Round 71

Round 71 Final matchups

Updated 11/1

Congratulations to Greg Hultgren atop the ladder AGAIN!

Round 71 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

1. Greg Hultgren (Axis) vs Dennis Nicholson (Allies-3.0)  Axis Victory

2. John Lindley(Allies-1.5) vs Greg Smith (Axis) Allied Victory

3. Andy Choptiany (Allies-?) vs Bob Hamel (Axis) Axis Victory

4. Mike Brophy (Axis) vs Jim Kramer (Allies-1) Allied Victory

5. Karl Bodenheimer (Axis) vs Andy Gardner (Allies-2)  Allied Victory

6. Rick Vrost (Axis) vs Mike Ussery (Allies-2) Axis Victory

7. Tim Tow (Allies-1.5) vs Jim Bodenheimer (Axis) Axis Victory

8. Bob Jameli (Axis) vs Richard Beyma (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

9.  Rob Drozd (Axis) vs Avi Solomon (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

10. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs John Pack Axis) Allied Victory

11. Phil Watkins (Axis) vs Lee Kendter (Allies-?) Allied Victory

12. Dave Elkin (Axis) vs Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5)  Allied Victory

13.  Mircea Pauca (Axis) vs Bruce Monnin (Allies-?) Allied Victory

14. Jeff Lange vs Mike Kaye

15. John Sharp vs Daniel Blumentrit (Game NOT played)

Allied Victory  8    Axis Victory 5   Tie 0

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon

49 Comments to “Round 71”

  1. Daniel Blumentritt (Allies) played John Sharp (Axis) using the VASSAL server. The bid was by Daniel, giving John Sharp 1.0 POC so Daniel could command the Allied fleets. Daniel and John played six turns, at the end of which Daniel’s Allies surrendered. The sixth turn saw the final convoy sunk in the North Atlantic along with an Axis flag. That doomed the Allies as they could not generate enough additional POC to swing a victory. John’s LBA were hot, claiming more than two BBs and two CVs in the Barents alone. Daniel’s ASW had a tough time, rarely reducing the Axis beyond the maximum possible U-Boats. Final POC: Axis +2.0.

  2. My Allies (bid 1.5) defeated Jeff Lange’s Axis. Jeff conceded after my uncharacteristically good dice had sunk 1 each 496, 357, 225, 127, It 117 and 3 uboats while losing only 1 each CV, BB, BC, CA. POC was + 1 Allied at the time before the bid
    Will play next round

  3. Greg Hultgren’s Axis defeated Dennis Nicholson’s Allies, by taking an Axis +8 lead which was reduced to Axis +5 by the end of turn 6. This left too little time for Dennis to get his remaining two Convoys to Russia and have a chance for victory. I want to thank Dennis for his kindness as my play was slow due to a medical opportunity and business at work upon my return from surgery. Thank you so much Dennis for your kindness.

  4. Lee Kendter (allies) vs. Phil Watkins is over at the end of turn 7. Phil resigned at the end of T7. The allies were at +4.

    There was no decisive battle, just favorable attrition for me as the allies. Germany had lost 8 ships along with an Italian CA. Allies lost 9 ships (3 CV), 2 USA, and 2 Russian. Germany had no punch left to try and take an area.

  5. 3. Andy Choptiany vs Bob Hamel

    Bob as the Axis defeated Andy

    We stopped playing at end of turn 6 when Axis sunk the 2nd convoy.
    At that point the POC was Axis +7 and would have remained that way at end of turn
    with decontrolling of the Barents –

    Axis fleet was split with 4 ships in Italy and 4 or 5 ships in Germany (depending
    how many made it back if we were to fight surface battle in Barents )

    I will play in round 72

  6. Ladder WAS report. Richard Beyma Allies (-1.5) defeats Bob Jamelli Axis at end of Turn 7

    I played Jake, I was Allies with a bid of 1.5. Game went to Turn 7 as luck Allied dice sank the last vessel of the Kriegsmarine. Allies+4 after Turn 7. Likely +5 at end of Turn 8, 3.5 after bid.

