Round 77

Updated 9/15/2018

FINAL! Round 77 Matchups (Second player listed has the first bid)

Congratulations to Richard Beyma Still atop the ladder!

Allies won 14 out of 18 games in Round 76!

1. Richard Beyma (Allies-1.5) vs Rob Drozd (Axis) Allied Victory

2. Karl Bodenheimer vs Greg Hultgren

3. Dennis Nicholson vs Mircea Pauca

4.  Andy Choptiany vs John Lindley

5.  Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.5) vs Bruce Monnin (Axis) Allied Victory

6.  Andy Gardner vs Lee Kendter

7.  Avi Solomon vs Robert Frisby

8. Jim Bodenheimer vs Ken Pascoe

9.  Jeff Lange (Axis) vs John Pack (Allies-1.5) Allied Victory

10. Vince Meconi (Allies-1.5) vs Phil Watkins (Axis) Allied Victory

11.  Mike Brophy vs Mike Kaye

12. Tim Tow (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Jameli (Axis) Allied Victory

13. Jim Kramer (Allies-1.5) vs Bob Hamel (Axis) Axis Victory

14.  Mike Ussery (Allies) vs John Sharp (Axis) Allied Victory

15 Dave Elkin (Axis) vs Tom Thornsen (Allies-1.5) Axis Victory

16  Erica Snarsky vs Scott Beale


17. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies-2.0) vs Robert Frisby (Axis) Allied Victory


Allied Victory     7          Axis Victory    2    Tie

Players looking for extra games (contact players directly)

Lee Kendter

Jonathan Lockwood

Vince Meconi

Mircea Pauca

Avi Solomon


45 Comments to “Round 77”

  1. A long awaited victory for the Axis by this commander. The game was decided at the end of turn 6 when the second convoy was destroyed in surface battles. The allies had some really bad dice rolls and the U Boats were able to control vital areas in the early game. The British contested the Mediterranean sea and the Italians held their own for much of the game. An enjoyable match up that ended when the Allies conceded at the end of the above turn.

  2. Bob Hamel (Axis) has defeated Jim Kramer (Allies – bid 1.5) in an 8 turn game. Jim chose to open with the Barents in 2 option.

    T1: Barents in 2 give the Axis a 2 POC advantage to start with. Bob took the opening advantage not making any surface combat moves. The Allied LBA did manage to sink 2 Italian CA’s in the MED. Game score +2 Axis.

    T2: Allied deployment: SA – a BB, 2 CA and Eagle, NA – Nelson, Rodney, 3 R-class BB and Ark Royal, NS – 5 BB, 2 CA, Glorious and Courageous, Barents – Hood, Formidable, 5 CA, KGV, POW, Repulse, Renown (all make speed). No Axis ships or subs attack. Allied LBA cause no damage in the MED. Axis LBA hit POW for 3 damage. The Allies establish the blockade and pick up a POC reducing the game score to +1 Axis.

    T3: Allied deployment: SA – 2 BB, 3 CA and Eagle, NA – 2 CV, a CA and Convoy 1A, NS – 8 BB and 2 CV, Barents – Hood, Ark Royal, 4 CA, KGV, DOY, Repulse, Renown (all make speed), Valiant and Warspite (1 fails to Russia). Both USSR BB are available and sail to the Baltic. POW repairs in England. Axis response sends the German fleet to the Baltic, 5 subs to the NA and the Italians hold the MED. In combat the USSR BB’s are sunk causing no damage to the Germans. The Allied and Axis LBA both miss. The ASW sink 2 subs and disable 2. The remaining sub misses it’s shot at the convoy. POC is 3 to 3 and the game score does not change. Convoy 1A moves to the Barents.

