled BOTH the Prinz Eugen and Lutzow before surface combat, while Axis LBA sank the Exeter and disabled the Kent, missing the Hood, leaving the Bismarck alone to face the Hood and 6 cruisers in surface combat. The end came swiftly, as the initial British volley sank the Bismarck with 4 hits totaling 15 points of damage, while the Bismarck was only able to put 4 points of damage on the Hood in response. The Allies gained 2 POC to trim the Axis lead to 2 POC (3.5 POC with handicap applied), but stunned by the heavy Axis losses culminating in the sinking of the Bismarck, the Axis resigned at the end of Turn 2. I cannot fault Rob for his decision to resign, given the large disparity in surface losses, as it would have been nearly impossible for Rob to sufficiently protect his lead for the remaining 6 turns.

    We have played before.

  20. Rick Virost would like to play in Round 72 (November/ December 2017), but apparently I forgot to sign up. I will take an extra match if one is available.

  21. I’ll play in this round. Thanks for running the ladder

  22. Yes, I will play in Round 72. Thank you for keeping keeping it organized!

  23. Playing

  24. I’m ready to take another whipping! Sign me up for rd 72

  25. Please enter the old man from the Rio grande

  26. Also playing in round 72.

  27. Greg Hultgren will play round 72

  28. I’m in for rd 2.

  29. I will play

  30. In for Round 72

  31. I’m in for 72…

    simultaneous games, that is. 🙂

  32. In for round 72

  33. I’ll go again.

  34. I will play in rd 72. Thanks Greg!

  35. Jim Kramer will play round 72.

  36. I will play

  37. Count me in for round 72

  38. Count me in for Round 72.

  39. In for Round 72

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