  7. Bruce Monnin’s Allies defeated Mircea Pauca’s Axis by 8 POC (6.5 POC after the bid).

  8. Rick Virost (Axis) defeated Mike Ussery (Allies), with the POC count at +4 Axis (+6 Axis after the bid). Match was significantly affected by the “auxiliary” dice rolls, including:
    1) Turn 1 sinking and/or damaging the two Allies battlecruisers by Axis LBA.
    2) Allies speed roll failures going to the Barents on Turn 2.
    3) Allies “single shot” sinkings of both Gneisenau and Scharnhorst by carrier air strike boxcar rolls.
    4) Axis speed roll failures going to the North Atlantic on Turn 4.
    5) Allies failure to sink U-Boats (only three ASW 6’s in the game).
    6) Resulting Axis U-Boats ganging up to sink two convoys.
    7) Axis inability to sink any aircraft carriers by air or U-Boat.
    8) Successful U-Boat and Italian cruiser attack on the South Atlantic in Turn 3..

  9. A point of correction and clarification on the match above: Axis LBA disabled Convoy 3C back to the US before the surface battle on Turn 7, which limited the Allied gain to 2 POC, even though the Allies held the area.

  10. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.5 POC bid) has defeated John Pack (Axis) in a match that was in doubt until the final turn.

    On each of the first three turns, the Axis went into the Barents in force and forced the Allies to retreat each time after the first round of combat, inflicting superior casualties until Turn 3, when the Allies sank 4 German ships, one by airstrike and the other three in the first round of surface combat before retreating.

    On Turn 3, the Axis took a big risk by leaving 2 U-boats (it had only two available thanks to superior Allied ASWto oppose the Marat and Okt Rev, which had both activated that turn. Russian ASW sank 1 U-boat and narrowly missed disabling or sinking the other, which would have given the Allies control of the Baltic. The Axis was still able to take control of the Barents, albeit at a heavy cost of 4 of its ships. At the end of Turn 3, the Axis was leading by 5 POC (7.5 POC with handicap applied.

    On Turn 4, the Axis repaired Scharnhorst and Graf Spee while the German fleet stayed in the Baltic. Axis LBA sank the Formidable (but missed Convoy 1A) while Allied LBA sank the Graf Spee in port. The Allies gained 4 POC to slash the Axis lead to 1 POC (3.5 POC with handicap applied).

    On Turn 5, the Axis sent its U-boat fleet to neutralize the NATL, guarded only by the Washington and Eagle, while staying in the Baltic to preserve its strength for the later turns. Convoy 2B successfully evaded Axis LBA to put in at Murmansk and gain 3 POC for the Allies to give the Allies a 2 POC cumulative lead (.5 POC Axis lead with handicap applied)

    On Turn 6, the Axis sent its full strength U-boat fleet to challenge the blockade in the North Sea (guarded by 14 ASW) instead of going after the NATL with Convoy 3C (guarded by 13 ASW). The Axis broke the blockade, but at heavy cost, losing 5 U-boat wolf packs. POC count remained unchanged.

    On Turn 7, because of the relatively balanced Allied deployment and the fact that the Axis had only 5 ships remaining in the German fleet, The Axis elected to go once more into the Barents in an effort to defeat the task force and prevent the arrival of Convoy 3C in Murmansk. The attempt failed, and the Axis lost the Bismarck and the Graf Zeppelin as a result. The POC count at the end of Turn 7 was an Allied lead of 4 POC (1.5 POC with handicap applied)