    T4: Allied deployment: SA – same as T3, NA – same as T3 (Convoy 2B now here), NS – 8 BB, 3 CA and Ark Royal, Barents – Convoy 1A, Hood, 2 CA, 2 CV, 4 BB and 2 BC (from Russia), POW and Anson (make speed rolls). No US ships arrive. Axis deploy split Italian fleet in the MED, 5 subs to the NA, a German CA in the Baltic and the remaining German ships to the Barents (Bob said it’s time to fight). Allied ASW sink 3 subs and disable 1. The remaining sub hits the convoy but does not sink it. Allied air in the MED sink a 4-3-5. In the Barents CV fire damage Bismarck (2d) and disable Tirpitz. Axis Barents air cripple Hood, disable KGV and hit DOY (1d). In combat round 1 the Allies sink Graf Spee, damage and disable Bismark (8d total) and Adm. Scheer (2d), disable Graf Zeppelin, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen and damage Scharnhorst (1d). Axis return fire sinks DOY and Repulse, cripple POW and damage Warspite (3d). The remaining 3 German ships withdraw together (Scharnhorst (1d), Blucher and Lutzow) and are pursued by Anson, Renown and 2 CA. In pursuit combat the UK disable Blucher but see Anson disabled and Renown and a CA sunk. With combat done POC for area control is again 3 to 3. The allies decide to land both convoys to gain 4 POC moving the game score to +3 Allies.

    T5: US rolls see Texas and Tuscaloosa come in. Allied deployment: SA – 2 BB, a CA, Formidable and Eagle, NA – 2 US ships and 2 CV, NS – 7 BB, a CA and 2 CV, Barents – Ark Royal, 5 CA, KGV, Anson, Valiant, Warspite (3d), Howe (passes speed). QE also attempted to move here but failed speed to Russia. Hood and POW each repair a point of damage in Russia. Axis : The Italians continue to patrol the MED (split fleet), send the crippled Adm. Scheer and 4 subs to the Baltic and the remaining German ships (Tirpitz, Bismarck (8d), Gneisenau, Scharnhorst (1d), Lutzow, 3 CA and the CV) again go to the Barents. Allied LBA sink another 4-3-5 in the MED. In the Barents the CV disables Tirpitz and damages Gneisenay (2d). Axis air in return disables Howe. Allied surface combat round 1 sinks Scharnhorst, disables Lutzow, cripples Gneisenau and hits and disables Graf Zeppelin (1d). Axis return fire sink Valiant, damage and disable KGV (3d) and disable Warspite and a CA. Both sides stay for round 2 (Allies – Anson and 4 CA / Axis – Bismarck (8d), Gneisenau (5d) and 3 CA). The allied fire is at the 3 German CA hoping to eliminate some but only disable 1 and damage 1 (1d). Axis return fire sink a CA, disable a CA, damage a CA (1d) and damage Anson (4d). Both go for round 3 (Allies – Anson and 2 CA / Axis – Same less a CA). Allied fire again concentrates on the CA’s sinking both. Axis return fire sink Anson and disable the undamaged CA. The last UK CA and CV retreats. POC for the turn is 5 to 3 Axis picking up 2. Game score is now +1 Allies.

    T6: US rolls, Washington and Wichita join in. Allied deployment: SA – a BB, 2 CA, Glorious and Eagle, NA – 4 US ships, 2 R-class BB and Courageous, NS – 6 BB and 3 CV, Barents – Ark Royal, Howe, QE, 3 CA and the damaged Hood (3d), POW (4d), KGV (3d), Warspite (3d) and CA. Convoy 3C did not sail. The Axis sail Bismarck (8d), Tirpitz, Lutzow and Prinz Eugen to the Baltic and 7 subs to the NS. The Gneisenau, Adm. Scheer and Graf Zeppelin repair in Germany. Italian fleet as before. Allied LBA strike at Germany but all miss. The 15 ASW sink 2 subs and disable 1. The Axis subs and LBA now strike major blows with a CV sunk in the NS and Ark Royal and Hood sunk by LBA in the Barents. POC is again 3 to 3 with no game score change. The NS is now open for the revitalized German fleet to cruise through.

    T7: The last 2 US ships arrive. Allied deployment: SA – Rodney, 3 R-class BB, 2 CA, Glorious and Eagle, NA – 6 US ships, Courageous and Convoy 3C, NS – 5 BB, 2 CA and a CV, Barents – Howe, QE, 3 damaged BB, a CA, a damaged CA and Illustrious. Axis patrol the Baltic with a CA, 6 subs to the NS, Italians sail but leave a CA in port, The 6 remaining German ships (Bismarck (8d), Tirpitz, Gneisenau, Adm. Scheer, Lutzow, Graf Zeppelin) go to the Barents. Allied LBA sink another Italian CA in the MED, Allied ASW sink 2 subs and disable 1, the Allied CV in the Barents disabled Tirpitz. The subs miss the CV in the NS. Axis Barents air disable QE and the damaged Warspite and damage Howe (1d). In surface combat the Allies sink Adm. Scheer, disable Lutzow and Graf Zeppelin and damage Gneisenau (1d). The Axis return fire sink KGV, Howe and a CA and disable POW, To save the CV the allies retreat with no pursuit possible. POC for the turn is 5 to 2 Axis changing the game score to +2 Axis. Convoy 3C must move to the Barents.