    On Turn 8, the Allies redeployed to counter expected forays by the Germans and Italians into the Barents and SATL respectively. The Germans kept the Lutzow (renamed Deutschland) in the Baltic, while sending Tirpitz and Scharnhorst into the Barents backed by Axis LBA. However, Allied airpower ended the battle before it could really begin, sinking the Scharnhorst and disabling the Tirpitz back to Germany. Meanwhile, 4 British battleships, backed by the Eagle and Victorious, faced off against 4 Italian cruisers backed by 4 U-boats. Allied ASW disabled 3 U-boats and sank the fourth to prevent any shots before surface combat. Allied airstrikes missed, but the first volley of the battleships sank three cruisers and missed the Fiume. The return fire disabled Revenge and crippled Queen Liz, giving the task force 10 shots to use against the Fiume on Round 2. The Fiume was disabled the next round, giving the Allies an additional gain of 2 POC to end the game with a 6 POC lead (3.5 POC with handicap applied.

    This was a well played game, but it will remain forever in my memory because of John Pack’s statement during Turn 2, which has to go under the category of “Famous Last Words”:

    “The dice are making my strategy look brilliant!”

    I have always avoided making any statements like the above, either in writing or my face-to-face matches, as it tends to result in swift retribution from the die-rolling gods. 🙂

    We have played before.

  11. John Lindley’s Allies (bid of 1.5) defeated Greg Smith’s Axis in a tight game:

    Turn 1: Brits lost 2 battleships in the North Atlantic despite both German pocket battleships (the third went to the Baltic) failing their speed rolls while only slightly damaging the Gneisenau. Axis up 3 POC.

    Turn 2: Not much this turn with a U-Boat and an Italian light Battleship going down.

    Turn 3: POW and Repulse failed SR so the Germans pounced on the Barents. Allied Air was able to disable 2 and damage the Bismarck with 5 shots while Luftwaffe damaged the DOY. Subsequent surface combat saw the Bismarck, Graf Spee, and Blucher go down while losing 4 cruisers and the DOY. Crippled Hood put up a fight before going down in the pursuit by taking the Admiral Hipper down with her. POC to +4 for the Axis. Oktober Rev sunk by subs in the Baltic.

    Turn 4: 6 subs ventured to the North Sea and met stiff Allied resistance with 4 sunk and the other 2 disabled. Convoy was missed by the Luftwaffe and docked in Russia. POC down to 0 as Allies gain 4.

    Turn 5: No surface action and Germans barely missed sinking the second convoy in the Barents with a hit only yielding 1 damage point. POC goes to +4 for the Allies.

    Turn 6: Germans made a push with fleet to North Sea again and subs to SATL and Baltic. Marat sunk by a single U-Boat while Resolution sunk in the SATL. In the North Sea, 7 British air strikes only managed to damage 2 German ships but both Graf Zep and Gneisenau were crippled. Graf Spee’s air crippled the Nelson. In surface action, 5 Brit BBs, the Eagle and the Crippled Nelson managed to e 4 hits but all 4 were on the Scharnhorst – they did manage to disable 4 others. In return, the Germans sunk the Rodney and Malaya while damaging the Warspite but retreated. POC up 1 to +5 for the Allies.

    Turn 7: Axis conceded after narrowly missing on convoy 3 – again, the Luftwaffe got the hit but managed only 2 damage.

    Was a close game and could have gone either way. In the end, the 3 convoys (2 with damage) docking in Russia made the difference.

    This was our first match.

  12. Tim Tow Allies vs Jim Bodenheimer Axis: Axis jumped right into the North Atlantic in turn 1 only to suffer a serious setback. The loss of Ark and a battlecruiser to LBA in the Barents maintained the overall balance. Turn 2 was one of those quick nothing turns. Turn 3 started badly for the Allies (the dice) as 2 of 4 capital ships failed to make rolls to the Barents. It only got worse as the dice gave a single hit and no disables to the Allies while allowing Axis to decimate the ships in the Barents while sinking the first convoy in the North Atlantic. Tim fought both skillfully and valiantly but could not overcome those early loses and the Allies conceded with the POC of +4 Axis at the end of 7 before the bid of 1.5.

  13. Pretty neat game with Dave Elkin. I was the Allies for 1.5. On Turn 1 Dave sent most of his fleet to the S. Atlantic and won the area, but it was a close thing. You know you’re in trouble as the Axis when the Eagle starts taking out your battle line. Its lone airstrike put -5 damage on the Scharnhorst, and then on Rounds 1 and 2 it sank a 127 and disabled an Italian 117. A couple of rounds later it was the Eagle vs. a lone Italian 117 and the latter finally prevailed. With Axis losses heavy the Allies looked to be in the driver’s seat, but U-boats and LBA kept the Axis in the game to the end. Allied gunnery was deadly — by Turn 8 the Axis surface fleet was limited to a lone 225 in the Baltic and 7 Italian BBs in the Med. But the U-boats broke control in one area every turn and the LBA disabled 2 convoys in the Barents. On the last turn the Axis clung to a half POC lead (after the bid), while the Allies had a convoy in both the N. Atlantic and the Barents. LBA disabled a 3rd convoy but its 4 remaining U-boats could not break control in the N. Atlantic, let alone stop the convoy from landing in England. The Allies picked up 2 POC and won by a 1.5-POC margin. Excellent game, not stereotypical.

  14. Andy Gardner(Allies-Bid 2) vs Karl Bodenheimer(Axis). The story of this game was the ASW fire of my Allied forces along with the inept Axis LBA. Karl’s LBA only scored a single hit in 6 turns, a meaningless 1d on a convoy. Karl was the patient Axis player through T3, letting the Allies build a +3 POC lead. On T4, the subs sailed into the 20 ASW in the North Sea. Four sunk, 4 disabled. On T5, his five subs went against only 6 ASW in the SATL only to see 4 of them being sunk. On T6, the German fleet had little choice but to sail into the North Sea against 9xBB’s and 9 airstrikes beforehand. While the battle was close at the end, the blockade held with just a single Allied BB left. The game was conceded at this point with the POC still at Allies +10.

  15. Jim Kramer (allies) has defeated Mike Brophy (axis) in an 8 turn game. Jim opened with his preferred Barents in 2 play giving the axis a +2 POC start on T1. Allied LBA did hit CA Zara but only caused 1 point of damage.

    T2 allies place 5 R-class BB’s and a CV in the NA, 5 BB’s, 2 CA and 2 CV in the NS. The T2 move to the Barents sees KGV and Repulse fail speed rolls. The axis responds leaving Prinz Eugen in the Baltic and sending the LBA and all remaining German ships to the Barents to face POW, Hood, Renown, 4 CA and Ark Royal. In addition the 4 U-boats and 4 Italian CA’s (Zara passes speed) move to the SA facing Valiant, Warspite, Exeter and Eagle. In the SA, ASW sinks 2 subs and disables a third. The surviving sub puts 2 damage on Warspite. Eagle’s air miss Zara and surface combat sees only Valiant hit for 1. The Italian CA’s chose not to push their luck and retreat to France. In the Barents Ark Royal Hits Bismark for 4 and disables both 3-5-7’s. Axis LBA respond sinking Hood. In surface combat Adm. Hipper is sunk, Blucher is crippled and disabled and Lutzow is disabled. Axis return fire sinks Renown and Dorsetshire, puts 1 damage on POW and disables her and disables Norfolk. The Ark Royal and CA’s retreat. POC is 5 to 2 axis moving the game score to axis +5.

    T3 sees both USSR BB’s available and deployed. NA: Rodney, Nelson, Royal Oak, Royal Sovereign and Glorious. SA: Malaya, Valiant (1d), Exeter and Eagle. NS: QE, Barham, Warspite (2d), Revenge, Ramillies, Resolution and 3 CV. Barents: Ark Royal, 6 CA’s, KGV, DOY, POW (1d) and Repulse. Only POW fails speed. Convoy 1A did not sail. The axis response has 3 U-boats in the Baltic, the Italian CA’s in port (repair Zara), repair Blucher in Germany and the German fleet, Tirpitz, Bismark (4d), 2 BC’s, 3 PB’s, Prinz Eugen and LBA in the Barents. ASW sinks a sub, LBA attack France but miss and Ark hits Scharnhorst for 1. Axis subs miss but LBA cripples DOY. Barents surface combat round 1 sees the allies sink Prinz Eugen and Gneisenau and have a CA each cripple Adm. Scheer and Graf Spee. Axis return fire sinks Kent, Suffolk and Norfolk, disables KGV and Repulse and damages Devonshire. Allied forces again retreat to save Ark Royal. Pursuit sees DOY and Devonshire sunk. The axis pick up another POC to +6.