    T8: Allied deployment: SA – Same as T7 less the CV Glorious, NA – 6 US and Courageous, NS – 5 BB, a CA and Glorious, Barents – Convoy 3C, 2 CV, QE, 2 CA and the damaged POW (4d) and Warspite (3d). Axis, the Italians hold the MED, 5 subs to the NS and the remaining 6 German ships (Bismarck (8d), Tirpitz, Gneisenau (1d), Lutzow, Prinz Eugen and Graf Zeppelin) go to the Barents Bob believed this full deployment was necessary due to the 2 UK CV here. The Baltic is not patrolled. Allied LBA do attack the MED sinking another 4-3-5. ASW sink 3 subs and disable 1, NS POC denied. Everything comes down to the Barents, Allied CV’s do well disabling Tirpitz and Lutzow bolstering allied hopes. Those hopes were dashed when Axis scored the one hit needed sinking the convoy. An allied resignation was in order but Bob and I agreed to fight the battle out for a final score. Each side lost another BB in the fight with allied disables of the remaining German ships winning the area for the UK. POC for the turn would be 3 to 2 allies with the raw game score +1 Axis adjusted to +2.5 Axis for the bid.

    All in all a very tightly contested game where my Allied force could not make a killing blow on the German fleet even though several battles were joined. Also my ASW was good overall but came up short by 1 sub three times, when a clean sweep would have made my life easier. Luck was with me to sink 2 Italian CA on T1 and disable Tirpitz 3 times before she could fire but not for 3 attacks on the Graf Zeppelin which was disabled each time. Also Bob’s T6 subs and air dealt a devastating blow with the sinking of 3 very important ships. Frustrating but enjoyable.

  3. In Game 77-12, Bob J (Axis -1.5) vs. Tim T (Allied) resulted in an Allied victory by concession on turn 5.

    Facing a Barents on 1 defense, the Axis sortied to the North Sea against 4 BBs, 1 CA, and 2 CVs. Allied Air strikes were on target and the Axis lost 3 ships to none sunk for the Allies. The lop-sided exchange rate continued and the Axis nadir was reached on turn 5 when the last of their heavy units went down in a Barents battle. The Axis conceded with the score going to +10 Allied, before the bid.

  4. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.0 POC) has defeated Robert Frisby’s Axis in an “extra” match which was essentially a rematch of our previous extra match during Round 76. Robert’s Axis came out aggressively on Turn 1 in the SATL with the Germans and Italians, leaving Blucher in the Baltic, and failing one speed roll with a pocket battleship which based in the neutral port. He also sent 3 U-boats to the SATL which succeeded in decontrolling the area with the loss of 1 U-boat. This was fortunate for the Axis, since they failed to gain control of the SATL and had all of their ships basing in the neutral port with the loss of several ships on Turn 1 to the Allied loss of the Eagle. After a risky combat in the NATL on Turn 2, the Axis were driven back into Germany, where they were blockaded until the end of Turn 6. At this point the Axis conceded, since the Allies were leading by 9 POC (7 POC with handicap applied), the Allies having gotten their first two convoys through to Murmansk and stopping an Axis attempt to neutralize the North Sea with 7 U-boats by sinking 4 U-boats and disabling the remaining three with 20 ASW. This was a fairly conventional game that demonstrated the inherently risky nature of coming out on Turn 1 in the SATL. We have played before.

  5. Out round 78.

  6. Michael Ussery’s Allies stomped John Sharp’s Axis in six turns of great ASW work and a T6 battle in the North Sea, to the Kriegsmarine’s regret. Nicely done, Michael!