    T4 has Marat and Washington come on. Allied deployment uses Marat and has SA, 2 BB, Eagle and Glorious. NA, Washington, 4 R-class BB’s, 1A and Courageous. NS, Nelson, Rodney, QE, Revenge, damaged Valiant and Warspite and 2 CV. Barents, KGV, POW (1d), Repulse, 3 CA, Ark Royal and Anson that makes speed. Convoy 2B must remain in port. The axis send Tirpitz and Graf Zeppelin to the Baltic, keep Lutzow and Blucher in port, fully repair Bismark, Scharnhorst, Graf Spee and Adm. Scheer to 1d. The 4 U-boats and 4 Italian CA’s move to the SA. Allied LBA attack Germany sinking Lutzow and Adm. Scheer. In the SA ASW sink a U-boat and disable the other 3. The carriers sink Zara and surface combat sees Gorizia disabled and Fiume hit for 1. Italian fire sinks Malaya so they stay for a second round. Round 2 costs the axis Pola for no additional gain. Fiume retreats. Marat survives G.Z. air and hits Tirpitz for 6 with a disable. Tirpitz does manage to sink Marat. Axis Barents LBA causes no damage. The allies gain a POC this turn.

    T5 and the blockade is in place. Allies see NY, Augusta and Tuscaloosa join in. NA: the 4 US ships, 2 CV and 2B. SA: 4 R-class BB’s and Eagle. NS: 5 BB’s the damaged Valiant, Cumberland and 2 CV. Barents: Anson, KGV, POW (1d), Repulse, 2 CA, Ark Royal and Illustrious, 1A. Howe fails speed and goes to Russia. Warspite repairs in England. The axis moves the damaged Tirpitz to the Baltic, 5 U-boats and Gorizia (from neutral port) in the SA, Fiume repairs in France and the remaining 5 German ships (Bismark, Scharnhorst, Graf Spee, Blucher and G.Z.) go to the Barents. Allied ASW sink a sub and disable 2, LBA miss in France. SA sees a UK BB disabled by sub. Surface combat sees Gorizia sunk but she takes Ramillies with her. Barents air proves a disaster for the Germans. UK Naval Air Arm disable Bismark and Scharnhorst and sink Blucher and GZ. Axis air scores no hits or disables. Surface combat sees Graf Spee and Repulse sunk. With 1A getting thru the allies gain 3 POC. Convoy 2B will move to Barents. Game score now +2 axis.

    T6 has allies receive Texas and Okt. Rev. deploys to the Baltic. NA: The 5 US ships, convoy 3C and 2 CV. SA: 4 R-class BB’s and Eagle. NS: 5 BB’s the damaged Valiant, Cumberland and 2 CV. Barents: Howe, Anson, KGV, POW (1d), 2 CA, Ark Royal and Illustrious, convoy 2B. For the axis, Fiume returns to the MED, Bismark and Scharnhorst to the Baltic, LBA in the Barents and 7 U-boats to the NS. Allied ASW (13 shots) only sink 1 sub. LBA goes to the MED, damaging V.V. (3d) but missing the primary target Fiume. Okt. Rev. manages to place 3 damage on Scharnhorst before being sunk. Axis LBA miss in the Barents and the 6 subs only get a single disable in the NS. Area POC is 3 to 3 but with 2B getting to Russia and the decision to land 3C in England the allies gain 4 POC. Game score is now +2 allies.

    T7 and Wichita is added. Allied deployment: Barents: KGV, Anson, Howe, POW (1d), Sussex, Ark Royal, Victorious. NA: 6 US, Cumberland, Illustrious. NS: Royal Sovereign, Royal Oak, QE, Barham, Warspite, Exeter, Glorious, Courageous. SA: Nelson, Rodney, Revenge, Resolution, Valiant (1d), Eagle, Formidable. The axis again send 7 subs to NS. Bismark and Tirpitz to the Baltic, Scharnhorst repairs, LBA in the Barents, Fiume stays in Italy. Combat is not significant. ASW (12 shots) again sinks a sub and the subs all miss. Allied LBA miss Scharnhorst and axis LBA miss all Barents targets. No change in score.

    T8 and the allies go Barents: KGV, Anson, Howe, POW (1d), Sussex, Cumberland, Ark Royal. NA: 6 US, Glorious, Courageous. NS: Royal Sovereign, Royal Oak, Barham, Warspite, Valiant (1d), Exeter, Illustrious, Victorious. SA: Nelson, Rodney, Revenge, Resolution, QE, Eagle, Formidable. Axis go full in in the Barents with 7 subs, LBA and Bismark, Tirpitz and Scharnhorst. Italians hold the MED. A win in the Barents and a tie would advance Mike. Allied ASW eliminate 4 subs. U-boat return fire disables Sussex but misses Cumberland and Ark Royal. Ark Royal now disables Tirpitz. Axis air disables Anson and cripples POW. Surface combat is allies 2 BB, a crippled BB and a CA VS Bismark and Scharnhorst. The is no further suspense as with 5 shots at each German ship, a single disable roll appears against each. Adding 1 more POC this turn gives the allies a raw +3 score, reduced to +2 by the bid.

    A very tight contest. Mike’s lack of U-boat success and some great air rolls for Jim were huge. A change of die rolls here or there and the outcome could have been very different.

    As I have been chastised for poor punctuation before i thought i should re-post this with better formatting.

    Jim Kramer Jr.

  16. Solomon vs Drozd – Avi took the Allies with a bid of 1.5 POC. The Allies surrendered after suffering heavy losses in the Barents on Turn 4. At the start of Turn 4, the Axis had a 2 POC lead before the bid adjustment. 15 ASW only managed to disable 2 of 7 U-Boats. The 5 remaining U-Boats sunk the Valiant and damaged the QE that was subsequently sunk by an airstrike that also crippled the Warspite and put 4 damage on the Duke of York. Allied air sank the Admiral Scheer and put 2 damage on the Gneisenau. Round 1 Allied fire produced 13 damage spread over 4 ships, but none were sunk. The Axis return fire left put 1 damage on Repulse, disabled the Warspite and sunk all other targets. With only the convoy and Repulse(1d) remaining, the battle would surely go to the Axis. The attrition would not allow the Allies to contest the Barents again.

  17. in for R71; thanks for running the ladder. (anyone know what the record is for bottom-dwelling?)

  18. Yes, I will play in R71. Thank you for keeping keeping it organized!

  19. Thanks Greg! Count me in please!

  20. Count me in

  21. I’m in for 71

  22. I’m in!

  23. Count me in, please.

  24. I will play in round 71.

  25. Back from the Hospital and ready to go.

  26. In for round 71

  27. I will play.

  28. It’s probably too late, but if you had an odd person out who needs an opponent, let me know.

  29. It’s probably too late, but if you had an odd person out who needs an opponent, let mek now.

  30. With the delay in the start of Round 71, Rick Virost will be able to play (In for Round 71)

  31. I will play

  32. I am in for Rd 71

  33. I will play round 71. Jim Kramer

  34. I’m in for rd 71.

  35. I’m in for next round

  36. I will play round 71.

  37. In for round 71 as well.

  38. Count me in for round 71.

  39. I’m in for R71

  40. In for RD 71

  41. I will be as well

  42. In for round seven one.

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