  7. I don’t know whatever happened to “average dice.” It seems like every game I play any more one side or the other has everything their way. In this case, my Allies, bidding 1.5, had it all vs. Phil Watkins’ Axis. Turn 1, Allied LBA sank 2 Italian cruisers in port. Turn 2, Axis sailed 9 ships vs. Allied 5 BBs & 6 CAs in the Barents. The Ark Royal disabled 2×357 while the Axis LBA whiffed. Then, on the first round, Allied gunnery sank 5 of the remaining 7 Axis ships, disabled one, and put 6 damage on the Bismarck. Facing the inevitable, the Axis resigned, having not rolled a single 5 OR a 6.

  8. I took the Allies with a 1.5 bid. The first turn saw a U-Boat lost and catastrophe hit the Axis fleet in the South Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. The Italians lost two BB for one while the Germans lost one ship to speed rolls, two to the neutral port with airstrikes, and Gneisenau, Fiume, and the area lost in exchange for Ark Royal. On Turn Two, the U-Boats lost two more and Allied airstrikes sank an Italian BB, disabled another (leaving the remaining two to face five BB), sank Admiral Hipper, and crippled Scharnhorst with a fleet of 5 BB waiting to take on the remaining 5 Axis cruiser-equivalents. That drew Jeff’s surrender.

  9. Jonathan Lockwood (Allies 2.5 POC) has defeated Bruce Monnin’s Axis in a real barnburner of a match that was in doubt until the end of Turn 7 when the Axis conceded. The Axis came out in force on Turn 1 in the SATL, taking the area with no losses while sinking two battleships and the Eagle. Axis U-boats decontrolled the NATL with the loss of 1 U-boat. The Axis then successfully oiled 4 ships. In response, the Allies left the Barents vacant on Turn 2 while concentrating their forces to hold the SATL, North Sea, and NATL. The Axis decided to go for a knockout blow on Turn 2 by concentrating all of their available forces in the SATL while using the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen to occupy the Baltic and vacated Barents. This proved to be a fatal miscalculation, as the Allies successfully controlled the SATL on Turn 2 and bottled up the Germans and Italians in the neutral port. At this point the Axis had a lead of 7.5 POC with handicap applied. Turns 3-7 then became a series of battles in the SATL which saw the Axis forces defeated each turn and eventually worn down to nothing by the end of Turn 7. In the meantime, the Allies conducted a successful blockade of the remaining German forces in the Baltic while safeguarding the passage of the convoys to Murmansk. Allied ASW played a decisive role in this effort, keeping the Axis U-boat fleet from ever exceeding 5 U-boats in total strength, and eventually destroying the entire U-boat fleet on Turn 7 when it challenged 15 Allied ASW guarding Convoy 3C in the Barents. Axis LBA kept the Axis in the game by twice disabling Convoy 1A back to the US. The Allies finished with a cumulative lead of 5 POC (2.5 POC with handicap applied). A most exciting and challenging match that in my opinion turned on the decisions made in response to the initial Axis victory in the SATL at the end of Turn 1.

  10. I plan to play this round

  11. I’ll play this round; thanks for running the ladder

  12. I am in round 77

  13. Count me in for round 77

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  15. I am in for round 77.

  16. Hi Greg! Thanks for running the ladder! Please sign me up for round 77.

  17. Returning to Board for Rd 77 after prolonged abcense

  18. I will play in Round 77. Thank you for keeping keeping the Ladder well organized !

  19. Set sail boys, we are up

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  21. I will skip this round, as I need to prepare my new ASL scenarios for Oktoberfest.

  22. In for round 77

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  24. Playing in Round 77

  25. Due to other commitments Rick Virost will NOT be able to play in Round 77 (for September and October 2018).

  26. In for Rd 77

  27. I will play. Tim T

  28. I thought I knew how to play this game…but so far my perfect record keeps me at the bottom of the ladder. So…sign me up for the next round! The tide will turn…at some point.

  29. Please count me in for round 77.

  30. Put me in round 77.

  31. I’m in again for next round Round 77

  32. I’m in again for next round Round 77

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  36. PLease Please Please change my email to, I have not been in the Army for 15 years, I do not get that email………

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  39. Jonathan, I bet you and I will be playing in Round 88 and Round 99, too!

  40. Leaping in advance into Round 77 to show my confidence that I will still be around to play in it. 🙂

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